Which siding material is best for your home?

Adding new siding to your home can enhance curb appeal and help protect your home from the elements. Siding is available in various types of materials so make sure you do your research to determine which one will be best for you. Also, hire a reputable company because if it's not installed properly, you could void the manufacturer's warranty.


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Stan Banker, Homeowner: “We decided to replace the siding because of the deterioration and the curling of the t1 and we were a little concerned about the insulation and the protection of the house. I had done some smaller repairs and I knew I was going to have to do those again so I decided to instead of doing those temporary repairs I would begin to look into something that would be long lasting and be able to serve us for the next 15 – 20 years.”

David Mills, Re-Side Inc.: “Usually the signs are peeling paint, a soft or rotten wood, or water that’s coming into the house. With vinyl siding it’s siding that’s blowed off or it’s siding that has been melted by the grill, or siding that’s been damaged by a hailstorm”

Angie Hicks, Anige’s List founder: “On a siding project, you are going to expect about an 80 percent return on investment. Again, this is a project that you’re not going to realize the return right away. You’re going to have to live in the house a few years – so it’s not what you want to do right when you are going to sell the house, but think about it a little bit ahead of then.”

David Mills, Re-Side Inc.: “I grew up in a house that was built in 1875 from hardwoods that came from the property. Today you really can’t get wood of that quality. The only siding that I’ll install today is fiber cement siding because of it’s longevity, it’s warranted for 30 years for labor and material, and then it’s ability to hold paint, resist rot, and resist impact from things like hailstorms.”

Stan Banker, Homeowner: “We like the fiber cement siding because it was a product that seemed to be able to last a good length of time and it protected us from some common problems such as mold and it would protect us from not being able to deteriorate in the future and it was a long lasting product and of course with siding on the house you don’t want to have to do it every 5-10 years you want something that will last a long time.”

Angie’s List tips:

  • Average price varies between $10,000 & $18,000
  • Price determined by material; size of the house

Common Siding Options

  • Fiber cement: Looks similar to wood; more durable than vinyl; easy to maintain; more expensive.
  • Vinyl: Easy to maintain; low-cost option; can crack and fade over time.
  • Wood: Offers nice aesthetic appeal, but can be pricey; inviting to insects; needs regular maintenance.


We have a huge wood house in CO and are now considering siding because it badly needs painting and we also have a bad problem of squirrels and raccoons actually tearing off chunks of wood to nest and then just chewing away other places to sharpen their teeth. We are looking into steel siding (not even thinking about vinyl). Could these critters chew into fiber cement siding?

My mom and I was looking to put regular siding, when our contractor sugested fiber ciment for not that much more. The price is 11000. for everything. We decided to go for it.

I'm a certified installer of Certainteed's fiber-cement, & will say that it's a great product if installed correctly. There are nice vinyl products available now too. INSTALLATION is crucial w/ any job.

We did extensive research before replacing our siding last year, and were not as impressed with the fiber cement siding as everyone here seems to be. Not all vinyl is cheaply made. For our older home (minimal insulation), we found Prodigy vinyl siding to be our best option. We love it, and frequently get positive comments from neighbors, friends and other contractors. It has insulation integrated into the siding, is thicker and much sturdier than the flimsy contractor grade vinyl everyone initially thinks of. The manufacturer warranted against fading & cracking, while our installer warranted the labor. Best of all - our warranty is in writing and TRANSFERABLE! Whatever you decide, do your research on the products AND the installer - but don't immediately discount vinyl just from what you've seen in the past.

If your looking to go vynal Monogram is a great brand doesn't fade and is heavy duty But use a good installer siding is only as good as it is installed.

Not much said about stucco applications. Can put 2 inches of styro under and stucco over and looks great and lasts a long time also. Also, design features are nice,

Currently fiber cement is the best choice...it is like clading your house in stone. But- if you have a cedar siding..keep it repair or replace the bad boards and when doing so back prime them and use splitless ring shank nails when installing.

Currently fiber cement is the best choice...it is like clading your house in stone. But- if you have a cedar siding..keep it repair or replace the bad boards and when doing so back prime them and use splitless ring shank nails when installing.

I spoke with my brother who is in constrution, about my options for siding and he recommended, and I am having installed, a wood product called LP Smartside. It cuts and installs like wood but it is a manufactured product that they mix zinc borax (I think I have that correct) in with the wood particles to repel insects. It doesn't mold or rot like wood though. Supposedly Smartside is much easier to work with than fiber cement which makes alot of very fine dust when cut. Another great thing about Smartside is they can make it in any color you want. I picked our color choices from the rack at Home Depot and our installer just dropped off the samples yesterday and they look perfect. Very few options let you have other than the typical dull colors most siding choices offer.

I have no doubt that fiber cement may be the best siding available, but in my limited experience it is outrageously priced. We looked at mostly small time vinyl siding companies (typically one owner with two or so crews) and the quotes ranged from 10-20K for our house. Then we had the James Hardie authorized contractor come in with their sales pitch and they offered three options. The cheap one was $40,000. I had to struggle to keep from laughing in the guy's face. I mean if something's a better product people will pay a little more for it, but not four times more. Part of the problem is Hardie teams up with the big, glitzy companies in our town with the offices, salespeople, company trucks, and all that overhead. So you add that expense to the added time and expense of a Hardie installation and you get several times the cost of vinyl. Maybe I might have been able to get Hardie cheaper but after that presentation I ran screaming from it and never looked back. I think they partly rely on getting a high pressure sales pitch going in your kitchen and gambling that they'll get a few suckers to sign then go out and celebrate.

I see comments about cost $40,000.00 $11,000 and so on. How much square footage are you referring to? When you get any quote on any product - Get Sq. Footage cost! {Square Footage Cost and quality} Don't be fooled by deceptive advertizing gimmicks.

Do not buy any cement board product! Look up the lawsuits. I wish I had listened. I own two houses that were both purchased new. The paint has failed on both, and one the siding is also warping and cracking! Beware!

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