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Brandon M.
"Scheduling went very well -- they were able to get me an appointment quickly. Service person showed up on time and was friendly. From there it went downhill -- he informed me that" a valve needed to be replaced but that I should consider replacing the entire system. I asked him for an estimate to do the repair. To his credit, he tried on the spot to call the water heater manufacturer to track down a part but was not able to get through. This was on 11/21/2013. Service person took my credit card info and billed me $105 with a promise to call back with the part cost/ repair cost, but never did. I followed up on 12/3, trying to be patient given the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was told I'd get another call back. It's now 12/5 -- two weeks after the visit! -- and no respons whatsoever (though the charge went through ont he credit card). Big waste of time and frankly no way to do business. Very disappointed.
Rated by
John A.
"I contacted the company on Monday evening, after my water heater leaked on Sunday night. I had already stopped the leaking so there was no immediate need for plumbing work, but I wanted" hot water back.
responded to the call though it was already after 5 pm. I sent him a picture of part of the water heater with my contact information. The next morning, I sent him a picture of the entire unit, and was told he would try to get someone out to my house that afternoon. Unfortunately, his other jobs prevented him from getting to my house by the end of the day. He did call me back after I had called him to find out whether a crew would come out that Tuesday. We arranged for him to come out on Wednesday afternoon in a 2 hour time window. He and a co-worker came out in the allotted time and quickly got to work. They were able to replace the unit and haul away the old one, they cleaned up the water on the floor that spilled from the old unit. The job was completed fairly quickly, and they let me know how long it would take to have hot water again. They gave me the price quoted on the website for their existing deal for replacement of an electric water heater.
Rated by
Carol D.
"I was very happy that the repairman was able to come out the same day I called, as my tenant had no hot water. He solved the problem, His price was reasonable. He mentioned that the" hot water heater had not been serviced since it was installed. I did not know this was necessary. He suggested I have this done once a year. He was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this company and would use them again.

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Installing a water heater is best left to a professional while homeowners can perform key maintenance.

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Angie's Answers


You have to put your self in the shoes of a business that is in business to turn a profit of some sort. All businesses have different overhead which in turn decides what their bottom line would be on their services. I personally would not go with an unlicensed professional for this type of install. You are messing with gas, venting issues, electrical wiring{electric water heater} and updated code issues such as a drain pan and tempature and relief drain lines for heaters that currently do not have them. I do agree that there are some companies that are way out of line for their installs but most of these companies are the really big companies that have very high overheads  I would assume. Tank type water heaters have changed over the last several years and with these safety changes come bigger prices. The price of steel thanks to China is skyrocketing and tank type water heaters are made of steel. Most wholesale plumbing supply companies cannot match what the big box stores are selling at retail to consumers. I happen to think from research that heaters such as Rheem, Bradford White and AOSmith who have been in business forever make a better product than what you can buy in the big box outlets. You also have to take in consideration the location of the water heater that is being replaced. Is it in the house, basement, garage or attic. Most 40 and 50 gallon water heaters that are purchased in a plumbing wholesale store in Texas cost between 300-340 for a 6 year warranty heater with 6 year on parts and tank. Speaking of warranty. Most big box companies will take a least 24 hours to a week to get your warranty problem taken care of. Most reputable plumbing companies will give same day service if they installed the heater.

So lets break down a typical install at cost to a licensed plumber in Texas

Heater: $315, water shut off $6.50, water flex lines or unions to code $20, gas flex line and cut off to code $12, misc fittings $15, Total $368.50 Lets add a 35% profit which is some what low  for a business $129, Total 497.50

This doesnt  include permits, pan and drain or any venting issues. The vent must go from the heater to the outside of roof using double wall vent.

Cost of permit on average $60

Most plumbing companies allow for 3 hours of time for a water heater. This includes picking the new one up. Delivering out to house. Draining and removing old water heater. Hauling off old heater. Installing new heater up to code. Going down to city and pulling permit.

Average Labor charges for heater installs $400

That would make this install run without extras on any code issues $957.50

I just had a 50 gallon gas water heater installed in my house for $1200 but I needed a pan installed. I used a licensed plumber.





The primary complaint about tankless water heaters is that, unless you pay for a really oversized one, they do not keep up with high demands like clothes washer or tub or shower, or if you have multiple hot water demands going at one time.

The reason hot water heaters are used is because they can heat up and store enough water for an ordinary demand like a shower or clothes washing, and larger ones like 50-60 gallons can handle multiple simultaneous demands. Out 60 gallon heater handles washing machine, dish wahser, and a shower simultaneously without going from hot to warm. An on-demand system heats the water as it flows through the heater, with production of hot water having to equal the total demand at any instant. This they can rarely do - especially gas-fired ones, for which the power is usually much cheaper than with electricity.

Google the search phrase - on demand water heaters

to read articles on the issue, and EPA and EnergyStar program writeups. Consumer Reports also has comparisons and evaluations (though you have to subscribe to read review articles).

There could be. Different municipalities have different rules (codes). However, I have never heard of a plumber being the code enforcement guy. I have never heard of a plumber being able to collect a fine from a homeowner. It may cost you $150 to bring it up to code, but that should be included in the repair cost. You would need to check with your city (usually Department of Code Enforcement or Plumbing Commission). If he put it in writing, you need to send them a copy.
Make sure they get a permit if required. Ask if they will haul away the old. Type of new heater installed and tank warrantee. What kind of parts will the price include, you should have an expansion tank installed and make sure they counter balance the pressure to match the static pressure in the home. Should also include new dielectic unions, do not reuse the old ones. See what the rate for extras is in case they need to do additional work. Check references if possible.

Tim Littrell
Littrell Plumbing and Bath Designs

Water Heater Installation And Repair reviews in Washington


Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
is a great plumber , and has always taken the time to explain what is wrong in the house and how he proposes to fix it. He has never, not even once, had to come back to fix something a second time. I've never been anything but thrilled with his work. He is punctual and conscientious, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

- Jeffrey R.

I discovered water on the floor under my water heater on a sunday and could see corrosion at the base. I called immediately, and FastPlumber took my call and scheduled a replacement for the following day. He arrived right on time, took care of the job quickly and was very pleasant to deal with. I could not have been more pleased.
- Elizabeth P.

The job site conditions were quite different from what they were accustomed to, and normally would charge extra for, but they honored the coupon on Angie's list without hassle.
- Ross D.

Very satisfied. They showed up, were professional and friendly, completed their work, and clearly explained the work they had done and any problems that they saw. I will contact them again in a year for the same service. Highly recommended.
- Edward S.

I was very impressed with the owner. We played phone tag for a day, but he was willing to talk to me, and was very knowledgeable. I had actually used another company to try to fix the issue, who ended up being incompetent. It seems a lot of companies don't really know what the heck they are doing, and they know they don't, but they are very willing to charge you a ton of money for work they know they can't really do. Yeah I'm sure that this is probably common knowledge to everyone - but as a young single woman in my 20s on my own, I had to figure out stuff by myself.
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
Silk didn't even want to send anyone over and have a look without talking to me first over the phone. Actually, the receptionist/scheduler immediate put me in touch directly with
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
Silk before she would schedule anything once I told her I was having issues with my tankless heater.
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
immediately zeroed in on my issue. Before I could even tell him what problems I had experienced, he asked me whether I had experienced certain issues: 'is the issue intermittent.' 'what kind of heater?' 'is it especially unrealiable in the winter?' etc.
We then determined a tankless wasn't a good idea, and he suggested going with an electric but that he needed a 240 Vac line. He told me to get back at him once I had that installed, and he can come and give me an estimate.

- Zoila F.

Okay so the details:
I have the manual for the hot water heater, and being an engineer, I set out to try to troubleshoot it myself. Granted, I'm an electrical engineer with hardly any tools so my extent of testing was quite small. For my tankless hot water heater, the manual said I should check some things: check for plumbing cross-over, check to make sure contacts are seated properly, check to make sure that you have enough water flow (i.e. I needed at least 0.5
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
per minute, so this involved me running my faucet and measuring how much water I got in 30 seconds. It checked out okay), and then there were tests on the igniter itself.
I got about half of the things checked off (and it was okay), but I didn't want to mess around with the gas myself being unqualified to do so. I called
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
and Sons and told them about my problem and they told me the diagnostic fee was $59 which could be applied to the eventual repair should I got with them.
When the guy came, I repeated to him again what the issue was, the symptoms, etc. He asked a few questions. He poked around the heater himself for a bit, then 10 minutes later he told me the fee for the diagnostic was $167. Since I was desperate, I didn't argue with him, and I thought maybe there were some tests he needed to run that were not mentioned in the manual. I was nearby doing work, but about 5-10 minutes later, I heard him talking on the phone with the hot water heater manufacturer -
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
. 15 minutes later - he came to me with bad news.
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
had apparently told him that the heater was installed improperly. It was installed in a space that was too small, which didn't provide it enough air to do its job.
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
followed up with an email nulling my warranty, repeating what the plumber had said.
'fine.' I thought to myself 'I hate that stupid tankless hot water heater, having had problems with it a few times in the past.' I asked about installing another version, and the plumber said I didn't have the gas capacity. Something about my gas lines not being fat enough. I asked about a non-tankless heater. I had space in an HVAC closet, but unfortunately it was behind a furnace. I also offered the alternative which was to remove cabinets and get access to the space behind the cabinets. He then looked at my gas supply lines and crunched numbers. He came back to me with a $6000 estimate. $2500 to take the furnace out and put it back in, and $3500 for the new heater, which included parts and labor. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe them when they say that that included labor for both installing whatever plumbing is required.
Anyways, I told them that I would think about it and get other estimates.
Meanwhile, I review the tankless hot water heater manual in greater detail, and I find out that it can actually be installed in small spaces. However, you need venting to the outside. I looked in my bathroom and apart from the fan that was installed I saw that there was indeed another vent space cut out that goes out to the building exterior. I think I was given erroenous information. I paid $167 for an assessment that took about 45 minutes, which included a 15 minute phone call to the manufacturer. I
The next day, I also received the receipt for his services, and here's what was written about his diagnostic:
'(.4/0) Diagnostic - Plumbing Water Heater. Thorough inspection of the gas or electric
water heater. Gas includes - test of thermocouple safety device, gas valve /
thermostat, carbon monoxide, and proper flue draft. Electric includes - test of both
heating elements, both thermostats, proper amps, and proper voltage. Included in
both - test of water temperature. water pressure, gallons of hot water provided,
pressure safety relief valve. Owner understands that per manufacturers instructions
the pressure relief valve is to be tested annually. Should the valve not reseal, it is
considered failed and must be replaced at Owner’s expense. 1-Year Warranty'
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
no - I don't remember him doing half the tests mentioned on this report, and he certainly did not tell me anything about a pressure relief valve. I'm moving on though, but I want to point out to people here - BEWARE WHAT YOU SIGN WHEN THEY COME OVER! I'm sure what you're signing is a statement saying you agree to the things they say they did.
I called some other companies. It was a pain - I ended up talking to about a dozen plumbers, most of whom don't really know much about tankless heaters and finally got someone competent. Apparently, my real issue was that since my neighborhood is very old, I actually have variable gas pressure. He says that it's especially a pain in the winter when gas pressure is low. He zeroed in on this issue, and he gave me examples of the associated problems, and what he said was spot on.
In the end - here's what I did. I called my normal plumber/handyman - who I had forgotten did this kind of work. I think he is semi retired and doesn't often respond to stuff. I ended up getting an ELECTRIC hot water heater installed. Materials - $700. Install was $550. For this price he also removed the old tankless, replaced some copper pipes, ran a 240 Vac line from the main power breaker, and he patched up the walls that he ended up cutting holes in to get access to stuff. He did a good job.

*** Update. ****

I need to clarify some of the things I said here. I just realized the manufacturer posted a pretty inflammatory response. First of all - I bought my condo as-is with the tankless hot water heater installed. I did not have it installed illegally. Secondly, prior to my second appointment with
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
and Sons I had bought an Angies List coupon which involved a whole house plumbing inspection and a tankless hot water heater flush. And guess what? NOT A PEEP FROM THEM ABOUT THE SUPPOSED ILLEGALITY OF MY TANKLESS HOT WATER HEATER.

I also should clarify that the 240 Vac line wasn't a new line. I used to have a hot tub installed on my roof deck, which I have since removed because it turned out to be a pain. It was a happy accident that THAT line was still around and accessible. We literally just had to re-route those lines. The plumber/handyman had it hard-wired to the heater. Whether or not that was illegal - I can't say as I do not know the rules. But I am an electrical engineer with over 10 years of experience, and I have personally wired 240 VAC lines on million dollar government labs, and I didn't see any issues with what my plumber/handyman did. As for the hot water heater install itself and whether that was illegal - you can have a look at AngiesList, and $700 to $1000 is in line with hot water heaters if you get coupons. Sure, maybe my plumber/handyman loves me and cut me a break. Or maybe he just didn't
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
me blind.

My issue with this company:
- bait and switch on the diagnostic fee. I was told one price over the phone and was given another price when they got there. Sorry I didn't read the fine print on the emails they sent, but I know what they said over the phone. I called a bunch of people and I kept a record of what each one said. And I know that the price they quoted me didn't match the price they gave me once they got there.
- secondly, the invoice they gave me listed all these tests they supposedly did and things they said to me, which I have a hard time believing actually happened. There's no way in h*** they did all those tests for 10 minutes (I was nearby the whole time), and if they did do the tests in 10 minutes - why did they charge me $167?
- third - they gave me wrong information on the issue with my heater. They told me it was a matter of air capacity - the tiny bathroom it's in is too small. Fair enough - but the very manual I had stated small spaces are okay if you are vented, which it was. Bottom line is that I think that both technicians they sent me know nothing (probably as much as I do) about tankless hot water heaters. And yet they happily took my money.
- fourth, the pricing on the new gas hot water heater they gave me was insane. I won't dispute the labor costs involved with
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
with gas pipes, because I have no idea. But the prices they proposed for the gas water heaters were outrageous - one was $3K and the upgraded fancy one was $5K. I looked at the
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
websites, and you could buy brand new gas heaters for $500!! $500!! Listen,
Washington Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
, I'm a girl, and I'm a young girl, but I'm also an engineer and I'm not a complete idiot.

The nerve of these people.
- Zoila F.

Very well. When Ving finished, he showed me everything he did, the parts that were replaced, proved hot water back on, reset the circuit breaker and did not leave a mess. He discussed with me what I wanted and I did not get the feeling he was trying to "sell" me anything I did not want. He was very clear and direct in his communication with me.
- Lee N.

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