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Claire L.
"When I went to see him for a second opinion he was very professional but was obviously disturbed by what he discovered, but felt he could help me. He was thorough, explained everything," did all the necessary tests to confirm his findings, and took time to answer my questions After seven months of being left legally blind in my eye, 20/400 double vision, he was able to correct my vision so far to 20/40! It will even improve more as it hasn't been a month yet, and PRK procedures take longer to heal. All office visits, tests, some medications were covered by insurance. Unfortunately, PRK is considered a "cosmetic" procedure like
, and therefore was not covered. Hence the price. His staff is wonderful too. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. I will be using him in the future for cataract surgery in my other eye.
Rated by
Paul G.
"On September 12, 2013 I had my appointment. I had to pay the bill in full and was specifically told that any payment received from my insurance company would then be refunded to me." I received a statement from my insurance company indicating that their portion was paid on October 4, 2013. Patiently awaiting my refund for 2 weeks, no, 1 month, no, 2 months, no, 3 months. No refund after 90 days. Common sense would say that they were not going to pay it and hope that I would forget about it. I went to the office with the paperwork indicating a refund was due."Sorry, you are going to have to wait until accounting looks at that. It will take approximately two weeks." I finally did get paid due to their "oversight" or the though of having my insurance company get involved. I do not recommend using Dr.
due to lack of oversight in the office/accounting area. I have since moved on to using somebody else for my eye health.
Rated by
"The initial consult went very well. I visited their
office. They are located in a professional building with plenty of parking. The waiting area was nice. They" hand you fancy IPads to educate yourself on different
topics. I was also able to fill out the entire application on the iPad. Following which, a few tests and measurements were taken and my eyes were dilated. While the dilation took effect, I was taken to another room and had a session with their
coordinator. He explained me the entire process and answered all my questions. The part that I liked the most was that I was not being pressured at anytime. Subsequently, a
Optometrist checked me out to see if I qualified with a further round of Q&A. Again, the optometrist was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. The entire consult took a little over 90 minutes or so. While I was waiting in the front lobby, I also got to see a few people that had surgeries the previous day and were there for post-operative follow-up. The reason that I did not pursue the surgery with them is because all their surgeries are done in Manhattan. I was looking for something more local. The way it works with their Satellite office in
is that they do the initial consult and all post-operative follow-ups there. However, the main surgery is done in Manhattan.

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Lasik Surgery reviews in Washington


Everyone is very accommodating during visits, procedures and follow ups. After it was decided that I was at the top of the list of worst vision Dr.
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
has seen with a -11.5 in one eye and a -12.5 in the other plus a stigmatism it was going to be a bit of a challenge. I did watch a few videos on the procedure, which can be intimidating, I was nervous after that. That day I scheduled the surgery and just waited. I had to have done before the actual procedure, an iridotomy, which is a laser procedure to place 2 small holes for the upcoming surgery. What amazed me was once that was done for a short period of time I could see without my glasses. I felt if this is what it is like then I am BEYOND ready. To be able to see after the pre surgical procedure was done, and walk out to see my cousin across the room was really shocking. A few days before the surgery itself and after there are eyedrops that need to be put in 4 times a day. The iridotomy had mild discomfort, during the procedure - like a piece of sand was in the eye. After the iridotomy was done I didn't feel a thing. The eye that is being treated was a little heavy because it was numb. The day of the procedure itself once at the surgical outpatient center you will have drops put in your eyes from the minute you are registered until you go back for surgery in intervals. The set up time for the surgery, once back there, was maybe 5 minutes. I was awake and remembered all of it. It was an amazing thing to have them put the implants in and as soon as they unrolled in the eye I could see crystal clear. I had both eyes done at one time. Stayed for an hour after the surgery for monitoring and then went home. There are eye bubbles that you need to wear for a week at bed to protect your eyes. Even though they aren't sore, if you accidentally touch them a little hard it does hurt. Drops will need to be put in over the next month. Later that afternoon I had a follow up visit to make sure everything was ok, then it was a month later, a few months later. It is now 3 months out and I needed to have a CK procedure to crisp up the vision which will take up to 3 months to visually be set. It is better to do it in steps than over shoot the outcome. I am very pleased with my decision to have this done and this was the testimonial I sent to his office. Dr.
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
Thank you for giving me the best vision I have had in my life. My eyes were so bad I never really had seen anything so clear....ever. I had a double ICL procedure to correct my vision. I can see the actual individual leaves on trees in the distance and the color variations in the sky. The
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
has more clarity with the color, waves, sand, shells, and sunrise/set. People say how did you not know your vision was that bad......well how do you know when you have nothing to compare it to. I am so happy with the decision to have the ICL done. I still need to have
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
glasses up close because of the strength of lens I needed for correction. But if you are thinking of this procedure I highly recommend it. This if for those of us who ARE NOT candidates for Laser or
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
. Once again Dr.
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
Thank You for giving me a new lease on life visually,
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
- Karen P.

The visit opened immediately with a video, which was a little bizarre, but I imagine is tuned to get folks up to a baseline understanding of what they are in for in a relatively low cost manner (i.e. no human devoting time to it). I then went through a series of evaluations and measurements with a staff member (maybe a nurse?). Afterword, there was a soft sell to try and schedule my surgery.
Only after that soft sell did I meet with a doctor who could answer the questions I came in with. He was quite knowledgeable, friendly, and open to a fairly lengthy conversation to help with my concerns and desire to understand the process.
Finally, there was another soft sell.
Of note: nobody ever gave me a hard sell. I was worried about that. They
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
you a few times in the month following the exam, but nothing obnoxious.
I have not gone back for the procedure because I wish to use FSA money in 2015 to pay for it. I do fully plan on going to these folks for the procedure though.
- Dustin U.

They are great. There are like 5 different eye doctors in there from
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
doctors to any kind of problem. I have Grave's disease which is a problem with the thyroid and it went awry and made my eyes cross. Through all the different 5 doctors that I went to, the last operated on my eyes and straightened them. I still go to the one doctor for glaucoma though. They have a TV in every room where I can watch Fox news. They have a lot of staff so I don't have to wait long and I can get in and get out. Kushnick has a poor bedside manner but he is one of the best in
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
- Bruce F.

took my prescribtion to costco and got my new lenses and new frames. everything went well.
My wife and I have been a patient of Dr.
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
for approximately 15 years. Service is top quality.
He is an expert in his field. If you google his name- you will see why. We have referred many of our
family and friends to Dr.
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
- Leonard and Myra B.

I went in for an annual eye exam. I was seen by two residents - which I do not have an issue with because everyone has to learn. What I did have an issue with is the way the doctor (Dr
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
) was speaking about my medical condition to the residents. I suffer from migraine headaches and he was asking the residents if my complaint was with my migraine headaches or if it was with my eyes. Who goes to the eye doctor for migraines?? And why is my condition being discussed where everyone can hear it? I guess they thought I was an idiot or something. I didn't care for the experience and probably would ask to be seen by another doctor.
- amber P.

My wife and I both had
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
performed by Dr
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
three years ago, following glowing referrals from a number of people in her office. Dr
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
is extremely personable, very much in command of her discipline, and she invests in the latest technology (I've seen several upgrades in the last three years). A few preparatory consultations and a regime of eye drops, and then you have the surgery: as promised, it's a short (
- Geraint P.

Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
is excellent. I go to him every year for checkup. He is just exceptional. He is very knowledgeable. He does lecture on the subject. He has the latest equipment. He is known as leader in the
Washington Lasik Surgery Provider Name Locked
surgery. I never has availability problems. Office is brand new and it is really well done. He is going to be my doctor as long as he practices.
- Marc P.

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14999 Health Center Dr

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Takoma Park Vision

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The Eye Center - Fairfax

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The Eye Center - Sterling

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The Eyecare Center

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Vision Source Gallery Place

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Willis Amos J MD PC Group

10 Chatham Heights Rd

Wills, Dr. W. Neil

8280 Greensboro Dr

Wink Eyecare Boutique

1095 Seven Locks Rd

Yeh, Dr. David L

9420 Key W Ave

Ziai, Dr. Niloofar

19441 Golf Vista Plz
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