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He was prompt in his service and was able to squeeze my small repair job in between his other jobs. I thought the price was very reasonable and I will use him again when I need gutter work done.
- Jim M.

ABSOLUTE NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARE -- called me in february and said they were doing work in my neighborhood and if they could come and give me an estimate they would give me a $2,0000 discount on the cost. Came in March for initial presentation, sales rep said he knew nothing about a $2,000 promotion and he could never write it up for that. I should have ran at that point, but he talked me into signing a conditional contract for the roofing contingent on me getting financing and the needed porch repairs. He said they did not do that kind of work, but he knew someone who did and he would have him contact me in the next day or so. He told me that the contracted price quote was good for one full year.
Never heard from anyone till mid April,
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
came and looked at the porch took some pictures and left, said I would get a price in a day or two.....never heard from anyone again until I came home from vacation at the end of June and had a threatening voice mail on my answering machine that I was going to be turned over to a collection agency for not fulfilling my contract. I called them and told them I never heard anything about the porch work and my contract was contingent on that being completed first and than they said that
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
no longer worked for them and they would be sending someone else out to look at the porch and give me a price . A few days later
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
came and explained how they would use an auger to make three four foot deep holes that would be filled with concrete, place 6x6 posts on these footings and would run doubled2x12's to support the raised porch. I would receive the details in a couple of days through an email...when I agreed to this process and additional cost, I was to send them 1/2 of the total cost and than they would schedule a start date.
They were to start 9/3, got a call that morning they were a day behind and would be here 9/4.
Finally showed up, and a job that was supposed to take a day and a half is still not done to date which is now 9/24. They would get here around 8:30 and by the time they unloaded everyday and got set up they were usually getting started around 9:30 - 10:00, they would start packing up by 2:00 or 2:30 each day no matter where they were in their work, they would leave the tore off roof wide open for the tarps. When I asked about that the second night they covered about 1/2 of one side of the roof, but always left the shingle and nail mess on the ground.

First catastrophe: The porch work was jacked up and put on NO footings, but on a patio block that was 12x12 and metal
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
stands supporting a 4x6 . I said that is not what my contract says and I was told, this is just as good or better and it is much faster so they can get to work on your roof right away.... I said no, do it the way the contract reads. He left and came back the next day with two 6x6's, not three as the contract stated and he said he was just going to cut them in half....he got the 2x12's out and came to my door and says "what am I supposed to do with these". I thought you have got to be kidding me, he had no clue. I called Milwaukee and told them to get someone here that knows how to frame a porch. He took a phone call and then got under the porch to do his job....hand dug the first hole and put a bag of concrete in there almost completely dry as he had no water to mix it with. I told him I would turn the water on and he said no, I am ok....I went back in so did not see him complete the work as not know still if he poured four foot concrete footings as he was supposed to, but my best guess would be absolutely scenario would be he put one bag of dry concrete mix into a small hole and put a cut in half 6x6 on it and called it good.....

Second catastrophe: crew complained that the third
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
of roofing was cedar shake and that was more work and now they would have to deck the roof too. Received a call from Milwaukee saying they were going to add another $1,698 to the cost for the decking....what could I do, they already started tearing off, that is when the damages started at a nightmare pace...heavy tools dropped onto my aluminum siding causing deep gouges all the way through the metal, HUNDREDS of dents dings and scratches in my siding all the way around my house, plants destroyed, all the tear off debris shoveled directly into my uncovered air conditioner and onto my electrical wiring. All the metal flashings and channels, cut short of roof
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
, left hanging loosely, all seams pointing in different directions and loose and bent and dented. All old materials left in shoveled piles all over my yard and driveway at the end of every work day. Even had huge piles of debris in my neighbors driveway overnight. Hundreds of nails all over yard and driveway and both neighbors yards and driveway every night. The felt was put on with huge holes never even covered and just torn off the rolls leaving trailing jagged flailing pieces that did not even cover the roof and were just shingled over. Pitchfork through my siding at the second floor level of my house ripping off and damaging two rows of siding in front and one row in the back. The solution was for them to remove two rows of siding and run the porch shingles up and around the front of my house. They tore off the j channels and instead of replacing them just put nails through the siding panels to hold them in place. The gutters were being hung placing the straps over the new shingles putting holes in the new shingles, when I complained about that, they switched them to under, but angled all of the gutters away from the downspouts and bowed in the middles so all the water spills over the tops in the center of my house, making water run into my basement, I have garbage cans collecting the water trying to divert it out of my basement as it is now four weeks later and this is still not corrected. There are numerous huge gouges in the concrete of my patio, oil stains from their generator on my patio, tar stains on my white vinyl fence, my patio and my siding.

Third catastrophe: the kid they had replacing the skirting they removed from the porch had no clue what to do with all the pre cut pre fitted original siding that had been removed so started pounding them and chopping on them till they were so mangled they could not be put back into the corner channels so he just started pounding black nails through the yellow aluminum siding. They brought some mismatched siding to replace the pieces they gouged holes through. I did not want a white mismatched pieces in the middle of the wall in the middle of my patio so told them to take the bottom piece from the porch skirting to use, when I came back out they had taken three large pieces off of the porch skirting and cut three white pieces, one to two inches short, and put them on the front of my house....spray painted them a different color yellow, overspraying onto my porch steps and letting the paint run down everywhere...there are huge runs in the paint on the front of my house on mismatched siding, they than took brown and clear caulk and spread it all over these huge gaps in huge drops of caulk and said they were finished....when I saw this I told my son to get them off of my property!!! This was the seventh day of their torture on a job that should have taken 1and1/2days.

I refused to pay the second half of their money until the production manager came to see the butchered mess they left behind....when he came he said he was so sorry and everything would be fixed the proper way....he took pages and pages of notes and lots of pictures of what needed to be fixed. He said he would personally be back with two other men and the three of them would be spending at least an eight hour day here the following week. He called me a couple of days later to say he would not be coming, but would send three other men....nine days later only two men showed up and they were only here for a Few hours and did not complete any task on the list....they said they would be back the following Friday with the third man and be here earlier and work all day. I am still waiting.

Fourth catastrophe: the next day after the roof crew was asked to leave my property I walked into my dining room to see the ceiling tiles falling out of their tracks, now what.....from all the pounding and vibrations the plaster ceiling under the tiles had been broken loose. And half of the dining room ceiling is now on the floor, plaster dust everywhere....the plumbing for the bathroom is also right there and now that is damaged and the house is smelling of sewer now in addition to waiting for them to fix all of the outside disaster and get my gutters rehung to keep water out of my basement, I also have to hire a dry wall crew and a plumber to fix all the inside damages.....

You really have to see to believe....I have hundreds of pictures documenting this total horrendous nightmare, but don't know how to make it all end....

Please help and warn others that if they sign a contract with
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
and black shiny trucks show up with the logos All City Contracters ( Their working name) on the side REFUSE to let them touch your home!!!!
- Debra J.

I'll start with the good and then get to the bad.
The crew was wonderful, very professional and worked very hard in very warm weather. They showed up at work to work. They didn't spend all day chatting but focused on the job. When I called the office with issues the response was fantastic and I didn't feel like I was bothering them....More /> The quality of work was given a B because there are at least 10 things that need to be redone. Missing screws, buckling parts, messy clean up where nails were left behind in a yard that has three dogs. The job isnt complete because we are still missing the decorative shingles on the front side of our home. The doorbell casing was not fixed, corners are dragging, a finishing piece on our new deck and railing was removed and lost and when they removed our windows, they placed the windows on the grass, causing five large burn areas which need to be sodded to get back to "Before
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
and Sons."
Overall, we are happy with the job. We are not blown away. We got good value for our money. Our home looks 3,000% better.
- Lori T.

The roofer I selected refereed them for the work. They showed up when they said they would and completed the work in a timely manner. The work was done in high quality way as I have at least 1 odd angle they had to work with and did it in a high quality way rather than the fastest and easiest way. We would use them again and can recommend them with confidence to anyone. They cleaned up well after and when they were completed we were totally pleased.
- Kevin M.

Both installations went exceptionally well. Both jobs were very neatly done in a timely fashion. The initial interviews went well and were very professionally done. The salesman was very courteous and answered my questions thoroughly.
- Esther P.

Things went very well, very happy with services. Workers on time, worked quickly and completed job in one day, no issues. Thanks
- Barbara V.

Our experience with
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
's Gutter Service was excellent.
During our initial contact with
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
he displayed interest in what our problem was and what we were trying to accomplish. He did not push a particular solution, but gave us an honest view of pros and cons of the different solutions he offered. At no time did he try to rap other providers solutions. I found this to be refreshing and confidence inspiring.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
came out personally on a Saturday to evaluate our home's requirements and provide an estimate. My wife and I were just leaving with our grandchildren for a visit to a local park when
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
arrived. He indicated we should go on with our day and he would leave his written estimate in our mailbox offering us a few different possible options. When we returned the estimate was there as promised. I called
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
Monday with a couple minor questions and awarded the job to him. When I advised him we would be leaving on vacation in a couple days and that I would have to call back to schedule the work,
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
told me not to worry and to enjoy our vacation as he would call back after we returned. We were back two days when
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
called to schedule the work.
Project day came and
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
and his crew were onsite promptly at 7 AM as planned. By 1 PM the work was completed, the job-site completely cleaned and our new gutter system was installed. The only thing that could have made me happier was or it to start raining so I could see our new system in action.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
's Gutter Service told us what they would do, did it, and then verified that all work was satisfactory. I could not ask more of a business.
- Larry D.

During the sales pitch a lot of detail of the product and the competiion was given, a typical sales pitch. A couple of discounts were offered if we placed the order that day, so hold out for discounts, plus a coupon on
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
.com for $300 off, and $50 to anyone who gave you a referral.
They gave us an installation start time of 11am - 1pm, and they showed up at 1pm, so within the window. The 2 man crew was polite, and did a pretty good job cleaning up afterwards. I have a lot of plants around the house and they did not damage them.
Now that it has been raining quite a bit, I can definitely tell the difference - water is no longer overflowing the gutters, but rather making its way to the downspouts.
- Kristen W.

We called
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
's Gutter Service because of his A rating on Angie's List and we've seen his truck numerous times in the neighborhood and around town. We wanted someone whose business was just gutters and downspouts - not ten other home improvement services along with gutters.
I called and left a message and he promptly called back later that afternoon. We requested an estimate mainly for the repair of a previously installed gutter (from a different gutter company in 1989) that was pulling away from the fascia and also to replace four two story downspouts that were old and rusty. He came to our house that same evening and quoted a fair price for the four downspouts and said he would be happy to properly attach the other company's gutter that was pulling away at no charge.
When walking around the house discussing the downspout replacement, he pointed out two older gutters that were too short and did not properly go beyond the
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
of the roof line which defeats the purpose of a gutter. This is something we never noticed in the 25 years of living in the house. At that time, we only agreed to the four downspouts. Since is wasn't an urgent repair/replacement, we told him there wasn't any rush and he could come whenever he had some open time.
The next day, I called him and asked how much to replace the two old gutters that were too short for the roofline and their downspouts. Once again, he quoted a fair price and when I told him I was a member of Angie's List, he happily applied that discount to the final total.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
were here today to do the job. Not only did they do an outstanding job for the quoted replacement and repairs,
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
went well beyond what he was hired to do with many additional improvements he did not charge us for.
We highly recommend
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
's Gutter Service for quality workmanship and materials. The gutters and downspouts look great! I'm very picky and cautious as to who I hire.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
passed my test - and that's not easy!
- Nancy N.

I purchased home 10/1/12 which I thought needed Soffit & Fascia work done because of the rotten wood that was visible to my eye. I knew absolutely no contractors to contact about the work. I asked a new neighbor that I met which at one time had his own business, ( Other then Siding ), if he could recommend someone that did the kind of work I needed done, " HE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
I contacted Mr.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
, he came out the very next day to give me an estimate. As we talked he pointed out some other work that was in much need of repair in the near future that I had over looked. " I'm very thankful that he did so ".
My newly purchased home needed much more work than I realized. After all was said and done, my wife and I hired
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
to do a complete Siding job from top to bottom including Gutters.
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
has done an "OUTSTANDING JOB" . After seeing the work they performed on the house my wife and I have decided to have them do the Garage also. Never before have I had a company treat me with such Professionalism, Kindness and Friendliness and outstanding work as
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
I truly believe they're worth every penny of the contract price and then some. They've fought thru mother natures cold weather all the way. I highly recommend
Kenosha Gutter Repair And Installation Companies Provider Name Locked
for any type of Siding, Roffing, Fascia, Soffit and Gutter work.
Satisfied Customer

- Jim M.
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