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The moving team was very professional and friendly. They did an quick and great job. The only thing was my mattress got a little damaged because they decided to tape it, instead of put it in mattress bags. But otherwise, I would highly recommend them!
- Allison H.

Tow truck, Drunk employee and an ambulance...not a good move day.
I requested an all inclusive guarantee quote and they sent
to my home to do an estimate. She explained that they wouldn't guarantee the quote but that her guys usually come in below it and their goal is to beat the estimate--which was for $980.10.
I booked them and they were to arrive at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 23rd. When they hadn't arrived at 9 a.m., I called the office. One of the movers called back momentarily to explain they were in front of my building and that DC Police Department were towing their moving truck for violations and they were waiting on a new truck to be delivered. The first mover arrived in my condo about 9:15 a.m. and began the packing.
Sometime around noon, when it was clear there was still much packing to be done, they told me it was going to take longer than they expected. I shared with them what I had been told and they indicated it really was a three person job, rather than two and that they could make up some of the packing time in the move time.
The driver started moving some things down and it was about this time that I overheard the one mover and driver complaining about his schedule and being overworked to his colleague. It was a shift from how he was acting earlier--bordering on belligerence.
Short time later, the older of the two movers came back down from the truck and told me it was just him now. He said he had to remove the other worker from his duties because he was drunk and he was telling me because he was sure I could smell the alcohol on him. I asked if he had notified his office and he said they were sending a replacement mover/driver. I called the office to confirm and the receptionist/operator said yes, they were aware and were sending someone--not at all apologetic and more like I was bothering them.
Some time passes and the mover returns from another trip to the truck and tells me the other guy is now passed out and he needs to wait downstairs for his manager to arrive. At this point, I decide to go downstairs and find the truck wide open with some of my things in it and completely unattended in the
. I walk around the building where the cab is sticking out near the sidewalk to find several police cars and a firetruck---then the ambulance arrives. EMT asked the standing mover when he last saw the guy up and around and he told him it had been a half an hour or so. EMT said couldn't be just alcohol b/c he wouldn't go down that quick and that hard in such a short time. Mover 1 was really worried about the guy getting in trouble and noted he had a wife and kids---I could tell he had compassion for his younger colleague who was going through a rough patch. He had asked me not to tell
who bid the job about the guys drinking--that was before the ambulance arrived--and didn't want him to
his job.
Mover 1 was good and assured me several times not to worry about the bill and all the time. When the manager arrived with the replacement mover/driver, he told me the mover would bring back paperwork and then he would call me tomorrow to work out the bill and they would take care of it. We finally arrived at the new place and the movers had left the bill of lading at the old place, so I went to get it. They finally finished the move around 7:15 pm.
never called me about the bill---they just billed me for the entire day, $1440.50--including the time their movers were out of commission. That's 147% of the estimate they provided. To date, I've sent several emails and made several calls to attempt to return mover 2's personal belongings which were left behind and discuss the bill. They have yet to return a call or email---even when I've been promised a manager will call back within the day.
I don't post reviews lightly--particularly a negative review that impacts business. I understand mistakes happen and I'd like to think this was an isolated incident. However, the way in which they've handled it by refusing to return calls and emails indicates this must be more common and the standard way they operate. I mean if you're employee is drunk on the job and hospitalized, don't you think you'd return a call?
has had a good reputation and my real estate office has been recommending them to our clients for some time. However, when I filed my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, i noticed another one filed this year with similar concerns (though no ambulance trip) by someone who had been a previous and satisfied customer. Perhaps there's new management or something has shifted, but I've never had a company perform so poorly and then refuse to take any responsibility and in fact bill for time their incapacitated employee is drawing crowds of passerby on the sidewalk.

- Anthony H.

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Real Estate reviews in Washington


They move swiftly as a team. Not one item damaged (0). I have moved several times even internationally and no one comes close to this company. Work ethic, efficiency, and professionalism are far and above anyone i have dealt with in the past.
- patricia J.

When I initially signed up for moving service the company was very responsive. I selected them because a friend had used and really liked them and because of Angie's List reviews. The movers showed up on time and loaded everything very quickly. My issue was that one of my bed frames was damaged beyond repair. While it was an Ikea frame (and they do say on their site that they are not reposnsible for damage to Ikea furniture), I had disassembled it so only flat pieces would be moved making it easier and safer for the frame. One side of the frame was cracked during the move and the only way I could see this happening was if it was banged into something or dropped. I assume that the loud crashes I heard upstairs when they were moving things out of the house had to do with handling the frame. I contacted MTB to let them know what happened, said I understood that they wouldn't be responsible for the damage, but wanted to let them know that the "careful" moving mentioned on their web site may not have happened. While Ikea furniture is not the most durable, poor handling doesn't help. After receiving no response I contacted them twice more. I never heard from them. I consider it very poor customer service to ignore a client. I would have appreciated a
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
response letting me know they heard my concern and would try to do better in the future. Because of how they handled things when I mentioned a less than perfect move, I would not recommend them to friends or use them again. If you can't expect a response when you aren't asking for reimbursement, what can you expect when something is their responsibility?
- Laurel M.

All I wanted was a
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
move from my small 1 BR apartment to a house we bought in the same city, about 2 miles away. Although the actual movers themselves seemed to a good job packing (we packed some stuff ourselves beforehand), loading and 2 weeks later unloading (different crew), I cannot recommend this company to anyone due to their deceptive and borderline extortive practices.
The company was very prompt in providing an estimate that outlined that 3 hours was the minimum work, that travel time was an extra hour fee, and that packaging materials were not included in this estimate and were an extra fee. The estimate also said that "loading and unloading" were included in the estimate and that "labor time starts when we arrive at pick up location. Time finishes when we are done working at destination." Although I knew to expect paying extra for the boxes they provided, the price was excessive--, e.g., $50 for packing tape. Then after they've loaded the truck, they bring you a bill will all these extra fees and labor costs. When I called the representative and explained my dismay to a 3 hour job + 1 hr travel time (again, given up front in the estimate) turned into being billed for 5.5 hours, he explained that the 1.5 hours is "implicit" in moving quotes. When I pointed out that the quote includes "loading and unloading," and I would be happy to pay the original quoted estimate since I didn't use any additional labor, he repeated the same thing and then threatened to unload the goods or take them to a 3rd party storage facility (it was 7pm) at this point. With the threat of having my household goods abandoned on the street, I said ok, and then please give me a FULL estimate of when it will be dropped off.
Fast forward 2 weeks to delivery at the house. I have my estimate in hand and understand the process: 3 hours minimum labor plus the travel fee. So then the truck shows up 2.5 hours late, with a different estimate in hand, with an added "loading labor cost" charge. The company demanded that we settle these additional costs while they had my goods at their mercy. So I called the same representative, and explained my dismay again. This time I explained that he prepared the estimate for the delivery that did not include this charge (he created all the estimates), he explained that it was his mistake but that he wouldn't waive the additional charge. I said I'm sorry that he made a mistake, but I was happy to pay the original delivery estimate. He explained that the crew had loaded the truck and it took an hour, I said I understand but that is included in the 3 hours, not a separate charge (the crew spent less than 2 hours on site unloading). He then became rude and unprofessional saying I seem to have "understanding" problems and maybe it extends to life in general. I said that the words on your estimates matter, and you can't show up on someone's doorstep with new charges to correct your company's "error."
I've contacted my credit card companies, and cannot recommend this company to anyone who values adherence to rules and fair business practices.
- Robert M.

We had a really excellent experience with this company. Angie in the office was great and was very helpful-- we had to switch our date/time several times to match up with our availability and she was very accommodating. The three guys that came were awesome. Very polite and professional. Worked quick and were very careful with everything. They did an amazing job moving everything out of the apartment and into our house. They really worked hard.
The only comment we had was that they did arrive a little late. However, this was due to their previous job running over its allotted time-- which we ended up doing as well. So, I can't really fault them for that. We originally booked them for 3hrs and it ended up taking 4.5. All in all, they did a great job and we had a great experience. I can highly recommend the service and would definitely use them again.
- Amy E.

Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
were the only movers to commit to a last minute pack and move. Their estimator showed up when scheduled and was courteous and professional.
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
's move coordinator, the same. Packers arrived on schedule and did a great job. They finished in three hours. The only hitch in the entire process was a late pickup on move day. However, the driver remained in touch and kept me informed of his progress getting to my place. The upside was that my things were going to my destination on the same truck and the same driver would be delivering. The driver,
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
, with ABC moving in
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
was exceptional. He arrived at the delivery place on time.

None of my things were damaged and the shipment included an old grandfather clock which was handled with great care. The price I paid was as quoted. These guys are straight shooters. I recommend them highly.
- David G.

Before buying this deal: Be prepared to pay considerably more out of pocket on move out day.
I hate to write bad reviews, but feel I need to share my experience with G&J to prevent others from being stuck holding a significantly larger bill than expected for a job only 2/3 of the way completed.
After much research and comparison we chose G&J through an Angie's List deal to move from a one bedroom apartment in DC to a 2 bedroom house in Takoma Park. G&J has recieved great reviews from Angie's List and the price of the deal was way below what we'd be quoted from "name-brand" movers.
Once we booked our deal, Angie's list put us in contact with G&J to confirm availabilities and fill out an inventory list of our belongings to provide us with a better sense of the full cost of the move. Luckily G&J had a team free on the day that we needed. Before buying any of these deals, it's probably best to call ahead to confirm that they're free, otherwise you could be stuck with a coupon for a specific moving company that's not free on the date/s you need to move.
Once we filled out the form, my wife and I were quoted 6-8 hours for the move along with miscelanious moving costs if the movers needed to pack/wrap items for you like mirrors, TVs, etc. The higher end of the time estimate provided by G&J factored in the possibility of having to make multiple trips due to the size of the 16 foot truck and the amount of belongings we had. They also explained that every hour over the initial 4 hours would cost us $75 an hour.
In their emails G&J was careful to note that these were not, "not-to-exceed" estimates and that 50% of the time the actual time needed was less and the other 50%, the time needed was more. This is due to the length of your hallways and how much packing needs to be done by the movers, etc. Our building has long hallways, so to help ensure we were in the 50% group that needed less time, we pre-packed our apartment and pre-moved delicate items like our electronics, china, glassware and pictures. In total, we made around 6 carloads worth of stuff.
The day of the move, the movers arrived within the window provided by G&J. The movers were curtious and began moving the major furniture while I finished packing remaining boxes in the nursery. 10am rolled into noon then to 1pm and the apartment was still full of stuff. The movers, while careful not to damage anything were not covering enough ground to get a first truckload over to the new house within the time we anticipated so by 1:00, I grabbed a cart and began making runs down to the truck myself. It took five and a half hours just to get the first truckload full, before we could get to the house. By the time they unloaded the truck (with our help) the movers had burned through an entire 8 hour work day and 1/3 of our belongings were still at the apartment. By then our building's loading dock was closed and what's more, trucks are not allowed back into the building on Saturdays/Sundays to move the remaining items from the apartment. G&J would have happily sent another crew back on Monday at the rate of $75 an hour to finish the job, but that would have taken at least another 3 hours and additional time off of work on our end to supervise. So in the end, we ended up having to move the remaining items ourselves over the weekend, taking significant time and energy in moving things that we understood would be moved by G&J.
In total we ended up paying $851($359 Angies Deal + $372 (extra 4 hours and moving tape/materials to pack 2 mirrors) + $100 tip for the movers + $20 lunch and sodas for the movers) and we still had to spend the rest of the weekend moving ourselves.
After the move, I tried unsuccessfully to remedy the issue with G&J, given the poor estimate and unfished work, but once you've paid, there is very little that you can do. Unlike other movers, G&J does not provide "not to exceed estimates," and so technically they're note accountable for what they do quote you at the end of the day. Like in our case, the actual time used can be wildly over what you get quoted, and your stuck holding the bill.
So before you click buy on this deal, fully weigh your options. Other mover's estimates may be more expensive, but you may actually end up saving time, money and a significant amount of energy by looking elsewhere.
- Collin L.

I contacted a number of local movers to pick-up and then deliver a sofa from a friend's home to mine.
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
was, by far, the most affordable and the most responsive when it came to customer service. It was not a
Washington Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
job since although both residences had an elevator, the sofa does not fit. Movers had to climb (in both cases) 5 floors of stairs to get to the unit. They were--on both sides--punctual, professional and easy to work with. They disassembled and assembled the feet of the sofa. Gratuities are not included in the price but you should tip the movers because they're great! An acquaintance recently used them for a small (apartment) move and was pleased. Every time I see their trucks I grin because it was such a positive experience.
- Goldie G.

The movers arrived 10 minutes early. There were some issues with truck clearance onto the loading dock at the origin. They did not begin to charge me until that issue was resolved and they were comfortable with the safety of the movers as well as my possessions. These guys hustled. They moved all the boxes first then came back and wrapped the furniture with blankets, plastic and secured with tape. Before they began, we discussed which pieces should be protected with blankets and I signed a waiver to that effect. All pieces, wrapped or not, arrived at the new location without a scratch. We had packed out own boxes, and, of course, TMM cannot be held responsible for any breakage of items they do not pack. The only casualty of the move was one glass.
They got to the new apartment quickly and the unload took 1.5 hours. They completed the move in less time than the estimate, therefore the price was less. This was the easiest move I've ever had. I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Timely, professional, safe and at a reasonable price.
- Richard J.
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