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We were looking to sell our first home after having purchased another. During the process of looking for an agent we found
. She came out to the house we were selling to meet with us. We were immediately impressed with how professional and well prepared she was. She provided us with a thorough report on comparable properties that had recently sold and ones that we would be competing against. This helped us objectively set a price for our home. She also advised us on staging and other factors that would help with the sale. We hired
that day and 3 days later our house was on the
made sure that a quality photographer took the picture and came out to make sure the pictures were taken to her liking. She was hands on throughout the process and was as motivated to sell the house as we were. She had 2 open houses the first weekend the house was on the
, and within a week of going on the
we had several offers. We accepted one of those offers, however the buyers financing was complicated and the buyer proved to be demanding throughout the process, enough so that we considered backing away from that deal. This is where
's experience really came through. She navigated us through the "
" sale and represented our interests tenaciously to the very end, as we closed 6 weeks after listing our house. Should we decide to buy or sell a house again, we will certainly hire
- Erald H.

I am writing about my experience with
Fairlawn in that I never, at any point from anyone at
Fairlawn, received any acknoledgement of their responsibility nor accountability nor any expression of regret for the inconvenience caused by the following related to the purchase of a residential real estate property through
I, the Buyer, solely discovered and raised to
Fairlawn that on the final and digitally signed purchase agreement for the home that I was to purchase that my address had been changed to a non-existent and undeliverable address.
After bringing to the attention of
Fairlawn that the purchase agreement had my incorrect address, I solely determined that there were different copies of the purchase agreement circulating. I had to take the initiative to rectify this situation by stating to
Fairlawn, to the title insurance company and to the seller, that I would not proceed with the purchase until each party certified that there was one and only one correct and signed final purchase agreement. This was my discovery solely and I had to take the initiative to discover and raise the issue of multiple and erroneous purchase agreements among the different parties and being given to the title company.
In reflecting on the purchase agreement, I discovered and solely raised the issue to
Fairlawn that I believed that it was uncustomary to not have the seller paying for the home warranty. Since the purchase agreement was signed in final before I raised this issue to
Fairlawn believing that they had reviewed it and it was correct, the Seller refused to pay for the home warranty. I graciously volunteered to pay for half of the home warranty which is, as I understand it, totally uncustomary in residential real estate transactions. In closing this transaction, I was assessed and paid for half of the cost of the home warranty.
I heard from
Fairlawn that there were liens on the property that had to be addressed by the title company in order for title insurance to be issued. After a very frustrating period and uncertain period not knowing how long this would take nor knowing anything about these liens except very general information from
Fairlawn, I had to initiate a call to the title company to learn the exact nature of these liens, how large were they were and how long it would take to address them. This initiative was not taken by
Fairlawn but I had to talk directly to the title company to obtain information in order to make a determination of whether or not I should proceed with the purchase of the property. At this point, I was going to back out of the whole transaction in that the issues I was facing along the way were so troublesome.
I asked
Fairlawn when I would receive a copy of the home warranty insurance since I had not received a copy of the insurance policy.
Fairlawn sent me a copy of the title insurance which had been mailed to me to an incorrect and undeliverable address. Even though
Fairlawn had sent me the insurance policy and wondered why I did not receive it, I I simply looked at what they sent me and it was sent to an incorrect and undeliverable address.
What bothered me is that
Fairlawn was fully aware of the problem of an incorrect and erroneous address getting into theirs and the title company computer and data systems. Despite this, the home warranty originating and being procured through
Fairlawn was sent to an address that was undeliverable and I had to discover that as the reason and inform
Realty of their error in giving the information to the insurance company.
Upon closer reading of the home warranty issued through
Fairlawn I solely discovered that the start date of the insurance was a number of days before the title had transferred and I owned the property. My fear in accepting this risk due to this error was that the way things go it was entirely possible that a year from now something would go wrong with an appliance and I would not be covered during that period due to this error.
When I brought the error I discovered on the home warranty to the attention of
Fairlawn, they attempted to give me the email address of their contact at the home warranty insurance company to correct the erroneous address they had provided to the company and that I should also address their error of an erroneous start date. I told
Fairlawn that I should not have to correct their errors.
There were other problems involved with this real estate transaction from h*** not related to
Fairlawn such as my last name being changed and misspelled which even after closing I now receive documentation with an incorrect last name.
I totally regret buying this property due to the above and other problematic issues, none of which I created, but related to inattention to making certain that the most basic of information about the customer ends up on documents and that they are carefully reviewed every step of the way.
To rub salt into the wound of the errors on the purchase agreement which I solely discovered and raised to
Fairlawn, I had paid for half of the home warranty which is not customary in residential real estate transactions.
I also found it troubling that I had to discover the above errors. While
Fairlawn attempted to correct them, none of the above errors were detected by
This whole scenario put me in the situation where I felt I could not trust anyone involved in this real estate transaction, that I had to read every document in detail and even when I did, in the case of the purchase agreement, it was impossible for me to know and confirm that every relevant party had the same document since it was clear they did not.
Once an incorrect name, address or any customer attribute gets into a computer data system, God help the customer in a real estate transaction. It makes what should be a happy occasion of buying a home into one wrought with worries and concerns even after title has transferred.
Since the above fiasco with the home warranty I have hear nothing from
Fairlawn in terms of regrets of inconvenience nor any expression of their accountability for their errors. This astounds me from a customer service standpoint. Had they simply stated they regret the inconvenience I would not be writing this review. I even raised this issue with them and received zero response from anyone at
Fairlawn. Others in this transaction who made errors, not through my fault, such as changing my last name stated that they regretted the error and were sorry. That acknowledgment of accountability and regret can go a long way with customer.

- Lawrence C.

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If you’re a buyer and you have selected RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked

Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
Sr.) as your realtor, then maybe this review isn’t for you. I met RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
as he represented a buyer of
my previous home, while I was the seller.
To make a long story short, RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
and his buyer accepted my asking
price 8 hours upon me listing on MLS. We
signed contracts, agreed to a deal, and I accepted earnest money in case the
buyer withdrew. After 17 days, the buyer
decided to renege on his offer, and pulled out.
Obviously, this caused great strain on me and my family as we’d have to
start from zero back on the
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
again…but at least we had the earnest money,
Despite signing a contract, despite honoring his word, RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
told my realtor and me through a series of emails (which can be
provided upon request), that if we did not release the $1,000 earnest money to
him and his buyer, that he would blackmail us by dragging his feet and keeping
my title clouded. Anyone who buys and
sells homes knows that a clear title is the way to go, and a clouded title adds
a whole new dimension and set of rules, as well as prolongs the time for me to
sell my house. I owned one house and
bought a one new house, and tried to sell the old one. I cannot sustain two mortgages. I signed a normal contract that included
earnest money to supplement myself for an extra month of bills, mortgage, and
costs, should the buyer pull out (which they did). I
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
’t have the funds or time to take this
through the courts—I just have to have my house sold.
I had no choice but to release the earnest money to get my house
back on MLS. This disgusts me to no end,
as any tax-paying,
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
-follower knows that earnest money is placed at the
title company as a type of promise. RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
helped to bilk me out of this insurance and leave me and my house
So if you are looking to BUY a house and want a realtor who
is slimy and dishonest, and will have a commission at the top of his mind, I
STRONGLY recommend RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. If you
are a realtor or a seller and have RJ
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
involved in any capacity, I’d
think twice. I’m happy to let you see my
contract, email chain, and complaints filed with the TREC (Texas Real Estate
Commission) if you’d like. Just send me
an email or give me a call.
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
- Brad U.

Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was a bit slow to reply to my first contact request. She then referred me to
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was very helpful in the initial house hunt and we found a house that I wanted to put an offer on the very first day. The seller accepted the first offer and it seemed like smooth sailing. Things went wrong after that. It took almost 3 weeks before we had the home inspection and the inspector found some things that were bad enough for me to walk away from the house. She assured me that I would get my earnest money back. A day later she called to tell me that I would not get my earnest money back because the home inspection was not completed within the period required by the contract. This was her fault, not mine.
To remedy this mistake, she offered to pay $500 earnest money toward my next house. This meant I would
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
$500 if I kept her as an agent, but
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
$1000 if I changed agents.
It took longer to find the next house.
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
did a great job in negotiating the sale. Then she called me to say that the home inspection company that
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
requires buyers to use was not available in the period required by the contract. I was not satisfied with this and found an inspector (from Angie's List) that was available that week. I informed
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
and then it got ugly. She even had
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
call me to tell me about the horrible and manipulative inspector I had chosen. I persisted and they refused to accept his findings or fight for me when the seller refused to fix problems.
I even spoke to their broker and got the same slander about my home inspector.
I ended up buying the house, but it was not a pleasant experience and I will never again work with anyone from
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
- Sarah J.

Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
is amazing! We went through a long process of trying to find the right house and she stood by us the whole time. She was always accessible and made us feel like we were her only clients.
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
is extremely knowledgeable about the
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
area and Real Estate in general. We highly recommend her to friends. She made buying this house such an easy experience.

Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was the ONLY realtor we have ever worked with who LISTENED. She only showed us homes within our price range, meeting certain requirements we had stipulated. (Unlike other realtors who wasted our time on houses we couldn't afford, or had none of the 'musts' we insisted on.) She was totally professional, polite, patient, and very pleasant. She went way out of her way to make a stressful time for us as easy as possible. She would even contact us as soon as a home fitting our requirements came on the
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
answered every phone call and email promptly. She kept in contact with us throughout the buying process, and after. She provided us with valuable information on the area, recommended needed services we required, answered every question honestly. If she didn't know the answer, she offered to find it for us. We had such terrible experiences with past realtors, buying and selling, we had almost given up hope when we found
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. We simply can't say enough about the excellent service she provided us with. If you are buying or selling, she is the one!!
- william R.

If you’ve not hired
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
to sell your home, you should know what I got and you could miss
The right price.
What is that? In down markets and up, the right price can only be matched with the right buyer. It is not an absolute.
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
actively listens to potential buyers and has the instinct for business that gets everyone what they need
Care and feeding of every step in the process. Here’s where I was amazed again.
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
did a lot of the work, which, I admit, really was my job. I was not able to get to the house to let in contractors etc. Who knew that a real estate agent would do
All the marketing, positioning, showing, and publicity that you’d expect from a professional organization.
A pleasant experience. Every other aspect of selling a house is a hassle, except
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
. Now I am smiling
- Gary N.

I can't even express how amazing
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
and her team are! From the very first introduction phone call, to meeting her for the first time... from looking at 11 homes in one day to answering ALL of our questions in the most professionally, considerate and respectful way. She had our back and she was with us through the entire process, start to finish! When she was on vacation for a few days her team member
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
was just as great! They both were on time, true to their word, and the communication (which is key) was priceless. I highly recommend
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked

- Mindy R.

My condo sold within 2 weeks, and close to the listing price.
But, his office manager never sent me my closing package, which I received at closing!
Even though the closing took place at his office,
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
never appeared.
I basically fell through the cracks. Totally unprofessional.

When we bought our home, his staff forgot to schedule a final walk-through.
Felt like we had to continuously remind them how to do their jobs.
- Francis M.

It went well from the very start. She had a wonderful and very informative pre listing appointment, discussed her strategy of how to get the home sold as soon as possible and for the highest reasonable
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
price . After she was hired she was very prompt, we had a multiple offer situation and she went the extra mile and put all the offers on a single spreadsheet for easier comparison. She kept us updated throughout the whole process, provided us with a timeline of the important dates and events once we had and executed purchase contract. kept up with the buyer's lender to ensure the loan process was advancing smoothly. She wasn't required too but was present during our signing ( just an example of her going the extra mile). And she was very pleasant, easy to talk to and knowledgeable about the current housing
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
and i would highly recommend her for anyone wanting to sell and buy a home in the greater
Petersburg Real Estate Agents Provider Name Locked
metropolitan area.
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