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Rated Review by MARIE J C.
"Wonderfully. Very easy install even for a diy kind of guy. The product is very well manufactured and durable. Would and have recommended this firm to my friends and family"

Rated Review by Patricia L.
"The Good: The installation was fast. The quality of the product is great. Salesman showed up right on time.
The not-so-good: Salesman said the office would contact me in 2 or 3 business days to set up the installation which was 3-4 weeks out. The salesman requested 1/2 the quoted amount as a deposit. When 3 business days passed and I didn't get a call I called them. I was told that the installation is 3-4 weeks out and that there was nothing to call me about since my salesman already told me that.
? I pushed back to what the salesman said and she put me off to say a manager would call me. Manager did call me but was surprised that I expected a call on installation prior to a few days before they would install when it was 3-4 weeks out. Really? So they weren't going to follow up on this order that was half paid for until nearly a month later? I expected what the salesman told me and you have $800 of my money so a follow up in a few days was reasonable service to expect.
A couple more weeks went call came... and I had to call again to find out about installation. I was told what stage the production was at and that it would be about another week. In about 10 days I had to call again. I was stern with the receptionist about my expectations and frustration of not being kept informed about my order but she just kept her cool and repeated her script. Manager called me same day to set installation date.
When they were not showing up 1/2 hour after the time promised on installation date, I called and was told they have a flat tire and can't make it. No one called me to tell me that. Really? Cell phones and all and you don't call a client you know is waiting when you get a flat?
After delivering a few stern words about having to rearrange our schedules to be there for installation, I got an installation date for the next day. They were on time and it went great. The product is very good. My house looks pretty with the awnings. I was relieved.
Upon paying the balance to the installer he told me the office would mail me a paid-in-full receipt and a warranty certificate. That was on 6-27-14 and as of today, 7-17-14 I have neither. When I called for my receipt and warranty the person that answered just didn't seem to care that I was miffed about all the follow up that fell on me to do.
So all in all the product and installation is really good. If you don't mind doing all the administrative follow up then go ahead and use this company. Just don't expect them to keep you informed in a proactive manner.

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Sample Awning Companies Reviews

"For both the estimate and the installation,
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
showed up early (which I appreciated). They explained how pricing worked which helped me compare them to other offers I had seen. I was told from the beginning that it would take approximately 6- 8 weeks and it did take about 8 weeks. I am very happy with the service and product I received.
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
looks great! I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
"Beautiful job.
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
worked with me on design and it more than exceeded my expectations. Very professional and solid work.
"An open letter about my
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
saga On April 22 I called
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Company to come measure for installation for a new awning to replace my old
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
which had been taken down last fall due to a broken extension mechanism. The receptionist was very nice (and continued to be throughout the whole ordeal) and said she would have the salesman call me to set up an appointment. A bit of background- the retractable canvas awning we were replacing after ten years had been made by Chesterfield and we have two other awnings that were fabricated by them. I didn’t even think about calling anyone else because we had been so happy over the years with our prior purchases and even recommended them to neighbors who, like us, have south facing decks with outrageous heat and sun in the summer. We literally couldn’t use our deck in the daytime without our awning. The salesman Ed Ritzema called and set up an appointment on April 24th- as I asked him to get here as soon as possible because of the deck not being useable until we had the new awning installed. He showed up on the 24th carting sample books and I was ready to go- I picked out a style and then (this is the “had I but known” part of the story) he balked at taking my deposit saying that this awning came only in restricted fabrics and he would have to check with his “production guys” to make sure he had the right fabric choices for me and therefore the right pricing. He told me he would get back to me early the next week and set up something for me to pick from the appropriate fabric choices. I told him I knew that things took time for production so I wanted to order this before I left for a vacation out of the country. The next week came and I didn’t hear from him on Monday or Tuesday and given the time frame I was working with I was concerned so I called and got what I would term the bum’s rush until I got a bit huffy him reminding him that he had told me HE WOULD CALL ME. By this point we were already in the second week of the “ordering process” (as it became). He said he still hadn’t had a
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
to get with “the guys” because he was sooo busy (and oh by the way had taken a few days off) I had his cell phone so I started texting him and he finally committed to coming again with the fabrics and to “LET ME ORDER” a new awning. He came the second time for the “fitting” and a 4550 deposit on my order on May 6th – he assured me I didn’t need to be all worried about the production time because this particular awning wasn’t made in house and the place they ordered them from was “really fast turnaround” a week or so from when the order was placed. So I left the country thinking my order was placed on 5/6/14 upon my one half deposit of 4550 and I would have merely to set up an installation appointment when I returned- I was SOOOOOO WRONG! When I returned on 5/27, I called immediately to 1.cnfirm my awning had been ordered and 2. Set up an installation date…. And I mean immediately – the afternoon I got off my flight from France I was on the phone- (remember the south facing deck is completely day time unusable without shade) And
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
- OLE Ed Ritzema tells me – no it hasn’t been ordered (NOW THREE WEEKS after my deposit and my understanding that I had ordered an awning) THREE WEEKS (delayed THREE WEEKS ALREADY) so needless to say I was angry. Ole Ed Ritzema tells me he needs to do some more measuring- --seriously? Why hadn’t he called to for more measuring in the nine days in between the 6th of May when he took my 4550 and the 15th of May when I left the country for ten days (somehow he might have been able to squeeze in the additional measuring in those nine days – but NO he waited until I CALLED HIM (again) and told me it hadn’t been ordered…. I again expressed my concern about the timing and was again assured that “these folks are quick” – So ON May 28th he comes again with two other guys (both very nice) but really – we are now at appointment THREE –one month and four days after the first appointment - and they still have yet to order an awning – and if you have been keeping track we are now only one day short of FIVE WEEKS since the day I wanted to order and awning and pay for it on 4/24! Can you see steam coming from my ears? He assures me again that this will be ordered by the end of the week and shouldn’t take much more than a week for the company who makes them to get it to Chesterfield and therefore he would still be in his 6 weeks (quoted on the 5/6 order form – IN WRITING) If you have a calendar in front of you – then you know the end of the week is actually 5/30. Six weeks from the 6th of May (a Tuesday) is June 17th (June 18th begins week seven) So because my trust level in Ole Ed Ritzema has plummeted to single digit numbers, I text him on Monday June 2nd to inquire if the order had been placed like he said it would be LAST WEEK…..I hear nothing from him until a VM message of 6/4 where he tells me the order was placed the day before! By now you won’t be surprised to hear that it hadn’t been placed as Ole Ed Ritzema had promised – I reminded him that despite his last assertion that he would meet the six weeks from 5/6 (which he claimed was the week of the 23rd but I pointed out to him was actually June 17th ) it wasn’t looking too promising since we still at June 2nd didn’t have a verified order despite having my 4550 from 5/6/14 onward and my repeated calls attempting to light a fire under Ole Ed Ritzema… I called the shop when he stopped answering my texts (and yes I was getting testy about the whole thing) because I knew in April there was production time and that is why I wanted to order it on the FIRST APPOINTMENT for measuring on APRIL 24TH!!!!! The long suffering receptionist (poor thing has other Ole Ed clients to deal with I am sure) listened carefully to my concerns and put me through to
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
the installation manager- who was also very nice and on June 13th he called me and we set up an installation date of June 25th 12 days later- So on the morning on June 24th I called to verify the time and to find out just what I would need to do to prepare for the installation – and I spoke with the lovely receptionist who told me she would track down
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
and he would get back to me- I have to admit I finally TOTALLY LOST IT when he said it would be another week (well actually he didn’t really say that he said he would make an appointment for
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
1 but he didn’t say it would actually be completed
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
1) I was in tears – I have a large outdoor party planned for 4PM for the 4th of
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
and I had repeatedly told Ole Ed Ritzema that I absolutely needed the awning before that to which he kept telling me – this company we get these from works fast they ship them to us in just days- And here is what I have to say about that – ED RITZEMA is a LIAR! No actually he is an incompetent LIAR Three appointments and three guys to measure a deck?????? Later on June 24th I hear from
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
(who says he is the owner) and who gives me a lot of apologies and excuses about the delay at the company in Germany but I point out to him- that had this been ordered in a timely manner a bit of a delay on the production side would have made NO difference at all- this was an Ed Ritzema competency problem. I suggested that perhaps he could have Ed pay for the second half of my awning thinking that might teach him a lesson about customer service and efficiency but he balked and told me he would be sued. Then he said “I should probably fire him” and I laughed ruefully and told him he SHOULD FIRE HIM, but that I knew he wasn’t going to because the guy has been there twenty years (maybe he just getting too old to for the job and that is why he had to come out THREE TIMES to measure for one awning) – The owner and I ended the conversation with him saying he would call back on the 25th with more answers about the time frame. So finally the owner called me and scheduled an installation on the 2nd of
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
- except he said there were parts missing – they would finish the job later when the parts came in but meantime they would get me AN AWNING for my party (which, while it was very nice of him to ensure that, should NOT have been necessary if Ed Ritzema had timely ordered the awning in the first place) The crew came and did the preliminary install on
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
2nd and they were very nice (four of them
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
and ?) It took them basically three hours (12 man hours) which may explain why the thing is so expensive in the first place. They knew they would be back and told me so. They said the shop had talked to Germany and the Germans were SURPRISED to hear parts were missing but then found them in the corner of their shop and were shipping them on 7/2… well must have been on the slow boat because I didn’t get the final installation until 7/18…. Just one week shy of three months – just like Ed Ritzema said 5-6 weeks NOT!!!! We are ALMOST THREE MONTHS from April 24th - my first appointment - where I attempted to buy an awning from this company- I finally have an awning Thank God for social media because I can warn other potential customers to avoid these people like the plague… my yelp reviews and Angie’s list reviews, blog, and any other place I can think of to tell people how Ed Ritzema is both incompetent and a liar- and right about now I am thinking the BBB might also have a forum available to me…
"First, the awning looks good, works well, workers were punctual, and the price was fairly reasonable. HOWEVER, here is the HUGE problem I have with this company. I live in a house within a condo development, and Rules state that you cannot have awning, shutters, etc without BOD approval. I was Assured by
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Green that FL Statute 163.04 stated that an association cannot reject an awning, because it is a 'Solar Device'. WRONG!!....In fact, I wrote to
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Poliakoff, who writes a column for the Palm Beach Post, and he responded stating that an awning would Not be considered a 'Solar Device'. The bottom line is that our Association is telling us to either take the Awning down, or we Will be Fined $1000.00. Perhaps we should ask
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Green of Premiere Awnings to pay the fine for us! Do NOT fall for this claim that awning request is supported by FL Statute 163.04. It does NOT!! Additionally, I have Repeated asked
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
Green for Documentation of Cases where awnings are supported by FL Statute 163.04 and gotten NO Response whatsoever!!
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked

"The sales representative was outstanding. She checked on delivery of the materials to the store and made sure that all of the pieces were there and linked me with a Shade Tree installer. The sun shades were not delivered and, again, she followed up to get them, and made sure that they were installed in a timely manner. The sales rep kept me informed as to the delivery of the products to the store. We kept in contact throughout the selection process, the delivery process, and the installation process. The product is excellent. It works well. The temperature on the deck is much cooler with the canvasses and the sun shades. The temperature in the house is 10 degrees cooler on those hot, sunny days. It does add a nice dimension to the deck and now my family and I can enjoy the deck."
"They were recommended by another company which could not provide what we needed and came out right away to show us samples, describe their different sun screen systems, took measurements and sent us estimates for all three types of their systems. We visited their showroom/manufacturing facility to get a better idea of what the various systems looked like. After we decided on which one we wanted, they were true to their lead time of 3-4 weeks for installation. Installation was completed on 7/14/2014 and it was very smooth and the screens look great and fit good. We are very satisfied with the whole process and have recommended them to our neighbors who are looking for a similar system.
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
to replace my existing awning. my previous awning held water and i asked them to guarantee this would not, they hemmed and hawed and agreed that the existing frame was up to spec and it should not hold water. several months later i noticed a puddle of water and called them. Spoke to
Wisconsin Dells Awning Companies Provider Name Locked
and he interupted me so many times while talking that i got exasperated and asked him to stop interupting me and he said "have a nice day" and hung up. I immediately called back and asked them to come out and check it out. they sent out the original crew and after a few minutes they looked at it and said that the awning was tied down properly on 3 sides but the track was not bolted to the awning on the fourth side. They did not want to do the work and claimed at first that they did not leave it that way. they bolted down the 4th side track and retied the other 3 sides and wanted to charge me $150 for the "service call". I refused to pay. They should have tightened down all 4 sides but they would not admit it. In addition, the gutter flaps that are supposed to keep water out are leaking and don't work. i cannot possibly have them out on my property again. In an effort to collect their "service call" fee, they wrote on one of their invoices, they wrote on one of the invoices that "all work was guaranteed". No way would i have this co. out to do anything again.
"Everything went well. The representative came out to measure & take pictures of the area we wanted to shade. They were able to design it exactly how we wanted it to look. I was able to choose the fabric I wanted, so many choices! The parts were delivered to my home about 2 weeks later, and about 1 week later the installers came to put it up. By the end of the day I had my canopy, and it looked great, like it was always there! It took about 6 weeks from when I ordered it to installation, but it was worth the wait, especially since it is custom made. "

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