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The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's first objective is to ensure that the customer is happy. I am very picky, and he is always willing to "make it right" in my eyes. I have called
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
back to "fix" a few things and he is always willing to do so.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
is very quality conscious and his rates are reasonable. If he does not feel comfortable doing something re: his capabilities, he will let you know.
- Rebecca S.

He responded quickly and gave me an estimate. Most of the others were too busy. His price was very good. All the work was done by the owner and one other person. It just took a week. They were nice guys and did a great job. I am very pleased.
- Peter L.

We have an old
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
home with an upstairs kitchen. The original builder's design only had an 8' X 16' deck outside the kitchen door. We had this deck replaced several years ago to add an additional 12' X 12' area and also stairs down to the backyard. I began to mistrust this replacement deck recently, as I could feel it wobble a bit, especially if more than a couple people were on it.
We got three bids to replace this deck, and went with
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. The owner,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, was very personable and competent, pointing out things on our old deck that were questionable and explaining how he would do them differently to make the deck stronger. He suggested improvements to our old design and also ways to save a little money (having the stairs go straight down to the yard instead of turning halfway at a landing).
A big crew of seven or eight guys showed up on the first day to tear down the old deck, and everything was gone by the middle of the day. Big 6" X 6" supports were concreted in.
The second day a smaller three-man crew showed up to begin framing. The joists were complete and part of the high deck had flooring by the end of the day. While his crew was working on the high deck,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
built the lower 12' X 12' deck himself.
The third day a two-man crew finished out the high deck with the rest of the flooring and rails.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
tore out and rebuilt our front porch railing.
The fourth (last) day, a two-man crew built the stairs from the high deck down to the back yard, complete with handrails. The last part of the day they cleaned everything up.
The deck looks great and seems to be very well built. All the lumber except the joists and supports was routered on the corners to make it look nicer. All boards were fastened with wood screws. Small details, like mismatches where the new deck didn't align with the house where the old deck was fastened, were trimmed out to look nice. Deck corners were trimmed with mitered boards and look really good.
It was as hot as the surface of the sun and these guys showed up promptly at 8:00 every morning and didn't leave until around 6:00, with only a lunch break.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
made sure to provide his crew with whatever they'd need for the day so there were no delays running to the builder's supply to get something. These guys did great work, I would definitely recommend them.
- R D B.

The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was great. They came out on time for the appointment. They followed up and showed up on time when the job began and everyday thereafter. The owners were intimately involved from the first quote to the first day when the crews showed up on time. The work was meticulous and the deck looks great. I was super impressed by the painstaking details as they went through each
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
of the process. The price was very fair -- given how much time was put into this little deck, I wondered a bit how they could make money at it. I definitely would recommend them.
- Ken V.

I don't even know where to begin. We have had multiple remodel projects in the past and actually chose
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
since they were an established company, hoping to avoid the many headaches we had previously experienced. Well, we were wrong, again. We signed a contract back in December of 2013 with an estimate from
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
that the project would take about 8-10 weeks to complete. That is when the headaches began. We had several delays getting approval for the project. The project did not get started until sometime early to mid March. We had minor rain delays with the foundation, which I understand. Lumber and supplies arrived around the first of April to begin framing and the roof. This is where major delays began. The construction workers obviously were given poor or no communication on our project, which was exactly what we the customer were given. We were told routinely by
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the scheduler, that workers would be out this day to do that and no one would show for days. Windows were ordered that were the wrong windows, so new windows were ordered. Guess what, the new windows were also the wrong windows. The construction guy noticed this and called this into
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, but she told him to install them anyway that my husband had approved them. When my husband arrived at our house the construction guy showed him the windows and since they were the wrong windows they stuck out 1 1/2 inches from the exterior side of the house .I called
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and she said the siding would fill in this gap, but siding had already been put up and they still stuck out about an inch. So again new windows had to be ordered. When I would inquire about the delays we were having,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
would bring up the fact that my husband did not like the windows and they were waiting on new ones to come in. THEY WERE THE WRONG WINDOWS, WHY WOULD WE LIKE THEM. I then challenged her on why couldn't some other work be done while we waited on windows, like the patio or the steps. Within the next 2 weeks the patio was installed.. Why are we having to beg for work to be done? Is this not what we have paid for? We had issues with the tile floor and with the trim around the windows and door. We just wanted the trim to match the existing house. The project manager took pictures, but this information obviously did not get to the workers, so this had to be redone. When they went to install the door to the existing house, that was ordered back in May and had been sitting in our garage for 2 months, it was the wrong door. Remember the lumber and supplies that were delivered back in April? Well the left over warped wood and debris was finally picked up on August 8. We had been asking for this to be done for approximately 2 months. The siding and steps had to be redone due to unacceptable quality of work. This company admitted to us several times that they had problems with communication but never did anything about it. A good example of this was when we were ready for some of the interior work to be done. The trim around the interior door had about a 1/2 inch gap between it and the wall. I took pictures of this and sent it to
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the second project manager, who said they would fix it. We also had trim work around an oval window that was hand cut and obviously wavy, I mentioned this also to
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and again he said they would fix this. The painters came in and filled in the gap with caulk and painted both of these trim pieces, and even put on a second coat, even though we informed
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
this was not acceptable. The carpenters then came back out to replace the trim which then had to be repainted again. So now you can see that it has been patched. I have asked repeatedly to speak with the owner of the company, even leaving him a message on his voice mail and to this date they have not meet this request. I called
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the V.P. for the company, last week to inquire why no workers had done any work on our project and his response was that he thought they were finished with our project. We were told by
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, about a month ago that 95% of our project was completed, yet they are still not finished. I am submitting this review now, even though the project is not completed, hoping to get a response for the owner.
- Donnie B.

bol,I obtained three bids from Angie's List companies and selected
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, LLC because the owner,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, was the only one of the three who told me about a new deck material, NyloDeck, made in Georgia by a carpet maker out of carpet scraps and resin. It contains no wood at all, and no mold, mildew, algae, etc. can be grown on it. My deck is the first NyloDeck west of
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
(it is already in residential decks in New
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, New
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, Pennsylvania,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and Florida). He said he read about it in his builder's magazines. I asked the other two bidders to check it out on the NyloBoard website but they were not willing to do this, so I hired
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, LLC. I was also impressed by
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's professional manner and experience.
My old cedar deck, L-shaped, was 50 years old, so both I and
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
suspected there would be dry rot where it joined the house walls and we were right. After removal of the old deck,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's crew had to repair the dry rot. Then we discovered my house was slipping down the underlying slope (perhaps the old deck was holding up the house!), so deck work had to be suspended so a foundation support firm could drill and insert supporting "piles" (posts with flanges). Also, the bottom floor sliding door frame had to be repositioned, which was done by a separate contractor.
This is a second-story deck so the underlying supporting wood posts are visible when walking beside the deck on the ground floor. The lumber company delivered wood to my site several times but I refused much of it because of fork lift and mill damage. This was not well received by the lumber company so they informed
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
he would have to pick up the lumber himself, which he did, selecting it himself, resulting in much better quality wood! I appreciated
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
's willingness to do this.
The finished deck and railing are beautiful. I waited until now to write an Angie's List review to test this new NyloDeck material, which still looks brand new and survived our rainy winters with absolutely no algae, mold, mildew, etc. A few of the railing post bolt heads loosened two different times, probably from my frequent blasting with my power blower when I cleaned tree debris, and
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
repaired them immediately upon receiving my phone calls.
I am delighted with my new deck and railing and recommend
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and his
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, LLC for deck work anywhere.
- Sarah H.

We met
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for the first time at the Omaha Home show and glad we did!
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and his team are true professionals. He came to our house to discuss deck design and to show us materials. Upon agreement he and his team completed a sizable deck that we are completely happy with. During installation he always ensured the area was clean and the deck came out beautiful. He also installed underneath the deck a system so that we could stay under the deck and keep dry during a rain.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
continued to ensure we were happy with the deck during the entire construction process. We had some delays due to bad weather and he always kept us in the loop and actually was out working on some of the more miserable days of the year. We had looked at a number of deck companies in the Omaha area and are so glad we were able to work with him. He is honest, hardworking and professional. We would highly recommend his services to others considering building a deck. You have to give this company a look if you are considering building a new deck!!!
- Hugh T.

The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was great to work with from the initial estimate to the final nail. Their work crews are professional, very quality conscious, prompt and courteous. The job went exactly as we were told, and
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the installation crew leader, kept us informed the whole way along. Our old deck was approximately 350 square feet with a walk-around to the driveway and stairs to the back yard. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality and care the installers showed. Our new deck looks beautiful and is solid as a rock. I would not hesitate to recommend
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
to anyone.
- George H.

Do NOT use
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Patio. They are dishonest, deceitful, unqualified,and unethical. We were told our project would take 6-8 weeks. It started at the end of March, it's now mid-September (almost 6 months later), and the project is only 90% done.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
will not respond to our requests to come finish the job per the contract or provide us with a copy of the plan or materials used for the slab foundation which the city is now requesting. Left with no other option, we've contacted over 8 professional and licensed contractors to come bid on the remaining work (fixing the roof and chimney) and all have the same feedback: the construction is second rate and the cheapest materials were used.
Our$30K+ outdoor kitchen and living area project included extending the concrete slab, removing the existing roof, framing, electrical work, and masonry. All work was performed in the cheapest manner possible using the cheapest materials with no supervision or regard to standard construction codes leaving us with an outdoor area full of code violations and hazards. Concrete slab foundation was not properly poured or reinforced resulting in cracks in the foundation and city code violations. Roof flashing was improperly installed without the use of roofing grade caulking, proper cut-in stone installation, or counter flashing. The wrong gauge wire was used for ceiling fans, electrical wire was not in conduits, and outside electric boxes were not weatherproof. Concrete slab foundation slops abnormally and masonry settings are already cracking.
If you are outside of San
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, be aware that all contractors come from San
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
so they spend 3 hours commuting back and forth, meaning they get a late start and end early which cuts into the day’s productivity.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
claimed to have their own crews but lost 2 masonry crews and 1 project manager over the course of our project.
We now realize there were several red flags along the way but we were falsely reassured by
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
, the general manager, that everything would be taken care of. As we neared the end of the project,
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was eager to wash his hands of us and we were told our project was a
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. His
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and attitude showed a complete disregard of customer satisfaction and no remorse that the project was left in this state.
While I am not a frequent poster of reviews, this has been the worst contractor experience we have ever endured and we hope letting others know of our terrible experience and the hardship we have endured over the past 5+ months will steer others away from
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and prevent them from going through the same thing. Happy to discuss this in more detail and share pictures if you wish to contact me directly.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
’t fall for the sales pitch. Do your research on
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
& Patio and on “
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
- Randy S.

The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
is a true professional & scheduled a time to come out & give me an estimate for an arbor by the pool. The pool area is a very tight/small space, but he made suggestions that would maximize the space.
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
took the time to sketch out the backyard area & how the arbor would fit in the space. Once I decided to go with him, he offered to come out again before the project started to show me exactly where the posts would go. It was a quick visit, but reassured me that I made the right choice. With my work travels my availability is tricky, yet
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was open to scheduling a date a few weeks out. His crew was professional, on-time & very neat, plus only took one day to install. The arbor is absolutely beautiful, I can't be more pleased & would highly recommend
The Colony Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
- Audra C.
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Competitive Hardwood & Flooring LLC

101 S. Chestnut St
Mckinney, TX

Complete Home Renewal

2021 Needham Dr.
Allen, TX


Dallas, TX

Complete Outdoor Concepts

1385 Treetop Dr
Frisco, TX


Haltom City, TX

Coney Construction Co., LLC

14277 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX

Consider it Built Retrofit

2702 Weatherford Hwy
Granbury, TX

Construction Pro

4200 Keys Drive
The Colony, TX

Construction Remodeling Design, LLC.

3405 Fontaine St.
Plano, TX

Contact Chipman Contracting

2813 N Surrey Dr
Carrollton, TX

Content Writings

New York, NY

Cornerstone General Contracting

2576 Gravel Dr
Fort Worth, TX

Cornerstone restoration & construction

4839 Keller springs
Addison, TX

Coxco General Contractors Inc

605 S Sherman St
Richardson, TX

CPR/Premium Handyman Services

1234 Candise ct
Mesquite, TX

CRAB Handyman

Irving, TX

Craig Heikkinen

4004 Lakewood Dr
Fort Worth, TX

Crandall's Custom Carpentry

1800 Floral Dr
Gainesville, TX


3600 Canyon Oaks Dr
Carrollton, TX

Creative Boundaries

436 Southwestern Blvd
Coppell, TX

Creative Dwellings

1701 N. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, TX

Creed Homes LLC

Haltom City, TX

Crescer Designs

3514 Corona Dr
Garland, TX

Crockett Construction

523 Willow Rd
Irving, TX

Crossway Woodworks

2433 Hwy 917 Ste 100
Mansfield, Tx

Curb Appeal Wood Care

634 Dumont Dr
Richardson, TX


Frisco, TX

Custom Dreams Remodeling

1000 Crestview Dr
Sherman, TX

Custom Masonry

6215 Cool Springs Dr
Arlington, TX


Dallas, TX

Cutting Edge Renovations LLC

6333 E. Mockingbird
Dallas, TX


1902 Oconnor Rd.
Irving, TX

D & I Landscape Construction

3202 Cockrell Ave.
Fort Worth, TX

D & L Construction

8018 Airfield Drive
Sanger, TX

D Bassett Roofing & Repair

1213 Colorado Ln
Arlington, TX

D Group, LLC.

P.O. BOX 180304
Arlington, TX

D&B Development inc

4524 N shore dr
The Colony, tx

Dakota Remodeling

1609 N Valley Pkwy.
Lewisville, TX

Dal-Rich Company Inc

710 E Park Blvd
Plano, TX

Dallas Home Pros

Carrollton, TX

Dallas Home Renovations

3432 Lark Meadow Way
Dallas, TX

Dallas Outdoor Kitchens & Landscape

11625 Custer Rd., Suite #110-205
Frisco, TX

Dallas Renovation & Designs Inc

521 Irby Ln
Irving, TX

Daltex Contractors LLC

1008 18th St
Plano, TX

Danny Morris Construction

5413 Emmeryville Ln.
Keller, TX

David Stanley Construction

7987 S. HWY. 78
Leonard, TX

Dayspring Outdoor Living

4824 FM 550
Rockwall, TX

DB Construction

1800 Bolivar St
Denton, Tx

DBM Concrete Inc.

116 E. Wanda Dr
Garland, TX

Dean's Handyman & Remodeling Services

Po Box 822742
North Richland Hills, TX

Decathlon Construction

4900 Getha Ln
Sachse, TX


7301 Alma Dr.
Plano, TX


PO BOX 943
Rowlett, TX

Decked Out

730 Bush Dr
Allen, TX

Decks Appeal

10323 Garwood Dr
Dallas, TX

Decks Over Texas

3030 County Road 325
Mckinney, TX


1040 Cottonbelt Dr
Saginaw, TX


Flower Mound, TX

dennis parham construction

2326 tiago dr
Grand Prairie, tx

Desk Design

1025 Mohawk Drive
Irving, Tx

DFW Fence Doctor

6217 Oram St
Dallas, TX

DFW Home Pro

6408 Scenic Ct
Alvarado, TX

DFW Improved

9741 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX

DFW Maintenance Guy

Mckinney, TX


7044 Lomo Alto Dr
Ft Worth, TX

DFW Woodcare

Mckinney, TX

Dial One Service

911 Carlsbad
Mesquite, TX

Diamond D Construction

5813 Chimney Wood Cir
Fort Worth, TX


Sherman, TX

Discount Renovators

13601 Ponderosa Ranch Rd
Valley View, TX

Dockmaster USA

3333 Count Dr
Keller, TX

Door 2 Door Services

2351 Santa Anna
Dallas, TX

Dorsey's Unlimited Construction / TRC & Assoc Inc

801 Kennedale Sublet Rd
Kennedale, TX


Irving, TX

DPG Construction and Handyman Services

2432 Telluride Dr
Flower Mound, TX

Dream Renovationz

213 Childers
Fort Worth, TX

Dreamworks Home Improvement LLC

6968 Clarkridge Dr
Dallas, TX

Druid Tree Service

1407 Moore Terrace
Arlington, TX

DSC renovations and remodeling

6726 bluebell
Rowlett, Tx


PO Box 381034
Duncanville, TX

Dun-Rite Construction

4767 Fm 455 W.
Sanger, TX

Dunrite Handyman & Remodeling

2736 Briscoe Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

Duo Contractors

2444 Waterside Dr.
Grand Prairie, Tx


14789 Endeavor Way
Roanoke, TX

DWC Property Preservation LLC

4490 Sue Ellen Dr.
Royse City, Tx

DWR General Contractor

305 Buckingham Road
Richardson, TX

Dynamic Construction and Roofing

9500 Ray White Rd
Keller, TX

E.G.T Fence & Deck

Garland, TX


Richardson, TX

Eagle Total Services

8409 Rendon Bloodworth Rd
Mansfield, TX

Earth Art Inc

PO Box 425
Rockwall, TX

EB Broussard Remodeling

4449 Blystone Ln
Plano, TX

Eco Construction & Remodeling

P.O. Box 271389
Flower Mound, TX


Plano, TX

Eldorado Builders

124 Rose Ln Suite 502
Frisco, TX

Elite Concepts General Construction Group

P.O. Box 9214
Greenville, TX

Elite Environments Inc

150 Buckingham Ln
Allen, TX

Elite Home Improvement

P.O. Box 704101
Dallas, TX

Elite Roofing Solutions Inc

4706 N Midcliff Rd Pmb
Midland, TX

elite united construction

18208 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX

Elliot's Odds & Ends

2600 Waketon Rd
Flower Mound, TX

Elliott Construction Company

214 Forrel Trail
Keller, TX

Ellis County Deck and Fence

104 Mulkey rd
Waxahachie, TX

EMC Masonry INC. The Brick Guys

716 NW Lorna St
Burleson, TX

Emerald Bear Company

1552 Evergreen
Allen, TX


13410 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX

Energy DS

11742 Jones Rd
Sanger, TX

Engineered Construction Solutions

1815 Bois D Arc Cir
Mckinney, TX


Arlington, TX

Ernesto Flores Handyman Services

1818 Highland drive
Carrollton, TX

Estrada & Company

705 La sombra
Grand Prarie, TX

Euro Design | Build | Remodel

401 S. Sherman Street
Richardson, TX

Everything Outdoors

P.O Box 714
Haslet, Tx

Excalibur Fence and Decks

2343 Handley Ederville RD
Fortworth, TX

EXCALIBUR LLC fencing, shutters and arbors

PO BOX 560908
The Colony, TX

Executive Roofing Co.

3630 FM 2181
Hickory Creek, TX

Exterior Appeal

PO Box 136635
Fort Worth, TX

Exterior Touch Inc.

12610 Waverly RD.
Waverly, NE


P.O. BOX 354
Addison, TX

F & A Construction

2503 El Capitan
Dallas, TX


POB 495594
Garland, TX


PO BOX 865146
Plano, TX


Frisco, TX

Father and Son Fencing and Repair

1498 Greenbrook Drive
Rockwall, TX

Fence Renew

709B West Rusk Street
Rockwall, TX


PO BOX 292382
Lewisville, TX

Fineline Construction and Handyman Services

9 O'Hare Circle
The Colony, TX


Garland, TX

Firefighters Handyman Service LLC

1219 Spruce Dr.
Richardson, TX

Firehouse Decks

103 Haymeadow Dr
Crandall, TX


951 Amber lane
Little Elm, TX


Dallas, TX

Five Star Remodeling & Handyman Services

4205 Twilight Trail
Plano, TX


2633 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX


PO BOX 118214
Carrollton, TX

Flume Construction

P.O.Box 1290
Colleyville, TX

Flying W Wood & Steel

PO Box 812
Whitewright, TX

Forever Mastic

5800 Pin Tail Court
Keller, Tx


Fort Worth,

Forrest Woods Custom Renovations

9324 Jason Court
Fort Worth, TX

Forum Outdoor Designs LLC

4157 Herschel Avenue
Dallas, TX

Four Seasons Commercial Services, Inc.

4125 Hildring West
Fort Worth, TX


Fort Worth, TX

Fred Webb's Remodeling

724 Inglewood Trail
Desoto, TX


1600 Lake Shore Dr
Fort Worth, TX

From The Ground Up

3746 La Joya Dr
Dallas, TX

Front-Tier Services

P.O. Box 821397
North Richland Hills, Tx

Frontline Home Services

709 Brentwood Ln.
Richardson, TX

Future Outdoors

4911 N Hwy 67
Midlothian, TX

G M C (Goetz-Mc Curry Construction)

502 N. Main
Weatherford, TX

G&O Construction/Remodeling LLC

278 E.Ridgegate Dr
Garland, Tx

G.L. Hunt Company, Inc.

1606 N Sylvania Ave
Fort Worth, TX

Galaxy Building Services

1932 Stephenson Drive
Mesquite, TX

Garza & Son's General Contractor

10716 Rockingham st.
Dallas, TX


Carrollton, TX

Gene's Construction, LLC

8811 Teel Pkwy, Ste 100 #5626
Frisco, TX

General Landscape Irrigation

14368 Melody ln.
Forney, TX

General Maintenance of Granbury

2714 Terrace Ct
Granbury, TX


Humble, TX

GK Home Services

Waxahachie, TX

Global General Condstruction

2100 N hwy 360
Grand Prairie, TX

Glynn A. Morris, Inc.

9623 Liptonshire Dr
Dallas, TX

Go Strait Construction

4591 County Road 2648
Royse City, TX

Gohlke Pool Supply

909 Dallas Dr
Denton, TX

Going Green Concepts

328 Lena Ln
Burleson, TX


Frisco, TX

Golden Rule Home Improvement

706 Brittany Dr.
Mesquite, TX

Gone Stumpin'

Lewisville, TX

good neighbors fencing and patios

1157 Timber Ln
Frisco, TX

Graves Lawn and Landscape LLC

2801 Winchester Dr
Royse City, TX

Gray Sky Gutters, LLC

PO Box 1117
Rockwall, TX

Green Oaks Synthetic Grass

2626 West Wentwood Dr.
Carrollton, TX

Green Paradise Landscaping

4900 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX

Green Tex Landscaping Inc

8318 East Parker Rd
Wylie, TX

Green Valley Irrigation

1706 Kingsbridge Drive
Garland, TX

Greens Welding Co.

1004 Cutting Horse Dr
Mansfield, TX

Greenway Renovations and Custom Homes

6333 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX

Greenwise Roofing & Construction

395 Sawdust Rd
The Woodlands, TX

Gressett's Country Carpets

725 Hwy 377 N
Tioga, TX

GroundScape Solutions

4210 Broadway Ave
Haltom City, TX


9141 4 th st
Frisco, tx

Guardiola's carpentry

1413 Stony Brook Ln
Garland, TX

H & H Enterprises

PO Box 1201
Roanoke, TX


2804 Prestige Rd
Keller, TX

H3 Contracting

PO Box 473
Justin, TX

Hammerhead Construction LLC

2901 Berrywood Ct
Mesquite, TX

Handy Gonzo's Home Improvements

2816 Travis ave
Fort Worth, TX

Handy Hank Construction

1389 Sweetgum
Keller, TX

Handy Home Repairs

6710 McCallum Blvd
Dallas, TX

Handy Joe

6800 Heritage Pkwy
Rockwall, TX

Handyman Connection of Mansfield

2108 W Pioneer Parkway
Pantego, TX

Handyman Dan George

6522 Barnsbury Court
Dallas, TX

Handyman Services

927 Robinhood Blvd.
Mesquite, TX

handyman services

1104 Randy Rd.
Cedar Hill, TX

Harmony Custom Designs

2709 Appaloosa Lane
Celina, TX

Harper Construction

2115 The Crossings Drive
Mckinney, Tx

Hart Construction

314 N Pecan St
Arlington, TX

Have Brush Will Travel Remodeling

1927 Apache Trl
Mesquite, TX

Hawk Construction inc

1501 s loop 288
Denton, TX

HCI General Contractors

2912 Edith Lane
Haltom City, TX

Heartland Construction

1102 Lexington Cir
Desoto, TX

Heavenly Landscape

3207 Rotan Lane
Dallas, TX

Heavens Gate Fence

2701 Maple Creek Dr.
Fort Worth, TX

Henley's Remodel & Repair

2700 Alma Blvd
Van Buren, AR


Cresson, TX

Hernandez Landscaping Co

2114 Artherfield Dr
Carrollton, TX

Hero Roofing Renovation ReConstruction LLC

516 E Byron Nelson
Roanoke, TX

Hill Restoration

Fort Worth, TX

Hill Roofing and Construction

13416 Northwest Ct.
Haslet, TX

Hillman Outdoor Living LLC

5820 Old Hemphill Rd
Fort Worth, TX


PO Box 1465
Grapevine, TX

HK Construction

Rowlett, tx

HME Unlimited

318 Candlewood Ln
Garland, TX


Dallas, TX

Hollin Home Remodeling

2221 Justin Rd
Flower Mound, TX

Hollowson Contracting

301 W Kirby St
Wylie, TX

Home Remodeling by Jeff

6022 Lewis St.
Dallas, TX

Home Creations

9535 Crestshire St
Dallas, TX

Home Projects & Repairs

1690 Broome Rd
Argyle, TX

Home Remodel Pro

6637 Murel Dr
Fort Worth, TX

HomeCraft Remodeling

1619 Collin Dr
Allen, Tx

Homestead Sheds

939 E Henderson St
Cleburne, TX


Garland, TX

Homeworks Remodeling

Dallas, TX

Honey Do Partners

PO Box 2174
Euless, TX

Hoosier Fence & Deck

7622 Calypso
Rowlett, TX


North Richland Hills, TX

House Rescue Inc

222 W Exchange Ave
Fort Worth, TX

HoweToFix Heat and Air

111 E. Centerville Rd
Garland, TX

HPC Construction

7506 Spring Meadow Ln
Garland, TX

Hulen Modern Dentistry

4833 S Hulen St
Fort Worth, TX


2050 stemmons
Dallas, TX

HW Construction

Grand Prairie, TX

Impression Deck

Forney, TX

IMS Home Remodeling & Installs

2601 Belmeade Dr
Carrollton, TX


Dallas, TX

Inside Out Home Improvement

1436 Park Pl
Irving, TX


Grand Prairie, TX

Integrity Exteriors Inc

2831 Eldorado Pkwy
Frisco, TX

Integrity Surfaces

Fort Worth, TX

It's All For Lucy Fencing

3506 McKamy Oaks
Arlington, TX

Ivie masonry

6421 conveyor dr
Cleburne, Tx

J & C Roofing/Remodeling

818 Sonora ct
Grand Prarie, TX

J & J Construction and Roofing

1608 Swan Ct
Aubrey, TX

J & S Remodeling

467 FM 547
Farmersville, TX

J R Morgan Contracting

Ovilla, TX

J Stephen Associates

4908 Byers Avenue
Fort Worth, TX

J T C Remodeling

Arlington, tx

j&j carpentry

2680 Bickers St. apt 3106
Dallas, TX

J&M Tile & Remodeling Co

PO Box 473
Caddo Mills, TX

Jabco Services

1401 West Street
Mckinney, TX

Jack of All Trades Handyman

5000 Eldorado Pkwy, PO box 275
Frisco, TX

JAHG Quality Construction

1420 Cotton Gin Dr
Aubrey, TX

JAK Maintenance

Bedford, TX

Jakes Pizza

801 Hebron Parkway
Lewisville, TX
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