15 simple ways to save money around your home

15 simple ways to save money around your home
Paper money and coins

Paper money and coins

You may be losing hundreds of dollars around your house every day without even knowing it. By just making some simple changes, you can save $50 a day or more.

Below is a list of 15 ways to start saving some dough right now:

1. Ask your gardener or lawn maintenance contractor to start checking your gutters as part of their job. This will save you hundreds of dollars, and prevent you from having a flood, or from having to hire a gutter crew.

2. Buy products off season. Did you know grills, patio furniture, and lawn mowers go on sale at the end of the summer?  Most of these are deep -discounted at the end of the season. Buy items at the end of the season and save hundreds.

3. Use rechargeable batteries. Buying rechargeable batteries and setting up a station in your home to recharge can save you hundreds of dollars every year. If you have children, you can save even more.

4. Close doors and vents that are not being used, and close closet doors in rooms that are being used. This will give you less square feet to heat or cool a room, and save you money on heating and air.

5. Clean and shorten your dryer vent. Make sure you clean your dryer vent frequently, and cut the hose so the dryer could be pulled out just a few inches for cleaning. This will also save you money.

6. Use a laptop instead of a desktop. Laptops use 80 percent less electricity than a desktop, because it runs on a battery. Also put it into sleep mode when you are not using it.

7. Make an energy saving upgrade. Get rid of old appliances and water heaters to save money on utilities. Many of your old items are costing more than $50 a year to keep running.

8. Grow your own fruits and vegetables. Buy plants and trees that can feed your family. This will save money and look great in your yard. 

9. Stop buying bottled water. Get a water filter for your fridge or tap. Purchase a refillable bottle and save hundreds of dollars a year.

10. Install a sensor switch for lights. In bathrooms, outdoors and other areas of your home you can install a sensor light switch to shut off when no one is in the room.

11. Raise your deductible. Review your insurance with your agent, and make sure you are covered. Then start saving the amount for your deductible. This gives you the opportunity to increase your deductible since you already have it ready for an emergency.

12. Shop around or buy used. When you are ready to purchase an item, take the time and shop around. Look for deals off season, and possibly used items that could serve your purpose.

13. Read and check your bills. By reviewing your accounts each month you could find unexplained charges or expenses that you did not approve. Most people find little charges that could be removed from an account that are not needed. Sometimes you may catch a mistake and save hundreds.

14. Check your filters. With new filters in your home, you will save energy. During summer months, put in a new air conditioner filter every month to keep it running efficiently.

15. Make your own cleaning solutions. Vinegar, baking soda, and other natural ingredients work just as well as brand products. You can find thousands of recipes online to save money and also stay green

Saving money around your home can be simple and easy. Look for ways to maintain what you already own, and do research before purchasing something new. Staying energy efficient will save you money in the long run. Spending a few minutes to do research can save you money every single month. Get started today and save $50 or more!

About this Experts Contributor: Liz Pratt is the operations manager at ActFastFlood.com, providing water and smoke damage restoration in Los Angeles. Since 2007, ActFastFlood.com has specialized in emergency water clean up services, flood restoration, mold removal and much more. You can follow this contributor on Twitter @ActFastFlood or on Google+.

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