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Rated by
peter M.
"We had a fellow from
come out to give us an estimate for installing 5 glass block windows (w/ vents for air flow) in our basement. Both times when they came" out (estimate and installation), they were prompt, courteous, and professional.
does NOT use the factory made glass block windows you see in the
's or Home Depot circulars... after taking the measurements, they make the glass block windows at their facility and bring them out to install them when they're finished and cured. The estimate of $600 covered everything, didn't creep up, and held true. You could tell that these two employees have been with the company for a while, because they were so quick and efficient when it came to removing the old windows, prepping the surfaces, and installing the new glass blocks. AMAZINGLY FAST!! Believe it or not.. our basement is actually safer and brighter now with these glass blocks. My only regret is that I should have done this years ago!!
Rated by
"It went very well. I'm very satisfied with the work. He was on time. He ended on time. He was professional and explained all work to be done in terms that I understood.He gave" me a written proposal of job description, and we discussed jobs to be completed. He gave me a typed contract that was clearly written, and explained everything in contract.We both signed contract.He was neat and cleaned up after work was done. He ask me to look at the work, and if I was satisfied to give my approval of completed work. The completed stair work look's great.Windows work great, and look great.His work was very neat and clean. His professional attitude and demeanor was cheerful, and knowledgeable. His pricing was good and honest. I will hire again.
Rated by
Kimberlee O.
windows leaked and flooded our basement. Their information says water tight, but they said that doesn't mean they will keep water out if it rains just" right. They were responsive to our requests, but made it clear that even though their promotional information states that it will keep water out, water may still get in. Keeping in mind that our 30 year old single pane windows didn't leak in the two years that we've lived in the house. We have since had to install window well drains to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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Glass block has the strength of masonry but allows light to pass through. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Larry B.)

Glass block

As strong and secure as masonry, yet able to allow light to pass through, glass block can be a great option for bathrooms, basements and other projects.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

glass block basement windows
Glass Block

Do you need to replace your basement windows? Professionals installers say glass block windows add privacy, allow light to pass through and much more.

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Don't tackle a DIY home repair without asking yourself these three questions.

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From what I can see in a picture of the item, there does not appear to be anything special about the glass. unless it has an Ikea emplem on it or special etching or something, any normal window glass replacement company like Speedy Glass or such should be able to cut and install replacement glass - probably about $100-300 depending on whether a pane or entire door-sized panel of glass, depending on which style you have.
Just about every sliding door I have installed is put in in sections. If it is a brand name you may be able to purchase a replacement panel from a lumber yard or call a glass company to replace just the glass. I have seen some windows and doors that have a "welded" plastic frame that is next to impossible to replace just the glass. I hate to give estimated costs on labor or material since they very by manufacturer and regional prices but I would think you are in the $250-350 range in labor plus cost of glass or panel. 

Could be held on with concealed mirror fasteners (usually a clip or notched "button" design, with very litle showing outside the mirror, or none showing if has trim around it, or with large dabs or swipes of mirror adhesive or liquid nails. The former leaves minimal damage when removed - no more than a heavy duty picture hanger, the latter leaves divots in drywall, as you surmised, and holes in the drywall if a piece of plywood is not used as a prypoint when prying it off.


If you want to try to save the mirrors, then a glass and mirror installer is needed - they can remove them from the hangers, or cut the adhesive with wire saw - though that will add probably 2-3 hours labor per room. Then you would need a painter who also does minor drywall repairs.


If not saving the mirrors, then I suspect you could get a Handyman to pop them off, repair the divots, and repaint. Otherwise, a Painter would probably be glad to do it and repair the damage and repaint - just be prepared for a hefty charge for duct tape - like $100-200, because that is the best way to do this - duct tape the surface completely, pry the mirrors off (commonly breaking them), then cut through the tape to make pieces of glass manageable and of a size to fit in garbage can or box for hauling out. Be sure to emphasize PLYWOOD protection for floors, overlain by canvas or plastic, when removing the mirrors - drop a good sized piece and you have significant flooring damage.


Here is a prior response for a similar situation, including the same suggestions about removal, but also a bunch of ideas of how to leave the mirrors and cover or integrate them - which can be a LOT cheaper than paying a two-man crew for a day to remove mirrors, depending on solution you choose.


this is probably a quarter to full days job to remove depending on how fastened and if saving or not, so about $200-800 range. Drywall repair and painting probably about another $150-250 range, so ballpark numbers - pushing $300-400 if mirrors come off easy (bracketed) or can be scrapped, more like a thousand $ if saving mirrors.

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Your Search the List category is Glass and Mirrors - the Speedy Glass type company that does home and auto glass replacement.


If the glass is held in with window putty (a doughy tan or white putty) or by a wood trim piece all around it pinching it in place, then you can probably fix it yourself for about $15 piece of glass at a glass replacement place or somehome improvement/lumberyards.


If the glass is multiple-pane, or encased in a metal frame, then not easy to do yourself, though in some situations with single-pane you could remove the glass mounting frame entirely, use larger glass, and install with window putty. Double or triple pane you need then to fabricate a new "glazing unit" for you - the glass layers all enclosed in the metal encasing unit.If you are going to pay for that, might as well have them put it in too.

Glass Block Installation reviews in Mount Horeb


My initial contact was with Mr.
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
on 8/8/2014; He arrived on time for our appointment, readily provided me with a list of referrals and a copy of their liability insurance certificate; measured all 4 of my widows and thoroughly explained the process of installing the new ones. He showed me a few window block patterns to choose from and addressed a few concerns and questions that I had. Allowed me to pick the day of installation. Very thorough. Professional. Told me when to expect a call from the installer and his arrival time. The installer
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
called me the evening before he was to install my windows, as Mr.
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
had promised. Arrived when he said he would and worked continuously from the time he arrived until the time he was finished. He did a most AMAZING job of installing my windows. A true professional! They are beautiful, I absolutely LOVE them !! It made such a difference and I wish I had done it years ago, the rates are VERY affordable. Thank you
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
. you do excellent work !

We paid Custom Glass Block,
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
, $1499 for 40 hours of labor and after completing about half of those hours and failing to show up to complete a tiling project he had committed to doing for us (which we confirmed with him twice prior to the scheduled date), he has failed to return any of our 4 phone calls or 2 emails, leading us to believe that he’s refusing to complete the balance of the hours owed to us. We are now a week and a half past the date he was scheduled to complete the work and we have requested a refund for the balance of the hours (via phone messages and email), a request that he has also failed to acknowledge.
When we initially purchased the Angie’s List Deal,
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
was responsive and came to do a consultation prior to us purchasing the deal. We had him do some work in our basement, including building a soffit and some other framing to assist with our refinishing project. That work only took 21 hours of the 40 that were included in the deal, so we asked him to help with tiling our bathrooms. He agreed that he would do this work but then became very difficult to schedule and increasingly unresponsive. In mid-May he told us he could to the work in late-June but would let us know if time opened up sooner. We never heard back and by early
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
had to reach out again to get into his schedule. On
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
3, we were told that he couldn’t get to us until late August without suggesting any dates. We replied with a proposed date and he never responded. On Sept. 2 we reached out again indicating that we had plenty of availability in September and October and asked him to tell us when he could do the work. My husband finally connected with him by phone on Sept. 9 and he agreed to be at our house on Oct. 18 to do the work. My husband confirmed again the week prior to 10/18 that
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
would be at our house that day and he agreed that he would be. On Oct. 18, the day the work was to be done,
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
did not show up.
Between May 19 and Oct. 22, we have reached out to him 16 times via email, including 2 messages related to him not showing up for our appointment on Oct. 18. In the time from May 19 to Oct. 22, he responded to only 3 of our messages, but none after failing to show up for the tiling work. We have contacted him 6 times by phone since Oct. 9, which was the day he confirmed that he would be at our house on Oct. 18. Since then he has failed to get back to us.
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
has had our money for several months now and all we have requested is a refund for the hours that he has not worked per our agreement. We have been more than flexible with our schedule in an attempt to have
Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
complete the time he owes us but he has not lived up to his commitment.
- Kristen L.

Mount Horeb Glass Blocks Provider Name Locked
was very professional. He responded to my calls promptly and arrived as scheduled to complete the work. It was a very good experience.
- Shawn K.

We have a full basement with old casement windows. Called up to make an appointment and they sent someone over the weekend to give us recommendations (8 windows with 5 vents) with quote. The person who installed the glass blocks came a little bit later than scheduled. He did stay around till the job was done around 6 or 7 pm. He was professional and did cleanup pretty well. Will recommend to anyone who needs glass block windows.
- Mark S.

This is the second time I have used this provider. The first time was to replace my 5 basement windows (4 of this same type and 1 with a outlet for my dryer vent. The scheduling and timing of the estimate was convenient and after signing the contract I was able to schedule a convenient and timely appointment for the work. The technician was on-time and did a great job of installing and cleaning up after he was complete. Would recommend them to others.

The sales rep had samples and completely answered all my questions, too measurements, too my order and then set an install date. On the date of the install, the installer called ahead and asked if he could come early, which was excellent. He installed the windows quickly and they look great. Very satisfied with how easy and quickly the process was.
- Brad R.

We signed up for the Big Deal and ended up spending much more; however, the money spent was worth the work. The owner was knowledgeable of different glass options and features and did not try to "sell-up". He made helpful recommendations. The company was extremely professional when they arrived with windows that were cut slightly wrong to match the window space, due to a frame in the existing window space that couldn't be removed. They brought all the windows back to their shop & recut/sized them. This did not delay the work's completion. Writing this review a year later, we can say we are completely satisfied with the windows and have no quality concerns, such as air or water leaking. It's nice to work with a company that stands by its work.

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