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Robert G.
"It is pretty good. They have a point system. They make you eat healthier as you are getting all the fruits and vegetables that you want with zero points, where as if you eat a
" it is 8 points and all we have 8 during a day. If you eat rice it is 3 or 4 points and you got 12 points for a
. The point system is on a day basis so if you eat right it is ok, however if you eat
and a fry or something like that you need to starve for the rest of the day, but you can have an snack of fruits and vegetables every now and then. It is pretty interesting. I just go there to maintain. I would not go there to the meeting as it is for two hours. It is like the time you go and then they weigh everybody and they talk. Men get 8 points more because of the job that they do and stuff like that. The price is great, it is reasonable. You can also get a book which you can take to a restaurant and use it to know the points of the food, like a big
is like 5 points. Because I am a sales guy, I am on the road so it is useful for me, I need to keep that with me to track my points for like a pizza is 14 points and that’s half of my day’s points.
Rated by
Cary N.
"They are incredible. They are awesome. It is an incredible place. The
is Dr.
. They are so well staffed. They have a team of nutritionists." They have a diabetic specialist on staff and a registered nurse on staff. They can do my lab work there. They want blood work done before you start so
can look at it. If you go for weight management, it is fool proof. If I need help I can make an appointment with anyone on their staff. There are people that drive 2 1/2 hours to come here. They are so wonderful. I have recommended them many times.
Rated by
John W.
"I enjoyed going to
- Airport Road location because of the 2 ladies I kept seeing. They were helpful and always nice to me. They tried to help me with the diet" considering I have a health issue. Consumer Reports rate overall the program as best and I do believe it works if you are serious about it. What is hard is keeping the weight off afterwards. The food is expensive and it can cost up to 7 to 8 or 9 dollars a dish. To this you have to add vegetables and dairy products.If you read the label, you will not find anything organic or low in sodium - especially for the dishes that are not frozen. After all that is the way the preserve them – use lots of sodium! I would try it again for a couple of month but one year is a long time to commit to weekly visits if you have a very busy life. I would also try to do a little research before giving it a shot if you have any health issues that would be exacerbated by the use of this food. Overall, I learned portion control and that is always good cuts expenses.

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A variety of medical experts and fitness specialists can help you work toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. From fitness routines to weight management, there are a variety of ways to work towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss programs

Weight loss programs are beneficial for getting in shape, but they vary. Research them to find the best program for your specific fitness needs and goals, and don’t assume that what works for someone else will necessarily work for you.

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Weight management - Weight Loss Programs, Weight Mgt. - Dietitians/Nutritionists

Forget the quick-fix claims that came up when you Googled weight loss. Here's how to sift through virtual information on shedding pounds to find reliable input.

Cynthia Wilson
Weight management - Weight Loss Programs

Yes, you still have to exercise, but here are some strategies experts recommend to help you manage how much you eat and stick to your goal to shed pounds.

The chips in this vegetable platter were made with a meal replacement product used by clients of Plainfield-based Health Nutrition Technology, to lose weight. (Photo courtesy of Health Nutrition Technology)
Weight management - Weight Loss Programs

Trying to lose weight? Skip the fad diets and learn how a doctor, dietitian or other health care provider can help you achieve your goals and get healthy.

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At 375 pounds, Nancy had difficulty getting around. Even moving from the car and walking the 30 or so steps to the pavilion were a chore.

Weight Loss Program reviews in Plano


I have not lost as much weight as I would have liked, but that is my own fault for "cheating" on the recommended plan. I have been steadily loosing weight even with the "cheating" and am 30 lbs lighter than when I started. The staff is freindly and always offers encouragment as well as ideas to assist me in my weight loss journey.
- Kristina W.

Overall the manager and my counselor are extremely supportive. I can see either of them as often as I need to and can even call them if I feel I need more advise and/or support. Highly recommend this
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
- Jane D.

I went on the
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
system with a friend. We met with someone in their office and we were sold. The cost was appoximately $600 for each of us with a guarantee if our weight loss was not achieved, it seemed expensive but if it worked and there was a guarantee, we didn't see a problem, so we signed a contract and paid. When we returned for the second visit, the employees separated us into different rooms, even though we asked not to be. We were then explained to separately that it was required to buy certain supplements that would cost approximately $500 for start up and then replenish as necessary. This should have been explained to us on the first day before we signed. It was very unethical they way we were separated because we each walked out spending different amounts of money, because they got us for whatever they could. As for the guarantee, it was not a money back guarantee, they would merely let you stay in the program longer if needed, however, they would still be receiving money from the sale of the supplements. The supplements consisted of foods and pills. This definitely was not what I expected and they definitely did not disclose all charges and procedures before requesting a high initial payment.
- McLean J.

I have been going there since January 1st of this year. excellent customer service. The owner of the club worked out a plan so I could join the club but not pay upfront. I have been using them for 6 months and he prorated me so I pay month to month. I have a personal trainer with that. I wasn't sure if I was going to be in the area very long so he worked out a program so I could pay month to month. He worked really well with me and set me up with a personal trainer, who has a degree in holistic nutrition. With her as my trainer and the diet that she recommended and her exercise routine I lost 100 lbs in 6 months. I have lost 68 lbs using other weight
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
programs but the difference with this one is clinically I have made changes. Like with my cholesterol it used to be 180 and now it is down to 112. My triglycerides used to be up 180 to 250, the lowest I have had ever in my life was 120 and now I am down to 60. My blood
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
is down and my blood pressure was 130 over 82 average for the last ten years at least it has dropped down to 116 over 65. I have had results losing weight but I have never had these clinical results before. It is the combination of exercise and diet. I am eating good food now. I am changing the way I am eating. I don't eat bad stuff. I have become more muscular, lean muscles, and I am stronger then I have ever been in my life. It is an excellent group of people. It is only $30 a month. I have a reasonable rate for the personal training sessions. The personal trainer is very smart, intelligent and she knows what she is doing. She knows what it takes, is supportive and just really good. I am still losing weight and gaining muscle mass. I see the personal trainer once a week.
- Michael V.

I wanted to have some of my money returned. I understood that I took their time and I was willing to pay for that however I am not taking pills filled with caffein and stabilizers or food mixed with
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
and dyes, they will not listen and actually become nasty toward me and tried to talk me down to me, my next set is to go there and state my facts. When I tried to do this the last time, they will not talk unless it is in a "back room" which I am not going to go to any back room with anyone. l. All in all this was very expensive and I will
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
if need be to get my money back. The products are not all natural and the staff is less that accommodating.
- Constance M.

They have a diet that is kind of hard to explain. They take into consideration four things. They give you points and you have so many daily points. You count your points based on the type of food that you are eating and your not allowed to go over those points. They are on a kind of point system. The points are based on the fat, fiber, carbohydrates and the protein. Considering I have lost 186 pounds I would say it is great. I used to be grossly obese and now I am back down to normal. So it has worked wonders for me. You can go to as many meetings as you want with the monthly payment program.
- John W.

They offers food for weight loss program. I follow the program and eat the food. It's set up by a nurse.
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
is actually a nurse that used to work with her husband who was a doctor. She noticed that the patients needed balanced diet which is good if they have diabetes or any kind of health problem. It's easy because everything is there for them and they don't have to speed it up. The food is fresh. I pick it up twice a week and put it in my refrigerator. It's not frozen and it tastes pretty good. One would definitely
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
weight and become healthier when they eat it. There's a good outcome following the program. I go on it every so often when I want to
Plano Weight Loss Programs Provider Name Locked
weight. I've lost 50 pounds on it. It's a good program. It's not cheap, but it's easy because I just pick up the food twice a week and then eat it. Some people actually have it delivered to work if they don't have time to go out and eat. It's about $130 a week, but it does provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's not outrageous or anything and I don't have to buy any groceries too. I think they are nationwide, but I'm not sure. They do have a website that one can go on and get more information. I know that they are throughout Chicago and suburbs, but I don't know if they are outside of Illinois. It depends on which shop one goes to as each shop is different and owned by different people. The people that I go to in Golf Mill Center are very nice. It's a family from India and they are just really nice. I will continue to use them in the future.
- Athena C.

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Cross Roads Women's Health

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Dallas Medical Specialists

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Delford Roth DO

N8069 County Rd F

Diet by Design

5720 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy Ste 150

dpilates,yoga,physical therapy

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Dr. CAREing

411 E. McDermott

Dr. Maul’s Family Practice

7501 Lakeview Parkway

Dr. Pamela Eckmann

35 Veranda Ln

Elect Wellness

17304 Preston Road Suite 800

Elite Weight Loss and Wellness Center

4880 Boat Club Road, Ste 120
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Elite Wellness and Weight Loss Clinic

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EPX Body

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Equilibrium Weight Loss and Longevity

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Expressions Chiropractic & Rehab, P.A.

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FEM Centre

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FEM Centre - Colleyville

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FEM Centre - Fort Worth

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FIT @ Stonebridge Ranch

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Herbalife with Judy Martin

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How To Lose Weight, Inc.

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LifeStyle Evolve

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Maul, Dr. R. Greg

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MaxHealth Family Medicine

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McKinney Spine & Wellness

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Medi Weightloss Clinics

6618 Bryant Irvin Rd
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9607 Custer Rd ste 718

Nail Citi Spa

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Natural Beauty Sculpting

1148 W Pioneer Pkwy

Natural Optimum Wellness

2825 State Hwy 360
Grand Prairie

Neighborhood Medical Center

5917 Belt Line Rd

New Wave Fitness, Inc.

5330 N MacArthur Blvd Ste 154-111

North Dallas Counseling, PLLC

17762 Preston Road

NR Urgent Care

7920 Preston Rd

Nu Body of Dallas

17000 Dallas Pkwy Ste 107


1288 W Main St

Nutritious Living, LLC

33 San Pablo Avenue

Optimum Wellness Solutions

1980 Nantucket Dr

Plano Hypnosis Center

2419 Coit Road

Posture Perfect Wellness Center

5550 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy

Reigning Warrior Global Fitness LLC

3225 Turtle Creek Blvd

Reihsen, Dr. Julie L.

4222 Trinity Mills Rd

Saber Training

2100 n greenville ave

Sandknop Family Practice

1005 W Ralph Hall Pkwy

Seelig, Dr. Viki

11661 Preston Rd

Slim 4 Life Weight Loss - Lewisville

310 E Round Grove Rd

Solutions Outpatient Services

4300 MacArthur Avenue

Start Yourself Over

908 Audelia Road Suite 200-108

Str8 Drop Y.N.I

4012 Winkler Avenue Ext Apartment 107

Texas Anti Aging Medicine Institute

6300 Stonewood Drive

Texas Health Clinics

1708 Coit Rd., Suite 200

Texas Medical Weight Loss Clinic

4201 Medical Center Dr

Texas Pain & Wellness Chiropractic

1916 N Beach St
Fort Worth

The Finer Touch

399 W Campbell Rd

Thinique - Fort Worth, Boat Club Road

4880 Boat Club Road
Fort Worth

Total Med Solutions, LLC

6101 Windcom Ct. Suite 300

Total Med Solutions, LLC

5445 La Sierra Dr. Suite 420

Trainer Paul

15004 Beltway Dr

Trim You Wellness Spa

PO Box 135

Trophy Club Chiropractic

501 Trophy Lk Dr

Twisted Spine and Joint Center

5933 Dallas Pkwy

VITA Chiropractic & Wellness Center

5646 Milton Street

Vladimir Grebennikov MD

870 N Coit Rd

Water Health Holistic Services

621 W . Plano Parkway

Weight Watchers - Frisco

2995 Preston Rd

Wellness Center Of North Texas

2928 Inwood Rd

Wimberly, Dr. Kelly

17101 Preston Rd
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