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Rock hard concrete was professional and the finished product beautiful. A big plus was they were there when they said they would be or called. An A+ for their communication skills; something that seems to be lacking with so many contractors. They were conscience of safety; making sure that areas were secure until they could get to them. We are very pleased with the service and now have a safe and beautiful walkway and stairs.
- Nancy J.

Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was excellent from the start. They came the same day I called and looked over the proposed work. They provided an estimate a week later and the work was started approximately 4 week from their first visit. They were very professional throughout the process and discussed various options with me as the work proceeded. They were always on time and completed the work within the original estimate. There were no surprises along the way. I was completely happy with their work and would use them again and would recommend them to anyone needing similar work.
- Michael Z.

They were fantastic. They did exactly what they said they would do. They didn't try to skimp on what they would have to do just to make a buck. We had to coax things up with some of the other contractors that gave us bids. These guys came right to the front and said what they would do. Everything we had asked for they did without prompting. They did exactly what we asked for and they were perfectly willing to work within it unlike most of the others who would cut corners. They were very good. It was worth the money we paid for.
- Walter B.

Upon initial contact, the contractor was very hellpful and accomodating as to what we wanted, my husband had a concern on the scope of the work and mentioned 3 times about patio having a grade away from the house so water would not go in our basement which has been a problem in the past and the reason we were making out patio larger, the owner ensured me this was possible to do,so I had faith all would go well. So much so, I asked him to look at an area my mom wanted to have done in her yard and was going to pay him to do that work as well and also pour a new front sidewalk and steps at my house later in the summer. I had to beg to get that bid at my moms, then it was $1300 higher than the original cost that we had discussed. When we started preparing the yard for him to start work, we decided to remove an existing fence and change the scope of the work to include approximately two more feet along 40 feet of the driveway that was between the flower bed and the fence that we removed. The initial bid had a concrete pump which he removed from the initial price as we took down our fence asthey would no longer have to jackhammer out the concrete by hand. We had taken out an existing small deck on the patio ourselves to accomodate the pour of the new patio. When he came to do the re-bid, his workers were hauling off an awning from behind the neighbors garage for part of the job, I asked if we paid a dump fee or whatever if his guys could haul off our old decking wood. He talked to his workers and said they would get it the next day when they actually started the work and pulled the pavers from behind the neighbors garage. He then mentioned a different finish on the patio surface, which also sounded good, so I gave him the go ahead to do this as well. After the change order, we actually never got paperwork or a different bid in writing on the sand finish, so we didn't know how much it would actually be costing us. . .we were just relying on his word as to approximately how much it would be. After the work was done, he emailed me the amount of the additional changes and totals (still no actual paperwork) which was very close to the additional amount he said. Work started out great on 06/05/13 just as we were told it would, we were told this big of a job would take approimately 2 weeks. A few days into it, I went behind my garage and found not only my junk they were supposedly hauling off that"" next da"y, but a bunch of wood railroad ties w/ rebar and other debris that they had pulled out of the neighbors yard to pour a concrete slab behind their garage and threw into ours. At first I wasn't too concerned as they had said they would haul it off, even though it was 3 days past, I figured they would do it as their work was complete. About 3 days into the work, I would have to come home from work, pick up garbage from all over my yard (coffee cups, pop bottles, garbage, cigarette butts) and clean up their mess. When they left at the end of the day, everything was left laying around our yard, making it difficult to keep the rest of my yard maintained. They also left a large oil leaking dump truck, trailer and truck out in front of our house for 2 weeks which they never mentioned would happen. On the 3rd day, the workers hit our vinyl fence and bent up the fence post, marred the vinyll all the way down the edges of the fence with their CAT while taking out sod, and pulled off some siding trim and bent a piece large of siding with their big equipment. We discovered it before I was called about it ,and it appeared the workers tried to hide it with equipment, forms and rebar stacked up against it. The owner called me the next day to tell me about the fence, and at that time I also mentioned the bent siding, which got bent again during the 2nd reseal, and marred fence which he said would come clean and at that time I started feeling like he was discounting my concerns. The company owner did call and have a new fence post installed at his expense the next day, unfortunately the rest of the fence is still damaged. The entire job, the workers did not pay attnetion to detail. . .from using duct tape on my house, fence & garage which pulled paint off causing a need to repaint the entire garage door, to sealing in orange chalk under the sealer on the colored concrete causing them to have to scrub the finish off making the sealer look horrible, to not prepping the garage
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
in time and them having to scrap to cut & grind the garage
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
butted up to the driveway while the cement truck was waiting in the yard to dump their load. We were later told there wasn't much they could do with the garage
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
but would grind it down. My husband was off work that day and could have opened the garage so they had more room to work. I felt like this was starting to become almost a nightmare. Finally 2 weeks later the concrete drivey way and patio were pretty much done. They completed the job right as the weather changed. A rain storm came through and I went into my basement to find it flooded, when I went out to investigate, I noted the pour against the house was actually not graded away from the house and water was pooling against our foundation and going right into the basement. I also found this on the side door porch as well. The side porch was initially poured straight flush with the door frame one one side and overlapping 2 inches on the other, it also angled back into the house so water was going in the house under the flooring at the door frame. All this time, I could never catch the workers or owner to discuss as they were gone when I got off work. I did try to ask questions to one of the workers that showed up on a Saturday, but all he would respond is "I don't know,or i don't know what you are taking about". My husband did speak to the owner briefly in passing near completion and he mentioned the trash was still behind the garage. My husband was told it would be picked up after the 8th when they could drive on our driveway. WHAT? It was supposed to be done at the beginning of the project and we really needed that space since we could not use our patio, so we decided to pay to have it hauled off ourselves since we did not want to wait until
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
8th. After he spoke to my husband who didn't mention our other concerns at that time, I texted the owner once, but never heard from him. 2 days after that, I got an email from him stating he would like to pick up the final payment of money. I said that would be fine if he came over, but I had some questions & concerns I would like to discuss. When he came over, he brought his wife with him. I started mentioning my concerns which I chose to pick as I actually had several but decided only pick the major ones, 1) his workers lack of attention to detail causing damage & extra costs & work (drywall & garage paining) 2) the side door porch and 3) the water pooling on the patio. When I was explaining the lack of attention to detail, his wife kept saying "well the people you work with at XXXX Hospital make mistakes don't they, good help is hard to find" (She must have said it 3 times. and they both mentioned "their employees were braindead" discounting many of the mistakes and my concerns (fence damage, holes, broken
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
, sididng etc) I had. Then tried to throw in that my bid was for 5 1/2
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
concrete and they poured 6. . which I was actually unaware of until this time as it was never discussed with me becuase if it had been, I would have been more than happy to pay the difference had it been on the original bid. The owner was trying to be accomodating on the side porch and back patio explaining that his reputation was at stake but his wife was throwing out all sorts of overbearing and unprofessional remarks which angered me. I was paying them $8500+ to do a job and I do not pay the people I work with at the hospital and if they make a mistake, the repercussions are NOT at my expense these are. To make things better,
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
the owner said would fix the porch and patio, wrote on the bill that he would be withholding $500, which he said he would copy and drop by paperwork in the next day or so which I have still never received. For the patio fix, we were told that he would be saw cutting the pieces that were pooling and would be back that Saturday, June 29th to do so but would fix the other side porch that had to be cut out and re-poured after their vacation when they did my neighbors front sidewalk around the 8th. We did not see or hear from him until we saw him at the nieghbors on the 12th of
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
talking to some subcontractors. When we asked what happened to him on Saturday the 28th, he said he was "on vacation" My husband mentioned that he said he would be back, and had told us he would do the saw cut BEFORE they left. Once again our basement flooded due to a rainstorm. He said he would get it fixed that week. When we came home Monday, the 15th of
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
, our patio was not saw cut as we had discussed, but the concrete was acutally cut out (something we had not discussed at that point as he said he was going to try the saw cut 1st). We did not want it cut out, which was never relayed to the contractor, as we were under the impression the saw cut would still be done. We knew if it was taken out the concrete color most likely would not match. So now we have an unmatched fix, in my opinion the patio looks worse than it did before with 3 angled pieces of concrete a slightly different color and marred edges from the saw. The the sealer actually looks worse with dark blotches and foot prints. I am not happy with the work. Before the patio looked GREAT, it just angled the wrong way & needed re-sealed. . .Unfortunately these issues have cost him 2 other jobs. Today we got the bill for the remaining $500 they withheld which both my husband & I thought that he had removed complely. We still have never received the copies that he wrote on when we made our final payment, so no clue of content.
- Marie P.

I contacted
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
via his cell (509-879-7214) on Friday 5/10/2013 and scheduled a same day estimate for residential work (~150 linear feet of sidewalk). He asked me to send my address and phone number to him via text, which I did promptly at 3:52 pm. He said he would arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 pm. I advised him that I had another commitment in the evening and needed to leave home by 6:30 pm. When he had not arrived by 6:15 pm, I called him on the same cell number. He said he never received my text. .I confirmed that the cell number on the text was correct.
He rescheduled to the following Thursday (5/16) at 7:00 am and, again, failed to show.
Work was performed to my satisfaction by another contractor,
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
's Custom Concrete, for $3900 (7.5 yards of concrete).
- Jacquelyn A.

His concrete broke up lacking expansion cracks. Drainage gutters were not cemented and broke. He ran into a fence and failed to fix it. Irrigation was improperly installed and broke. The color was nothing like the color he showed me. The dirt he filled in the driveway with was inappropriate and had to be removed.
- Robert S.

Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
the owner of
Spokane Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was working in our neighborhood today and verbally abused my wife using foul language to the point she was afraid for her safety. I called his business line and was told by him that my wife was *!*!*!* out of line and asked me if I wanted to *!*!* fight among other things. I'm also a contractor in a different trade and wouldn't use this individual if he was the best concrete finisher ever born and offered to work for free. Stay away I'm in the process of contacting the developer and builder to either get an apology or another verbal assault. I'm willing to pull this off if he chooses to be a reasonable individual but he was angry and threatening enough today that I would stay away from doing business with him. I am in the process of warning my neighbors and every general contractor and supplier I do business with. I've been in construction industry in Spokane for 23 years and have never run across anyone like this there are too many other choices FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR WORK.
- Eric M.
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1503 E Grassland Ct
Spokane, WA

Alderwood Landscaping

9708 N Nevada St # 204
Spokane, WA

All Around

701 Decatur Ave N
Golden Valley, MN

All restoration solution

12158 se 212th ct
Kent, WA

Alpine Construction

4419 E Glennaire Dr
Spokane, WA


9915 E Trent Ave
Spokane, WA

B. Speerstra Construction

17712 N. Bostom
Colbert, WA


Colbert, WA


Spokane, WA

Boucher Construction, LLC

10 N. Harmony Rd.
Greenacres, WA

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL

Copper Creek Landscaping

PO Box 568
Mead, WA

Count On It Construction

408 E Pacific Ave
Spokane, WA


414 N Julia St
Spokane, WA

Creative Surface Inspirations, LLC

PO Box 9718
Spokane, WA


Spokane, WA


Spokane, WA

Dirt Hunters

3320 N. Radiant Star
Post Falls, ID

DL Home Construction LLC

20717 W Jacobs Rd
Spokane, WA

dundee concrete and landscape

12812 n. chronicle
Mead, WA


Spokane, WA

Exterior Touch Inc.

12610 Waverly RD.
Waverly, NE

Ferguson Flatwork, Inc

8181 W 4th St
Rathdrum, ID

Frederick's Group Inc

1607 Ray Williams Rd
Colville, WA

Freedom Landscape

6103 S Conklin Rd
Greenacres, WA

Galloway Property Maintenance

4108 E. 22nd Ave
Spokane, WA

Galloway Roofing & Siding

4108 E 22nd Ave
Spokane, WA

Galloway Snow Plowing

4108 E. 22nd Ave
Spokane, WA

GFC Construction LLC

6008 N Maple St
Spokane, WA

GS Home Improvement LLC

6511 E Sprague Ave
Spokane, WA

Inland Northwest Construction Company

Spokane, WA

Integrall Systems INC

PO Box 3811
Spokane, WA

JL Design Build PLLC

1018 E. Montana Ave.
Coeur D Alene, ID

Kodiak Concrete Lifting LLC

516 W Center St
Spokane, WA

Larry Miller Excavating

7117 East Rutter Ave
Spokane, WA

Magicraftsman Company

18209 E Appleway Ave
Spokane Valley, WA

Michael Ogrady Construction

PO BOX 13561
Spokane Valley, WA


Spokane, WA


P.O. BOX 3395
Post Falls, ID

Northwest Concrete and Landscape, LLC

14506 E Main Ave
Spokane Valley, WA

NRC Construction LLC

PO Box 145
Hayden, ID

Pacific Garden Design

1508 S Chestnut St
Spokane, WA

R & R Construction

12708 E 29th Ave
Spokane, WA

R&R Contracting

Spokane, WA

Rick McPhee

210 W Westmoreland Rd
Deer Park, WA


Spokane, WA

Rockhard Concrete

675 N Elm Rd
Post Falls, ID

S&S Construction

20702 N Austin Rd
Colbert, WA


Spokane, WA


Spokane, WA

Solid Surface Cleaners

3711 S Sr 27 Hwy Apt J106
Spokane, WA

Spokane Asphalt Paving, Inc

5618 S Thomas Mallen
Spokane, WA


PO Box 1397
Airway Heights, WA

Strobel Quality Construction

2411 W Rainier Ct
Spokane, WA

Taylor Company, General Contractor

P.O. Box 30574
Spokane, WA

Thomas Gepford, Contractor

Nine Mile Falls, WA

Timberstone Builders, LLC

8222 N Jefferson Dr
Spokane, WA

USI Custom Outdoor Living

10605 SE 240th St
Kent, WA


12637 S 265 W Suite 100
Draper, UT

Williams Concrete Service Inc

17829 E Washington Rd
Valleyford, WA

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