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Howard S.
"Excellent installation and instruction service provided by
. After initially meeting to find out what we had, he made suggestions on placement of a second motion" detector. Original sensors were all hard wired and
was able to utilize them and added a wireless motion detector. Very professional. He even returned a couple of days later to help with a landline that was not functioning, I though it was due to the installation. Since we switched to VoIP, there was no need for the landline anymore and
helped with utilizing preexisting prewired phone lines to be connected to the VoIP service. That was above and beyond his original task. Now we are able to remotely access our alarm system via cell phone. We are able to Arm/disarm system, lock/unlock entry door and open close the garage door.
Rated by
Joseph T.
"I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in a security system, and
reps ensured that I received exactly what I wanted. The system itself was very" easy to install, and took me about an hour and 20 minutes. (would have been shorter, but I had a lot of sensors to install, and I took my time) What has been most impressive to me is
's customer service. I had some initial system problems which
ultimately determined was the result of a programming error in the control panel. They shipped me a new panel via overnight delivery. No problems with the new one. But over the course of several days, I called
numerous times to handle the issues I was having, and also to get answers to the numerous questions that I had about different aspects of the system and how it worked. Although I spoke with about 7-8 different reps during this time on a variety of topics, EVERY single customer service rep that I spoke with was helpful, professional, friendly, and VERY knowledgeable! In all truthfulness, I have never experienced customer service THIS good from any company that I have ever dealt with - and I have dealt with many of them in my lifetime. I am so glad I did the research before getting a home security system and even more happy that I decided to go with
. Here are the reasons why I am very happy with my purchase and overall experience: the equipment quality seems to be very good (I have only had it for less than a week), the 3 year equipment warranty is excellent, the 30-day money back guarantee is almost unheard of, the features of the system are top-notch and state-of-the-art for very reasonable prices, installation was super easy,
has a great reputation, and as I said, from what I have experienced thus far with their customer service, their reputation is well-deserved! It's no wonder that they are receiving such great reviews, wherever you look. The best thing that a home security system gives you, besides protection, is peace of mind! This system has done that for me and I'm very happy that I chose
Rated by
"They give me an estimate, I accepted and asked them to do the best they could. They came and installed the shades and everything works and looks fine. A clip on one of the wires broke" recently and they've got it on the way to replace.

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home automation

Home automation

Home automation systems are the next generation of high-end consumer electronics. They allow users to program default settings for their home that match their own personal preferences and remotely manipulate certain appliances via smartphones and other remote technologies.

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A reliable HVAC company can also offer advice on the best brand and specific home automation products for your situation, says Brown. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Jeffrey C. of Washington)
Home Automation, Heating & A/C

There are many things to consider when getting a new home automation system. One highly rated provider explains the ins and outs and who you should hire.

home automation smart control
Home Automation

Many homeowners want a home automation system, but some security and design flaws persist. See what the experts suggest to make your smart home smarter.

Angie's List member Shane Bernard of Charlotte, N.C., hired a company to install an extensive home automation system. (Photo by Ray Black III)
Home Automation

More homeowners integrating home automation systems as price points fall, technology becomes more user-friendly and products are more compatible.

Automating reviews in Arlington


Went well. Part of the allure of this company is there is no need to wire the house for the security system. It's all cellular. It has been up a month and working just like advertised. I've added remote control light controls and am very pleased with the affordability of the system.

I had been wanting to add that extra
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
of protection to my home by acquiring a home security system, and I finally stopped procrastinating and made a few phone calls. I went with
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
because they were professional on the phone, had a very fair price, and were a locally owned company. They came out the next day, installed my new security system, explained the system to me and answered all of my questions. They were pleasant and courteous, and I'm very happy with my system. I highly recommend PNWS!
- Maria S.

Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Stone and his company
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Remodeling began working on my house around the last week of April 2014 with an agreed upon completion date of approximately May 25th. It is
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
3rd as I write this, and the work has not been competed and we have had to resort to finding outside qualified contractors to fix and complete the work/mistakes
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his company caused. The following list of damage and incorrect/hazardous work has all been documented by pictures and I will gladly send any images to Angie's list or any concerned parties to verify.
The most expensive and damaged part of the house are the wood floors. We paid for wall to wall hand scraped, pre engineered wood floors to be installed in the master bedroom, living/dining room hallways and closets. Usually when there is a lot of demo, painting and dry wall work to be completed the wood floors are the last thing to be installed.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
installed them in the beginning of the project and then did not cover them when installing the dry wall, causing dust to be ground into the hand scraped finish. They were also sloppy with the glue during install and there are several spots that have glue in the hand scraped grooves of the wood. Two separate inspectors have reviewed the floors and determined they were damaged during install, and the discoloration is due to paint/drywall, and glue that was ground into the profile (I have multiple pics). The floors were also laid in an incorrect pattern. Each box contained instructions on the proper pattern, but these were ignored. You can easily tell that the people laying the floors were not properly trained in laying these floors. Granted, it was a more complicated floor, given we chose a floor with varying plank widths and lengths. However, I was assured by
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
that his crew had installed this type of wood before and knew what they were doing. When we finally were able to get
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to come to the house to see the work we had been complaining about, his response to the discoloration damage was “thats how they come from the factory.” Even after we presented several pieces from an unused box that were clean.
To add insult to injury,
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
had his crew try to clean the damage out of the profile of the wood. We discovered that they used paint thinner as a cleaner on the entire floor, not just spot cleaning for glue or trouble spots This caused the finish in many large areas of the floor to damage and look dull and cloudy (i have pics). We called the distributor of the floors and they said paint thinner should never be used to clean entire wood floors. We told
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew this and they said they would stop using it. However, we caught them continuing to use it after we asked them not to and they damaged even more of the floor. To repair the damage they caused, we walked in on them using a dark stain (Miniwax wood finisher) to cover their mistakes (I have pics of this). Remember, these are pre-engineered floors that already had eight coats of finish on them. Luckily we found them doing this before they were able to cover a large area and we have been cleaning the finish off ever since. Due to this incompetence we have several areas of our new floors that are dull and damaged and show the “wipe pattern” that they used when applying the paint thinner and Miniwax floor finish.
Another example of their incompetence is regarding the step down into our living room. Instead of using a proper stair nose piece of matching wood, they used a cheap pine corner piece and painted it brown to try to match the wood. They didn't even install it correctly and it has already broken and chipped in several places. Additionally, the trim used on the base board isn’t even base trim. They cut corners and used window trim as base board trim. After all of this we are still finding areas where the floors don't even meet the wall and the subfloor underneath is exposed. Another example of their laziness shows at every doorway they passed when installing the wood floors. They did not under cut the doors during install, they just filled the gaps between the boards with white caulk to try and hide the mistake (pics available). There are also several areas that were included on the bid that we paid for, but did not receive wood floors. All the hallway closets were omitted from the installation even though we paid for the square footage and work to be done. This is the first of instances of possible theft we discovered during the remodel. Everywhere they could cut corners, they did. It’s amazing really, as we keep finding lazy, corner cutting mistakes everyday.
We also had
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
install tile in the kitchen and fireplace. We have a step down from the kitchen to living room and they did not bullnose the tile edges like we asked and tried to hide the sharp tile
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
under the same cheap pine piece they used in the living room. Another case of being charged for something we did not receive. In multiple places in the kitchen and hall bathroom there are multiple gaps in the grout and you can see to the subfloor below. We supplied white marble tile for the fireplace and wanted white grout/mortar. My wife and I both work and could not be around to watch for every mistake and the crew used the same grey mortar the used on the grey kitchen tiles and tried to cover the mistake with grey grout. This cause an extreme color mismatch we did not want, and they also stained and scratched the marble in the process by not cleaning the grout properly during install. They also laid the pre arranged herringbone tile pattern incorrectly. How do you mess up pre-laid patterns? The tiles from the bottom of the fireplace to the mantle are also crooked. I have multiple pics of the poor workmanship and damage.
While all that is upsetting and frustrating, the real scary part was yet to be discovered. The most dangerous part of the remodel was the removal of two walls and the install of a support beam across the new area. Before any work started we asked
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
if we need any permits and to make sure that he has all required permits filed and paid for before work begins. He assured us that nothing they were doing required permits. Luckily, a city building inspector randomly showed up to inspect the work. Not only did we need mechanical and electrical permits for the work being done, but the work they had done installing the support beam failed inspection and we had to delay the work until it was corrected.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s response was to blame his crew for not knowing the proper city code. As a
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, he refused to accept responsibility for any of the problems we had. He would always just tell us it was his crew’s fault, but he would never be here to supervise them. Since he kept blaming his crew (and they were clearly inept), we asked for a new crew many many times, to no avail. His lack of management skills is clearly evident and quite appalling.
To continue,
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
claimed that he did not need electrical permits because they were not doing any electrical work. I pointed out that his company had removed two walls with three electrical outlets, four light switches and the thermostat (our AC also broke during the remodel…coincidence?)
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
also installed four 6” lights in our living room ceiling (installed incorrectly and uneven with the ceiling…pic available)). Still, he insisted they didn't touch anything electrical. After finding many outlets that did not work, I insisted that an independent and qualified electrician inspect the work. Two different electricians refused to start work unless a deposit was paid because of the damage they found on initial inspection. They both were alarmed at the fire hazards in the area where our wall was removed and lights installed. Note, when we purchased the house (May 2014) all outlet and switches worked and we passed the City's Occupancy inspection with no electrical issues or fire hazards.
And the hits keep coming, we paid for a new front door and frame to be installed, but when we came home from work one day, the door was installed without the new frame (another case of possible theft, as we have no idea what happened to the frame we purchased). Our house had its original frame door from 1968 and the
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
crew installed our new door in the old frame with the old hinges and screws. The door was installed incorrectly and instead of using the new frame we paid for,
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
shaved down the door and cut into the old frame to try and hide the poor work. The door is clearly very crooked and they tried to hide it by installing weather stripping on the top of the door. I asked them to use the new frame, but it had disappeared. I was charged for a new frame and did not receive one.
These are just some of the major issues we have had to deal with. There are several other issues we have involving poor quality painting/workmanship techniques on the walls and ceilings and a so-called “custom media cabinet”. We expected a professional remodeling job and received less than amateur, if not complete incompetence.
During this whole process we asked
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Stone to be present to watch the crew in our house, to witness the poor workmanship. He refused to supervise the crew and consistently dismissed his responsibility for the work by claiming “I’m not the one doing the work”. Hiring
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is probably one of my biggest regrets with regards to real estate. My wife and I could never recommend this company, or any company associate with
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Stone. I sincerely hope that anyone considering hiring
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, does better research than we did. Reach out to us and we’ll happily show you pictures of the damage they caused to our home.
- Mike L.

The job went smoothly.mthere were no problems. The owner and his son were friendly and professional. When asked questions, they answered them so that it could be understood.
- Judith G.

Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was amazing. He had installed the existing system years ago and when we bought the house he came out promptly, explained everything to us and made recommendations based on our expressed needs. He provided a complete and detailed proposal with no pressure and told us we could do any piece of it and do it over time if we wanted to. We opted to do everything and he completed the work much quicker than expected. The systems her recommended worked flawlessly and we are very impressed and happy with the work! I'd highly recommend
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, they did top notch work and their pricing was very competitive.
- Tim P.

Making the arrangements for the job was extremely easy compared to other providers.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly, and completed the job in good time. His cleanup was excellent to the point of returning the piece of plaster board ceiling he cut out very carefully, to fish the wire through, to its original place in the ceiling. Other providers I had talked to were not willing to even try and do this - they told me I would have to employ a plasterer to come and fix the ceiling.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
did a very professional job and I am very impressed and would recommend him to anybody. Also his price was lower than the nearest other quote I received.


Outstanding work from the entire team at
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
. We inherited a poorly conceived existing home theatre setup with our new apartment.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was able to assess the existing setup and come up with a plan to do a complete overhaul. This included running new wires and installing all the new components in a smart central location. From the first visit to the last it was a flawless process.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was crystal clear on when things were happening and expertly worked with the co-op and project managers.
Arlington Home Automation Contractors Provider Name Locked
offered up numerous ideas and solutions that we would have never considered. Top quality work and craftsmanship. Highly recommend!
- Barclay S.

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