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Terrible. If you buy from this National chain, you're going to be sorry. I bought a $2800 leather sectional. After a short time the paint on the leather was wearing off the piping. Until then I had no idea the leather was painted rather than tanned. They sent a repairman who painted it again, but without a matching color. The paint continued to wear off on this sofa of just a few months age. I was pleased they were willing to take it back. I selected a gray
sectional in micro fiber. After just three months the seems began to separate. It was clear that when the cushions were sewn, they did not roll over enough fabric. In one plasce they separate for nearly a foot and appear shredded where the mircofiber was strands were separated by the poor sewing. In other places they just separated.
In THREE months this sofa was falling apart.
They sent out a repairman who said he'd order the replacements for three cushions. Fine. Later the same day I got a call from their "
Service Center." They decided that because there was some dog hair on the cushions they were going to call say this was the result of pet damage. The guy that actually handled it said nothing except he'd order the cushions.
There was ZERO pet damage and you can see from looking at it that it's not pet damage.
I'm debating how to handle this:
them; stand in front of their store with the cushions and drive customers away; or throw the sofa away, never go there again, and tell everyone I know is buying furniture, to not go there.

- Ronald S.

In August of 2013, I purchased a sofa from
. I saw the style of sofa I like in their store but not in a fabric I liked. I was informed that I could pick another fabric from the samples they provided but this would make my purchase a "custom made" item and any problems would be my responsibility. I understand about custom ordering, if you pick a fabric and when your order arrives and you find you don't like it, it's your problem. But in my case, while I did pick the fabric from the samples they provided, I had no idea the fabric was inferior.and would pill.
Firstly, the sofa was made and delivered in October, 2013. It was fine and was placed in my living room, a room not used much but mostly by me when I like to sit in there and read. A couple of weeks later, I was vacuuming and moving the furniture to get under and behind it and when I went to move the sofa, I lifted the skirt and saw that it doesn't have actual legs. They just took some boards, dipped them in stain and nailed them to the frame. I couldn't believe it. I have two sofas in my family room, both skirted and both have legs. I also have two chairs and an ottoman, all skirted and all have legs. In my living room I also have two chairs, skirted and with legs. I never thought when I purchased this sofa to actually look under the skirt on the floor piece to see if it came with legs. It made me sick. I thought, what can I do? I bought a custom piece, they won't fix this. And I was and still am afraid that the boards will cut into my carpet and/or break when I move it to clean. So, I did nothing but everytime I looked at this sofa, it just made me so sad (still does). Now, once again, let me stress that this sofa is in my living room, a room rarely used and mostly by me. I don't think I've sat on the couch more than perhaps 20 times, but one day this spring I was in the living room, sitting in a chair, reading when I looked over at the sofa and saw that the material was
. I thought this is crazy, this is a brand new sofa and hardly even used. This material, while it's pretty, is terrible if it pills. It was either not made to be put on a sofa, (which wouldn't you think the salespeople would be aware of?) or it is just cheap material.
I sent an e-mail to
customer service explaining to them what happened and that I know they will not take back a custom ordered piece, but also informing them that I will no longer be a customer of theirs. I think retailers should know why they
someone's business so perhaps they can use this information for future customers. A very nice girl in their customer service department contacted me and asked me lots of questions about this purchase. She told me she had never heard of any furniture of theirs that didn't have screw on legs and asked me to take pictures of the legs and the cushion that was
and send them to her, which I did. Shortly after that another, not so nice girl contacted me, informed me that they had been in touch with the manufacturer of the sofa and that he said that was how he does legs on skirted sofas. She offered to send me a replacement cover for the cushion that is
, but I said no because I'm sure the fabric lot number would be different and it wouldn't match and also, it would just be a matter of not much time before the new cover did the same thing. I was really upset the first time I noticed it and if I put a new cover on, I would just be watching it, waiting for it to do it all over again.
Let me say that I have purchased several pieces of furniture from
in the past, most of them I really like, but this was a big purchase for me and I feel they sold me an inferior product. I don't trust them anymore and I won't shop there again.

- Susan C.

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Furniture Sales reviews in Hyde Park


I talked to a lady in the store who was friendly and helpful. I told her what I wanted done and explained that I was unsure if they'd done the work the last time as we were very satisfied with the results. Since it was 5 yrs ago, she said she wouldn't have the info. I asked whether the same material could be used and told her I would need it within a certain timeframe. We found the material and she stated they could meet the specified timeframe. As we got into the details, she told me I would have to get it powder coated by taking to their preferred powder coater and then bring the items to her. From there they would send it out for the slings. However, prior to that she would need one of the chairs to start the process to measure the slings, so I would have to leave it with her for a week to ten days and then pick it up to take the set for powder coating. She wrote down the name and number of the powder coater. I told her the last time I got it done, we'd dropped off the set and they'd taken care of it from start to finish - gotten it powder coated and the slings replaced - and then we'd picked it up at the same place we'd dropped it off. All the work in between had been taken care of and was unseen by my husband and me. She told me the powder coater had moved locations, so that may be why it was different. That should have been a big red flag that it wasn't the same place that had performed the work. The price should have been another. It was at least $100-200 more than previously. She assured me that they would do a good job and meet our timeline. I assumed that even with the extra leg work on our part that they could get the job done.
When my husband went to pick up the chair, it was not ready as promised. They had not gotten it out as they'd said they would. The timeline we were up against was a move. It needed to be done to make it on the truck. He explained that to them and they said they would put a rush on it and that the powder coater would take less time than promised. A week later (week late) she took the chair to the powder coater. We'd already taken the rest of the set to the powder coater and he finished as scheduled. Then we had to take the set back to
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
who sent it out for slinging. What we got back is unusable as is. The chairs are not level and none of the plastic consumables were replaced. We have to use the old items that luckily we'd saved from the powder coater. They returned the furniture to us without them. When my husband mentioned this to them at pick up they said it was not part of the service they provide. What?!? In what business is it OK to deliver the product back to the customer in worse shape than it was to begin with?
I called to talk to the manager. The lady,
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, that picked up the phone said she was the manager. I started to explain to her that I was an unhappy customer and why I was unhappy. In the middle of my talking to her I heard her cover the phone mouthpiece and talk to customers that were leaving. She was not even listening to me! Extremely rude behavior. When she got back on the phone I asked if she was even listening or should I just save my breath. She said she was listening. I told her I would just skip to the part that they didn't meet their schedule and the product that they gave me back was unusable as the chairs weren't level and plastic consumables weren't replaced. I asked her for a partial refund. Before I could get the words out of my mouth she said, "No. We won't' be doing that." I asked her why not and she just repeated herself. I told her since she'd failed to deliver a quality service that I would be giving that feedback to Angie's List. That they'd earned an "F". She said "Go right ahead. I don't care." I asked her if this is how they normally treat their customers and she didn't answer and then hung up on me.
- Andrea B.

We purchased a new queen size mattress and adjustable bed on May 30, 2014

The mattress floor model that we tested was much more softer than the one delivered. The staff continued to try to make us wait 30 days before exchanging it. The salesman sold me on a different adjustable bed (saying it had a special discount of $300). In reality, it was an older model being phased out. Several other inaccurate comments were made by the sales staff before/after the sale. The invoice from the store and the invoice in the GW system are different! Although we were told (by the store salesman) that both items could be returned in 7 days if we were not satisfied, GW would not refund either the mattress or the bed. (Watch out for the color folder that is handed out with the invoice at the time of purchase, it has the fine print). We were finally allowed a credit to exchange for another mattress, but the amount of the credit was lower by $160.00 than the original invoice! The reasoning for this was that GW had pricing promotions on the day of the sale, paying 2X the sales tax (this was not correct per our invoice or the store flyer of that day). We didn't asked for a refund, but we requested if an equal exchange for furniture would be allowed (GW denied this, only allowing another mattress of the authorized credit value).

The customer service department (
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
) was responsive to answering messages, but declined to involve any upper management or forward contact information. The store manager and staff did not help in any manner. We have been a good customer at GW, spending thousands of dollars prior to this purchase (and never returned an item or made a complaint before). We were treated poorly without any regard to past purchases, thus, any and all future business from us (and family) will go elsewhere.

- Dennis H.

Upon delivery of the furniture we mentioned to the drivers that the set cushions needed to be attached to the dining room chairs. They felt a service person from the store would be better equipped to do this and would arrange it. This never happened. We spoke to a store salesman who said they would ask the furniture representative how to attach the cushions. This did not happen. I called and spoke to sales manager who describe over the phone how she felt they should attach. Each chair cost about 200.00 dollars and the cushions attach with Velcro . This does not work well and the cushions slide. Now because it is 3 months later they will not exchange the item. I am aware that 3 months is a long time to have a item before it is returned/exchanged however, we do not live in the area permanently so follow up between delivery and realization of a error in design functionality was delayed. In addition, the store did not return calls or follow through with what they said they would do for us.
- Robert R.

Couch & loveseat were ordered and delivered approx. 12 weeks after order. We had previously purchased other furniture valued at approx. $3000.00. Upon delivery we noticed a defect in the loveseat stitching below one of the cushions. The delivery men agreed and took pictures of the defect to bring back to the store. We were first told that the loveseat would be replaced, then told that the manufacturer could not match the couch, but they would send someone out to fix the defect.
The person they sent was rude, obnoxious and insulting to me, denied there was a defect, claimed it was normal and told me he had been delivering furniture for 20 years and new better than I. He refused to do anything, said he had not been sent to fix the problem and that I was wrong. I told him to leave my premises. I then got a call from the store reiterating that they felt there was no defect and I was out of luck. Remember, a few weeks earlier they offered to replace the loveseat.
We spent a total of approx. $9000.00 at this store over 6 months, what a mistake. They love to take your money for their expensive furniture, but DO NOT stand behind any issues.
We will never shop there again

We bought our Scape Bed and Latex Supreme Mattresses from the Original
Mattress Factory on 1/11/2008. We also purchased the Platinum Mattress
pads(Waterproof). We each got a twin XL. For
about a year my husband had been complaining about not being able to get comfortable in his bed.
This went off and finally I stopped in the local
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
talked to
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. He was the one that actually sold us the beds. I was
surprised he was still there. He could not find us in the computer. So I had to find my
original bill and take it back to him. I finally found and he looked it up. He said the
bed was still under warranty and he would send someone out to pick it up.
The man came and he checked out the mattress and he said it is not right. One
side is flattened. He was ready to take it back and we removed the
Platinum Mattress Pad (Waterproof) and there was a stain on one side right in the
middle. I didn't even know it was stained. He said no way that he can take in a
stained mattress. I asked how to clean it. He said maybe a Tide Stain
Stick. I said I was shocked that we used your pads
and they were supposed to be water proof. He said if they were
our pads, then somebody should be paying for this bed. He left.
I went back down to the OMF and talked to
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
again. I told him what the
guy said. He said you have to contact the mattress pad company. They could
not take back a stained bed. I went home and contacted the mattress company.It
was on June 9, 2014. It was through Legett &
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Inc. Consumer Products Group. They
asked when the stain appeared, I said I did not know.
They send me an email with what I needed to send to them.
I did and enclosed a picture of the stain. I receive a form letter from
them saying the incident was not reported within 5 days as required by the
warranty OR the protector was not sent back within 5 days of registering the
claim and/or receiving the replacement protector. I
called them back again. I said I
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
’t know when it happened, but I
contacted them within 5 days of finding the stain. She said I will see what I can do. I
received a package from them with two new protectors and a bottle of
cleaner. They asked for me to send the old protector back with the name in magic
marker and they would test it. I packed it up and paid to ship it back on June
23,2014. I used the spray bottle and nothing happened
at all. I called again on
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
10, 2014 and
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked

said they were running behind on testing. I received a reply saying it was not
covered we abused the mattress pad. I found an
online site the sold natural enzyme cleaners for urine stains.
It was guaranteed to remove up to 30 year old stains. I was not sure
our stain was urine or sweat. So I bought a bottle. It
lightened up the stain but made a darker circle around it. So I
contacted the site again and they said maybe I didn’t use enough. So I bought
2 more bottles this time and we just used them and the stain is bigger now. As of now, he has had to
sleep on an air mattress three times for 2 nights. I am at my wit’s end. It is a catch
22 situation and I
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
’t know what else to do. I am thinking I may have to
turn it over to an attorney. My question is.. if you can’t take this one back
because it has a stain, why can’t you just give him a new bed that isn’t broken? I have pictures and documents.


Like other people, I also vowed to never shop here again after 1 horrible experience. I ended up deciding to buy the console table that went with the set we bought about 5-6 months ago, to put into our foyer so that everything would match. I had a different sales person this time who was a little on the "shady" side (
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
- female). When I asked how much shipping was for this 1 small table, she just said $90, nothing else. We got a call from the delivery people and they said they would only deliver on Wednesday or Thursday because we had discounted shipping. I just called the store and explained what happened and spoke with
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
and she said sorry, but it's on your sheet and someone highlighted it when you checked out. I asked why no one actually said this to me and just kind of did it on the back end and she said sorry but there is nothing we can do unless you want to pay an additional $50 - to deliver a foyer table. I said, there is something you can do, you just aren't willing to and this was my third occasion buying something at the store - I'm a repeat customer! I can't believe that they aren't willing to do this for me and deliver the stupid table on a Saturday, now we have to take off of work, when this was not explained to me UP FRONT! (I'm sorry, I am one of the stupid people that don't read the fine print and don't think the worst of my sales person) The last 2 transactions I had, did not have this problem. The first time I had a coupon for free shipping and they delivered on Saturday and the second time I paid $90 and they delivered on Saturday! I'm not willing to spend anymore time and effort on this, because during my last transaction I called the manager multiple times and he just ignored me, never called me back and had someone else who was SO RUDE call me and make me feel terrible. I will NEVER shop here again, they treat their customers horribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!
- Taylor P.

Wonderful! Exactly what I wanted. Very professional, punctual, Goidelic communication. The cabinets are beautiful, exceptional quality.
- Gail B.

I purchased a cantilever umbrella and a patio dining set from
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
’s over the Memorial Day weekend 2014. I was happy with the purchase and the price was reasonable. As part of the purchase, I also got an umbrella cover (Make/Model – Treasure Garden/CP908) to protect it from the elements when it wasn’t in use.
Less than two months after, in
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
2014, the umbrella cover ripped at the point where the long rod in the cover no longer stays in place and is constantly falling out. An umbrella cover ripping after less than two months of use isn’t what I would consider “normal wear and tear”, and I attempted to return it to
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
’s for a new one. I liked the cover, and I just considered this a one-time defect. When I attempted to return it, a not-so-friendly staff person told me that covers are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. This policy is also stated in the fine print when you sign the purchase agreement.
I found this to beunacceptable. I understand that normal wear and tear means it shouldn’t be returnable, but this was a defect. A cover shouldn’t rip or tear after that short period of time. I doubt Treasure Garden would say this is normal wear and tear either. If they did, I wonder who would even buy the product.
I suppose what really is upsetting is that I spent several thousand dollars at
Hyde Park Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
’s, and they won’t exchange a $45 umbrella cover. If this is how they treat their customers, this isn’t going to create a lot of customer loyalty. I certainly won’t be shopping there again.

- Anne D.
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