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Brandon M.
"Went great -- showed up on time, scheduled us quickly, and did an efficient job. Friendly technician. Would be happy to use them again in the future.
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"The technician came two business days after we called. After reviewing the situation, he gave me an estimate of the cost involved in cleaning the vent. Our
" had not been cleaned in at least six years. He cleaned the vent using brushes; he replaced the exterior vent cover (which was half detached from house); he replaced the vent hose going from the dryer to the wall opening for the vent; and he checked the interior of the dryer (which had already been cleaned of lint). The work took about one and a half hours. The service technician was thorough, polite, and cleaned up the area when he was done.
Rated by
Michael S.
"The provider just brought a shop vac to clean out the dryer vents. I doubt that the shop vac had enough suction to meaningfully clean out the dryer vents. The larger problem is that" the coupon I purchased should have indicated that the service was limited to dryers on lower floors. My dryer vents are located on the upper floor of my townhouse. The provider could not clean these vents from the outside because they did not bring a ladder.

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Dryer vent cleanings can remove lint buildup in the vent (pictured) to improve its efficiency and protect your family from potentially dangerous fires. (Photo courtesy of Adam W.)

Cleaning Dryer Vents

A clogged dryer vent not only means your appliance isn't operating at its peak efficiency, it also poses a safety risk in the form of potential fires. Learn more about how to spot a clogged dryer vent, how to clean a dryer vent yourself and practical advice for hiring a dryer vent-cleaning service.

dryer vent cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Have you cleaned your dryer vent lately? Cleaning pros say clogged dryer vents cause thousands of house fire each year. See how to protect your home.

Having an annual dryer vent inspection can help reduce the risk of structural fires and reduce energy costs in your home, says Ferrari. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Thomas J. of Denison, Texas)
Dryer Vent Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning

One highly rated provider answers common questions associated with dryer vent cleaning and explains the benefits that this service can provide.

An excessive build-up of lint in your home's dryer vent line can increase the potential for a dryer vent fire. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Gregory T. of Glenside, Pa.)
Dryer Vent Cleaning

More than 15,000 house fires start due to faulty or clogged clothes dryers, according the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A highly rated Boise dryer vent cleaning company explains how to lower your risk of a dryer fire.

Angie's List
Appliance Repair - Large, Appliance Sales, Dryer Vent Cleaning

New trends in home construction pace the clothes dryer and washing machine in second-floor hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms, which require longer dryer vents to reach an exterior wall for proper ventilation.

Angie's Answers

Yes Jupiter. It depends on the severity of the situation, is the mold encapsulated in the insulation. If yes, than replace [insulation] it with new. Is it on the casing of the heater? If yes, clean it with a mold neutralizing metal cleaner. It's not a matter of finding something or someone to clean or address the existing mold. It's a matter of finding a contractor to rectify what is causing the mold grow. It's coming from excessive moisture in the air-handler unit. I can say with 100% surety you’re dealing with poor airflow and/or incorrect equipment sizing! Either issue will cause excessive icing of the evaporator coil, which leads to excessive condensate water in the system. The condensate will eventually overflow the drain pan leaving stagnant water in the air-handler housing, which leads to mold growth. I would not let any contractor do any kind of temporary repair, add any device like a UV light or air-cleaning product until the aforementioned is corrected. I talk a lot about this in my videos and on my website. It is the result of improper system design from unqualified contractors. There is a reason why some guys cost more than others, and this is one reason why!

If the ducts are venting through a window I'm assuming the duct work is all easily accessible.  Lowe's and Home Depot sell a cleaning kit that uses an electric drill to spin the brush as it goes through the ductwork.  I've found it to work quite well and you can do it yourself.  It may take a few passes the first time to get everything out if it has been a while since it was last cleaned.  Just make sure you get all of the loose lint out after running the brush through from both ends and you're good to go.  Please note that if the line is not hard but rather a flex duct line you can easily puncture a whole in it with this kit and will do better to clean it by hand.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
There are varying opinions on the type of cleaning to have done on your air ducts.  My opinion is that it varies based on the type of duct work you have.  If you have solid material (typically metal) ducting you can have use a company that uses a brush to scrape the system clean.  If you have flexible plastic or foil ducts the solvent cleaners are generally a safer bet since the brushes often tear holes in the soft material and/or pull joints loose.  It really depends on what type on ducting you have.  You're ducts will collect all kinds of dirt, skin cells and allergens over time so if you see dicoloration around your vents it is probably time to get them checked and cleaned.

Also, don't stop at the duct work.  Don't forget your annual system check up by a licensed HVAC technician.  They'll make sure your system is running at peak performance, keeping it running efficiently and with as little impact as possible on your electric bill.  You can often save the cost of the annual tune up in the electricity cost saved.  If you have a natural gas system a bi-annual check and cleaning of the HVAC unit may be advisable to save electricity and gas.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

if you have exhausted all of your choices I would call and put a complain in with the BBB then go to the DA and put a complain with them.  Then get a good lawyer and sue them for all you can get.

raymond gonzalez
koolray heating and air 
the answers in this on this page are all correct but you are using a bandaide to to cure the infection have a trust hvac tech open your system to see where the dust is coming from you more than likely have an impacted coil that need to acid wash to bring it back to oringinal anything left from the fire is still inbeded in that coil. just remember after that job to keep your filters clean change once a month in the summer and every two months in the winter.

Raymond Gfonzalez
koolray heating and air
clarksville tn

Dryer Vent Cleaning reviews in Washington


This company was very responsive both before and after the cleaning. They answered questions, they took and emailed me pictures of different dryer vent covers when I asked about options, removed a bird's nest in my dryer duct at no extra charge and the technician who came to my house was pleasant and efficient. I would definitely recommend and use this company again.
- Sally M.

I was very pleased with the service provided by the team from
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
! This was a pleasant experience from Start to finish. I purchased an Angie's List Big Deal voucher for the Duct Cleaning and Dryer Vent Cleaning on Friday February 14th (I had a pretty uneventful Valentine's Day). I ambitiously requested an appointment time of Monday, since I knew I would be off for President's day. Honestly, I did not expect the NICE people to get back to me with confirmation for that date, but the did!
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
scheduled me for 12-4 on Monday, which was exactly what I wanted. On the day of,
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
called me at 11:45 to let me know that the team was on their way to my home.
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
arrived at 12 on the dot. These guys were true professionals. They were polite, friendly and offered a detailed explanation of what they would be doing while in my home. They were very respectful of the fact that we are in the middle of several home improvement projects and did not disturb our recently refinished stairs or recently painted walls. They wore shoe covers in my home so that they would not leave tracks. They even had to remove a door to get to my dryer vent, and executed that flawlessly. When all was said and done they spent about 3 hours at my house and honestly, I couldn't have asked for better service. Kudos to NICE for having great employees like
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
and for providing high quality service to the National Capitol Region.
- Nia H.

It went well. In addition to cleaning, the service person answered all our questions regarding how we could improve the efficiency of our current dryer set up. We then hired the company to rebuild a chimney stack and re-line our chimney.
- Kathryn W.

It went extremely well. Probably $50 more than I wanted to spend, but the job was excellently performed and I was in a hurry to get it down, and I probably made half of that back by not having to go to the laundramat (we are a family and our dirty laundry had really piled up with broken dryer).
- William L.

He did a great job and was very professional-- he did a thorough job, he worked carefully so as not to disturb anything near the vents but at a reasonable pace, was very courteous, he responded to all my questions with clear thoughtful answers, he used protective gear so none of the dust/gunk from the vents escaped, and he cleaned up no leaving any
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
behind. The only small thing was that he was a bit late (about 15-20 minutes) but he called to let me know that he was running late, so it was not a big deal to me, this is not the kind of service you should book on a tight timeline anyway..
- Karin S.

They called earlier in the day to say that
Washington Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
would arrive at the latter part of the window, which I appreciated. He arrived on time, performed the work efficiently, and cleaned up after himself.
- Traci C.

I used one of the deals and bought a $200 coupon, that was for air ducts and dryer vent. I have two dryer vents and one required getting on the roof, so i paid for the second vent as i thought that was fare. they came, we ran into a problem getting on the roof so rescheduled for another day and that was not a problem. they came back, did the work, the supervisor stopped by a few times during the day, all went well.
- Ann Marie H.

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