How to avoid holiday kitchen disasters

Homeowners often take appliances for granted.  If you don’t take proper care of them, they can end up malfunctioning at the worst possible times.  If you have a special occasion you’ll be hosting, follow these tips to make sure your big event goes off without a hitch.

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Angie Hicks, Angie’s List founder: “Be sure to do a test run before the big day. Do it at least two weeks ahead of time. Cook a nice meal to make sure the oven is working properly, because the last thing you want to do when guests are there is serve them frozen turkey.”

Rick Cantleberry, Turner Appliance Repair: “People that haven’t tried their ovens for a month, two months, three months or six months. The day before Thanksgiving they want to cook a turkey and their oven doesn’t work, so we get emergency calls all the time.

Normally, cleaning depends on how often you use it. If you are using it once a week, you’re not going to have to clean it that often. If you have a large family and you cook every day you’re going to get a lot of food on the bottom, side splattering, and stuff like that, so you’re going to clean it a lot more. There are certain manufacturers on the market that do have problems with the self-clean. You go into a self-clean cycle and it may overheat a little bit, get a little too hot, and it pops a protective thermostat and then you are going to have to call a company to have that repaired.

You have a house full of people coming over and people tend to take their plates and wipe them off into the dishwasher or just throw them into the dishwasher. We literally see people with steak or chicken bones inside their dishwashers and then the people say, ‘Well, they told us there was a disposal in there and it will chop up the food.’ Not true, really. There are a lot of dishwashers that have a chopping blade in there, which will chop up small pieces - corn, beans, things like that. You’re going to end up ruining that chopping blade and then calling us because there’s a clog, and then you have a repair bill on your hands. Clean the plates off in your disposal or get the paper plates out.”

Angie’s List Tips:

Appliance use tips:

Test your oven before the big event

Clean your oven when needed - don’t wait

Avoid using oven’s self-clean cycle

Use garbage disposal for food waste - not the dishwasher

Running cold water through the dishwasher helps prevent clogs better than hot

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