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Rated Review by Sara A.
was here every week day and worked diligently, not only doing top-notch work, but guiding us to make wise decisions that his experience and knowledge did so well.
"27 Years of Excellence" (started with his father
, President of
, Inc., who did the preliminary layout for our new rooms), is evident in every aspect of the construction process. Even the contractors who work for them with plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and carpet installation were timely, courteous, and did a great job. We were very happy with the overall cost for construction.

went beyond our expectations in filling our requests. While other contractors with high estimates determined that eight foot drywall panels would be needed because we had an egress entrance to the basement rather than a stairwell,
managed to have twelve foot panels carried downstairs through our front door. This made a big difference in the ease of constructing the walls, as well as being more cost effective. In the new bathroom shower, the sturdy grab bar was cut to half its 18" size, which does the job and is attractive to look at in a 3x3' shower. Our request for storage shelves in the bathroom were smartly made in a corner that otherwise would have been walled in.
even fancied it up with decorative trim. We have peace of mind with a "drip" back-up for our sump pump which was installed to protect our investment in the new rooms from water back-up in case of prolonged power outages. This is a fairly new concept in this area, and
monitored its performance and adjustments after his plumber installed it.

obviously takes pride in his work and it shows throughout our new rooms which now enhance the quality of our lives. Our sincere gratitude and appreciation go to
, his father
, and
, Inc.
, and

Rated Review by Tevin C.
"Good work, when they showed up. It took 7 months to build a 16' x 20' deck....
Because some projects got canceled, the owner (
) still owes my family $2650. He has owed this money since completion of the project several months ago. He will no longer return phone calls or even answer the phone. After numerous promises to send a refund check or drop by with the money over several months, we have received nothing. He admits to owing this money, but had not paid. This man is not to be trusted, and my family has been forced to take legal action against him and his company. Do NOT give this man any of your money.

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Culpeper Home Builders Reviews

Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Hall were recommended to us in April, 2012 by husband's work contact whose house was built by Hall. We toured his house & were very impressed with its construction & his positive comments about Hall. We contacted Hall & met with him several times over the next few months regarding our new home construction. We also verified his license status & checked for any complaints or unresolved issues against him -- there were none.
Hall is a skilled draftsman & was able to provide line drawings of all aspects of the building construction based on our requests. We submitted a house exterior model for him to use & our own interior floorplan which we fine tuned according to costs, site, & building code requirements. After some negotiation, we signed a contract with Hall at the end of
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, 2012 with work to begin the next month. Hall told us more than once that he could build this "small house" in approx 4-5 months -- with good weather, should be done by end of year, first of next.
Some preliminary work -- 1 or 2 days worth -- was done in August as promised but nothing more until mid Sept. Hall blamed this delay on obtaining the county building permit -- in truth, the county provided the permit within 2 weeks of his submission, no delay on their part. From this point on, work progressed in fits & starts -- some weeks lots of progress, some weeks not so much. To his credit, Hall was there on site probably more than 80% of the time. His foreman, Bill, was there most every day as his second in command & general worker bee. Hall rec'd & returned phone calls fairly promptly during the entire project but was not always very accurate in providing time schedules for subs or materials. This factor became rather frustrating to us as time went on & progress on some components was delayed again & again for no apparent reason. We learned to take whatever Hall told us with a "grain of salt". We also learned to interrupt Hall during conversations as he tends to monopolize any discussion -- he's a big talker & is very good at redirecting or misdirecting his customer to fit his own needs at the time.
Insofar as our working relationship, Hall seemed to have a fair amount of respect for my husband who is a commercial construction veteran, but little for me outside of necessary civilities. My last name is different from my husband's, but Hall had a real problem with my first name of "Virginia". He kept identifying me as "
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
" on our contract, building permit applications & other documents despite our very direct attempts to correct & educate him. We thought we had this worked out at one point when he made a half hearted apology but then he said to me "oh, I get it, this is personal!" as if I was being overly sensitive on the subject. From there on, it was apparent that this was his way of being the "man in charge". Overall, I found him to be dismissive & patronizing towards me many times, & downright rude at others. By this time, we were too committed in this project to consider another builder so I put up with his behavior, but would advise others not to.

Other areas of concern, Hall did not provide a portable toilet for his workers -- they apparently used the woods around our house site...ICK!!. He also did not provide a dumpster for all the construction debris & worker trash that accumulated during the project. He used his own small trailer for hauling fairly frequently at first, but not so much as the months went by. Only after a mountain of trash had built up & our repeated requests to remove it had occurred did he bring in dumpster & clean up the site. Hall was very sporadic about clean up or site protection in general -- we wound up doing a lot of the interior & exterior clean up ourselves & provided contractor quality drop cloths, floor covering protection, covers for special order items & appliances such as kitchen countertop & stovetop, front entry door, etc. The once beautiful m-bath soaking tub was permanently scratched & defaced by inadequate protection thanks to Mr.
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. He was asked to correct this condition or replace; he responded by doing some clean up work himself & told us he'd provide a "factory rep" to come out & correct the rest -- this has not occurred despite our repeated requests.
By the end of 2012 it was obvious the house would not be ready for at least another month. We discussed this w/Hall who agreed that probably the end of
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was more likely. Keep in mind we'd been told 4-5 months to build, there'd been no weather delays or other unforseen events to slow things down, just Hall's management of things. End of
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
comes & goes, still not done. Hall says "end of Feb" due to problems with electrical contractor & wiring of house. Feb comes & goes; electrical problems continue & the contractor,
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Construction, seems to be picking & choosing when to come out & fix the problems. Hall seems to have no recourse with this guy & continues to stand by & wait while everything else comes to a halt including our move-in.
First week of March, we discuss situation w/Hall & advise him we plan to move in 3/20 -- will the house be ready? Hall assures us that it will be -- just need to get this electrical problem corrected & final inspections done, etc. go ahead with moving plans. We contact moving company & start packing in preparation for move. Weekend before move date, electrical contractor
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
comes out to make last? correction. County inspector passes house for occupancy 2 days later, but only because my husband completed remaining work; Hall did not show up day of inspection nor did he respond to phone calls until late that day. County inspector's comments advised that garage wall with exposed wiring needed to be closed up -- Hall said he'd be out next day, 3/19 to do that & some other odds & ends. I advised him that would be his last work day on our project period....he should take all his tools & construction debris, etc because we were done. When we came to the house the next day, we discovered that Hall had been there -- the garage wall had been closed up & he'd packed up all his stuff, but he'd left the remaining construction trash. Welcome to our new home! We didn't hear from Hall that day or for the next few days but we soon would.
Long story short, turns out we weren't able to move in 3/20 because with all the uncertainty of passing inspection, I'd told the movers that date was tenative so when we learned we could move in, the movers had already booked up for that day. Instead, we moved on 4/2; a perfect day as it turned out.

The week after move-in,
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Hall came to our house to demand payment for the balance due him -- we weren't at home at the time--he left a note at the front door. This was disturbing to us since Hall had been paid in accordance with his own draw schedule on or before amounts were due. Never, ever any dispute about money. Also, according to our building contract we were allowed at least 20 days to pay him before being considered late. Needless to say, we did not favor him with a reply right away as we were still in the process of settling in to our brand new home. Hall was eventually paid -- within 2 weeks -- in full minus a small amount for not showing up the day of final inspection & not clearing out all the construction debris. we've contacted him by phone on 2 occasions since then to request warranty assistance with 2 home items; both times Hall assured us he'd take care of the problems right away but nothing was ever done. Luckily, other contractors who worked on our house have volunteered to correct the problems under manufacturer warranty eliminating any need to go back to
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Hall. Shame on him for not honoring his own pledge to correct defects or problems for the 1st year of ownership.

So, long story short & as I said to Mr.
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, he delivered the house we wanted at a price we could afford. Was he the best person to work with? No, he definitely has quite an ego & his own way of going about things regardless of his client's wishes. On the other hand, Hall is very skilled, knowledgable, & capable of creating a lovely home -- as long as you go along with his program & protect your investment as much as possible (which we did), you'll be ok.
"We found much more damage due to leaks than expected. The job became much more extensive... Job done very well and contractor was very responsive.
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
appears to have an excellent reputation (a quality builder), my husband and I have had nothing but problems:
1. The wrong tub/shower unit was installed in the smaller bathroom. When called to Graystone's attention, they wanted us to accept the unit anyway, even though it was completely different and looked cheap. They did change it out eventually.
2. The plumbing for the laundry tub for the basement workshop was not put in. They had to break-up the concrete floor to add it.
3. The skylight (in this case a Solartube) installed in the smaller bath was not centered in the was placed up close against one wall. The light coming it illuminates that wall great, but the rest of the room is in the shadows. Plus, the placement detracts from the looks of the bath. They said they could not center the skylight because the rafters (or trusses or whatever) in the attic were in the way. However, it has been our experience in the past (built 2 homes prior to this), that skylights can be installed most anywhere if planned for in advance. It seems there was poor or no planning at all for placement of ours, so we are stuck.
4. Our contract called for radiant heat to be installed in the Master Bath floor. Shortly after moving in, we discovered the radiant heat was only installed in portions of the floor, not the whole floor. Graystone had no explanation for this, only saying where the placement was in the floor. We are senior citizens...we were counting on the radiant heat to completely warm that room.
5. The Great Room fireplace was constructed using the wrong stone...not at all like the sample we choose. We lived quite a distance away and didn't catch the construction until late. When we complained, Graystone had someone come in and stain some of the stones. Looks somewhat better, but still not what we choose. The hardwood floor was in by then, so there was no real question about taking out the stone and starting over.
6. The fan/light/heat unit installed in the Master bath did not work. The motor had to be replaced. The brand used was not what we expected. The builder's wife had indicated the type to be used was a well-known quality brand when I asked about it. Unfortunately, the brand was not specified in the contract. When I googled the one actually used, the only place I could find that sold that brand was Lowe's and the reviews on it are terrible. Graystone would not consider having the unit changed. A further google
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
found that a model of the same brand had been recalled due to being a fire hazard. We are going to replace it ourselves.
7. We had two window seats put in, one in a box window in the kitchen area, the other in a bay window in the Master Bath. The wood used in both seats is very rough (none of it was sanded before painting) and the seat in the Master Bath is poorly constructed...the seat does not fit inside the window but sticks out on each side of the bay. There is storage space below in both seats. When the lids to the storage area are raised, there are large cracks and holes in the undersides of the lids. No quality construction in sight anywhere here and no real suggested fix by the builder.
8. There is a real saga about the problems with the hardwood floors. Before moving in, part of the flooring had to be redone because the stain did not completely cover the floor in places. Now "cupping" has developed in the floor. Response from the builder..."should the change in the floor rise to a level that calls for repair, refinishing should solve the problem". In other words, even though you can see every
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
of almost every board in the floor in all rooms, especially when the sun shines on it, if the cupping remains as it is now, the problem does not rise to his level of repair. I guess you have to be able to stub your toe on it before refinishing is considered. Time will tell concerning the floor.
9. There is another saga about the niche constructed for the toilet paper holder in the Master Bath. A small matter you say, but they had to redo it three times to get it right! Let's just leave it at that.
All I can say about this builder is buyer beware!! I'm left wondering, we caught a lot, but what did we miss that will bite us down the road.
Culpeper Home Builders Provider Name Locked
showed up on time. Crawled in attic to check water damage. There was none. Climbed on roof for close inspection of chimney, identified several trouble spots. Caulked them all and installed flashing over all trouble spots by cutting into chimney stone with a diamond blade and inserting flashing in groove. Permanent fix.

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