The Angie's List Web Badge: Show your Angie’s List association!

Welcome Big Blue Moving

Let everyone know you’re on Angie’s List with new, improved web badges. Simply choose a web badge below and place it on your business website. When customers click it they will be directed to your profile, where they can learn more about your company and read reviews members left.

With these easy steps, you’ll have a great looking web badge in no time!

Step 1: Select your location, service category and badge size

NEW Step 2: Select the image or text you want displayed on your website

Step 3: Copy the HTML code below and paste it into your website’s source code

If you’re not familiar with this, contact your webmaster. It should only take a few minutes to update.


I am the previewed web badge

Angie’s List web badge images and text may not be altered in any way. For more information on the web badges and other approved ways to promote your inclusion on Angie’s List, please review the Angie’s List Brand Guidelines.

Please send any questions about your Angie’s List web badge to