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Here are the details through email. I want the public to decide for themselves weather the actions.of this provider were appropriate. Further details van be witnessed on Yelp because they responded to my review where I was called a liar. I want the public to realize what type of busi ess people they are dealing with. IM SPEECHLESS, and that doesn't happen often:-). ?I'm going to make a long story short and share with you a rather disturbing email I received from this photography studio. I was trying to schedule an appointment to have Boudior photos taken. I scheduled an appointment for a specific day and time and was told the appointment was mine as long as I went on the website and paid for it through the studio website. ?When I decided to purchase a Living Social discounted session that's when the trouble started. ?I was being given a complete and total run around and told there is this restriction and that restriction with discounted sessions and felt like I was being treated like they were doing me a favor by accepting me as a discount session purchasing client. ?I had spent $400.00 preparing for this shoot when they started playing games with me and I had finally had it with them. ?Here are the disturbing emails that followed: ?(I've included mine so you can be the judge) Me: I am really at a loss as to what happened to my initially scheduled appointment. ?The first email that was sent to me (attached) said that you had a Sept 12 at 12:00 appointment. I've already spent $400 on this shoot so needless to say I'm not very happy and I haven't even had a
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
to set foot in your studio yet. ?Is there any way to get my $75.00 back at this point? ?I'm not even sure I would feel comfortable coming in there now Studio sent at 1:18pm: We can do the LS session only this Friday as we had a different client just reschedule in the same time slot to another Friday. If you want this Friday at 11:15am, I need to know right away as I am about to release it to another client. ?She is calling back around 3:00pm Me receiving the message at 7:22pm:So y'all just screwed me out of my appointment yet again!!!!!! ?This is not how anyone I want to give my business to conducts themselves. ?As far as I'm concerned you are practicing in an unethical manner. ?Thanks for nothing but aggravation and dissappointment! ?That appointment was mine to begin with! ?Because I couldn't get back with you today by 3:00 you gave it away for a second time! Studio: ?ignore your rude comments as it is really unprofessional and not warranted!!!! ?I think you better check your in box or spam. ?I will resend the email we sent you confirming your appointment that we made an exception for you even though we do not take the appointments on Fridays. It is up to you whether you keep you appointment or not. ?We do ask that if you do decide to keep your appointment, that a professional level of courtesy be maintained with our staff. ?Our actions today were to help and accommodate you, as no time did we behave towards you in the manner that you behaved in your email. ?Your last email was very uncalled for and quite aggressive. ?We will not tolerate this kind of behavior in our studio or with any of our staff members if you choose to keep the appointment. ?We will maintain a very positive and professional manner when you come in should you choose to keep your requested appointment. Me:I would like to officially let you know that I will be declining to do any further business with your studio, or using my voucher. ?I will not accept "fine print" that was not disclosed and be given the "run-around" due to such. ?Your definition of aggression is simply me holding you as a merchant to a certain standard that I would expect of a place that engages in customer service. I never needed to know about your problems and scheduling with members of your staff. ?I only needed to know that the appointment I scheduled was the one that I received without all this hassle and accusation. ?Thanks again! Studio: Thank you for your input on our customer service. ?Here is ours....We bent over backwards to accommodate you as mentioned above with multiple emails and phone calls. ?This situation only went south when you made an assumption and sent a nasty email to us last night, not before. ?You jumped to conclusions and overreacted. ??As a customer yes you absolutely have a right to customer service, which you received by multiple emails, phone calls and schedule adjustments trying to accommodate your request. ?But we also have rights as a business. ?As a customer, you do not have the right to abuse a business and send nasty emails about us ?screwing you? ?when you clearly did not have the facts. ?This was your accusation not ours. This went array because of your actions not ours, so take responsibility for your part as well. ?I too have said my peace and am happy with your decision. ?Hopefully you will take this to heart and be aware of your interactions with others. ?We will say a prayer for you this morning at our morning meeting. Ecclesiastes 5:2 ?Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God: for God is in Heaven, and thou upon earth. After the last email they sent me using God and
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
against me I told them I considered their email harrassment since I had already made it clear I would not be having photographs taken. And asked they not contact me again. When my husband got wind of how I was treated he tried to get in touch with the owner to find out if she was aware of the type of emails her office manager was sendi g to potential clients. He called once and told the owner was busy. The next time he called he was met with a block put on his phone number and mine. He tried one more time by sending her an email to please call him. He called one more time and was still unable to speak with the owner. They then resorted to contacting me again to tell me to tell him to leave them alone. Our intent was not to go public but try to resolve the issue with the owner in a more appropriate manner however by dodging phone calls and blocking our numbers she made it impossible. That is when I decided the public had a right to know what happens when dealing with these people. I'm sure I will be called a liar and slandered again for this review. But oh well??
- christie J.

I wanted to have some photos of my whole family so I interviewed a few companys. When I had my consutation with
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
Momemnts, I was blown away by how careing and proffestional they where. They came prepared to answer all my questions and even had a list of suggest places and times to grauantee the best picutures. That list helped a lot since I was not sure where the picutures should be taken. THen the consultation moved to priceing, I found out something no other place oferd. They give you two weeks to deicied and that date that I wanted would be held for that time at no cost to me. That is what sealed the deal for and I decied to go with them.
They stayed in constant contact with me, giveing me advice on what to wear and what not. Finaly, the day came for my shoot. I got there 15 mins
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
and too my suprise are photographer was already there ready too go. The professtionalism was high and we got to work but the photographer made it very fun craking a joke here and there and letting me come up with my own goofy poses. The sestion ended and I was very happy. I asked about how long it would take to get the photos "two weeks". '
They sent me some sneak peaks within a few days, and recived all my photos before the two weeks. The Photos turned out Wonderful clean crisp and clear.
- Peter M.

As is normal, the day promised a 60%
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
of typical thunderstorms.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
, the owner of
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
, kept in touch and we decided that the sunset would likely be clear. Based on the timing we thought it best to stay in our town, Treasure Island.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
suggested a good location, gave us directions, and we met.
Knowing that sunset puts a specific ending time on the photo session,
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
began immediately with normal groupings for the photos.
She made a point to ask if there were specific poses we wanted, and also suggested shots. She made the process easy, and was very efficient and professional. As we wre being 'arranged', we were all relaxed and had fun. That, of course, is reflected by the photos.
There were countless variations of poses, and as the cut off time (sunset) approached,
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
arranged us to take advantage of the remaining light.
The service is good value, which includes photo editing, touch up and 50 images which we own.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
is a very professional and straighforward in their business. At the same time,
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
provides a very personal service in a way that is relaxing and enjoyable way. This, of course, makes for memorable photographs.

- William P.

Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
arrived early to check out the venue (which was our home and outdoor area). I had emailed
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
a list of photos which I wanted taken throughout the night. I also told her to take photos of anything she felt relevant to the night and occasion. We wanted to remember everything! There was not one requested picture that was not taken! Great job! I also must mention that our photos look great in spite of a dust storm, lighting strikes, a very long thunderstorm, and a huge amount of humidity produced not only by the storm but by the fact we forgot to turn our misting system off during the storm. Job Well Done by
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
! We just can't express enough how much we appreciate the job that was done by
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
! If the occasion arises, we will definitely hire them again! We even have some cute pics of our pets and their reactions throughout the night!
Thanks again!
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked

- Ron D.

Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
and his wife
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
listened to what we wanted and provided exactly what we asked for. They showed up on time and made us feel at ease and comfortable. They photographed the wedding party, the entire wedding group, the ceremony and took some candid shots. They were very professional but also very friendly and personable. The finished product was really great with lots of different options to choose from. We highly recommend
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
- Nancy S.

First, it took nearly a year to get the photos, including the 'thank you' photo book. Second, photographs were taken at home and at the church, but not much else. Very few photos were taken at the reception. No photos were taken of individual guest tables or the venue, itself. But worse than that, the video was atrocious. Besides an incredibly boring 45 minutes of dancing - as if the camera had been placed on a tripod and left there - there was no video of the traditional bride/father-of-the-bride dance!! We reached out to
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
immediately, but 1 1/2 years of ignoring our calls and complaints later, there is still no resolution. At this point, we don't expect one.
The sad thing is that we recommended
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
to a friend and now we feel terrible about doing so.
Please avoid at all costs!!!
- Mary H.

I originally purchased a $35 Groupon that included a family photo shoot and 8x10 print. The office staff at
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
was very responsive with scheduling the shoot and providing extensive details and instructions re: the overall process. In addition to the actual photo shoot, a follow-up appointment at their studio is also required to view the photos and place an order. I rescheduled the shoot a few times and they were very accommodating.
On the day of the shoot, we were late. My child wouldn't eat lunch, was tired, etc. etc.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
was great about our being late and didn't make me feel guilty at all. He was really good about getting the shoot underway and making my daughter, who can also get very guarded around strangers, feel comfortable. The actual photo shoot was upbeat, fun and went by fairly quickly (30 mins?).
When we went to the studio to see the pictures, they were SO amazing.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
was able to beautifully capture really special moments that will definitely have a special place in our family for years to come. Somehow during the photo shoot, he also captured a few candid video moments, which was a nice surprise. Because I loved many of the photos, I ended up purchasing more than the 8 x 10 that was included in the package, and ended up paying around $450. I didn't feel pressure to purchase the additional photos, but it was impossible to pick just one.


The entire experience was great! Mr. and Mrs.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
met us at our hotel the night before the actual wedding for a final review of what we wanted. They helped keep everyone on schedule without ever hurrying or rushing anyone. Our family commented on how professional they were and on how well everyone looked in the pictures. We could not be more satisfied! Not only were the poses we suggested done, but Mr.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
always had another idea for us to try. Many of those "other ideas" ended up as our final selections and are in our album. The coverage was thorough and complete. We never felt rushed or hurried, and never felt the Fausts were in a hurry, either. It was more a sense that they were there to help us celebrate our marriage. Follow up and service after the big day were equally good. We sat down and reviewed what had been taken before going home to make our selections, what our options were, and what they would cost. All of the pricing was upfront and clear, without any "upselling." My wife and I are very satisfied with the professionalism of Mr. and Mrs.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
, the service and product they provided, and the price we were charged. We have recommend them whenever the opportunity comes up.
- Eileen M N.

I absolutely love
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
and hope to drive business her way. This is our second time using
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
and the level of customer service she provides is phenomenal. From email communication, to responsiveness to our concerns, to flexibility.
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
is fabulous! That is just from a business perspective - artistically,
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
is a true artist! Her work speaks for itself, and she has a wonderful talent of capturing special moments. She puts people at ease, so the subjects are eager to smile and act natural. We will use
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
again (and again!).
- Stacey H.

"Bad" does not begin to describe our experience with
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
/Avalon Studios. I consider this a public service message: please do not use him for your wedding pictures!!
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
took our wedding pictures this past May, and in a nutshell we have almost no usable pictures of our wedding day and are having to pursue legal action to get our files from him.


Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
's wife told my mother-in-law on our wedding day that he is actually blind, which we had never been told. The fact that he has vision problems became very apparent after we saw the pictures.

Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
made us pay the total amount upfront, before he would let us see any of the pictures he had taken.

3.) The pictures are not just awful, they're also nonsensical and sad. A few examples: the pictures before the wedding are so dark you can't see faces, and so uncentered that some people are cut in half while there are yards of empty space on the other side of the picture; there are several pictures with people's heads cut off; the cake cutting pictures do not include the cake (so it's just me holding a knife); the only picture of my parents has them both looking the other way and my mom's mouth is open because she's taking to someone. Almost ALL of the pictures are crooked (i.e. tilted) and the ones inside are so dark it appears a flash wasn't used. More pictures than not show people frowning, looking away, or checking their phone. Please note:
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
was contracted to stay until the end of the wedding, but he only has 500 pictures to show for 6 hours, and maybe 10 of them show people checking their phones.

4.) What isn't in the pictures is more heartbreaking than the awful pictures we do have. There are no pictures of the church decorated, the wedding procession, the drive-off, the special touches (i.e. my brooch, my great-grandmother's necklace, the bouquets), or of the back deck at the reception (where most of the guests were). There are almost none of the ceremony generally, the wedding party, or the guests (the church was full yet he managed to make it seem vacant).

5.) I called
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
after we saw the pictures and expressed that we were unhappy. I asked if there were any options in terms of photoshopping or retouching the pictures. He did not return my call. I called him several more times and then emailed him several times, but still no answer. Finally, when I threatened legal action, he sent a short email telling me it's my fault I don't like the pictures and that I would get nothing from him. He told me I should have come in before the wedding (which I tried to do) and that I'm simply too hard to please.

6.) Beyond the large payment we made to
Van Alstyne Photographers Provider Name Locked
, he expects us to pay for each picture individually (which was not made clear when we hired him). I'm not talking about paying for prints--we have to pay for each digital FILE individually to have any rights to our own pictures. So unless we pay him even more money, we won't have any pictures of our wedding at all.

I'm not usually the type to leave bad reviews, but I can't imagine a worse photographer or a less professional way of doing business. Please spare yourself the heartache my husband and I have experienced and hire someone else.
- Laura L.
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