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Rebecca F.
"We have had experience with several contractors and all of them have had serious drawbacks that have made us not want to use them again. Working with
though" was great. He showed up every day, and even on weekends when necessary and took on only our job till it was done. This was a huge plus and is in contrast to others who have a tendency to show up for a couple days, mysteriously disappear for a week, then come back intermittently, which extends the job and the chaos in your house from weeks into months.
works by the hour and you get your money's worth. He works very hard, but also takes the time he needs to work out the best and most efficient way to get to the finished product. In old houses this sometimes requires creativity because you never know what you will run into when tearing into a wall. He really seems to approach his work like it is his own house so he wants it done right. Another nice thing about working with
is that he is perfectly fine with you helping out as much or as little as you want to. On our job I did all the demo work with a
, then once he was on the job I'd go downstairs on weekends and evenings to see what I could find to pitch into the dumpster. I also did a lot of the finish work, the painting and the flooring, but I only did these myself because I wanted to. These things all shortened the timeline on the job and saved us money. In all,
is flexible, hard working, reliable, affordable, dedicated, and does thoughtful, high quality work. We have his next job in our house already lined up.
Rated by
Katherine C.
"Requested a quote online and their office called that day or next day to set one up for the following week.
showed up on time and was very friendly and professional." He was receptive to our ideas and offered new ideas for us to consider. We felt that he understood what we wanted our finished space to function as and look like. Did have to call their office and ask about when we would receive the quote, but
e-mailed within it within a couple days of the phone call. Quote included almost everything we talked about, although the floor project we discussed was excluded due to costs and the budget we told him we wanted to stay within. The quote was on the higher side of what we would like to spend, so we are currently still getting other quotes from area contractors before we make our final decision. Still may end up going with Agape since they are located close to our home, we've seen their work around
and it looks great, and appreciated the great first impression we received during the quote process.
Rated by
John G.
"We had them put in a 3 piece bathroom, an office/bedroom, a playroom, living room area and a wet bar. We were able to approve all of the plans before work was started and when we had" changes they were responsive to make things work out the way we wanted it. They let us know when and who was coming over that day so we knew who to expect. The workers were respectful that we were living upstairs and home most of the time they were here during the day. We are extremely happy with the result and would recommend highly for great quality work.

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There are a number of mistakes, such as not following proper building codes, homeowners tend to make when finishing their own basements. (Photo courtesy of Better Built Basements)

Why you should hire a pro to finish your basement

If you’re debating on whether to finish your basement yourself or hire a contractor, read what our experts had to say. Your life could depend on it.

basement remodling contractor

Basement Remodeling

Get use out of every square inch of your house and add value to your home by finishing your basement space. Remodeling your basement can add a family room, in-home theater, kid's play area or a guest suites for the in-laws.

replacement basement door, basement door, sealed basement door
Remodeling - Basements

Want to cut your energy bill and increase your home’s comfort? With a little work, you can create a tightly sealed basement that will make winter more pleasant.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

Depending on the natural light in a basement, artificial lighting can be really important to the atmosphere and utility of the space, says Pillow. (Photo courtesy of Moss Building and Design)
Remodeling - Basements, Remodeling - General

Planning a basement remodel? One highly rated provider shares tips for where to trim your budget during the remodeling process and where you can splurge.

Signing a contract (Photo by Katie Jacewicz)
Remodeling - Basements, Remodeling - General, Remodeling - Modular & Mobile Home

Don't get burned by failing to read the fine print of a home remodeling contract. Check out these things every remodeling contract should contain.

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Basement Laundry Room

Angie's Answers

Todd said it best.

An itemized list / cost breakdown, more often than not is used against the contractor when it is shared with other builders who will then beat it.

Good contractors use good people, and good people cost more.  Just the cost of having the appropriate insurance / bond can be the difference between winning a job or losing it ot a 'lower bid'.

It is the rule of three; there is Good, Cheap and Fast.  You can have any two:  Good and Cheap, won't be Fast; Good and Fast, won't be Cheap;  Cheap and Fast, won't be Good!

When comparing bids, it isn't the cheapest or the 'nicest' person you should select.   You should understand why there is a large price difference (it shows there are gaps in your design program or what you have asked for specifically, which means there may be arguments later).  If most of the bids are in line, and one is way high or way low,  you want to know why before dismissing or selecting them.

A price-only decision almost always costs more in the long run. 

Good luck!
There are two sides to this and everyone will have an opinion.  I can tell you that from a contractor's point of view a customer that is up front with me is much easier to work with and the entire experience is much more pleasurable to all parties involved.  If you treat your contractor like there's always something to hide from him expect the same in return.  A good contractor is going to take your budget into consideration and make recommendations based on that budget.  When possible, he's going to estimate the work 10-20% under your target to leave room for the unexpected.  With any remodeling work, there's always the possibility and likelihood that there will be surprises that will have to be added such as mold damage, improper existing framing, etc.  The cushion allows room for the project cost to grow without going over your budget.  If no problems are found and you decide to spend that money some of the final finishes can be upgraded or other projects added.

Another good arguement for disclosing your budget to your contractor is to save you both some time and aggrevation.  You may have a $10,000 budget and want $30,000 worth of work.  Wouldn't you like to know your desires aren't possible before you get your hopes up or spend money on design fees for plans you can't afford?  Likewise, the contractor doesn't want to put in the hours of calculating the estimate only to find out it was all for nothing or that he has to refigure for a much lower cost after pricing what you specified.

Be fair and honest with your contractor if you expect the same respect in return.  You'll get a lot more out of it with the right contractor.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX

Herlonginc's answer stated that it is not the contractor's job to pay for materials and labor to do the job. I say baloney - a reputable, established contractor has the funds (or a business operations line of credit) to "carry" the job between interim or partial payments, each of which should be keyed to completion of distinct easily measured mileposts in the job, and for a homeowner I would say should be in not more than 20% increments for jobs exceeding a week or so. For shorter jobs, then an initial payment, 50% completion, and completion would be normal. His cost of carry funds is part of his cost of doing business, and is figured as part of his overhead.Bear in mind when he is buying materials and paying labor, his materials he typically pays for on a 10-30 day invoice, and his labor typically a week or two after they work, so he is not really "fronting" that much money if you are giving him weekly or biweekly interim payments, on a typical residential job.

If he does not have the funds to buy materials (excepting possibly deposit on special-order or luxury items, which still typically are 10-30 day invoiceable to him) and hire personnel then he is a fly-by-night operation, and he should not be bidding that size job. You should never (other than MAYBE an earnest deposit of not more than the LESSER of 10% or $5000) let the payments get ahead of the approved/inspected work progress - typically payment should be 10-20% BEHIND the progress, with at least 10% retained at the effective end of work until final inspections and completion of the final "punchlist".

That promotes rapid continuation of the work, discourages the all-too common nightmare of contractors taking on more work than they can handle so they leave your job for weeks or months to go work on someone else's job (frequently to start that someone else's new job so he can get the job), and does not leave you out a tremendous amount of cash if he does not finish and you have to hire another contractor to finish the job. Remember, if you have to hire a new contractor to finish the job, he will charge you a lot more than the original bid to finish someone else's unfinished mess.

This may seem cynical, but having started in the construction business about 50 years ago and seeing the shenanigans that a lot of contractors pull you cannot be too safe. You have to remember contractors are like any other people - I would say maybe 10% are outright crooks, another 25% or so will pull a fast one or overcharge if the opportunity presents itself, maybe 30% will do the work but not any better than they are forced to, about 25% are good conscientious reputable workmen, and the last 10% or so are really spectacular - conscientious, fair, and efficient craftsmen. This top 35% are the only ones you should have bidding in the first place. Therefore, only get bids from long-term reputable firms (so you shake out the marginal short-timers with less experience and also generally less ability to finish the job on budget and schedule), only those that have good RECENT references, and preferably with excellent word-of-mouth recommendation from people you know and trust. That way, you are starting right off with the cream of the crop, so hopefully whichever one bids low should be a good choice.

NEVER start with bids, then check the references of the low bidder - why even consider a vendor or contractor who you do not have faith in from the start ? Get references and short-list you possibles BEFORE you ask for bids.

Low bids - that is another matter - commonly the low bidder is NOT who you want, especially if he is significantly lower than several others, which might mean he is desperate for work, made a math error, or did not correctly figure the entire scope of work. You want a reasonable bid with someone you connect with and trust - that is worth a lot more in the success of the job than the absolute lowest bid.


You should always get a set of print and pull a permit when remodeling you home. It is a good thing that you want to be involved in your project. I do have some reservation about the electrical work. There is a lot at risk with doing the work yourself. If the house burns down you will never get the insurance money, unless your a certified electrician. Now of days 90% of home fires are blamed on electrical problems because the insurance company is to lazy and cheap to investigate the true problem. Also find out if the city you live in will allow you to perform the work. Make sure you coordinate your subs to have the proper time and space to perform their job. You don't want people working on top of each other. If you order all you materials make sure everything is there before you start your project. Have your subs check for proper and full items to be installed. Make sure every sub has a working set of prints. Make sure you have all the demo done before your subs show up to work. Schedule your plumber first, do any final framing or electrical work while you wait for inspection. Electrical inspection next followed by framing, insulation, and wallboard. All subs must get a final inspection on the job before you (the GC) can call in your final inspection.

Basement Remodeling reviews in Cedar Bluff


Outstanding excellent company, from top to bottom.
They have made my house renovation a breeze.
We renovated 3 bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and rec room. Like other reviews say, they find creative and efficient solutions for any sort of problem is encounter. Some of the furniture and appliances (including sinks and faucets) are european, and presented quite a challenge to be fit with an american setup, they all were solved with flowless results and care for details.
- Bianca F.

We have a finished basement that we want to waterproof and then refinish. Basement Doctor is highly rated on Angie's List and was referred to us by a friend. However, they would not send out a representative unless both my husband and I were available to meet with them. I had to reschedule 3 times because of my husband's work/travel schedule, so after almost a month, an estimator was sent to our home. He explained their system and gave us an estimate for the work. He was businesslike, but had quite a salesperson demeanor. He was quick with his explanations, but did not push for a signed contract that day. A few days later a different person from the sales department called to see if we were ready to sign a contract. I explained that after further reviewing their system, I had some questions, and would like to speak with the estimator. Well, they would have preferred that both my husband I met with them again, but the estimator did make another trip out and met with just me. Then we met with a contractor to discuss the demo work and the finish work after the waterproofing job was completed. This brought up a few more
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
questions that could be answered over the phone or through email. Basement Doctor wanted to send someone out to my house again for a 5 minute conversation, and they insisted that both my husband and I were there to meet with them. I explained again that my husband traveled extensively, my questions were not complicated, and could I please have someone call or email me. Again I was politely told that they would prefer to meet with both of us. I told them I would try to find the answers through their website. After looking at and watching video on their website I was able to infer the answers to my questions, but I also looked at information on their basement finishing systems, as we would have to finish
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
walls separately after the waterproofing was completed. I called them back to see if I could get some more information on their finishing system to see if this would be an option we would be interested in. Well, she explained the system briefly and then offered to send someone out to our home to assess the project. Based on her explanation of the system and ball park figure, this did not seem to be something that we would want to do. She offered anyway to schedule an appointment. Again, I was asked when my husband I would be available to meet. Again, I explained that my husband travels extensively and it is difficult to meet with him during the week. On all of the Friday night and Saturday options that she offered in the next month, we already had plans. I was available to meet anytime, but this did not satisfy her. She was now looking at a month away to schedule an appointment, and I explained that I had 3 other companies coming out to give me estimates for waterproofing in the next week, and I did not want to wait another month to move forward on this project. She then said that I should call her back after meeting with the other companies the following week, so that they could schedule a time for someone to come out and meet with both my husband and I and see if they could lower the cost of their estimate. I'm sorry Basement Doctor, but I went with one of the companies that was willing to meet with just me, and the company that will be doing the work for us gave me an estimate that was lower than yours. This company is also very highly rated on Angie's list, and I feel confident that they will provide excellent work with a proven basement water proofing system at a fair price. Yes, I happen to be a stay at home mom right now, but I have an engineering degree from the Ohio State University, and I am very capable, and trusted by my husband, to meet with sales people, project estimators, and contractors on my own, share the information with my husband, and make informed decisions about project work in our home.
- Julie J.

I live in a golf course community and wanted to finish my basement to add more living space to my home. We have an English basement with lots of light and have added a bonus room, bedroom and full bath.
The space has relatively new construction but is unfinished....
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
had to work with the imperfections of the original work that was left undone. He is a wonderful craftsman.....his estimates of the space and dimensions have always been accurate. He maps out a schedule and sticks to it. When he says he will be done with something; hw is done. If anything, I am the one who has to keep up with him!!!!
He has wonderful ideas and understands what is the best use of the space. He takes command of the project and doesn't need pushing or hand-holding which is important to me as I am working full time. Most of all, I feel he is trustworthy and has trustworthy sub contractors............What more can you ask for?
- Terri M.

Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
quickly returned my call after our first contact and a meeting was scheduled in just a few days. He arrived promptly for our appointment.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
was able to give us an estimate on the spot and we shook hands that day. The job was started on 8/25/14 and the final inspection was completed on 10/8/14; just 6 weeks to complete the entire project, and some of that was waiting on the inspection!
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
and his crew were always professional and friendly.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
listened to all of my thoughts and was happy to do whatever he could to make us happy. He gave us some very good ideas and professional advice on how to handle certain aspects of the project. Special attention had to be given to the walk out door to allow my husband (who is in a wheelchair) access to the basement.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
handled that aspect of the job brilliantly! He was also kind enough to do some extra work that was not contractually required of him. The quality of
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's work is exceptional. We have a new home and I must say, the basement actually looks just as good, if not better, that our main living space. Everything from the framing to the final painting is quality work. The time and attention that was paid to detail is noticeable and appreciated. When my husband saw the basement his exact words were, "It's a work of art." Would I hire
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
again? You betcha!

- Micki L.

Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
arrived at my home for a free estimate on time. He was cordial and seemed honest during our exchange. I had ideas for my 600sq. ft. basement remodel, but he suggested additional configurations, as well as the pros and cons of each.

I decided to go with
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
after getting more estimates due to the idea he suggested, and it was within my budget. Both he
and his helper worked long days, and
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
worked on Saturdays also.

It was a three phase project consisting of the bathroom remodel, hardwood flooring, and staircase carpeting.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
ran the plumbing to the bathroom that was going to be built. He installed the diverter and framed it with the drywall. The bathroom only has a shower, because of the limited space, and
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
’s ceramic tile workmanship is superb. I've been in some showers where the tiles
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
’t align correctly or just cut wrong. Mine are flawless. My window pane shower door and granite countertop were on special order from an overseas vendor.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
did a great job installing those as well. He hung and finished the ceiling then framed the rest of the basement with drywall. I decided to go with the prefinished engineered hard wood floor per
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
’s guidance. He informed me that the solid wood flooring would be susceptible to moisture because it’s below the grade of the ground level outside. Unfortunately, it was more expensive, but essential for my basement. I was a little conflicted on the style of the stairs, but it had to be carpeted for safety, and noise reduction. Having four kids and a dog running up/down a steep hardwood staircase wouldn’t be optimal. After
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
installed the carpet, he and his helper hung the doors, installed the windows, accent ceiling lights, and painted. The end result was immaculate.

The remodel was completed in 28 days, which was two days earlier than the time frame he originally projected. I couldn't be more happy. He was meticulous, and rehabbed my basement with care. I will definitely use him in the future.
- John M.

I have used
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
in the past for several projects including remodeling my kitchen, removing a load bearing wall, installing a new bathroom, and most recently remodeling my unfinished basement. If you are looking for a contractor that is flexible and will let you pick out exactly how you want your basement to look
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
is your man. I wanted my basement to have a top of the line surround sound system, great lighting, a gym, closet space, and 2
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
bookshelves. One of the
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
bookcases is a compartment under my stairs. This place is perfect for my kids to play in. The other
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
a storage/safe room. My basement went from an unused space to the nicest floor in my house. In order to minimize the amount of costs for the remodel,
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
let me use my own carpet provider and I also got to use my existing TV and stereo equipment including surround sound speakers.
- Jeff K.

We used
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to completely remodel our basement. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely use them again. The overall square footage of our renovated space was about 1500.
We contacted
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
, the owner, through the Angie's List website in early June about a quote for our project. He called the next day and scheduled an appt one evening that week to meet at hour home. I had some ideas for the project and a list of what we really wanted out of the space. After taking a look at our space, he had several ideas for layouts and that day we agreed on a general plan for the space - approximate location for our kitchenette, bathroom, media area, play area and a separate office.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
said he would get back to me in about 2 weeks with a complete quote and plans for the basement. He emailed me a complete plan and detailed quote in 3 days. His overall plan and blueprint really demonstrated his experience with these projects because he really maximized the use of space and flow through the basement. His quote was competitive and with his reputation through Angie's List and his references we chose him to complete our project.
We started our project with demo of the existing basement in late June.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's guys,
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
, took about 2-3 days for the full demo. They were very efficient and clean through the whole process as they took the space down to the studs and joists. Before construction,
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
referred a good foundation repair guy who filled some foundation leaks (rod holes). Along the way, we worked with
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to finalize the design and layout of the kitchen and other carpentry.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
was also able to give us a good idea of the cost of any potential changes and the impact on the budget/estimate. We chose to use the cabinet company
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
recommended and we were able to take advantage of his builder prices for materials.
The construction process took about 6-7 weeks.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
and his team started with the framing. He did uncover some small structural issues (wall with bowing studs) that he did correct. Also, he was accommodating in allowing us to tweak the design a bit as things progressed (we enlarged the bathroom by a foot). Over the next weeks his main subcontractors for the heating and cooling, plumbing, and electrical came through and did their work. All of these guys did great work and were trustworthy and polite. The electricians were especially helpful in discovering and fixing some small problems.
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
scheduled all needed inspections with our city and the whole inspection process did not slow down the project. The inspectors did comment on the good quality of the work done.
The drywall process overall went well and the finish product is excellent. The drywallers did have to return a couple times to make some finishing touches. The tile also looks great and
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's subcontractor here did a good job with the backsplash and bathroom. We did have a problem with a cracked tile and broken grout, but
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
had the tiler out the next day and the problems were fixed quickly. The painting was the only area that was a bit of a headache and that crew had to return several times to fix some imperfections. However, we learned that
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
does demand a very high standard from his subcontractors and he always made sure that the finished product was just what we wanted. We also went through
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's preferred source for granite countertops and these were done well and at a good price. Here again, there was a small issue with the finish on the corners of the island, and
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
had it fixed the next day.
A special note should be made about some of the carpentry that
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
completed. They did some great work around our fireplace, the stairwell, shelving and with the cabinetry. Our media area is all custom and was designed to match the cabinets in the kitchen area. They also put up some custom wainscotting along the walls and bar and it all looks fantastic.
We did take on some areas of the project ourselves. Flooring is not typically a part of
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's quotes, but he does have some people he can recommend. We also ran our own networking cable, speaker wire and media cable, though the electricians could have done it as well.
In summary,
Cedar Bluff Basement Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
and his crew were wonderful to work with. We had no trouble trusting them in our home when we were not around. Our new basement space is great new addition to our home and really does not even feel like a basement any more.
- Jonathan J.

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Rife Remodeling & Flooring

1225 Front St

Seal-Tite Basement Waterproofing Company

355 Olde Route 604

Sean's Interior/Exterior Design Contractor

14870 Mills Ct
Amelia Court House



Singh Construction

206 Back River Neck Rd

SNR Design and Build LLC

2218 Harpoon DR.

Sowinski Tile & Marble

127 Industrial Blvd

Stefan Home Service

5901 Sheraton Cir.



Stump & Sons Construction

2103 Jeremy Creek Rd

Total Remodeling Systems

3113 Valley Ave

Town & Country Construction

11500 Bevils Bridge Rd.
Amelia Court House

Townside Building and Repair INC

60 Greenridge Drive



Turpin Constuction Company

2945 Cottontown Rd

Tyler Construction

7618 Midday Lane


12637 S 265 W Suite 100

Warren Associates Development Inc

507 Wood Ave
Big Stone Gap
Cedar Bluff Zip Codes

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