Home Warranty

Home warranties

Year after year home warranty companies have topped the Angie's List most complained about category list, with nearly half of member reports in this category rating these companies unfavorably. The key behind this appears to be an expectations gap between the companies and their clients regarding what is covered and whether service calls on covered items are entirely free.

Cost versus benefit: what a home warranty really offers

Home warranties don't always come with the kind of robust protection and security homeowners expect. Here's a quick breakdown on the real costs, and real benefits, of purchasing a warranty for your home.

Worst Las Vegas Contractors of 2012

Angie's List names the Worst Las Vegas Contractors of 2012

Worst Houston Contractors of 2012

Angie's List names the Worst Houston Contractors of 2012.

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Auction Sites

Auction Services

Just about anything can be bought or sold with the help of a professional auction service. Some of the most common items sold at auctions include, livestock, real estate, collectibles, commodities, farm equipment, restaurant equipment and memorabilia.

Estate sales and auctions gaining in popularity, but be careful who you hire

As baby boomers downsize, families are using the services of estate sales managers and auctioneers. Learn what to do to make yours successful.

Questions to ask before hiring an auctioneer or estate sales manager

If you’re looking to downsize and need to hire an auctioneer or estate sales manager, be sure to thoroughly vet them by asking the following questions

Hiring an auction service? Tips to avoid a bad experience

Auction services are of the most complained-about categories on Angie’s List. A highly rated auctioneer shares tips to avoid a bad experience.

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Home Appraisal

Sale by owner

Selling a home by yourself takes time, energy and the right information. Learning to market your home right, setting and negotiating a price are crucial to getting what you want. Is it worth selling a home by yourself? Possibly. Many factors should play into a homeowner's decision. A mix of market factors and personal considerations is key to gauging your own ability to make your home sell.

Hoping remodels boost resale value? Do this, not that

The type of home renovation you do can affect how much you get back in added resale value. Here are some of the best and worst returns on your investment.

5 questions to ask before hiring an appraiser

When looking for an appraisal service, it’s important to know that not all appraisers are created equal. Learn how to find the service that meets your needs.

10 must-dos to sell a home quickly at the right price

Here are ten key steps that you can do to get the best price and sell your home as fast as possible.

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Self Storage

8 tips to protect your furniture while in storage

Don't leave the safety of your furniture up to chance when moving. One highly rated provider shares eight tips for storing your furniture while relocating.

5 questions to ask before choosing a temporary storage facility

In the case of a quick home sale, you may need to consider temporary storage. Be sure to ask yourself these five questions before you choose a storage solution.

What you need to know about self storage

Get to know the essential features of self storage units before you commit to a storage lease. A highly rated Charlotte mover explains what to look for.

Organizers, haulers pitch in to uncover Clutter Contest winners

Dozens of Angie's List members from across the country submitted photos and explanations as to why the clutter in their home was out of control. Expert volunteers helped five finalists from around the country get a handle on their home's organization.

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Figuring out how to find an apartment can be overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and take the time to do your homework before searching for the right place at the right price.

Buying and selling a house

Selling a home can be a daunting task. Working with a realtor, setting up your house to sell and finishing the transaction can all be grueling parts of the process. Yet, a successful execution of the selling process can earn an exceptional return on your investment in the property. Learn how to sell in the quickest, most convenient ways.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents offer home sellers and buyers the conveniences of their expertise and knowledge of the local market in completing a successful transaction that helps both buyers and sellers reach their personal goals.

Ranch revival or just razing? Charlotte real estate agents see some of both

Smaller homes in Cotswold, Madison Park, Montclaire, and other neighborhoods are appealing for single-level ease, good price or large lots

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Title Company

Property titles

Titles and deeds are a necessary part of owning a home. Whether you are buying or selling, it's essential to understand the process of transferring home ownership and the types of deeds and title insurance. Also, learning the benefits of using a title company can keep a homeowner or buyer free from human error and help decide if it's a resource worth utilizing.

Buyer beware: How to avoid a home closing nightmare

Finding lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors and other professionals you can trust is an important first step in buying a house. Here's how to do it.

5 things that can screw up a closing

Finding lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors and other professionals you can trust is an important first step in buying a house. Here's how to do it.

Homebuyers keeping an eye on the title

Flawed documentation and publicity around foreclosures in the last six months have brought an increasing awareness on title searches and insurance.

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Home Stager

Home staging

Home staging is more than just preparing a home for sale. It’s about marketing your home to the masses. Understanding the impact of home staging on selling your home and how to properly stage is key to attracting a home buyer. Establish a fantastic first impression by setting up your home to show off.

8 home staging tips to get your house ready to sell

Get your home ready to sell in this competitive housing market by putting it’s freshest face forward with professional home staging tips to turn buyers’ heads.

How to make a great first impression with home staging

Are you creating a bad first impression to your homebuyers? One highly rated provider shares things to consider when staging your home for potential buyers.

Prepare your home for the red carpet with these 5 staging tips

Red carpet events can be quite similar to staging your home to sell. One highly rated provider shares 5 tips to stage your home for its time in the spotlight.

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Home Inspector

Home inspections

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. For those preparing to buy, a quality home inspection is key. An inspection is usually required for a home purchase. A highly rated home inspector will look at every nook and cranny to gauge structure stability, present and potential dangers. But remember, a home inspection is not a guarantee or a warranty - it may not find everything.

Does a home inspection cover everything in my house?

On the latest episode of Chat with the Experts, we talk with Juan Jimenez of A House on a Rock about what to expect when hiring a home inspector for your house.

Permit required? Common problems that occur when it's not pulled

What could go wrong with work not done to code? Sometimes, nothing. Sometimes, leaks, electrical shorts and windows made too small to escape fire.

Home work: Do I need a permit for that?

Remodeling permit requirements differ by municipality, so where you live can affect the level of code enforcement. Here are tips on how to check for your area.

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Property Management Company

Heading for home: The Stadium Lofts change up Indy apartment living

Want to live somewhere with history? The Bush Stadium Lofts in Indianapolis may be the place for you! From baseball to Hollywood, check out these apartments.

6 questions to ask before signing a lease

Are you planning to rent a home or apartment? Hold up. Before signing a lease, make sure you're getting everything you need. Ask these questions before you sign.

How much power do homeowners associations have over your property?

Proponents of condo and homeowners associations say covenant rules protect home values and curb appeal, but some say those organizations hold too much power.

7 steps to finding a house to rent

When searching for a house to rent, make sure you personally inspect the property, carefully read the lease and consider professional services, including property management firms and real estate agents.

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Moving every possession you own from one house to another is a major undertaking filled with potential pitfalls. Here's what you need to know to organize your move whether you are hiring a moving company or doing it yourself.

4 tips to pick the best moving company

A great moving company can make all the difference in your moving experience. Learn insider tips to find the best professional movers for a worry-free move.

Before you move: How to reserve D.C. street parking permits for movers

You can request a reserved parking space for a D.C. city street online instead of visiting a police station. Here's how, and what D.C. moving permits cost.

9 moving tips you might overlook

There is plenty to think about when you are coordinating a large move, but these tips on hiring a moving company will help make the day go smoothly.

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Mortgage Broker

Mortgage loans

Taking on a mortgage loan is a massive responsibility almost always an essential part of purchasing a home. Not only is it a huge expense, a mortgage loan also a complicated set of concepts, options and obligations. Navigate the turbulent waters of mortgage loans by learning fundamentals behind the loan and paying it off.

Buyer beware: How to avoid a home closing nightmare

Finding lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors and other professionals you can trust is an important first step in buying a house. Here's how to do it.

Buying or selling a home in Indy? Read these expert tips for a smooth closing

Think buying a home means mountains of paperwork, costly inspection surprises, and days filled with worry? Experts say it doesn’t have to be that way.

5 things that can screw up a closing

Finding lenders, real estate agents, home inspectors and other professionals you can trust is an important first step in buying a house. Here's how to do it.

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Structural Engineer

Structural engineers

Your home's ability to withstand the forces of nature and gravity depend on good structural engineering. Building room additions, correcting foundations and repairing structural damage are all projects that call for a structural engineer's expertise.

6 tips to prevent earthquake damage

Earthquakes can strike out of nowhere and cause major damage to your home. Consider these tips to protect your home from earthquake damage.

What causes horizontal cracks in concrete block foundations?

Does your home have horizontal cracks in its concrete block foundation? Check out these common causes and repairs for horizontal foundation cracks from a highly rated structural engineer.

Have a foundation crack? Consult a structural engineer

Are you worried about a crack in your home's foundation. A structural engineer can examine the crack and determine if your house is safe or hazardous to live in.

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