What to expect at the chiropractor?

Patients turn to a chiropractor for a variety of reasons including muscle aches and athletic injuries. You should know what to expect when you step into a chiropractor's office for the first time.


Every chiropractor will be different, in technique or approach. Ask friends and family for a referral to someone they know. Expect miracles, we see them every day!

This is not about Chiropractor therapy. This is about accupuncture.

Both my husband and I have gone to chiropractors for many years. We have found that those doctors who do not take the time to do a medical workup and x-rays are the ones to avoid. Just because they have been in business for 30 years they feel they have seen it all and know everything.We had one that was rough as everything, we actually felt worse afterwards than when we went in. We soon learned it does not need to work that way. Our dr. now has done all the above(except make things worse) and he is gentle. we always leave the office feeling good and able to function like we should. There are quacks in every line of medicine.You just have to thy your choices on for size.

I have been going to chiropracters for over 20 years. They have allowed me to walk after several car accidents, eradicated TMJ causing migraines, minimizing migraines and eliminating pain when I have made the wrong move. There are different kinds of chiropractors. Some are adjust very quickly, others are much gentler. Choose one that is right for you. Xrays are a must before they start adjusting you. If you feel worse after adjustment, let the chiropractor know. If you feel worse several days after an adjustment, consider going to another chiropracter. Make sure he/she has been educated at a reputable school and attends additional courses to keep his/her knowledge current. Be leery of one that has you visiting at the same frequency over time. Your frequency should be dependent on how you feel. Find out what the course of treatments should be for a particular incident. It should not be forever. It is helpful to coordinate the chiropractor visits with massage therapy so the body learns to relax in the proper position. Learn exercises to strengthen the areas of weakness so you can avoid frequent visits.

The video, while not about acupuncture because the physician discusses what a chiropractor does, I feel his explanation is not complete. My chiropractor is wonderful, and thorough. She was the first doctor to work with me on nutrition as part of my overall spinal health. I never believed in chiropractors until I went to her.

We both see a Chiropractor in Lakewood on a regular basis.

Don't ever forget a Chiro is running a business. The more services done, the more billable charges there are. YOU as the patient are the final and more often than not the ONLY final payor for all services YOU agree to. A Chiro's focus is very different than an acupuncturist. Training and education, assuming the person is correctly state licenced, are also very different. Nothing wrong for a Chiro to also put an Acupuncture certification on his business "shingle" but don't kid yourself into thinking he/she is well qualified to do both. Experience in Both fields is required. Proficiency means ongoing practice for maintaining a high level of expertise. If You can afford to have both services done by the same person, goodie for you. Don't ever forget YOU as the patient are the Final $$ PAYOR. The more services offered, the more billable charges there will be. Not many insurers pay for acupuncture these days let alone Chiro services. Medicare doesn't pay for Acupuncture; Chiro services are typically limited to only specific diagnoses and have limited benefit limits annually. Once used up, YOU are on your own as its YOUR hard earned $$ that pays for whatever you allow.

Chiropractors vary quite a bit - it is very unusual to find one who does acupuncture, so in that sense this is an odd choice for your video. Chiropractors are doctors with four years post graduate education. The best ones use a variety of techniques and offer fantastic wellness care.

If this practitioner does indeed do what he describes then he is the RARE exception. My experience with this type of practitioner was extensive but I was NEVER taught anything about self-management. There in lies the vast difference between chiropractors and physical therapists. I highly recommend a person see a physical therapist rather than the other.

I have been a chiropractor since 1998. This video depicts a doctor that is a combination of medical doctor, acupuncturist and chiropractor. While it is very accurate that chiropractors offices vary widely, this video is not a typical experience in a chiropractors office. Most chiropractors offices, do not look like medical offices (we leave the medical exams/procedures to the MD's) they tend to have a warmer feel. The focus of the majority of chiropractors is pain relief first but, then rehabilitation, prevention and education on a health lifestyle. Recommendations for frequency of care also vary widely. How often to visit the chiropractor is always up to you and will depend on your health and wellness goals.

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