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Lawrence F.
"Unexpectedly happy with results. In our area (
, DC) we were getting quotes of $65k and up for a project of this size with low maintenance materials.
" of Am Deck was our contractor and his DC team were skilled and we had daily contact with them.
was able to offer us a much lower price for several reasons I think: 1) he only builds decks, porches, and outdoor project (mostly decks and porches I think), so his teams have the whole process streamlined, and are familiar with time-saving, and quality- improving building techniques; 2) he offers a 10% discount for winter builds if you close the deal sometime in November; 3) he was able to identify areas where we could save on materials, and honestly explained the quality differences - e.g. we wanted all low maintenance materials, but that made the project too expensive.
suggested low-maintenance decking, because the horizontal surfaces get more water and sunlight, and pressure treated wood for vertical ballisters, which get less exposure and which we planned to stain; 4) he suggested a retail version of Azek Decking which was the same as the Pro Version, but much cheaper. Only difference was fewer custom colors, but that wasn't a problem for us; and 5) he uses his own "Expediter Inspector," so each project phase is approved within a day, not within 1-2 weeks using the City Inspectors. (This is a legal method in DC)
encourages daily contact because it allows errors to be fixed before other parts get built, which might make error correction impossible.
also spent a lot of time, pre-contract, going over options, making suggestions, and providing explanations. He clearly loves building porches and decks, and he is committed to satisfying his customers. He was also flexible with timing. Even though he had contracts backed up, he agreed to stop work for 2 weeks once the porch and deck was built, to give us time to stain before putting up the screens, gutters, and final touches. The end result is fantastic. The back of our house used to be a 2 story, straight line of red bricks. Now we have an A-Frame Roof on the back of the house, with lots of architectural variation. Plus the porch provides fantastic views of our backyard, is private, and has become the main attraction of the house. Things to note: DC Zoning and Construction Approvals are very arbitrary.
can handle the arbitrariness of construction approval, but does not get involved in DC Zoning Approvals or Exemptions. In our case, that meant hiring an architect to get the approval that the zoning was in order. This added about $1,500 to our project. Also, once the project gets going,
mostly works through his on-site construction team to approve changes or correct mistakes as a first step. If that fails to satisfy, it will be easier to contact him directly, since he will have discussed the issue with his crew and will understand the issue better than if you contact him for each little thing.
Rated by
Douglas H.
"This is the worst, most unethical and incompetent company with whom I have contracted. Please choose anyone but this company for your work. Specifically, the day of the installation," the crew was to excavate as a first step for installation of a new driveway, walkway and patio. During the excavation, I noticed that the excavation appeared too shallow. I had specifically contracted for excavation of four inches. I went out to speak with one of the crew members and he informed me that they were going to excavate to two (2) inches. If I had not been on-site, I would never have known that this company intended to cheat me. It took me multiple calls to the office before this was corrected. If a homeowner had not been watching closely as I was, the person would have been outright cheated out of what they bargained for. They were
unprofessional and unpleasant in addressing the issue as well. Additionally, the overall finish size is not correct pursuant to the specifications in the contract. The contract called for driveway to be 12' by 18' and the finished project is only slightly over 10' by 18'. This greedy company wanted full payment even though they provided me substantially less than I contracted for. To top things off, they ran out of materials for final sanding and, although promised by the foreperson, never came back to complete this final touch. Insult to injury! What I am left with is a smaller driveway, loose pavers and uneven joints. This is the first time, after obtaining multiple bids, that I have ever just wished I could have gone with another contractor, rather than this pathetic company. They talk a good game at the beginning, but do not be fooled. After dealing with multiple contractors over the past years in improvements to my new home, this is without a doubt the most underhanded, unprofessional, and mismanaged group I had the displeasure to give my money to. Run, do not walk, away from this incompetent organization.
Rated by
Wallace T.
"Never had direct contact with principle provider. Incomplete work on first visit then called and returned. Those providing service did not indicate when leaving or whether satisfactory." Found that drain clogged at bottom of outside stairs to basement but wasn't informed and as a result incomplete work. Felt that principle should have reviewed work. Felt that price was excessive. Live and learn. Had not adequately checked references before having work done.

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Rooftop pool downtown Indianapolis apartment building

Angie's Answers


I agree with Jim Casper - after about 50 years of dealing with weathered wood finishing both in my homes and in the construction business, it comes down to about 90% preparation, 10% the finishing. If you do not prep the wood right, any moisture, mold, etc in the wood will destroy whatever you put over it.

High-build finishes like paint and epoxies and, from reading the Rustoleum flyer on this new product that too, work by trying to make an impenetrable surface and depend on a very good bond with the surface, AND no water getting under them. Because they are thick and are designed to provide a waterproof surface, unfortunately where water gets under them they are just as good or better at keeping it from evaporating, so you get fungal growth, blistering, and peeling.

Unfortunately, on deck and most outdoor applications except siding the surface will get nicked, scratched and otherwise develop leaks in short order. Water will therefore get into the underlying wood, and because it entered through small cracks and scratches, does not have any airflow to make it evaporate, so it sits there and breaks the finish bond to the wood (causing peeling and blisters), and promotes decay. That is why new deck boards and siding and trim that have been heavily or multi-coat painted on all 4 sides, thinking that will give the best protection, only last a few years versus the usual 10-20 years or so for boards that are painted top and sides only.

The full sun and hot conditions will, of course, cause more thann normal heating of dark colored painted decking. I had one instance where I was doing an independent appraisal of a very large commercial deck at a government facility, and in 85-90 degree daytime temps, in the sushine the chocolate brown deck surface temp was 150 degrees, and the paint was softening so much it stuck to the bottom of your shoes a couple of months after application.

As Jim said, the studies pretty clearly show that a breathable penetrating stain gives the best life, after plain ACA/CCA (copper chromium variations - the green stuff) treated wood. Penetrating stains, properly applied, do NOT seal in the moisture, they inhibit its entry and (when dark colored) help protect against sun damage to the wood and finish, but still breathe enough to let moisture escape on dry days. For my money, I will only use petroleum distillate (paint thinner cleanup) products, as they penetrate into the wood much better. Water based ones immediately start swelling the wood pores, so it blocks further penetration of the stain, which while cleanup is a bit easier, totally defeats the purpose of a PENETRATING stain or sealer.

I would recommend against any sort of waterproofing sealer, as they trap the water just like paint, and I have never seen one that is effective for 2 years.

My personal preference, though it limits the architectural coloration possibilities, is ground-contact rated copper compound treated wood (NOT the Wolmanized brown product), which comes green initially but can be retreated with either green or brown solution or can be liquid colorized darker (though not easily to a specific tone) using either of those as a base. My practice is to redo the treatment before installation to ensure thorough treatment, as from the mill it commonly has skips where boards contacted each other or where stacking seperators laid on it, and the ends are commonly very poorly done. This is done after cutting to length, as cut ends have to be retreated anyway.  A simple short deck cleaner soak followed by a light pressure washing and brush or roller re-treating of ONLY the TOP surface every 10 years or so has, for me, reduced visible weathering of the boards and beams to negligible.


The product has evolved considerably since the lawsuit.


I would still do your own research and give you contractor your feedback.  At the end of the day, the cost for whatever board you want will be similar. 

As stated by others: You get what you pay for.  Many contractors no longer use employees.  The cost/benefit ratio is gone by the time worker's comp. insurance, unemplyment and other taxes are paid.  Especially with the high turnover in our industry.  Many, myself included, have our guys set up as sub-contractors.  That means even if the job is only for a day the duties have been outlined and a set pay to complete those duties has been established from the onset.  It's a better way to manage costs once I got used to it.  Also, it means I can operate cheaper and not have to charge as much to the customer.  My agreements with my guys, which they sign, make it clear that I nor the homeowner are responsible for their safety and medical care should a problem arise and that all parties are relieved of any such obligation.  If you hire a contractor who follows this growing practice ask to see a copy of his sub-contractor agreement.

That being said, a legitimate contractor still has operating cost which vary by area and how they run their business.  I break even at $150/day not including labor and materials so I've got to charge more than that to make money.  To keep the math simple, if I'm paying $250 for a pne day job in labor plus another $300 in materials and $150 operating costs I've got to charge $700 to the customer to break even.  That's if I'm only doing one job a day which is why most of us manage several at a time.  The point I'm trying to make is that someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to build you a safe deck is not going to be cheap.  Knowledge accompanies success which costs money.

I've repaired or restructured several decks built by handymen who should find another profession.  Ask yourself this question when hiring someone for this project: Would I trust this person to build my house?  If the answer is no you need to find someone else.  The deck is just as important.  It's where your family, friends, kids are going to gather and interact.  If it isn't structurally sound it can collapse causing injury or even death.  One last word on decks: Always screw a deck together, don't nail it.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX

Deck Building reviews in Washington


We decided to use
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, even though he was the most expensive estimate, because he was very thorough with the details of our project. He was also very eager to start the work. From the very beginning we started to feel like we were bothering him with our additional questions or when something changed the project start date. We were one week late in getting our backyard ready for the fence as a dumpster we ordered to remove some debris and dirt never showed up. It also rained for 3 days straight and delayed the project. Both of these events
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to a very unprofessional phone call from
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
indicating he was dropping the wood off no matter what and this project needed to get going because he was losing time to work on other projects.
When we wanted to deviate slightly from the original design,
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
called it "off contract" and would get very stressed out. These deviations saved
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
money and some of them were out of our control. For example, he brought the wrong size of wood as we asked for an 8 ft fence and they brought 6 ft panels. We needed to lower the number of stairs to be installed based on the grade of the backyard; this actually saved
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
money because it was less work and less wood. He did not like the changes, said WE were difficult to work with.
I want to note that his subcontractors
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
were extremely professional, polite and punctual.
At the end of the project,
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's team left the extra wood and concrete on the sidewalk, which we repeatedly warned him would get stolen and that we could get fined for dumping. It rained and the concrete bags and debris turned into a soggy mess that we cleaned up. We called to tell
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
once again that someone needed to pick the wood up and he sent us a 5 page email telling us to "f" off and then asked us to tape the final check to our backdoor so he could pick it up. Really?!?!?
Here are some excerpts:
I found managing your project to be challenging. There seemed to be a lot of deviation from what we contracted for. I wanted to see that we made you happy...and went out of my way, as did
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, to work with you on things that were not detailed on the contract. That's a two-way street. I am now working on my twentieth contract, with another 30 or so proposals out there. I rely on these working documents to convey to me what the customer is expecting from me when I go to manage and install the project. There is no way I am going to have any sort of recall other than what I have put into my contract. And I know my contracts are very detailed...it's one of the reasons I land so much business. I would bet my contract was more detailed than many of the others you received. And if it wasn't detailed to your liking, I never heard of it. Every customer thinks there project is the most important one out there and they really don't give a D...about anyone else's project but their own. And most don't like excuses.
This is the City. It's not the 'burbs. The challenges of working in the City are 100-fold more challenging than in the 'burbs. It's easier for the lumber yard to get in and out in the 'burbs, there's more space, there's more storage, there's more co-existence and less theft, and so on, and so on.
So, yes, I would like to pick up the check tomorrow...and not meet you in the City on a Friday night after 5:00pm. I firmly believe everything I have done and conveyed has demonstrated what type of contractor I am and the service we attempted to provide to you. I would like to think our actions have given you no pause. I will look to copy and paste your gate concerns to
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and see that he follows up with you via phone call so we can see that this is addressed. He would be better equipped to discuss these concerns.
The fence looks good but there are some kinks that we are still not happy about. It is leaning in certain areas and the gate hardware is cheap and the gates wont latch.

- Adam S.

Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and Patio provided detailed specifications for a
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to encompass an outdoor kitchen. The team worked with us to develop the appropriate materials and allotted space. Since this was our first experience building this type of structure, we really required the assistance of an experienced professional to help guide us in the right direction.
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was the perfect person to do so. He helped us transform our vision of a functional area to an even more beautiful space than we could have imagined. I highly recommend
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and Patio for any of your outdoor beautification projects. You will certainly be pleased with their work.
- Aubrey D.

Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly and listened intently to my needs and my ideas. He took the ideas that I had and did not try to sell me more or tell me why what I wanted wouldn't work. In fact, he tried to work around some of the difficulties of what I wanted and find a way to make them work. He got back with me promptly with that estimate. Right after that, we found out from our
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
that we could indeed install a fence and that turned out to be a more cost effective solution for us, so I called
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
back and asked if he could give me an estimate for a fence instead. He was as prompt and efficient as before and got me an estimate quickly. We ended up not doing the bathroom project because it was too far out of our budget right now, but we would have chosen
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
had we been able to move forward with it. As far as the fence went, we did end up choosing another company because their price was a bit less and they were able to fit us in quite a bit sooner, but it was a tough decision. I was impressed all the way by
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and once we are in the position to move forward with the bathroom project and the deck, which we still want to do later, I won't need to call 3 different companies, I will be calling
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
- Marny B.

Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was great--he responded promptly with a detailed price that he stuck to, and
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
--who actually built the deck--did a beautiful job that was above and beyond with many little touches that we wouldn't have thought of. Both approached the project with intelligence and sensitivity to our needs--in short, they listened and delivered a great, safe place for our children to play as if building the deck for themselves.
- Darryl S.

He was prompt, professional, and did it in a timely manner. He replaced the wood with treated wood and the deck looks great!
- Matthew B.

Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Son before purchasing their "$699 General Contractor for Two Days.'' I asked them specifically if they were MHIC Licensed and the individual named
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
told me that yes they were licensed. I needed work performed in my new Silver Spring, MD condo. The condo association screens all contractors prior to allowing work to begin.
Before purchasing the coupon, I handed all information to my Condo Association and I was later contacted informing and informed that
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and Son is not a Maryland Home Improvement Commission licensed contractor. I decided to verify this myself by going online to the State of Maryland DLLR Home Improvement Public Query. I conducted a licence
Washington Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and discovered that they in fact were not licensed. I post this with the hopes that they will not try to scam others as they tried to scam me. If these folks conducted any type of work that resulted in a mishap, they would be very little one could do.
- Doloris M.

Professional. The installers were on time and cleaned up well. Very easy to work with. I'm also very happy with the finished product - the dry snap was installed just before a very rainy day and it was great to be able to run from the car to the deck and open the door without getting soaked. Looking forward to using the space in the warmer weather, too. I would definitely call them again.
- Elizabeth P.

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Champion Quality Construction

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CHF Deck Co

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Chick Landscaping, Inc.

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Christian Siding

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ChrisWorks Custom Carpentry

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City Masonry, LLC

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City Ornamental Iron Inc

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Clark Home Remodeling

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Classic Construction Group

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Classic Remodeling, Inc

6253 Nightingale Court

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