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I did not end up contracting to have this company provide any service. It seemed clear to me that they did not actually want my business. I contacted them to give an estimate on some repairs and exterior painting and they did respond quickly and professionally for that part. They set up a time to come see the house and my boyfriend stayed home from work to meet with them. They sent a sales person called
and he seemed to be friendly and know what he was doing. After he left he emailed me the estimate and it seemed quite high in price to me. The house is primarily brick so the painting needed only covers the facia/trim etc. I decided to think about it more and possibly get a few other estimates.
then called me a few days later on my work number. He wanted to know what I thought of the estimate and I stated that it seemed pretty high to me. He then launched into a lecture about how quality work costs more and if I just wanted to hire" some guy who works out of the back of his truck" I could probably pay less. Unfortunately, at that time, I had an important work call I needed to take come in and asked to put him on hold and this was MY bad- I accidentally hung up on him instead of putting him on hold. This apparently GREATLY offended him and he did not consider the possibility that I had done that in error. I called him back the minute I got off of my call and got no answer, left a voice message to appologize. By that time I already had this email:
"You hung up on me, you didn't put me on hold. If you just want the cheapest work done that's not what we do. Thanks anyway. "
I wrote back that it was an accident but it was clear he did not want to do any work for me and moved on to the next well rated company on Angie's list. I have now had an other reputable and well reviewed company come out and that estimate covered the same work and repairs, used the same type of paint and came in at appoximately 1/2 the price
had quoted.
Due to the fact that this was the very first company I contacted via Angie's list, this experience really made me doubt whether Angie's list is actually as useful as I thought it would be
- Laila Z.

The only part of the job that went well was the Sales process.
and his wife came to my home on April 8 to provide an estimate. They were personable, on time, and very professional. They listened to what I wanted and provided quotes for the interior and exterior work at the end of the appointment.
was a superb sales person. I appreciated
's follow up before the appointment and after. In fact
sent me an email on April 8 with the following statement, "Our goal is to deliver an extraordinary painting experience so we'll jump through hoops and work like dogs to make you happy."
's prices were not the cheapest, but after talking with
and reading reviews, the quality of the work would provide another satisfied customer. The only part of the statement in the email that is true is that we did have an extraordinary painting experience, an extraordinarily bad experience. The great responsiveness from
was over once the order was confirmed. The quality of the work done does not justify the price.
stated that they used
paint because it is so good. So I went to
to pick out the colors for the interior and exterior. I emailed the color selections including code number of paint, name of paint, and
on April 22.
acknowledged the email on the same day. Work was scheduled to begin between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. on Monday, May 5, 2014. On May 5 at 8:55 a.m. I received a call from
, their Office Associate. She stated that the crew was not coming due to a family emergency. On Tuesday, May 6 the crew was to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. and I confirmed this with
on May 5. I received a call from Holly at 8:45 a.m. to let me know that the crew was going to arrive about 9:10 a.m. One painter arrived at 9:32 a.m., his name may have been
. He did not introduce himself despite my introduction and greeting. The painter told me the rest of the crew was at the paint store getting supplies. We reviewed the work to be done. I was told the rotted wood on the columns could not be replaced, but that new wood would be placed on top of the rotted wood. He said this was due to the columns needing support. I disagreed with him. He was also not sure about replacing the wood with hardy board as the proposal stated. He also said the window caulking would be checked and only where needed would new caulking be done.. I told him that all of the windows were to be re-caulked per the proposal. In addition I stressed the entire house was to be power washed. I emailed
and asked him to follow up.
and I talked and was told that everyone understood what needed to be done. The rest of the crew arrived much later in the morning. While the first painter was here by himself he began to set up to power wash. The crew leader when he arrived did not communicate his arrival or introduce himself. The crew leader was
. Mid-day the entire crew left for over two hours without any communication. I did not know if they had gone for the day. Very little work was accomplished day 1. Power washing was not complete, caulking was barely started. It was discovered that the trim was not the only rotted wood on the columns and was told that more would need to be replaced. I called
and left a voice mail.
did stop by that evening to price the extra work. He emailed me an updated proposal which I accepted. The email alluded that
was the reason for the no show on Monday, not a family emergency. In addition, I was asked by the painters what colors had been chosen for the exterior as paint needed to be purchased. It appears that
had not communicated the colors selected and emailed to him on April 22. I provided the colors again in writing. Day 2, Wednesday May 7 again did not start until after 10:00 a.m. One individual stated that he felt he was paid to stand around and when I went outside I often saw only one person working. Again, the crew left for multiple hours mid-day.
went to Home Depot, without letting me know, and locked his keys in his truck. He was gone for hours, no communication with me to indicate he had issues. Quality work was an issue. For example, when hardy board was being cut, the material was cut with incorrect equipment. The hardy board, a masonry product, was cut with a wood saw which resulted in rougher cuts and this also damages the saw. When this was pointed out to the painter the response was unsatisfactory. Clean-up was not very good at end of day. Crew members were also throwing trash in a near-by park, which we told them not to. With the number of crew, we were surprised at the amount of small amount work that was completed and the lack of quality.

Day 3, Thursday, May 8 was a rain day and one individual showed up to do carpentry work on the fourth column. He was going to do work on the chimney, but I told him it was too dangerous in a thunderstorm. The work done on the column was substandard and ended up having to be redone.

Day 4, Friday, May 9 work was again started after 10:00 a.m. The house was to be power washed completely before painting began. The house was not power washed completely or well. Caulking was to be done for all windows and was not.. Pictures were emailed early May 10 to
illustrating this. For example, one picture showed a mud
nest against a window, resting on old caulk. Obviously if the window had been power washed and the window caulked the nest would not have been there. The pictures attached show multiple places where windows were not caulked. The windows on the second floor were not been caulked at all. It appears only minimal caulking has been done. .Questions arose about the paint job being done well, particularly in areas that were difficult to see. Quality control was a significant issue with the work that had been done so far. The carpentry on the columns, particularly the fourth column was not good. The fourth column had to be redone and was only done after we complained. Work was sloppy and clean-up again was not very good at the end of the day.

Day 5, Saturday, May 10 The crew planned to work Saturday. Again very late start and only two people for quite a while.
told us that we needed to manage crew leader and crew, although this was his responsibility. My husband went outside to talk with
and he was not on site and did not return for hours. We insisted that
come out to inspect the work. The crew worked more diligently after we told them that
was coming on-site. The amount of work completed was major. Customer service was not
's concern, I felt he discounted our concerns. One concern was that the trim on the chimney was too short on one side.
stated that this was because the trim was too short to begin with. Measurements were not done even though the trim was a different material than what had been originally up on the chimney.
spoke rudely to me. He finally stated "I will give you another power wash of the house to get this over with". In addition, the chimney trim was to be redone on one corner. The paint spots on the brick were to be removed if they did not come off with the power wash. Work was scheduled to be completed on May 21 to ensure the new paint had cured. Also, the painters were not careful about the plants in my garden stepping on them indiscriminately and breaking branches of bushes.

May 13 I emailed
because the paint on one column was bubbled and peeling off only four days after being painted. I questioned the quality of the work again.
told me that would be fixed on May 21 when rest of work would be completed. He also stated that the warranty was two years and they would abide by the warranty.
also called to ask for payment since the work was complete. I told her work was not complete and that proposal stated payment was not due until work was finished. I forwarded her the emails and pictures I had sent
since May 6.
had not communicated with her about my issues.

Wednesday, May 21
showed up late again to complete the work. I called the office at 9:15 to ask where he was. He showed up at 9:22. Once
was on-site he power washed the entire house and did a great job. This was definitely not done the first time. He also fixed the trim on the chimney and re-painted the column. He was diligent and conscientious. I would have been happy if the work had been done this way the entire time.
asked for payment and I called
. I provided payment information to
and was told that he hoped he would not have to speak with me ever again. I asked for receipts for the materials and
would not provide them, although proposal stated the receipts could be provided. He said they spent more than what was quoted and he was graciously not going to charge me.

I have called the corporate
Office to complain on multiple occasions about the painting, the quality of the work, the bad customer service and communication, unprofessional behavior, and my unhappiness. I keep being told that I will be called back. I have escalated. The Corporate Office has not been responsive or called me back. They appear to not value quality work or satisfied customers.

Quality is a major issue for this exterior work. I am concerned the paint job will not last for years and I will have to have it redone much sooner than expected. I am unhappy with the customer service provided, communication by the crew, and
's responsiveness and responsibility for the job.
did say for the interior work he would send another crew, but would not for the exterior. We decided not to use
for the interior work due to their poor job on the exterior. The experience is documented in emails and pictures.


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Interior Painting reviews in Richardson


Good price for what they did
Excellent job on the ceilings and walls.
Will for sure use them again for the remainder of my house when the time allows
- anita M.

The team of four people arrived early each day around 8 AM and left normally around 7 PM (sometimes later). The quality of the repairs and painting was very good. Total duration was one week (with no work on Sunday).
Everything that could be removed from the walls before painting was removed. This is good! Some painters just paint around things to save time and the work ends up less professional.
Here is a humorous example of removing everything before painting. In our master bathroom we have a medicine cabinet installed on the wall. They removed it, taped it shut, and painted the wall. When finished, they hung it back on the wall BUT hung it upside down since the medicine cabinet has four mounting holes on the back to mount it whatever way the customer desires. I first noticed a problem when the mirror opened from the other side. It was easy for me to correct by lifting off the medicine cabinet and hanging it the right way. I didn't even tell the painters about this since, to me, it is further proof that they removed items before painting the wall.
A caution on veritcal blinds:
We had a previous painter who came in and painted some rooms having vertical blinds. To remove the blinds, they must have just yanked them down, damaging several. A claim was put in for that painter to pay for replacement, which they did. Anyway, for this painting job, I (the homeowner) removed the vertical blinds myself to avoid damage.
- Norman D.

They were very respectful of our home. They were pleasant to talk to and explained how they were going to fix any problems. I was very happy with my quote and the services performed. I would use them again for my painting and carpentry needs.
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked

- Joe D.

These guys rocked! Super job!
They were in communication the whole time, and worked with me to make the process as seamless and easy as this big a project can be. They were friendly and went out their way to leave everything glowing. Everyone from the owner, the office manager, the head painter, to the assistants hired for the day were friendly and professional.
I am SO pleased with the work. The house looks great and I love the meticulous detail and care they took. I just wish I'd called them sooner!
- Catherine V.

The job went fine. The new tile is not an exact match but it is close. This repair is an acceptable solution until we redo the entire shower (new tile, new shower door, bigger shower).
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
was conscientious, came back one more time to make sure grout was dry before he caulked. He cleaned up the mess that was made on all days he was here (2 half days and an hour on the third day). I liked that
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
made this suggestion. He did the work himself and was helpful. I also appreciated that he billed the materials he used at cost and did not
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
them up.

Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
did a good job for us. We were very pleased with their work and the results. They guided us through the process letting us know what was going on, what to expect, made suggestions and answered all of our questions throughout the project. From the salesman to the project manager to the various workmen we had, everyone was professional, courteous and respectful of our property. The project was projected to take approximately 10 weeks and ended up taking 12 weeks. I thought that was pretty good given some of weather we had. We stayed close to budget with only a couple of unexpected, unforeseen costs which is to be expected. All thru the project, if we had questions, didn't understand or changed our minds on something, they were available and worked with us to make us happy. I plan on using
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
again on phase 2 when we do our master bath remodel.
- LeeAnne K.

Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his crew did a great job. Very professional and excellent work on all levels. I have always hired cheapo painters who finish the job in a day or a little more and the finished product always stinks.
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
had 3-4 guys working 8 hours a day for 4 days. It cost a little more, but the price was more then fair for the quality of work that his team did. I will use them again and would highly recommend them.
- Kerrie S.

Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his crew were excellent. All work was performed as requested. Interior doors were painted and look like new.
Clean up was great, there were no problems. I recommend
Richardson Interior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his company without hesitation and will definitely
use them again in the future.

- Dale H.
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