10 Tips to Tame Your Paper Piles

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Tom Johnston

Subject: Don't File Any Paper - Scan and Toss!

Everyone is going paperless. Invest in a double sided scanner that feeds quickly.
Don't even try to use that flatbed on your cheap printer. Even a tiny double sided scanner that you feed by hand, but pulls the paper through, is faster.
Shed your guilt about what to keep or not. Scan anything: bills, greeting cards, photos, post cards, gadget manuals, clipped magazine articles, whatever. If you never look at again, who cares!
File everything in folders and sub folders. You don't even need to take time to rename the PDFs. They sort by date and are no different than paper in the Bank folder.
Throw out that file cabinet. You should only need a small, fire proof, safe for original birth certificates, titles, deeds, etc.
Scan whenever you sit at your computer to check your email, etc. a little at a time.
Imagine the satisfaction and relief of not accumulating any more unfiled paper!
(While you are at it, photograph those souvenir, memory, keepsakes that you never touch or display. Cherish the photo memory and not the object buried in the attic never to be seen again.)

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