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Regarding the hardwood floors. This is our third project with
Duciuc, owner of
. The first two were investment properties; repairing and refinishing a narrow slat red oak floor in 2004; blending in a new floor and refinishing the remainder of a house in 2005; and now a new floor in our remodeled home. We bought our 940 sf
cottage in 2006 and have recently added 820 sf of daytime living space to the south side. It is a "great room" that blends into the entry hall and bedroom wing. The space is light and airy with a 14 foot vaulted ceiling, lots of glass east and west, and southern windows high up in the gable end. We called
last year and made plans for the final product; 4" wide "rustic" white oak from Wisconsin.
is an expert. He uses the best "green" finishing materials, sophisticated specifications and great performance. He is a good judge of our tastes and color palate, making helpful suggestions. His crew is expert in the installation of the floors. Glue (in our case), wood nailing, sanding and finishing. All done with the most efficient dust filtering equipment imaginable. The wood was delivered for "climatization", installed and finished on time and at our agreed price. His invoices are easy to read and mathematically accurate. We paid 45% upfront for the wood, 45% upon completion of the second finish coat, and then the last 10% upon completion of the final coat. Yes, there coats. The first tow go down and then we covered the entire floor with Ram Board while the kitchen and counter tops were installed - "just in case". Bottom line? The floor looks great! The service was great! Would I recommend
to my friend and family? Yes! I already have.
Regarding the kitchen count tops . We have installed plastic laminate, ceramic tiles, granite tiles in our kitchens over the years. This time we wanted something different. Granite slabs feel cold so we settled on soapstone. We began our
for a stone fabricator and a soapstone source. Both difficult tasks. And then
suggested his new business associate Ioan Costetchi, a stone fabricator expert in the design, templating and installation of soapstone (not to mention the other materials). Ioan came to our home to survey the kitchen. The next time we met, Ioan had already reserved two large slabs at Crocodile Rocks in
,WA (another great local business). The matching stones contained deep jade tones in contract to most gray
stones we've seen. Just what we wanted. Ioan is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, proactive on our behalf, so we agreed upon a price and signed up. On his next visit Ioan carefully created templates of every nook, cranny, angle and dimension of our perimeter counters and island. On the final visit he and his associate carefully delivered and installed the stones, drilled faucet holes without injury or damage. The end result is the finest counter tops we have ever had. Durable, impervious to stains,
finish, soft to the touch, gorgeous in its "dry" state (lots of
and movement) and even more so when oiled (that's when the green jade colors pop out). This was a job well planned and executed to our satisfaction. Ioan is a great addition to the
business. I will gladly recommend this craftsman to others!
- William H.

is as good as it gets. We wanted to replace our ½ rug, ½ 1980s vinyl bathroom flooring with something attractive but cost effective. It was a small job, and we had already been told at a chain-type flooring store that the bathroom was just barely big enough to worth their while. Plus the flooring options at the chain store were limited and unattractive, their minimum estimate seemed high, for an in-home estimate they were charging $45, and they were a few weeks out time-wise. In contrast,
came to our home in a matter of days for a free estimate, and he treated our job with that same amount of care and attention as I have to believe he must approach larger jobs. I can’t imagine he made much money on our project, but he didn’t make us feel that way at all. He helped us pick a great product for our floors and completed the project in under a week, which was great for us since we are expecting a baby any day now. The floors look terrific! He did a great job at helping us pick a product that both looked as real as vinyl can look and fell within our budget constraints. Best of all: I always say that the measure of a good contractor (and I believe he is a fully licensed contractor, although obviously he specializes) is how he/she handles issues that come up, and sure enough, we ran in to a small problem with our toilet not being reattached correctly and he not only resolved it quickly, he came himself on a Saturday to take care of it. We’ll use him again to refinish our scratched up floors and replace our dated rugs. On a side note, he also took extra time just to sit down with me and give me all kinds of advice on how to treat my existing wood floors and other woodwork. He’s not only good at his job, but personable and I felt comfortable talking to him and having him in my home. Great experience!

- amin P.

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Flooring reviews in Kirkland


We were getting our home ready for sale and contacted
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and we couldn't be happier with the results!! Since we were remodeling the entire home, we had very strict scheduling requirements and also a newly refinished hardwood floor to protect.

...More />
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
worked with us on everything, including fixing some last minute problems with squeaks and floor leveling (We had new tile put into the master bath, and they had to re-level the floor. This left the right side of the bathroom entry about an inch higher than the left.
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was able to build a mini ramp to smooth the transition so it wasn't even noticeable!)

They also broke the job up into 2 install days, the first to remove all the carpet in the home and install the upstairs, the second to install the downstairs and the stair case carpet. The split was due to the hardwood floors being refinished and not wanting the new stain to hurt the new carpet. They did all the work without ever dinging even one wall or hurting our beautiful new wood floor.

Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
's entire team is professional, courteous, on-time, helpful - I can't think of enough good words to describe the service we received about this company!!! I recommend them with all my heart, oh yea, and the price was great too!!
- Mary P.

Overall the quality of work was good, with one exception. Empire did our whole house in 2 days. The only problem we had was the tile that was put down in front of the fireplace. The person they used to not seem to know what he was doing. When he finished, we had a metal border sticking up a quarter of an inch. He had used the wrong
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
piece and had tried to fill it in with mortar. I called the manager and complained. They came out the very next day and Took the new floor out and read it. But unfortunately they used the same person they had before. They have been out twice to fix the problem with the tile. What they need to do is start over and use the proper metal border to begin with and then there won't be a problem. They were out 2 weeks ago to look at the floor tile again, we have not heard back from them, we seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle.
- Robert B.

Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was a true professional. He quoted the project in one visit and delivered all he guaranteed and piece of mind for the owner.
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
understood that we had been in the remodel phase for 2 years and didn't want to make this process difficult for us, despite the fact that he offered to do the work while we were away on a much needed vacation. This meant that
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
took on extra responsibilities not normally within his work. Our house is small and we were unable to completely move off the floor he needed to work on (we took everything out we could, but some furniture was just too big and outside wasn't an option as we weren't going to be home).
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
took on the project one half at a time shifting the furniture back and forth himself. When we returned not only did the house look like a brand new home, but you couldn't even tell where the forced air vents had been. One was probably 2x3 feet but it looked perfect. I will say, some of his patches looked better than my 1925 top nailed hardwood floors. I would certainly recommend
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to anyone especially if they have old floors requiring patching.
- Heather M.

Throughout our projects with them, we've worked with
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
& Dahleen in the front-office, and
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
, and
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
on the construction/installation side.

Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was initially recommended to us for a major restructuring of our main living area, including a new staircase, replacing load-bearing walls with a large beam, and enlarging our main entry. We had plans of our own & they provided good alternatives. Once we settled on a plan, they gave us one quote & a timeframe. We signed up, and they did exactly what we needed for amount they quoted & on time.

Based on that experience, we didn't hesitate to work with them again on a kitchen replacement. Kitchen cabinet & countertop pricing was more than competitive, and selections were great. Since they build their own cabinets, we were able to work with them to get exactly what our kitchen would accomodate.

As part of the kitchen work, we also asked them to replace our hardwoods through the house, and attempt to fix a problem with the floor joists in one of the bedrooms that would have spoiled the look of the new flooring. They had several people come out & came up with a fix. The only negative in this experience was the flooring subcontractor they brought in was not very helpful and seemed to be frustrated with us when we pointed out things that needed fixing. Despite all of the variables that had to be overcome, the kitchen and flooring was completed for the price we were quoted and within the estimated timeframe.

we've also worked with them on installing a couple of new doors & windows. We continue to use the masonry subcontractor they recommended for other repairs/projects.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for any size project.
- Tom H.

We had a great experience working with
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
. He came out to the house and measured everything. He offered to bring over some samples based on a phone conversation we had, but I preferred to stop by the showroom and see things. And I'm really glad to that we did so. When we walked in the door, we caught sight of a sample that we really liked. It was nothing like what we were originally planning and it changed the direction of our whole project. We were changing over our new house from white carpet to wood flooring, so it was a pretty major expense for us.
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
went over the pros and cons of different types of flooring. We went with a floating wood floor that was separate planks. It was a pricy option, but I think it was the best choice for the home.
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
gave us a quote. We also received quotes from a couple of other places. Those quotes were a bit lower, but I really liked the attention to detail that
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was giving our project. So I spoke with him and showed him the other quotes. It turned out that the other quotes didn't include things like stair skirting and resetting the moldings, as well as stair styles (I called and asked). I was so relieved...not so much that the price would be a little higher than I thought, but because
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
knew to quote these things. It felt good to work with someone that knew the business so well.
The project was a lot faster than I thought it would be. We stayed in our home the entire time and the guys move furniture to different areas of the room. Also, because we went with pre-finished, it wasn't a dusty project at all. I think the only real dust we had was when they ripped out the 4 layers of linoleum in the kitchen. That was a mess that none of us counted on.
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was on site nearly every day checking on things. He doesn't do the actual installs himself, but he has a great team of guys that work with him to get the project done right. And they are good!
All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company. They were smart and did a fantstic job. We love our floors. And
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
's a really nice person to work with.
- Cheryl M.


Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
is a guy who does fairly good work. That's not saying perfect, but quite good. He doesnt have a big company... we met him through the CostCo floor sales people, so he's big enough to work for CostCo but small enough to not even have a geocities quality web page.We had
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
do the floors of our entire house in October of 2011. He told us it would take about a week to complete.

In total, it took more than three weeks. Having your house completely torn up to redo flooring is NOT a good experience. Having it take three times longer than you've been quoted is painful. Furthermore, even on the first day of starting the job he not only worked for fewer than eight hours, he also left in the middle of the day to randomly go off to do some other kind of work... multiple times. This on days I had taken vacation time off from work so as to help move furniture. Keep in mind at this point we were in contract and the floors were already torn up... we were locked into working with the guy.

He never had enough people working on the job to come near finishing in one week. At most he had one helper on some days. It's fairly obvious why it took three times longer than expected... he wasn't putting in his full day's effort into our job nor hiring assistants. At the time, we thought "oh well it's done now, it just took a long time, no big deal". That's wrong. This was a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Due to mistakes he made in installing the flooring (did not unpackage and let it breathe long enough, so it contracted after drying in our house) there were some gaps after the installation. We emailed him after these showed up on December 15th. Today is February 16th, and after ONE house visit and a string of poor excuses (the current excuse is "I need some special tool and mine broke") he has yet to even start fixing the gaps in our flooring. This is not acceptable. Furthermore, when I called him earlier this week to follow up on the issue, he assured me he had gotten the "broken tool" replaced and would show up at 5:30 today (Thursday). I called a couple hours ahead of his arrival to make sure he was coming and guess what? The man had either forgotten or scheduled something else. Net result, I'm now waiting until "this sunday" for him to come fix the issue... and who knows if that will even happen. So while his work is mostly good, I cannot emphasize enough that if you value your time at all you should not use
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
- Susan G.

This is my second experience with
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
, and, like the first experience, it went virtually flawlessly. "
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
met me at the appointed time to do a walk-through, bringing some carpet and flooring samples with him based on my description of the hardwood flooring. I was able to select the carpet and flooring from the samples he brought, and a few days later he e-mailed me an estimate. I was literally replacing the entire kitchen, and upon completion of that work I felt my initial selection of flooring was not going to look that good. Living near the new
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Store in Bothell, I picked up the sample of the other flooring he thought might go well, and it turned out to be perfect. Because of delays in completing other interior work I put the job off several times, but never once did
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
complain. The flooring and carpet installation is excellent, and the refinishing of the hardwood flooring - well, I think this was a major factor in my house selling virtually for my asking price in TWO weeks after it went on the
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
I am so confident of receiving fair and good value from
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
I did not get quotes from any other flooring firms. I don't think I can give any better recommendation than this.
- Robert P.

Everything went great. I'm very pleased with the quality of work. They were on the job, professional, and provided great severce. They also did a great job with installation. Out of the tree bids,
Kirkland Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was the beast price.

I woud use then again!!
- Shane O.
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