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Overall, very good experience, from contacting them, getting a quote, fixing a date & time and finally completion of the job.
- Nitin K.

Historical background:
I bought my house 13 years ago and it is now 32 years old. I was no stranger to the crawl space - went through it with the home inspector when I bought the house (nothing major discovered), and periodically went under for other things. The space is about 20" high on average between the floor and joists, so you have to literally crawl or roll everywhere. About 8 years ago, I had a leak in a hot water pipe. I did a recommended repair, but not what I would consider permanent. It worked, but I vowed to make a 'permanent' repair someday. I regularly poked my head in the access door to confirm the pipe didn't leak. But I probably haven't crawled around the whole space in the last 5 years. Last year I decided to go ahead do the permanent repair. I then noticed that the a/c
coming in from the air handler in the garage was sagging - the insulation was soaking wet. So after many painful hours (days), I had replace all the insulation and returned the
to its correct position. I thought that a hanging piece of insulation was drawing up moisture like a sponge from the ground where condensation was collecting. So I put off the pipe repair until this year. Once I completed the pipe repair, I inspected the a/c
again, and the
insulation was soaking wet again! I believed now that condensation was leaking in from the garage (the base of the air handle sweats a lot on humid days) and that I had a big moisture problem in the craw space creating excessive condensation on the
(and saturating the insulation). The original vapor
was mostly intact where I was working, but I put down some extra plastic when I began the initial repairs because of how much crawling I was doing on it and dragging materials and tools across it. After repairing the
again, I did a quick inspection of the rest of the
. Insulation was coming loose everywhere (old rusty staples deteriorating, fungus, etc.), and previous repairs by the previous owners was failing. But while inspecting the
, I realized that the old vapor
was mostly deteriorated everywhere. What I thought was just normal dirt and dust on top of the
was really mold, fungus, or holes exposing the sand underneath. Obviously poking my head in just to take a quick look wasn't enough to truly assess the condition of my crawlspace.

Shocking discovery:
I did some research and decided to put a good 10mil vapor
on the crawl space floor. But the ground was so wet and nasty, I didn't want to wrestle with taping plastic seams while my clothes and hands were covered with wet dirt, grit, and sand. I decided to put some 4mil sheeting down first so I would have a relatively 'pristine' surface to work on. I would periodically glance and inspect the sills and joists mostly by tapping on their sides to ensure they felt and sounded solid, and I did discover one sill that should probably be replaced. After about 60 hours of getting my 'temporary' vapor
down and implementing repairs on ducting insulation, I finally started to look more closely as the sills and joists. To my shock, five (5) separate 12' to 14' foot long sills had gone bad. So then I checked the joists more closely and discovered at least 15 of them were bad. From just a visual inspection, they looked fine. But when I would squeeze them at their base, it was like crunching crackers. From the middle and up, they were solid, which was what fooled me initially. My crawl space has a virtual dead-zone - my house should have another vent, and where that vent should be is also where the main a/c
passes and cuts diagonally across the space. There is no air-movement there and is a perfect place for fungus to thrive in a moisture-rich environment. I knew I was now in need of professional help as I surely couldn't do this type of wood repair myself. The toll those 60+ hours took on my shoulders, collar bones, and rotator-cups was enough to convince me to NOT try this myself (and I still intend to put my 10mil vapor
down in the spring).

Contractor selection:
I talked with many people who had similar experiences and had a good idea what to expect in costs. I requested an inspection and estimate from
(TSR) mostly from the reviews on Angie's List. Several contractors are listed as being capable, but only a small handful actually had reviews, and much less had detailed reviews related to this kind of work. I had asked Mr.
for a 'Chinese menu' of options so that I could consider what I would gladly pay for and what I might choose to do myself. After Mr.
's inspection, he said my crawl space wasn't that bad (surprisingly), outlined what his recommendations were, what I could obviously do myself, and told me what I could expect to pay for those materials for any of the jobs I wanted to take on. After I said I didn't want to do any of the wood repairs myself, he even offered to help me get the best price on those other materials if I wanted to take them on after he did the full wood-related repairs. As far as sill replacements, all contractors replace 12' sills with two 6' sections, or 14' sills with two 7' sections using 8' lengths cut to fit. The five full-length sills I identified (equivalent of ten 'halves') only required nine (9) replacement 'halves', so this was consistent with what I discovered. Based on my own experience in my crawl space, it didn't take long for me to calculate in my head how many hours I would be in the crawl space to do certain things on my own (e.g., removing 1,500 sq-ft of old, dirty insulation, then getting 1,500 sq-ft of new insulation and installing it). Mr.
also told be what each job on his list would cost if they were done by themselves, and gave me a discount quote based on having it all done at once. Based on my knowledge of my crawl space, the research I did, and how many hours I did NOT want to work in my crawl space, I accepted the proposal. Additionally, Mr.
gave me advice on my vapor
project, moisture-management regarding condensation on ducting, and what works best to preserve the integrity and life expectancy of a crawl space.

The work and products used are great. And even if a vent is added where one is 'missing', that area would still be a dead-zone regardless because of the a/c
, and that is why I opted for 2 fans installed with the humidistat. A crew of 5 knocked out all the work in just 3 days. It may have been possible to get a better price by haggling with multiple contractors, but I didn't want to mostly because of the time that would take. I think I got a fair deal, and peace-of-mind that my foundation/crawl space will last many, many years to come. I'm sure the crew was glad that new plastic sheeting was down and they didn't have to work in damp sand, but after the 2nd day they came out from underneath looking fairly dirty to my surprise. It turns out that was from washing all the fungus off ALL the sills and joists in the crawl space with the Bor-Ram solution. A lot of the old joists looked brand-new following this treatment. So this type of work isn't cheap because of confinement of space, the environmental conditions, and the number of people involved to get it done in a timely manner (try any of it by yourself or with just one other person). I also chose to work from home on those days in case they needed anything from me like decisions on the fly. The work is LOUD. When they knock out the old sills, it feels like the floor is caving in, and putting in the new sills and joists feels like they are beating up on the bottom of your floor. It can be a little unsettling, but that's just the nature of the work being done. There was no damage to my home, and in fact, my house is even more level, which I didn't expect since there was really no obvious sag in the floor to begin with. Some old floor-creeks disappeared while some new ones are present now. I'm sure a lot of that will settle out, but none of it alarms me. Three things that surprised me most was how worse other crawl spaces are they have seen, how loud the work was (that shouldn't have surprised me though), and how fast they could get those old sills out and replace with new sills (would have taken me forever if I could do it).

gave me a detailed list of required repairs and optional recommendations, all of which I could selectively choose from and considered priced fairly. I was consulted every step of the way for any unexpected choices or modifications that had to be considered during the course of the work. All the work was finished on time as expected. The entire crew were pleasant and respectful (they obviously couldn't help with the noise that the work required). I am very satisfied and would use TSR again, but that's mainly because I am very familiar with my crawlspace and knew what was entailed. However, I truly do not believe anything would be different as far as price and quality of work goes even if I wasn't. So if YOU want confidence that YOU are getting what YOU pay for, know your crawl space. Otherwise, if you can't because of age or disabilities (or it's just too gross to even consider entering), then get an independent inspection and multiple estimates. I believe TSR and Mr.
will give you a fair and competitive price, and the quality of work will be excellent. I chose to let TSR do everything because I'm worn out from working in that crawl space, and I've got probably 50 hours ahead of me anyway with my final vapor
project. So I am satisfied with the work they did, and extremely happy that the integrity of my home is restored (just have to put off that bathroom remodeling project for a while now). And don't be surprised by sticker-shock - this is not easy work. If it was, we could all do it ourselves.
- Paul L.

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Insulation reviews in Chesapeake


Great Job!!! From start to finish! Having been in the foundation repair business for 3 years I personally know the hard work that goes into work under a structure. So hard indeed, is the reason why I hired someone else to do the work for me.
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, was on time, gave a detailed estimate and did everything he said he was going to do. The job took 2 days and they did not leave a
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
that they had even been there. After they finished I crawled under the house and checked out the work performed and was very pleased! A+ work that surpassed my personal expectations. I would definitely recommend
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to family and friends.
- Justin V.

I met them at a Home Builders show. They were very knowledgeable and provided some good insight into the potential project I was contemplating. Two weeks later I contacted the firm to stop by and provide an estimate. They were punctual and professional. There was no hard sell and they stuck to what I wanted to have done. I was satisfied with the estimate and awarded them the job. The day of the job, they arrived on time, immediately got to work and kept me apprised as to what they were doing. Again, extremely professional, the two young men focused on getting the job done right. They cleaned up and left the place in good order. I was pleased with the level of service and quality of the work.

The work went extremely well. Overall, it took four days. On the first day,
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived with enough men to get the washed sand into the crawl space and leveled out. They also removed the debris in the crawl space. The next day was spent laying the vapor
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and spraying the fungal treatment. After allowing a day for the fungal chemical to dry, the men returned to reinsulate the air
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
line and install the R-19 insulation. All debris was cleaned up before they left. The work was excellent and I highly recommend
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his men.
- Karen S.

Excellent with crawl space repairs. I expanded the job to include finishing an apartment and this was slighlty out of the scope of service for the company.
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is comfortable working without a written contract and so there is some respsonsibility of the homeowner to ensure good communication about what projects will cost and when completion will occur. I would rate
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
as honest and dependable.
- Michael G.

Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was referred by the guy who inspected my house prior to purchase. I called him and asked for references and they were excellent. Here's the clincher: I needed all of this completed within a six-week time frame and actually was off by only three days due to weather! He came with me to select the materials from Lowe's/Home Depot and gave me suggestions when we needed to change things. How many contractors do you know that clean up after themselves? He was always personable, on time, and explained things to me as the work progressed! If you want an EXCELLENT JOB that is reasonable, CALL
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Jean-Marie E.

Chesapeake Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is an excellent home repairman and remodeler. He's diligent, responsible, and he does great work. Trained by older craftsmen, he has years of experience doing quality work. He is personable, his prices are very reasonable, and he uses quality materials. He is both trustworthy and competent. We strongly recommend him.

This guy was one you could rely on. He was here when he was suppose to be and he would not leave the job half finished. He completed his jobs before moving on. I was real satisfied with his work and I felt it was high quality materials he used.

This guy was just starting his company and did a thorough job in whatever he did. He was an all around handyman who used good quality materials. He never left a job unfinished and was a real nice guy.
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