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charu A.
"This Home Service Club company charged me 125 dollars as the Service Trade Fee (deductible fee) even though they weren't able to fix the microwave. Unbelievable. Feels like I am" been cheated... Customer Service representative couldn't tell me in case of replacement what they will be paying me. I don't think they will even cover the installation charges.
Rated by
Christine P.
"My air conditioner stopped blowing cold air in
and they sent a tech out (
's) to fix it. I paid the tech my $100 deductible and" he said all it needed was freon. Less than 2 months later the air conditioner was, again, not blowing cold air. They sent out another tech to look at it. (Siera Mechanical) Who said the coil was not working, nor was the compressor, and there were 3 leaks and there was no freon at all. The repair would cost $3000 and
would only cover $327. They said the blades to the air conditioner were crushed. And it was not normal wear and tear. I said how can all this damage be here now and not 2 months ago? They would not refund the $100 from
because it worked for 2 more months. I said "Yeah, until all the freon drained out from the 3 leaks. They didn't find any of this? Really?" They said they would send someone out to fix it if I wanted to send the the money. I said, "How can I trust you to fix it? You sent someone out who didn't know how to diagnose it." And then when it's broken you say they blades are crushed which is ridiculous when there is not damage to the outside unit. The air conditioner is 20 years old and you just don't want to live up to your end of the deal." They really could not have cared less. My contract is up for renewal for the third year. Obviously, I'm not renewing. This was the third call I have made to
. The first for my garage door, which cost less than the $100 service fee to fix. The second for my hot water heater which they said was fine, even though you only get 6 minutes of hot water, and now this. Save your money. They will never pay for anything. While I was on hold with my operator, I heard other operators reading the same script.. "I'm sorry to tell you that the full cost of the repair is not covered..." That is when my blood started boiling.
Rated by
Macaire B.
"I chose this company due in large part to the positive reviews on Angie's List. BAD decision! I paid over $700 for their best policy which included a pre-existing rider. I wanted" the peace of mind to know that in case of an emergency I would have a company behind me to help. Ugh, was I stupid. On the 1st day of coverage (07/19/14) I logged on to their website to report a leaky toilet and non-functioning (upstairs) a.c. I stated honestly that both problems started a couple of days before. I received an email 2 days later stating my service requests had been cancelled because the problems began before my policy was in effect. I called their service center to ask about the pre-existing condition rider. I told the Rep that the problems had not happened when I purchased the policy, but days after. By definition, that is pre-existing. She said, "It would only be a pre-existing condition if you didn't know about it." What kind of sense does THAT make? It was at this time I realized that spending the extra money for that rider was a big mistake. I told this Rep. that it was only my toilet that was the problem since our a.c. was working after all. I told her the a.c. breaker had been tripped and once my husband tested it again, we had working a.c. Oh, and it took 3 emails and calls to get reimbursed for the two $69 fees they charged me for the now cancelled service calls. Almost 1 full month later I requested a service call on what I believed was the upstairs a.c. unit again. I say "believe" because I was awakened early that day when our a.c. unit began and it sounded like it was laboring. I didn't know if it was the upstairs or down, just knew something sounded "not right". After a brief phone-tag with their company I spoke to a different Rep. who stated they would not be sending anyone out to our residence for the problem because they had a note in my account that stated our upstairs unit was broken. I was told I would need to pay for an a.c. repairman to verify it was working prior to this call or give them a repair statement. I was dumb-founded. Not only had I not been told such a limitation was put on my policy, but the manner in which this was reported to me was robotic and rude. I insisted on a service repairman to check our a.c. since I paid for the policy and I wanted someone to come out to see why it was making a noise that was not normal to the usual function of the system. I told her repeatedly that our unit was working, just didn't sound right. This was in the middle of summer. Of course we wouldn't be able to function in San
with no working a.c.! I received a call immediately from the a.c. company. At least they had good customer service. It was arranged that the service call would be 3 days later (when I was able to take the afternoon off). When the repair team arrived I explained the groaning noise which had happened each day since I had called earlier in the week. They checked the unit and it was at this time we discovered the upstairs unit had stopped working. When, I don't know. They said they would put in an order to get the broken part replaced. I was not told which part was broken. Since this was Friday we had to suffer the whole weekend in 100+ degree So. Texas heat. I finally called the San
Rep listed on their website after waiting a week with no response!
was very polite (the only one in their company, evidently) and apologized for the delay. She assured me she would get my latest $69 service fee reimbursed and find out what was happening. When I told her how rude the Rep was I had spoken to she replied that they usually speak to servicemen all day. Evidently that gives them a pass to treat their customers poorly? We waited and sweated for several more days. We had to camp in our living and family rooms since it was well over 90 degrees in the upstairs bedrooms this whole time. I finally got a voice mail message from yet another robotic voice stating the repair would not be done. They repeated the same thing about our unit not working since
. No apology for the late reply, by the way. I called Ms
again and she said she would get our fee returned but that was all she could do. I was so exhausted from this whole situation, but thought I would try 1 more time to find a supervisor to get this whole awful event rectified. At this point my husband got involved because my work schedule could not afford me to spend more time tracking someone down to either get the repair done or reimburse me the cost of our policy. My husband played his own game of phone tag only to be told that the Sales department would be issuing us a refund. NO apology! I finally received the refund check on October 1. Mind you, I had to call them again to find out what was taking so long. The last Rep stated, "It was mailed 9/24. If you don't receive it in 2 weeks, call us back." By this time, nothing they could say would surprise me. Not even saying that the mail from Arizona would take 2 or more weeks to arrive in Texas. So, it took 50 DAYS from the time of that cancelled service call to get my money back!! If anyone is considering this company because of their reputation, I would strongly suggest choosing another company. The response time, the downright rude manner in which I was spoken to and treated (except by Ms.
) was shameful and wrong. I have no idea if warranty companies in general are like this but I will probably never sign up with one again.

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It's important to carefully review the components of a home warranty plan before you sign a contract.(Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Maggie T. of Vienna, Va.)

7 components of a good home warranty

Home warranty companies are the number one most complained about category on Angie’s List. If you decide to purchase a warranty, look for the components of a good home warranty before signing the contract.

Home warranties

Year after year home warranty companies have topped the Angie's List most complained about category list, with nearly half of member reports in this category rating these companies unfavorably. The key behind this appears to be an expectations gap between the companies and their clients regarding what is covered and whether service calls on covered items are entirely free.

Verify your home warranty company before signing a service contract. (Photo courtesy of Darien Wilson)
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A home warranty is a good marketing tool for a home seller. Before you offer one to a potential homebuyer, make sure you do your research on the company.

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Angie's List
Warranty Companies - Home

A home warranty, or home service contract, provides service, repair or replacement on a home’s major systems and appliances for a usual term of one year. They've also topped our list of most-complained about categories for three years running.

Angie's Answers


First, call your insurance company and tell them you do not want any proceeds paid to the contractor under your policy as you are not going with them.  This way they can not collect money on your behalf.  Insurance will typically have you sign a form for release of funds anyway but this is a good extra step to make sure your signature isn't forged.  Second, call the contractor and tell them you will not be needing their services afterall.  Did your husband pay a deposit?  If so it may be non-refundable.  Then follow up with a certified letter. 


An email as well doesn't hurt but some states don't yet recognize email as a form of communication for legally binding documentation.  This may have changed and I'm sure more states do recognize them as I haven't followed that topic elsewhere as much as I used to.  The contractor's office should be local.  A sure fire way to ensure they got the message is to deliver the letter to the office of the contractor and have someone at the office sign a duplicate stating it has been recieved and read.  There's no arguing whether they received it or not by doing that.


Hopefully you've learned your lesson about high pressure sales techniques and storm chasers looking for a quick buck.  Some people find out a much harder way.  While these guys may be legitimate you should always do your homework on a contractor before signing the contract.  Unless you have water running out of the house and the work has to be done on the spot it's not so much of an emergency that it can't wait until the next day.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

Consider going to library an reading Consumer Reports rating on home insurance companies in your area.  For affordabilty elect the highest deductable you can stomach.  This will lower your premioum, I went thru Costco, they and Sam's Club can be a valuable resource for home and car insurance. Shop on line with your needs to save money.  Unless you have major assets forget large policy. For your gutter and roofing needs see my blog.
Jim Casper 

Home Warranty reviews in Sugar Land


The man I bought my condo from provided this warranty. They sent out an
electrician to repair a broken light switch (it took several days for
him to come). He didn't repair it properly and had to come back to fix
it again. He told me there would be no charge for the second trip, but
he told the warranty company that it was a new job, a new repair, and of
course they couldn't wait to charge me another fee. My explanation
that it was the same switch and that he hadn't fixed it right the first
time fell on deaf, greedy ears. Needless to say, I haven't renewed the


I am filing a complaint with the Alabama Attorney General. AHS is trying to settle with my for $150 -- that is the check they cut me -- but they will not return my calls or emails when asking for details as to how they came to that figure.
- Teresa E.

On August 14, 2014, my mother and I purchased two homes warranty from
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. I was giving one month free because I recommended my mom. I was told anything wrong with any of my services under warranty to contact them as soon as possible for repair. I was told my warranty will start after a month and fully covered except $45.00 service call fee to be paid to their technician. On September27, 2014, my A/C and heating system stop blowing cool air. I called them on the 29th of September, 2014 and a technician was assigned to my case. He came to my house requested the $45.00 and $30.00 more to run a leak test. He found a leak in the coil system. I call the company the same day and I was told not to worry because the technician sent them a report that indicated my A/C and Heating system has been well maintained. On September30, 2014, I call them to find out when my system will be fixed. I was told by supervisor: Ms.
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
ID#8231 that my claim was denied because of rust in the coil. I told her my coil color is copper where that rust came from? I requested to speak to her boss and she told me none of them is available and my call be returned in 24hrs. I'm still waiting. I request a denied letter and was told that denied is done over the telephone only. The warranty booklet they sent me have not mentioned anything of what they claimed. Their advertisement said:" we give you warranty without anybody come to your home, "' You are cover after a month from date of the contract" and much more
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to take your money. They are the worst of worst!

Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
for the repair of broken garage door opener. Landmark contacted Lake Woodlands Garage Door for the service and I paid the $60 contractor visit fee. Lake Woodlands Garage door completed the repair by replacing the entire unit. Wonderful service from both companies. No Hassle to get the repair complete.
- Deborah T.

I'm not typically review writer, but the abysmal service I have received through One Guard must be shared. My wife and I purchased what we thought was a great home warranty from a great provider. We had a refrigerator repair request that we put in for on 4/16/14. It wasn't completely repaired until 8/6/14. After sending two inept repairmen to my home I paid another trade service fee just to get a different company to come to my home. We literally soaked up water from underneath our refrigerator for four months waiting on One Guard and their contracted partners to provide service.
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
we placed a service call for our pool piping which I observed looked deformed in some places. They had a gentleman come out two different times (after paying two different trade service fees) and render two different opinions on why the swelling of the pipes had occurred. He initially said that the water feature pump valve was left open with no water flow causing the pipes to swell. The next time he came out he stated that the pipes had frozen due to ice. That's interesting because we purchased the home in March and live in Dallas, TX. The pipes didn't freeze in March. One Guard assured me they would resolve my matter and couldn't believe it took four months to resolve the issue with the refrigerator. Of course today I received an email (not a call as promised) stating that a second opinion had been received and the pipes had swollen because the water pump had not been maintained with proper water level. Keep in mind that my wife and I use a pool service to clean our pool and have never altered the pump timers as they are computerized and on timers. we've literally never touched the pool pump equipment. We know nothing about it. I have receipts where we have paid a service since the week we moved in. They have never touched the waterfall pump on/off switch.
Needless to say it is evident that the One Guard plan covering "Pre-Exsisting" conditions isn't worth the paper it's printed on. This company provides lack
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
customer service and even poorer repair work. I still believe
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
can be a good value, but go elsewhere if you don't want to be taken for a ride.

- Lewis M.

I requested the AC contractor who sold us the unit and is an AHS vendor. For the first time, the AC contractor said that he could not perform the job as the air handler was outside and required access by ladder. His insurance would not allow him to use a ladder. No work was done. We solved the problem ourselves another way. Then, yesterday I got a bill from AHS for $75.00. I called to complain and they said "too bad" the guy came out. You have to pay. Read the contract. I am beyond disgusted. I am a long time customer. They knew that my unit was outside. The AC contractor did not update his profile with AHS to indicate that he could not perform all types of repairs. They charge for the contract and for every visit, and that makes it a very expensive option. Since a contractor can simply decide on the spot that there is some reason why he should not do the work it becomes even more prohibitive.

I am the realtor that called to find out what features this warranty service would provide. REF: Acct: 237871 The sales person said it provides excellent service and includes replacement of an A/C unit if it is not reparable.

Next - the A/C failed, and after 3 weeks of requesting service, (over that time they sent out 2 different technicians) the homeowner suffering evenings in 90(+) Tampa FL heat, they finally came to the conclusion that, after researching their contract, they found that they are not responsible to fix a unit that the A/C compressor and the air handler are not matched. They never took any steps to be certain that they could in-fact provide warranty service to that device.
So, like most insurance companies and warranty companies, they are just taking your money and finding ways to not support the warranty that they offered - citing the fine print. Neither they nor the homeowner took any steps to determine if the unit - much less
Sugar Land Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- is totally serviceable under the terms of their warranty. A pitiful excuse for a home warranty company.
- Peter R.

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