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Rated by
Carol P.
"I contacted
to conduct a pre-purchase home inspection on a residential property in an exclusive area of Virginia Beach, Va. I did not use the "home inspection" specialist" suggested by the real estate broker. I telephonically contacted several firms on Angie's List and Yelp. I have some knowledge of building construction and have no patience for "home inspectors" that obtained their credentials in two days and were not general contractors. I talked to
and when he said "I work for you, not the broker or the seller" and I know local building codes and required specifications, I knew I had the right company. He and his associate,
, took the inspection professionally and went through the house with a fine tooth comb. I accompanied
, and he provided a full
/Painters suit and filter
for me when we crawled under the house. He took time to point out foundation concerns, damp areas, damaged and loose insulation and rodent invasion. He even pointed out poor electrical work that had been installed for a tenant's hot tub...the 220 volt cable was laying in water! Later he and
went through the attic, found insulation problems, soffit's blocked off, rodent infestation, poor building craftsmanship and venting mistakes. He was unbiased and scientific in approach; he would say an item meets code, but is not satisfactory and found problems I would have unvented gas fireplace, inappropriate range vent hood, windows inop, toilet vent stacks closed off; etc. His final report was inclusive, with photos pointing out defects and areas needing repair. I had the report online within the day!!! I sent his report to good friend, a residential building contractor in California. He is a retired Lt. from a major city Fire Department. He reviewed the
Report and said "forget about this house, it's a money pit....... I truly believe
should double their fee. They saved me at least $100,000 and a year of grief. They were fair to the seller and did a responsible job. If we attempt to purchase another property,
we be there !!!!
Rated by
Victor M.
"I am very dissatisfied with the inspection performed by
in Virginia Beach VA. The inspector spent about half the inspection" time talking on the phone. In fact, when he was on the ladder inspecting the roof and gutters, he took a phone call. Because of his inattention and phone call distractions, he did not find a number of serious defects. The faucets in both upstairs bathrooms were leaking and resulted in damage to the ceiling on the first floor. When I pointed the water stains on the ceiling, he said that it was not a problem. There were dog feces and urine stains on the carpet under the beds and sofas. Also, the thermostat wire from the thermostat to the AC unit was damaged. This has cost me thousands of dollars to repair. The inspectors manner was rude and he got angry whenever I asked him to check something or to modify an item in his report. He kept saying, from the moment he got out of the car, " I have two more inspections after this one so I don't have a lot of time". The inspector was very unprofessional. He should have turned off his phone and given full attention to the inspection of my house instead of dealing with with issues from other inspections. After numerous emails and phone calls,
finally called me back. I explained my dissatisfaction and asked to have the inspection fee refunded because I did not receive the inspection I paid for due to the inspector's inattention and being on the phone so much.
said he would consider my request and get back to me. To date he has not gotten back to me despite my repeated calls to him.
Rated by
Eli D.
"It went great.
came in and went through the house very thoroughly. He told he was going to be a nitpicker and he certainly was (which we appreciated). Most of" the things he noticed were minor and not a big deal, but we were able to negotiate a few items because of his warnings. His report was available online soon after the inspection (within 24-48 hours) and it was very thorough. After he did the inspection, he hung around and showed us a lot of what he was talking about, which was much appreciated. We were very happy with his work.

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home inspector

Home inspection

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. For those preparing to buy, a quality home inspection is key. An inspection is usually required for a home purchase. A highly rated home inspector will look at every nook and cranny to gauge structure stability, present and potential dangers. But remember, a home inspection is not a guarantee or a warranty - it may not find everything.

LEED-certified green houses must meet ventilation standards to reduce indoor pollutants. (Photo courtesy of the USGBC)
Heating & A/C, Home Inspection, Lung/Pulmonology

Experts say a push for energy efficiency carries a cost to human health, in some cases, like when sealed houses exacerbate asthma. How to go green and be well.

Being at the home inspection allows you to see your "dream home" from the inspector's unbiased viewpoint, says Sherwood. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Diwata F. of Buffalo, New York)
Home Inspection

You may never believe the things a home inspector will discover unless you're there, too. Being at your home inspection lets you see any problems firsthand.

An exhaust fan pulling warm moist air from the bathroom and distributes the air to the attic could lead to mold growth and wood rot, says Jimenez. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member James C. of Los Angeles)
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Bathroom exhaust fans are installed to remove moisture from the bathroom to the exterior of the home. If yours isn't working, don't ignore the problem.

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Angie's Answers

It really depends on where you are and the type of work.  In Texas most home inspectors are only trained in general areas of interest and have no detailed knowledge of construction practices.  Some do after having carrerrs in other fields including engineering or as general contractors/home builders.  If you are wondering if a completed job was done in a professional manner appearance wise and have minor concerns an inspector can help you.  If it is more extensive hire professionals from the different fields to inspect the respective work.  Plumber for the plumbing, electrician for electrical, etc.  An experienced GC or inspector can do an initial inspection and advise you whether you should have the concerns further investigated by the trades.  Remember, they can't tell much about what they can't see so framing and insulation concerns will be hard to verify.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX
It's a little unusual to do this except in cases of fixer-upper properties but you should call a local general contractor with experience renovating/remodeling homes in the neighborhood.  They'll know the typical problems with the homes there and what to look out & budget for.  For example, here in San Antonio many of the homes built in the mid-fifties to 60's have lead drains that were not put in properly or were installed in such a way that repairs are not quick or cheap.  Many homes even older have the same drains but seem to be less hassle to repair.  Homes in my neighborhood have a problem with improper supply lines (wrong type of copper) which break due to corrosion.  Just make sure the contractor you hire to go over the property with you has done significant work on homes in the area on similar homes.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
Are the heat pumps commercial or residential units?
Are the heat pumps Package or Split System?
Are there actually 33 PTAC units?
Are you an EPA certified person( refrigerant )?

Here is my suggestion, break it down into manageable portions(ie one heat pump and a few PTAC units every other month) to keep from being overloaded.  
Clean/Replace filters
Check/inspect electrical wiring and connections
Check amperage draw of compressors/motors 
Check capacitance of start and run capacitors
Check contractors/relays for wear/pitting
Check refrigerant levels and record superheated/subcooling
Check external static pressures across air handler(s)
Check deltaT (return and supply air temps) 
Lubricate motors( if applicable)
Inspect Belts/Pulleys( if applicable)
Clean outdoor coils
Clean indoor coils

Start there and HAVE FUN!!! 

Home Inspecting reviews in Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
did an extremely thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the home, providing detailed recommendations on areas that need to be improved and damage that we didn't even know we had (bad news, I know, but good to know in advance!). His professionalism was exceptional, he completed the inspection in a timely manner and was very respectful of our space. His use of IT-based tools and easy-to-read formatted report was appreciated.
- Rachel H.

Everything, from initial contact to finished reports, was excellent. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable and after an extensive inspection of the house took the time to go over their findings. That evening we received the full report (and a summary) that was clear and concise. Thanks
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
- what a pleasure it is to work with such dedicated professionals.
- June F.

Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
were our inspector's. They arrived early, were extremely thorough and took the time to talk about all the potentially concerning things they found with me and with the seller with my agreement. The same day they emailed me a report that was incredibly filled with detail about the house. Not just the defects but details about all the systems that is good for us to know as well as recommendations for the future. They took many pictures and left us with a document that will not only help in the purchase of the home but in the future ownership and maintenance of the home as well! I could not have been more pleased.
- Grace L.

I join others on the list (I called
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
based on what I had read here) in highly recommending
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
. We moved here from Northern VA, and I had high expectations for attention to detail based on our previous experiences.
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
met and exceeded those expectations. He believes in the quality of his work, and I admired the fact that he prefers to receive referrals based on his reputation, and refuses to be "linked" to any realtors. He did it all, including walking the full length of the roof.
- Lauren C.

As a first time home buyer I was worried I wouldn't know what was going on or what to do with the results.
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was AMAZING! Very thorough, gives you great binder of details to keep and refer to when done so you don't walk out with so much information and no where to start, and helps point out what is/isn't likely to get fixed by the seller. He is quite obviously a proud family man, and treats the client like it is one of his kids buying the house not some random person with a checkbook. Can't recommend him enough!
- Nicole M.

Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
gave the appearance of being very thorough in his inspection. However, his level of professionalism leaves a bit to be desired. I am suspicious of any inspector who points out the "need" for an item, in this case a moisture detection device, and then offers the item for sale. Or points out the need for a service, then conveniently has a list of contractors at hand who can perform those services. That, in my opinion constitutes a conflict of interest. A legitimate inspector should never provide, or offer to provide, products and/or services in connection with an inspection. To do so damages the inspector's credibility as an impartial judge of the condition of the subject of the inspection.
When we returned home following the inspection we found lights left on all over the house, the back door was left unlocked and the power was still on to the washing machine and the dryer. When an inspector enters a subject property to perform an inspection everything is to be left as it was found. And one never leaves a door unlocked.
- theresa B.

We were unable to complete it due to utilities not being on.
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
was willing to under very limited notice come back out in a pinch to complete the inspection before we closed. There was an additional fee for that second visit, however, it was far as he was booked solid and honored his word to us to squeeze us in.
Very happy with his inspection and report. He was also very quick on turn around with the report. He offers ease of paying online and billing invoices online (making it easy to see prior to services being rendered and for saving for your files).
Our realtor suggested
Virginia Beach Home Inspectors Provider Name Locked
. I would use him and recommend his services to any family or friends (or if i ever need them again).
- Adam F.

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