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Rated by
Chelsea R.
"Worst doctor ever!!! All he does is sit in his chair talk to you for 5 mins and send you in your way. Very rude and unprofessional. I had a serious issue going on and another dr needed" records from him. Well he never for back to my dr for a couple weeks after leaving numerous messages on his personal emergency patient cell phone and office phone. Then when he finally got ahold of him all dr
told him was he doesn't remember me and didn't even dig up the records that were being requested. This was only a year after I stopped going to him. Horrible he's just a dr who wants to make money and could care less if his patients live or die.
Rated by
Melissa L.
"He is very knowledgeable and actually cares about the patient, treating the root cause & not OVER-medicating or just dispensing Rx's like a pill factory as, sadly, TOO many" I've encountered from the standpoint of a patient and a patient's care giver...
Rated by
Tyler S.
"Do not ever go to this doctor! He is the worst doctor I have ever seen. When I walked in they made me take a surprise drug test? This caught me off guard because I went there on my" own accord and just needed my medications to be reviewed. My appointment was at 11:30 and he ran an hour late. The doctor sat and stared at his computer while asking me questions. . He asked me questions about my history and cut me off and got annoyed when I went into too much detail for him. He would ask me one general question and then immediately misdiagnose me and then accuse me of being in denial when I didn't agree with him. For example, he asked me if I would feel anxious about going to a gathering with a group of people that I have never met before. I answered yes and he immediately told me that I had anti-social disorder. He also diagnosed me with restless leg syndrome because sometimes when I wake up my bed sheets are at the bottom of my bed. Ridiculous! He did not listen to one thing that I said and seemed to have a personal agenda. After the uncomfortable question session, he asked me why I was there. I told him to have my current meds evaluated and get new prescriptions. He then informed me that anti-depressants do not work and that the ones that I have taken in the past did not work (they actually work and work well.) He then went on to tell me that he wanted to put me on mood stabilizers such as Lithium or Seroquel. I HAVE MILD DEPRESSION! These drugs are for people with severe medical problems. I have never even wanted to walk out of a doctor's office before, but this man was so out of touch and made me so uncomfortable that I chose to get up and leave immediately. He told me on my way out that I was un-educated and did not know what I was talking about. This man should not be practicing medicine and if you are even considering going to see him: don't. I don't know if this is a situation of mal-practice but I will be speaking with my referring physician about Dr
and advising not to ever refer any of his patients to him again.

Local Articles in Manassas

People see psychiatrists for a variety of reasons. There are specialists and general psychiatrists who can help provide a better quality of life.


Psychiatry provides counseling for those of us experiencing frustrations, anxiety, grief, mental illness and stress about life, work and relationships. For each our different problems, a psychiatrist has many techniques and medications to help bring mental health.

Counseling - General, Mental Health - Psychiatry, Mental Health - Psychology

Nearly one in five adults suffers from an anxiety disorder, which diminishes quality of life and in some cases risks death. Experts say there’s help.

anxiety disorder
Counseling - General, Mental Health - Psychiatry, Mental Health - Psychology

Whether you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, characterized by panic attacks, experts say there's help. Just don't go it alone.

If detected early, treatments can improve quality of life for people with Alzheimer's disease. (Photo courtesy of Alzheimer's Association)
Mental Health - Psychiatry

Watch for signs of mental degradation in loved ones, and encourage them to see their doctor, if you suspect early onslaught of dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Michael Schroeder
Mental Health - Psychiatry, Mental Health - Psychology, Primary Care - Family Medicine

Often the warning signs of stress go unheeded and take a toll on health. Experts say staying vigilant about stress signs serves as a first line of defense.

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Psychiatric Care reviews in Manassas


Would not suggest provider for the following reasons:
1. Dr. Sanghadia made a diagnosis for an issue I was not seeking treatment for. Although it was not a controlled substance, he prescribed a medicaton that causes strong withdrawl symptoms. He insisted on frequent office visits every 14-60 days and would hold refills hostage to ensure frequent visits and payments. (I was a cash paying customer)
2. He was late to 100% of appointments
3. I cought 2 instances of overbilling
4. Acted in an unprofessional manner after i indicated i can no longer afford to see him. He left a rude message on my voicemail and in a childish act of vengefulness, he refused to provide a tapering off regemin from the non-controlled withdrawl inducing medicine. He forced me to go through a very uncomfortable and unsafe withdrawl because I could no longer afford office visits.
5. Communication needs improvement. Calls and refill requrests were frequently ignored.
6. Overall very unaccomodating and unprofessional.
- chris D.

Waited in hallway for 20 minutes. Spent 10 minutes maximum with the Dr. He charges for the appointment and for writing a script. Total cost, over $500.00. This man just opened his own practice and seems to me to be just padding his billing. I have used this Dr since 2006. I have chosen to seek another Dr. This man has turned greedy since opening his own practice.
- Danny W.

The experience was terrible and I would not go back there even if I was psychotic and didn't know my name. They are there only for the money and are RUDE AND UNKIND to the patients. They do have a Patient Advocacy Department that really cares but their hands are basically tied by the administration. The nurses play favorites and love to gossip. They create more drama than any of the patients could ever do on their worst of days. DO NOT GO THERE FOR ANY REASON!!! You would be better off getting the advice of your local hairdresser and save yourself a life savings.

- Julie B.

I see someone here for depression. At first they seemed to be fairly caring, and I was glad to find a provider that charges on a sliding scale. When I first started going here, I was unemployed. $25 per visit for someone with no income at all still seems fairly steep, but since they combine prescribing medication with actual talk therapy like in the old days of psychiatry, I thought it might be worth it, rather than having to have two separate providers for this. If you go here, you will likely see a resident, which means he or she is still supervised by a more experienced doctor. They may want to film you, which you can decline. That, I don't mind so much, since I declined it. When I found a job, though, they told me my price would go up to $45 or $50 each time, which, considering how little money I make, was too steep. So then they told me that as of a certain date, the residents would be covered by my insurance. Great, I was looking forward to my $15 copay. Well then they said, "Oh, sorry, it turns out that's for every resident but YOURS."
Manassas Psychiatrists Provider Name Locked
? Seems a bit fishy. Then they said the only way I could get the insurance to cover it was to participate in what they call "attending clinics" which means that after I see the resident for 45 minutes (You no longer get 50 minutes like in the old days), then I have to see his supervising doctor for five minutes. OK, fine, as long as it is affordable enough for me to get treatment. Well, so far, each time I have gone for a visit, it seems to take a MINIMUM of half an hour to round up the supervising doctor, sometimes longer. Before you know it, I have been there for over two hours, close to three, and I get in trouble at work for being late. Hardly seems worth the money. I also, being new at this job, get very little sick leave to use on these appointments, so I can't go as often as I need. Therefore, communication is even MORE important. Well, I don't know what's going on over there, but they started taking weeks to call back, even to make appointments. I called and got a new girl on the phone, she said she couldn't schedule these attending clinic appointments, and the regular girl was in training, and she'd leave her a message to call me when she came back. I never heard back from them. I had a bad reaction to the last medication they tried me on, so I was frantically trying to get in touch with them to substitute something else. No response for a long time, then I get a prescription called in for a two week supply of something. I finally saw the resident a week and a half ago, as of today, and he was supposed to send a prescription to my pharmacy. They never received it. I even checked with my old pharmacy--nothing. I have called and called until I'm blue in the face. I get no response. The receptionist claims she is giving him the messages. The exchange claims the clinic is open 8-430, but no one answers before 9 am. Rarely does anyone answer between 11 and 2. They close promptly at 430. Seems like they are only operational about 4 hours a day. The supervising doctor never showed up to the last appointment. OK, maybe she got sick, things happen, I could understand. But then the resident ended my appointment just before half an hour had elapsed. He is frequently late to call me in. Ok, maybe he had to take longer with another patient, I could appreciate that if there were no other issues. And on top of everything else, they seem to pick and choose what they want to treat. I asked for help with a particular issue (hoarding). I even researched it and found a patient workbook and a doctor's guide, and they basically told me that they weren't interested in helping me overcome the problem unless I was able to come once a week and pay out of pocket. They said "Maybe the psychology school would be able to help me." I really don't understand this. At least they could have offered some alternative, some suggestion of their own. But they won't even talk to me about it. I have been out of medication for days now, and this is not the first time this has happened. Doctors like to claim it's the patients who bear all the responsibility for not complying with treatment, but I can tell you, that in the case of this clinic, they are a huge part of the problem. At best, it is inconvenient and immature for them to be acting in this fashion, at worst, it is EXTREMELY irresponsible and unprofessional, one could even say NEGLIGENT. If you are going to be a doctor and claim to treat patients, some of whom this is a life-threatening problem for (I mean psychiatric issues), then you cannot be playing games with them like this. These people DEFINITELY do not take their oath seriously. If they had decided they didn't want to treat me anymore, for whatever reason, why not just tell me? If they are purposely trying to dissuade me from going there, they have picked a rather roundabout way to do it. I admit, I am not always shy about speaking my mind during sessions, but I am actually much more patient and forbearing than lots of patients I've seen, and I am not violent or irrational, so I really don't know what their problem is. I was with my last doctor for around 7 years, until he relocated to southern California. As soon as I am able, I am going to have to find someone else, because this is completely unworkable.
- Victoria R.

Manassas Psychiatrists Provider Name Locked
is a gifted doctor who has been able to help me more than any other psychiatrist I have ever been to. I trust him and would recommend him. He is so skilled that I rather drive 40 minutes to see him rather than anyone in my area. I have been misdiagnosed by others. In a field where observation and sound judgment is essential, you want someone who will evaluate your case carefully.
- Mary L.

She's great. It's a small office with only two docs and one receptionist. You always speak to the same person when scheduling. The wait is short. Dr.
Manassas Psychiatrists Provider Name Locked
is experienced, very helpful and easy to work with. Possibly the best experience I've had with any doctor.
- Erin C.

Manassas Psychiatrists Provider Name Locked
sees me every two or three months for evaluation of my progress with psychiatric meds. I transferred to Dr
Manassas Psychiatrists Provider Name Locked
from another provider with whom I wasn't too satisfied. So far, the treatment has gone well, with the exception of an unexpected seizure which was attributed to one of the meds. The med was changed.
- Andrew R B.

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Abdel-Kader, Dr. Maha M.

20925 Professional Plz

Abdul Faisal MD

8680 Hospital Way

Allen, Dr. Martin

2501 Calvert St NW

Anderson, Dr. Michael H.

1364 Beverly Rd
Mc Lean

Andre's Technology Empire

1200 Delaware Avenue SW Suite 303

Arnold J Kaplin MD LTD

5021 Seminary Road

Ayesha Mian MD

3833 N Fairfax Dr. Ste 450

Baker, Dr. Stephen B.

3800 Reservoir Rd NW

Balraj Dhillon MD

8680 Hospital Way

Bekhrad, Dr. Azin

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

Beroza, Rosalyn

8601 Georgia Ave

Bir, Dr. Christopher

1497 Chain Bridge Rd Bldg
Mc Lean

Bleiberg, Dr. Jody

9515 Linden Ave

Blitch Jr, Dr. James B.

1810 Michael Faraday Dr

Block, Dr. David A.

1314 Vincent Pl
Mc Lean

Bochenek, Dr. Krzysztof M.

2722 Merrilee Dr

Book, Dr. Martin J.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Brain, Dr. Lawrence A.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Brayton, Jodi - LCSW, MSW

6829 Elm St
Mc Lean

Buyse, Dr. Valerie J.

2110D Gallows Rd

Byers, Dr. Barbara

3800 Reservoir Rd

Caroline Tan MD

14143 Robert Paris Ct

Christian Linton MD

730 24th St NW

Cooper, Dr. Betsy J.

927 S Walter Reed Dr

Counseling Center

8680 Hospital Way

Cozzens, Dr. Dennis T

400 S Washington St

Cozzens, Dr. Dennis T.

1707 Osage St

Crone, Dr. Catherine C

3330 Gallows Rd
Falls Church

Crowley, Dr. Brian

5225 Connecticut Ave NW

Daniel Pine MD

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

David Millis MD

8680 Hospital Way

Devi, Dr. Uma G.

915 Russell Ave

Donna Carmosky MD

8680 Hospital Way

Dr. Gant MD, Ph.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

Dr. Imran Akram

5675 Stone Road

Drell, Dr. Laurence M.

3000 Connecticut NW Avenue

Dsouza, Anjali C.

3 Washington Cir NW

Duffy Counseling Center

1487 Chain Bridge Road
Mc Lean

Edda Casanova MD

8680 Hospital Way

Edgardo Menvielle MD

111 Michigan Ave NW

Epstein, Dr. Steven

3800 Reservoir Rd NW

Esther Roberts MD

7969 Ashton Ave

Faisal, Dr. Abdul A.

8680 Hospital Way

Feeley, Dr. Pamela

16011 Germantown Rd

Fernbach, Dr. Harvey

6201 Greenbelt Rd

Firmin, Dr. Michael C.

8987 Cotswold Dr

Fletcher, Dr. Page M.

224 Cornwall St NW

Frank, Dr. James H

1145 19th St NW

Frank, Dr. Randolph A.

1715 N George Mason Dr

Ganjoo Sood, Dr. Dida

3060 Mitchellville Rd

Garro, Dr. Tony

1629 K St NW

Garson, Dr. Ronald J.

6 Pidgeon Hill Dr

German, Dr. David L.

5225 Wisconsin Ave Nw

Gondos, Dr Gordon.

7659 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church

Goose Creek Consulting LLC

5675 Stone Rd

Gordon III, Charles T.

11204 Farmland Dr

Gordon, Dr. Kirschner

3419 Garrison St NW

Gupta, Dr. Ramia

411 1/2 N Washington St

Habibpour, Dr. Ehsan

1501 Duke St

Halpern, Dr. Lisa R.

5229 New Design Rd

Hasan, Dr. Shabih U.

722 Grant St

Haydash, Sylvia

7502 Diplomat Dr

Hedaya, Dr. Robert J.

4701 Willard Ave

Heflin-Wells, Dr. E. Neil

8401 Dorsey Circle, Ste 201

Hertzberg, Dr. Michael

803 Franklin St

Hertzman, Dr. Marc

11404 Old Georgetown Rd

Howell, Dr. Carolyn

2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Huma Khalil MD

8680 Hospital Way

Hussain, Dr. Zina

110 Irving St

Ibia, Dr. Itoro E

1760 Reston Pkwy

Imran Akram MD

8680 Hospital Way

Inova Pediatric Specialty Ctr

3023 Hamaker Ct Ste 600

Jager, Dr. Lisa N

10000 Falls Rd

James, Dr. Mary H.

41 N Market St

James, Dr. George C.

3905 National Dr

Jamuna Raju MD

6655 Sykesville Rd
Falls Church

Jeff Svoboda MD

8680 Hospital Way

Joseph Palombi MD

8424 Dorsey Cir

Joyce Robbins, LICSW

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Judy Barth, R.N.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Kaiser Associates

1201 Connecticut Ave NW

Kankam, Dr. Jemima A.

13639 Baltimore Ave

Kayloe, Dr. Natalia

1625 N George Mason Dr

Kehr, Dr. Bruce A.

5920 Hubbard Dr

Kinkead-Acree, Dr. Susan

1320 Old Chain Bridge Rd
Mc Lean

Knable, Dr. Michael

4300 Montgomery Ave

Kobylski, Dr. Thomas P.

6760 Old McLean Village Dr
Mc Lean

Kogan, Dr. Mia

2405 I St NW

Kolmac Clinic

3919 National Dr Ste 300

Kopolow, Dr. Louis E.

8915 Shady Grv Ct

Kozel, Dr. Susan T.

105 Park Washington Ct
Falls Church

Kumar, Alok.

3650 Joseph Siewick Dr

Leslie Rokoske MD

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

Litovitz, Dr. Gary L.

2110 Gallows Rd

Litowitz, Dr. Merle

380 Maple W Ave

Maha Abdel-Kader MD

8680 Hospital Way

Major, Dr. Cynthia

8605 Cameron St

Marie Campagnone MD

6261 Executive Blvd

Marnell, Dr. Joseph P

7474 Greenway Center Dr

Mary Salcedo MD

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

Mary Waterbury, LCSW-C

8107 Eastern Ave

McCarthy, Dr. Catherine L.

1307 Dolley Madison Blvd
Mc Lean

Medics, Usa

17336 Pickwick Dr

Medstar-Georgetown Med Ce

3800 Reservoir Rd NW

Mehra, Dr. Rhea N.

489 A Carlisle Dr

Melissa Monson, M.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Meyer, Patricia H.

11800 Sunrise Valley Dr

Michael Roath MD

501 Arnon Ridge Ct
Great Falls

Michaelidis, Dr. Tamara

5480 Wisconsin Ave.

Nematzedeh, Dr. Fatemeh

46179 Westlake Dr

Nesly Hneich MD,MPH

8300 Boone Blvd

Nicky Lankerani, D.O.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Nicola Alipanah MD

5413 W Cedar Ln

Otema Adade, M.D.

5225 Wisconsin Ave., NW Suite 400

Paley, Dr. Stephen

5225 Connecticut Ave NW

Pargot, Dr. Terri DO

8915 Shady Grove Ct

Parker, Dr Charles

5029 Corporate Woods Dr
Virginia Beach

Pfeffer, Dr. Bruce P

10000 Falls Rd

Plasier, Dr. Kate J.

3927 Idaho Ave NW

Plotkin, Dr. David H.

18111 Prince Philip Dr

Premier Psychiatry Center

44355 premier plaza #120

Prince William Hosp

8680 Hospital Way

Putnam Dr. Jared S.

7910 Woodmont Ave

Radin, Dr. Robert P.

3801 Fairfax Dr

Rafiq, Dr. Mohammad

7659 Leesburgh Pike
Falls Church

Rafiq, Dr. Shahid

400 W 7th St

Rasheed, Dr. Zafar

44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz

Raza, Dr. Haniya A.

111 Michigan Ave NW

Reader, Dr. Beverly A.

5675 Stone Rd

Reno Dykes MD

7969 Ashton Ave

Richardson, Dr. Perry K.

2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Rius, Dr. Ricardo

3340 Woodburn Rd

Ross Center For Anxiety

5225 Wisconsin Ave NW

Rothbaum, Dr. Kenneth

1050 Connecticut Ave NW

Roundhouse Square Counseling Center

1501 Duke St Ste 100

Ryan S. Shugarman, M.D., PLLC

901 N. Washington St.

Saiger, Dr. George M.

6280 Montrose Rd

Saleh, Dr. Osama M.

110 Hospital Rd

Santoro. Dr. Jennifer

8550 Arlington Blvd

Sealy.Dr. Joan R.

6941 32nd St NW

Segall, Dr. Errol A.

8500 Executive Park Ave

Sharmeela Kuperan MD

1400 S Joyce St

Shlakman, Dr. Samantha A.

1350 Connecticut Ave NW

Silver, Dr. Paul A

2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Singh, Dr.Sarah

700 Montclaire Ave

Smith, Dr. Mark

9021 Shady Grove Ct

Sorel, Dr. Eliot

2301 E ST NW

South Riding Family Medicine

4080 Lafayette Center Dr

Stephenson, Dr. Randolph R.

3020 Hamaker Ct

Sterling Behavioral Health Services Ltd

20905 Professional Plz

Sternberg, Dr. Michael R.

3166 Golansky Blvd

Suburban Hospital

8600 Old Georgetown Rd

Swarna Reddy MD

8680 Hospital Way

Syed Murtaza MD

8680 Hospital Way

Teresa Delawter MD

8807 Sudley Rd

Thompson, Dr. Curtis

520 N Washington St Ste 101
Falls Church

Towbin, Dr. Kenneth E.

9000 Rockville Pk

Uprety, Dr. Madan

209 Elden St

Vikram Khot MD

8680 Hospital Way

Virgil, Dr. Richard A.

5415 Connecticut Ave NW

Vittone, Dr. Bernard J

2423 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Vittone, Dr. Bernard J.

2423 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, Dr. Linda M.

11303 Amherst Ave

Whitman Walker Clinic

1701 14th St NW

William, Dr. Licamele L.

6760 Old McLean Village Dr

Zhao, Dr. George

200 N Glebe Rd

Zorniak, Dr. Agnes M


Zwerdling, Dr. David M.

2907 Woodstock Ave
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