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Laurie J.
was prompt for our appointment. Within 7 days of appointment, I received a detailed analysis as requested on the current value of my home. He answered questions" I had on the final paperwork and clarified all concerns. I would recommend
as a professional residential appraiser.
Rated by
David L.
"We asked to get a professional appraisal of our home, as if we had a qualified buyer.
promptly answered all our questions prior to engagement, performed a professional" job with a full report and used reasonable comps (comparison houses). He turned the report around within 1 week. Aside from the professional service and product, we chose
over others because of his extensive experience in the industry and local environment. Very pleased with the result and would recommend him to others.
Rated by
Brandon H.
was hired by my mortgage servicer to do an appraisal on my home to remove PMI. Unfortunately, he sorely missed the
" on his appraisal -- by close to $70,000! My house is in a historic district which includes Mills Act which reduces property taxes. I have had 3 prior appraisals for the initial purchase and 2 refis, all three included an increase in valuation - Will said there is no increase which is incorrect. He failed to include 2 completely valid comps in my immediate neighborhood that would have reflected the correct true
value. And his appraisal included a pending and an active listing as comps -- which is super sketchy. My immediate neighbors have a home that is the same size, bed/bath count and lot size which appraised just a month prior to my appraisal, and they came in $60,000 higher - that's not chump change or even just being off on some calculations. I called him to try to address these concerns, and he wouldn't return the calls. (Technically, I was not the "client" so I can understand the lack of response.) I disputed the appraisal with my mortgage servicer, and he stuck by his valuation. Being as from when he came out to the house, to when he had the report to the mortgage company, it looks like he spent absolutely no more than 4 hours total on the refi (and I mean between when he left my property and when he submitted the completed appraisal) it seems he's a churn and burn appraiser and rips through them as fast as possible without really making an effort to get accurate details on property valuations. Even more telling, he did an appraisal for another customer with my mortgage servicer and he did the exact same thing to them - didn't use local valid comps that would provide a correct valuation. I suspect, but can't prove, that the mortgage company is encouraging low valuations and he shops comps to get the mortgage servicer what they want. Would recommend against using him.

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A wood deck, like this one made with Brazilian walnut, or ipe wood, tends to add more value to a home than one made of composite. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member John B. in Oklahoma City)

Hoping remodels boost resale value? Do this, not that

The type of home renovation you do can affect how much you get back in added resale value. Here are some of the best and worst returns on your investment.

D.C. City Council OKs plans to help build a new soccer stadium in the city. (Photo courtesy of D.C. United)
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D.C. United will have a new soccer stadium to call home by 2017. City officials approved using $140 million in public funds to secure the Buzzard Point site.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

A home inspector examines a crawl space for a prospective homebuyer. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Charles S. of Montpelier Station, Va.)
Home Inspection, Appraisals - Real Estate

Dear Angie: What are the similarities and differences between a home appraisal and a home inspection?

A corner of carpet is pulled up to reveal water stains (Photo by The Inspectigator)
Appraisals - Real Estate, Home Inspection

Bank-owned properties often cover-up serious structural problems with quick and cheap cosmetic fixes. Avoid the problem by knowing these simple inspection tips.

Angie's Answers

Yes, but you won't like what will probably happen (this is a worst case scenario, hopefully you will avoid most):

The purpose for a building permit is to ensure meeting the minimum standards for construction practices and minimum safety standards.  A contractor who works without a permit, does so because they know they are not in compliance (and to save money at your expense).  They knew they should have had inspections and permits for their work.  Who ever built the addition should be reported to both the building official as well as the Better Business Bureau.  It is ultimately the homeowner who is responsible for ensuring the proper permits have been applied for, though.

So when you apply for your permit, you will be pretending as if the work is not completed (you do not hide this fact, you just have to follow the correct process as if it hadn't been built).  Your first stop will be with zoning; can you even add an addition, do you have the proper clearances from the side, front and rear property lines.  If it is a bedroom, does the septic system (perk test) support an additional bedroom.  If your building already meets or exceeds the amount of building allowed on the site or if you do not have the clearances required from the property line, your addition may be required to be removed.  There are appeal processes and variance requests you can try before tearing down the addition (Get an architect).

If your zoning review is fine, next you go to permitting.  Here you will submit plans (drawings) of what was built.  If you do not have these plans, consider hiring an Architect to generate As-Built drawings for this use.  Hopefully the plan review comes back with no changes, or you will alread know your addition is not in compliance and may face rebuilding.  Depending on the type of construction, your zoning and your local building requirements, you will be required to have inspections of your foundation / footings, the framing, the electrical, mechancial and HVAC systems, etc. affected by the work. 

This may require digging the ground back up so the inspector can confirm foundation depth, size and draingage requirements.  The interior wall finishes (gypsum board, panelling, etc) may have to be removed in some or all areas so the framing and electrical can be inspected (If one area fails, be prepared to pull all areas down).  At each inspection, if the work is found to be lacking, then you will have to correct the work before getting permission to use the room.  If there is an electrical or safety violation found, it is possible the Building Official could declare the entire property inhabitable until the offenses are corrected (IE you are homeless until it is fixed).

As you can see, you have to hope beyond belief that the builder constructed everything correctly and that the building officials will work with you to minimize the amount of deconstruction necessary to inspect the work.

Also, you will be charged all the fees associated with plan review and permitting, and you will be charged for each inspection visit (as your builder would have been charged initially had they followed the law).

As for value, here is the real concern:  If your home burns down or faces some similar disaster, your home owners insurance will balk at paying; they will blame the illegal construction as the cause.  As for the value of your building, not having a permit will make any buyer have a difficult time getting their own insurance, thus harder to sell.  The room itself will add value to your property, if it isn't a hazard (IE permitted). 

Also, taxes are based upon assessments, which use the land records.  Building without a permit, can be seen by local officials as an attempt to avoid paying property taxes, since the land records do not show the addition.  Until the official tax records reflect an accurate statement of your building, you may face fines, tax fees and other costs associated with the improvement depending upon how long it has been there unreported.

You may wish to contact a local, licensed Architect who works with the local building department.  They will know the personel, know which forms you need to fill out first and how to protect you from an overzealous Building Official (there are exceptions and options within the Code that the Building Official may forget or ignore that an Architect can request be used to prevent tear down or damage).  Next time you go to build get the Architect first to protect yourself from what this construction firm did to you.

Good luck!

     If you are having a friendly divorce you might want to know what doing the repairs would add to the sale price. I think your best bet would actually be to talk to a realtor as to what they think the difference would be. Then get a couple of estimates from a local contractor or contractors.

     Being in a divorce situation I would think sell as is and move on as quickly as you can. Renovation of a home can be a stress on a good marraige and it would probably be worse if in divorce proceedings.


Good luck Don


Real Estate Appraising reviews in Woodbridge


It worked out perfectly. He arrived when he said he would. he was quick & thorough. His appraisal was very fair. He was a pleasure to work with and we were extremely happy with the outcome. We would rate him an A+ & definitely use him again in the future.
- marylee C.

Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
showed up, took maybe 20 photo's, practically ran through the house snapping picture in every room.
Then measured the outside for square footage
I live in a 3200sq.ft 4br 2ba house on 1 acre.
My neighbor lives in a 1br 1ba no furnace. it's for sale for $60,000
The other house on the other side is a duplex with squirrels living in it and a tree growing out of the 2nd story. $75,000
My home came in at a whopping $89,000 comparable to 1800sq.ft
Now I know what you're thinking. I would be too. I live in a crap house right?
Nope, I have a 4 car garage with a new roof and attic.
The house has a new kraftmaid custom kitchen, a 7x4 indoor jacuzzi tub in marble,
a 10 person outdoor jacuzzi with a 20x35 deck around it oh and pool
Every room is 15x18, and all new wiring & plumbing with 4 marble mantles!
I have italian fresco walls in my dining room with a 10x12 sistine chapel on the ceiling.
Every room has new carpet over hardwood floors, new windows, new furnace, brass radiator boiler system.
Yet this joker thinks it's comparable to low income government rental homes I wouldn't step foot in without a anthrax
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
I facepalmed so hard I have a headache.
If you need something overlooked this is the right guys to call!
I'm sure there are scenarios that this would come in handy.
Just not my case.
- William C.

Was appointed executor of a relative's estate. Had no idea of value of his older home in
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
as I don't live near there. Called
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
as he was close to where I live and had excellent ratings. Arrived on time and was very personable. We sat and talked about the house for awhile, me mostly pointing out what I thought were detriments to selling the home. He turned those concerns around showing me how they could be pluses. Very impressed and grateful for that. Will now be able to put on
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
without considering going without a realtor or going with a "flip and sell" company. Put together a package with pictures, comparable neighborhood sales with pics, Wonderful, wonderful job. Definitely use again.
- Lois F.

Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
was hired by the Veteran's Administration (at our expense) to perform an appraisal on a townhouse the we were under contract to purchase at $185,000.00.

- The appraiser initially submitted the appraisal on a condo form, not a townhouse form and was asked to resubmit by our lender.

- The appraiser appraised the unit we were trying to purchase $20,000.00 below the agreed upon price. On page 2 of the appraisal, in the appraiser's summary, he states "most consideration was given to comparable sale 3 as it is located in the same project as the subject property." Comp 3 (
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
#29-12-32-1210-00000-0090) sold in February 2014 for $140,000.00. The appraiser did not use a unit, four doors down (Unit 42 -
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
#29-12-32-1210-00000-0420) and IDENTICAL to the unit we were under contract to purchase that sold on 2
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
2014 for $185,000.00. We brought this to the attention of our lender, who contacted the appraiser and requested that he readdress. He flatly refused resulting in us losing our dream home.

We are also requesting a refund of the $425.00 dollars for the sub standard service that Mr.
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
performed. His neglect has negatively impacted us, the sellers, as well as both real estate agents. This is unacceptable.

We filed a formal complaint with the Veterans Administration Home Loan Division, St. Petersburg Florida.(Staff Appraisers Division)

Please contact us if you need more information regarding this matter.


Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked

- rick P.

Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
was prompt and efficient with his analysis and subsequent report on my parents' property. I would recommend his services to anyone needing the services of an appraiser.
- Diane V.

I was referred to Hunt by a friend who had used them during a divorce. I wanted an accurate appraisal of my home because Zillow was still showing the value based on our purchase price 3 years ago - and we've made $60-$70K+ improvements since buying.
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
had an opening and came the same week - and I had the appraisal via email just 2 days later. I appreciated not having to pay what the banks charge for an appraisal (I think it was $350 or $400 through the bank when we bought). She said they charge less for this type of appraisal because it's less paperwork when a mortgage isn't involved. She was on time and also really friendly and good with my dogs. I'm glad to know the real value of my house and property as of now - and the good news that it was slightly higher than I thought!
- Martha P.

Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
was great. Came in and was flexible with my Schedule. We talk about what is good and bad to invest in in terms of home upgrades. He reassured me that my house was in great shape, I was very happy with his appraisal work. I felt like my house was around that price but wanted to validate it with a professional.
Woodbridge Property Appraisers Provider Name Locked
's a down to earth good Chicago guy. This won't be the last time I see him and I am sure I will recommend him time and time again.

- Kathy S.

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