3 noises your brakes should not make

Pay attention to the sounds of your car. If you start to hear unusual sounds, get your car to a trusted mechanic. The longer you wait, the more costly the repairs can become.

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Ben Stallings, Beck Service Center: “You know when you hear noise in your brakes, you are basically hearing one of three types of noises. First, you hear a high-pitched squeal that goes away when you apply the brakes. So it’s going to squeal when you are just driving down the road and when you brake it goes away. That is a warning indicator that several manufacturers built into their product to give you a little bit of notice before you get into the brake rotors, so if you can catch it when it’s making that noise it tells you it’s time to do brakes. And generally, if you can get in before it progresses to the next stage of noise, you can get by for much cheaper than if you get into an actual grind of a rotor. That would be second noise. It would be a grinding or a hard growl. What that usually means is that your pads have worn all the way through and they are grinding into the rotor itself. That is a much louder noise and a much more abrasive noise. Generally, at that point you are going to be into more money. If you can catch it when you first hear it that first day, you may be OK. If you put it off for a day or two or three, then you are going to grind into the rotor and a lot of times what happens there is the caliber in the hydraulic part that controls the brake pads then that goes beyond the range that’s normally used to function in and over extend itself; which typically means you’ll have to replace the caliper as well. So, if you are into that situation where you’ve progressed from that squeaking noise to grinding, you probably just jumped from $150 to several hundreds of dollars. A third really common noise you get in brakes is just a squeaking when you stop. A lot of times that squeaking is due not so much that you need to have a replacement, but perhaps a poor installment of the last time the brakes were put in. There are several contact points that you need to lubricate when you are putting in calipers and rotors and so on and so forth. If those aren’t lubricated properly and/or there is some hardware that hold pads tight and shoes tight – if those are worn or weak and are allowing the pads to move more than they should – then typically that noise is caused just by a sound wave noise of pads and shoes moving, So, a lot of times that can be repaired if you want to just by taking everything apart and redoing it properly. Generally, it’s not going to cause you damage; just be more of an annoyance squeak more than anything else.”

Angie’s List Tips:

  • Take your car in as soon as you hear any strange noise.
  • Squeaking brakes could mean the brakes were installed improperly.

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Hi I read your comments with interest. I have replaced the pads on all four wheels in my wife's Honday Odyssey, and now it has two kinds of squeaks: one when you apply the brakes (not worried about that one) but another at low speed as the wheels go around. It seems to go away when you reach a certain speed. It tends to happen at low speeds and sometimes seems to start when you turn a corner. The pads are good and thick. I did not turn the rotors, but the only place they seem bad is on the very edge where there is a small lip. I took them apart and redid them and it still does it. What should I do?

I bought a new car last friday. Its only 11 months old and done 2200 miles. It also had a service before i collected the car. I have noticed when i press the brakes there is a quiet whirling/scraping noise. It usually happens when i press the brakes hard when slowing down quickly or to a complete stop and when braking downhill. The brakes seem to work fine and were obviously checked on the last service. Is this noise anything to worry about?

When I shifted my car into reverse and released the brake, it made a loud clunk sound. Car hadn't even moved all that much. But I applied my brake and put my car into park to take a look and when I released it again it made this sound. I kept it in park and tested the brake, as soon as its let go clunk, what is up with my brakes?

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