10 Habits to Save Time and Get You Organized

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Subject: Laundry Room

I have 7 children. When I washed our clothes I organized our hanging clothes by using different colors of hangers per child. Make each pile for folding clothing too. Its easy for them to spot what's each child clothing when it's time to put them away. Then I just simple do a sight checks when their done.

Sue Anderson

Subject: Laundry Room

Using different color hangers for each child is a tip I often share with clients. You can also do a matching colored laundry basket for each child to really simplify things. Great job!

Linda R. Gates

Subject: Making the bed

Since I was a child I was trained to pull back the covers and open a window to let the bed and room air out. Of course if I were organized I would be back in there after 15 min of rising routine.

Sue Anderson

Subject: Making the bed

Thanks for leaving a comment. What is airing the bed out supposed to do? I've never heard of that. Can't it just air out by itself?

Nan Beiser

Subject: Easy way to make a bed

Start while you're still in bed. smooth out sheet and blanket, fold back corner, then get out. Spread the bedspread over one side of the bed, then go around bed and do the same on the other side. I keep our bedspread at the end of the bed for easy access. Arrange the decorative pillows on top and you're done!

Betty Parish


Wow! #1 impacted me right away! Sounds pretty simple to do & hopefully will prevent me from wandering throughout the house mumbling, "OK, where is it, where did I put it?" Thank you!

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