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Washington Masonry Articles

Alexandria mason restores tuckpointing and brick

Alexandria mason restores the exterior of 110-year-old Washington row house after tuckpointing and brick work and repairs water damaged masonry

Washington masonry contractors fix earthquake damage

A homeowner has his chimney repaired after suffering damage from the 2011 earthquake that hit Washington D.C.

D.C. masonry contractor does job right

Angie's List member says VRN Masonry was the only company with the knowledge to fix her sidewalk.

3 DIY masonry repair projects

Learn about three DIY home masonry repair projects.

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Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up on time and we talked through how to organize the work to help maintain access to the building. Over two days they demonstrated craftsmanship and care. They kept me informed on additional issues they found and went above and beyond the quoted workload. The work area was kept clean with posted safety signs when they left at night. Overall the steps look great and I have confidence they will last for many years.
"They were very responsive at first - we scheduled a time they could come out to give a quote for resealing a leaky brick wall. They came when we were not home (as agreed), and they were to get in touch with me in a few days. A few days later I called to check up, and they said the employee should be contacting me soon. After not hearing from them for a week and a half, I called back. Again they said the employee who came to review the site should be getting in touch soon. It is now several days later with no response. I will not be using this company again.
To be fair, it seems like this is an employee who dropped the ball; others I talked to seemed responsive (although no one went back to follow up).
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
from start to finish. They were able to come promptly to look at the very large crack (which had been revealed in the course of another repair job to our living room ceiling - carried out by another contractor). Each person I spoke to gave me confidence that they knew what they were doing and cared about doing a great job for us. They gave us a reasonable quote - including a great discount for committing quickly to the work. The agreement was detailed and thoughtful and gave us reassurance that they were very well-prepared for this kind of job. Originally,
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
said the job would take between 4 and 5 days, but knowing that we were going to be living in the house during the work, they put extra people on and ended up finishing in 2 days. The job was extremely well done. The crack was 4 or 5 inches wide in some places and the team of masons knocked out and replaced some bricks to 'stitch' the wall back together - including in really hard to reach spaces in our attic and behind our stairs. The team left the house as clean as they possibly could - there was a film of masonry dust over almost everything, but given how much debris they hauled out of our house, I was amazed at how little mess there was. While I'm hopeful that I don't have too many similar problems, I have no doubt that I would go back to
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
for something similar or for any other masonry work. They really are specialists.
"Great! Responsive and very customer service oriented. I will hire them again for chimney cleaning and other services. Masonry job was fabulous. They were able to use my bricks (which are REAL bricks and not the newly fabricated kind) and that savings was reflected in my price. Plus the aesthetics for the home...consistent and still looks good. The brick masons took pictures of the chimney top and caps but was unable to forward to me...I wish I had those to share.
One challenge was that CO was coming from boiler and I had to mediate the differences between the boiler repair and the chimney repair companies. The chimney service was correct; yet, I spent the time doing my own research to make sure we didn't and wouldn't have CO in the home. That was a bit of a challenge and frustration for the chimney service but he understood and we worked through it.

"This guy kicks butt. Honest, transparent, fair, and his estimate came in lower than the others. I know it sounds too good to be true, this is really what happened. The situation was such that I had to bring in a structural engineer to make an assessment before choosing a contractor, as some of the contractors had insisted the house was sinking (ie, numerous contractors had been trying to scare me into spending more). When the engineer showed up, I told him what all the contractor's had been saying about my problem. Turns our
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
's initial assessment of the cracking wall synced perfectly with the engineer's own assessment. problem wasn't so bad after all.
"Contractor: Quick to respond. Impressed with ratings on A's list. Great job at walking me through the inspection and showing me what was wrong and write about my mortar. Provided estimate and revision the same day. Came in at around the same price as tow other well rated masonries. Completed work in about 6 to 7 hours. Great cleanup job after the work was completed. Professional and polite. Very responsive to some areas on the house that I felt may need more attention. I'm unable to rate the quality of the work at the moment because it's new but will come back with an update in a few months.
"This was the best customer service and quality workmanship experience I've had in a long time and I will recommend this company to everyone I know. I will definitely use them again for some brick wall masonry work as well. It's so refreshing to find an honest, hardworking home improvement company with professional and friendly staff who make an extra effort to clearly communicate what they are doing and go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
I recently purchased my first home and have had a crash course in contractors - construction, handymen, plumbers, HVAC guys, you name it, and have gotten about 25 estimates for various projects over the past few months. It's exhausting, frustrating, and takes a huge amount of time. Happening upon
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Masonry after all that was such a breath of fresh air.
My fireplace probably hadn't been touched in 75 years and needed a lot of work so I got three estimates. Two came in very close to $5k and one at $7k for the same work (the main difference was for labor as the higher estimate company was going to send three guys instead of two for the two day job). I chose this company because I had a very positive customer service experience both over the phone and with the estimator, because they noted a few more details on their estimate sheet that gave me confidence they were really paying attention (e.g. they noticed the vent pipe off the hot water heater was 1" too small and replaced it before joining with the furnace vent), because they have excellent Angie's List reviews already, and because they were closer to my home. I absolutely made the right choice.
I decided to get the work done in early
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
. which is a busy time of year for this industry I'm sure. Still, they had good availability and were able to do the work the two days after Christmas. They sent two guys who were very, very friendly and courteous. They showed up early each day and worked hard all day long. They were very careful to keep indoor areas clean (I was concerned about dust getting on plants all around the fireplace) and sealed off the fireplace while demolishing the existing
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
liner. I tried not to interrupt much but they were happy to answer questions about what they were doing and how things worked (e.g. the insulation around the metal liners) which I appreciated tremendously.
On the second day, they were doing tuckpointing around the chimney and I asked if they thought I should consider repairing one notable crack in my home's exterior under a window. I thought they could just give me advice or maybe do it at the same time, for which I'd have been happy to pay a reasonable additional amount. Instead, they just took care of it and I noticed they even ground out and repaired a few other spots I hadn't even noticed. Now THAT is customer service. I never got up on the roof but I could see from the ground that they essentially repaired every strip of mortar around the whole chimney.
In addition to being technically competent, professional, and courteous, these were just really nice guys to have around the house for a couple of days and I felt completely comfortable leaving them to work while I ran a few errands.
Overall: A+ (and I'm a hard grader). Thank you so much!
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his team did an excellent job on our backyard renovation project. We initially hired him just for a garage renovation that required a crumbling brick wall to be demolished and replaced, roof replacement, new windows/doors, electricity installed and new concrete slab. He reconstructed our brick wall with cinderblock to make it stronger, then put a brick facade on the outside so it matched the rest of the garage.
Although he initially came in higher in price, he competed against two other bids we had received and reduced the price while maintaining his promise to provide higher quality service. Overall, he was the best value. He was very responsive and kept us informed of the status of the project, letting us know when they were applying for permits, when they would begin construction and how long until they would be finished. In addition, he completed the work in a timely manner with the whole thing being done in about 2 weeks. We were very pleased with the finished product and are excited to have a nicely finished garage.
We were so pleased with his work on the garage that we hired him again two weeks later to build two retaining walls that we quickly realized may be too complicated for a DIY project. He also removed an old concrete patio for us. He immediately knocked off $1500 the price of the wall for being a repeat customer, which was nice. He again did a great job on the walls and the project only took about 2 days. We would definitely recommend
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
in the future.
"We had extremely heavy paint covering the basement level and a few feet of brick and limestone on the first level. They used a product called peel-away that goes on like plaster, and is covered with a plastic wrap. Then it sits for a couple of days, and slowly turns the paint into a gooey mess. After they removed the wrap, they scraped and power-washed the facade. This made me nervous, as some of the bricks were already soft on the outside, but it's hard to say whether the power washing damaged the bricks. They had to apply the stripper a second time in a few spots. This process removed 90% of the paint. Most of the remaining spots of paint were removed at the end of the job with a toxic liquid/gel stripper. They got almost all of the paint off, call it 98%. In a couple of spots you can see slight evidence that it may have been painted long ago, but in others there is zero evidence of paint. When viewed from the street it looks perfect.

Next they erected scaffolding from the ground to the roof, probably 35+ feet. They taped all of the windows with heavy plastic, and came inside the house and taped the windows and baseboards. The facade of our house is composed of long narrow
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
bricks, and very thin mortar joints, sometimes called butter joints.
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
men used angle grinders with thin blades to cut out the old mortar. This is the fastest way to remove mortar. That's nice, but sometimes they grind away a bit of brick. They also cut into the limestone in spots. These small amounts of removed brick and stone result in new mortar joints that are slightly fatter in some spots than they should be. The angle grinders also create massive amounts of silica-laden dust, and enough came into the house to coat everything. We had the rear of the house repointed 2 years ago and the same thing happened, so we were prepared. The fact is that old houses leak like sieves, and there's no way to keep the dust out. Just plan on wiping everything down with damp rags, and doing a lot of mopping and vacuuming.
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us a couple of color options for the mortar. Even though the original mortar was light colored, we went with dark, because that's what everyone else has now. The house would have looked weird with light mortar. The repointing went quickly, and it looks beautiful.
Rebuilding a stoop is a complex job, and it took several weeks.
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
brought out his most-skilled masons for the tricky parts. On the whole they did a really nice job. There were a couple of sections that they said they couldn't disassemble because the sections had been previously rebuilt by unskilled masons with hard mortar, and cutting it out would break the bricks. Fine. So we have some sections with fat mortar joints that don't look very nice, and that aren't quite plumb, but again most people will never notice this. They also patched the blocks of limestone where needed using mortar and a hardening agent. The color match is not very good, and
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
will have to fix it in the Spring.
They build a complex structure for the new landing and steps. The form had a sheetmetal bottom which gave the finished concrete a shiny finish on the underside. It was a nice touch. They put in a grid of steel rebar with rods 12" apart. The old landing had almost no reinforcement. It has a visible slope to it so water will drain.
They started the job on time, but it dragged on longer than
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
said it would. Instead of 3 or 4 weeks, it took 6. Some of this was simply because
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
is always moving his crew from job to job as needed. Some days there would only be a single guy, other days there would be 4 guys. It took an entire week to build the forms for the new steps and landing, probably because for most of those days there was only one guy at the house.
As I mentioned, this was
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
second large job at our house. Both times I observed closely and asked lots of questions. I'm not an expert mason, but I am capable of reading about best practices with old masonry structures, and it's clear that
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
takes small shortcuts when he can. Perhaps other reputable masons would do the same, and perhaps they do no harm, but they are shortcuts nonetheless. For example, I read the instructions on the manufacturer's website for the mortar
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
used, he did several things that they say not to do. He applied mortar in temps under 40F, and he always cleans the brick at the end with diluted muriatic acid. Does it do lasting harm? I have no idea. He's the expert brickmason, not me, so I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt.
There were a few minor mistakes, but
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
corrected them immediately. All in all we are quite happy with the result. The house looks terrific. The stoop rebuild is an A-, but it's still so good that you can't tell it was rebuilt. All of the brick courses line up perfectly from the sides of the stoop, where they connect to the house, all the way around. Despite my minor grievances, I would still hire
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
"The work was outstanding in just about every respect. The estimator and then the work crew all arrived on time. The work itself was well done (at least to my novice eyes) -- hopefully the water instrusion has ended. The work crew went the extra mile to reattach drain pipes as needed (and without being asked to do so). And the best part was that the final bill came in $400 less than the estimate (so 25% less than the estimate). The only (minor) complaint I had was that the garbage bags and ladders the workers used sat in the front yard for a day longer than they were supposed to -- not a big deal, but not pretty either. I would absolutely 100% use
Washington Masonry Contractors Provider Name Locked
again in the future.

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