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"Installation was accomplished quickly and professionaly. There was a mistake in billing as for for amount of attic space covered but the company rep quickly resolved the issue. Due" to medical limitations I have not climbed a ladder to check the job but at this time I am satisfied, I can already notice an improvement in heating and cooling the treated room. Thank you for your help.
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"This is my experience. After you buy the deal, don't expect a call back and you probably won't get one, so take the initiative and call the provider after a couple of days" to discuss scheduling the appointment. make sure you remind them of the service (e.g. I bought 350sqft of blown in insulation deal on angie's list). If you fail to, the first person to come to your house will come probably unprepared i.e. they drive different trucks based on whether you need fiber blow insulation, duct cleaning, etc. In my case, he came and told me they'll have to return because they did not have the correct truck. They could not make the second appointment as someone had called in sick. So they rescheduled. The third time around a supervisor was sent to my house and he only came to verify the square footage! he told me someone will call me back to setup a date again and almost 6 days later, I received the call back. Finally, the appointment date came and they showed up 30 minutes early and were in and out in under 30 minutes. However, as I said, they required me to reconfirm the deal and that it was already pre-paid by printing out the angies list invoice. I was not impressed that they kept reminding me that they were "loosing money on the deal" on angies list and was getting concerned they were not going to honor it. I understood that they were loosing money as the price was lower than buying a bag of insulation alone! So yes, I understood, but it wasn't really nice for each one to repeat that over, an
again on each visit or phone call. Overall, they delivered and I appreciate that. So for that' I give them high A grade. But I give them C grade for communications.
Rated by
Connie R.
inspected our whole crawl space and reported its condition comprehensively. His measurements turned out to be very accurate. Although he seemed to have a good" bit of work, he got to our job within the time he had projected.
is very personable and knowledgeable, and was able to give me excellent advice on crawl space and drainage issues that I didn't know about. His team has been together for a number of years. They completed all the work in one day. They laid out everything from under the house, and took away all the junk we didn't want to keep. His foreman crawled under the house with me to help me see all that had been done and answer my questions. They even gave me disposable coveralls to use in crawling under the house.

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Angie's Answers


Google and read about it. Some people swear by it, though their comments sound suspiciously like they were all written by the same person. Some call it a rip off - expecially people paying $6000-8000 for what would normally be a $1,000 range job.

I would not call it an outright fraud as they are providing a product that has some potential merit in the right application, but from a technical standpoint it sounds suspicious. They claim a 1/4 mat with doiuble sided foil facing is R-16 insulation. This at least is deceptive - they appear to be saying its radiant heat reflective properties give the equivalent of R-16 insulation, because there is NO WAY 1/4" foam is going to yield R-16 in an ASTM test for insulation, which is a thermal conductivity test. Would be lucky to get R-2 or so as an insulator, so this is basically a radiant barrier. Competing products from national brandname manufacturers list R value of 3.8-4.2 for one inch mats, so the equivalent for this 1/4" mat would be expected to be in the R1 range.

Properly installed, with ventilation on BOTH sides, it can be slightly effective in reducing radiant heat loss from the house, and more effective in reflecting heat in the attic from coming down into the house. However, from a thermodynamic and vapor control standpoint, they are trouble unless their integration into the house envelope is designed VERY carefully. Short explanation:

1) for keeping heat in the house, if they are installed above the attic floor insulation they can slightly limit air loss through the ceiling, and reflect radiant heat back down, resulting in warmer insulation, hence a warmer ceiling - but not as marked an improvement as added insulation would give.

2) for keeping attic heat from getting into the ceiling, they do reflect back a good portion of the radiant heat coming from the roof sheathing. This reduces the attic floor insulation surface temperature, so can reduce air conditioning cost. it does increase teh temperature in the attic, which can be very bad for support timbers and the roof sheathing.

3) the worst thing about how this type of foil radiant barrier is used is that, unless it has free air space on both sides, it acts as a vapor barrier. In the typicall application as a blanket over attic floor insulation, it traps any moisture coming up from the house, and can cause mildew and rot, especially in climates where the outdoor temperature gets quite cold.

4) the attic fans are generally a last resort measure - the normal house does much better, at no energy cost, using ridge vents with adequate eave openings to provide ventilation and cooling in the attic.

5) their effectiveness in winter heat diminshes rapidly with time - tests of attic radiant barriers show they lose about half their effectvieness within 5 years, because even a light dust coating greatly reduces their ability to reflect radiant heat, and greatly increases the absorption of heat from the hot air above them.

6) pay attention to cost - from what I see, their installed cost is many times the cost of normal insualtion or radiant barrier placement.

I would say, in summary, buyer beware, and I would be inherently leery of a product being sold the same way timeshares and "secret" moneymaking schemes are.


Obviously this is not a timely response to the initial question. However, for those who may be reading these answers at a later time, a couple of added thoughts:

1) the radiant barrier being discussed is basically heavy-duty metal foil or metallized surface on a plastic sheet, intended to reflect RADIATED heat (infrared radiation - think heat light, or heat you can feel at a distance radiated from a fireplace), the same way a mirror reflects light. Radiated heat is how a standard oven broils and how steam and hot water baseboard heat predominately work.

2) you generally should do NOT place a radiant barrier over the insulation that lies between and over the joists in a normal attic, especially in a region where the attic temperature can frequently reach condensation temperature (below about 45-50 degrees) - it may reflect back some of the house heat that is coming up from the house, but by destroying most of the temperature gradient from the house to the attic air destroys much of the driving force that moves moisture to the attic air and subsequent venting. Between that greater heat and the fact the barrier is also a moisture barrier, that makes a perfect condition for mold and rot in your insulation and attic wood, and has become quite an issue in energy upgraded homes because of retrofits that cut off airflow outside the insulation, but do not cut off the moisture source leaking thorough from the house. The proper and ONLY place for a vapor barrier in a normal attic insulation system is on the pressurized and normal warm, humid side of the insulation zone - directly above the ceiling drywall in the top floor, fastened to the UNDERSIDE of the ceiling joists or trusses, NOT anywhere above that. Perforated barriers are supposed to reduce this tendency, but the perforation area percentage is so small that typically they still act as a vapor varrier, just not a totally effective one.

3) radiant barriers reflect radiated heat ewith up to 99% efficiency but have basically zero resistance to CONDUCTION (body to body heat transfer at points of contact - think heat transfer from your warm hand to a frozen cold drink can, or hot pavement heat transfer to the bottom of your feet) - so there needs to be an air gap between the radiant barrier and the hot item passing the heat to it, otherwise the heat will just pass through it by conduction. Therefore, applying it directly to the sheathing (above or below) or manufacturing it directly on the surface of the sheathing defeats its purpose, even though this is commonly done.

4) there is a lot of discussion, particularly in the professional design community, about attic radiant heat barrier effectiveness and problems. Because they are being installed on the bottom of the sheathing or underside of roof joists, they act as a heat trap for the energy being conducted through the roof which would normally radiate into the attic air or be transferred by CONVECTION (fluid flow heat transfer) to the attic air, and be vented through roof vents, ridge vents, gable vents, etc. By trapping that heat, they are causing the underside of the shingles and particularly the felt and sheathing to get a lot hotter than they otherside would, essentially changing it from a system where the shingle top surface might reach 120-180 F and the inside surface of the sheathing about 80-140F in the summer, to making the entire roof system equal to the outside surface temperature. This causes more rapid shingle deterioration and cracking, and makes the felt or plastic moisture barrier under the shingles brittle and subject to failure.

Also, any moisture above the radiant barrier (from roof leaks or humid air coming into the area) is prevented from evaporating by the attic airflow which would normally remove it, so it starts acting like a steamer. I have seen both wood and metal lofts and attics become a major mold farm in months because of this effect, and a couple of roofs which started sagging due to rotted sheathing within 2 years of reroofing with tightly adhered radiant barrier. Some radiant barriers are vapor-permeable to reduce the moisture issue, many are not, but few actually are effective in letting moisture freely escape.

Having seen these products in use, and having analyzed and specified building products for use from the Middle East to the Arctic for decades, and having a Masters in Arctic Engineering (a degree predominately in energy conservation and heat flow), my personal opinion is that these radiant barriers will be banned by code within 10-15 years for unheated (so-called "cold" roofs) roofs, because they just do not use the principles of thermodynamics correctly. For more info on this issue Google the following search phrase  - moisture trapping by radiant attic barriers       and read the government (not the manufacturer) literature on the issue.

5) Unfortunately, the right way to handle this issue is to put the radiant surface on the OUTSIDE of the house - by using reflective materials on the roofing material. This is already done with flat roofs, house trailers, and industrial structures by spraying with alumiunum paint, and a few brands offer reflective aggregate shingles that are slightly more reflective and radiant than normal shingles. People obviously do not like this reflective surface from an aesthetic standpoint, though with solar cells coming into more general use this may soon be more widely adopted. The idea should be to keep the solar energy from penetrating into the building envelope at all, not try to re-reflect it away after it has penetrated throguh the roof system.

The sprayed-in foam has a couple of issues you need to be aware of:

6) it needs to be the low-pressure expanding type mixed for use around window frames, as fully expanding foam can bow joists or trusses and pop drywall ceilings free as it expands, and non-expanding foam actually shrinks as it cures, leaving gaps for air and heat flow alongside the ceiling joists.

7) being closed-cell it is essentially impervious to moisture, so the vapor barrier on the house side has to be EXCELLENT (incuding sealingof all penetrations), or it will trap household moisture escaping into the attic and promote mold and rot in the ceiling drywall and joists.

8) it tends to bleed chemical fumes into the house for a long period of time (can be noticeable for years), which may be objectionable to some people from an odor or environmental standpoint, and especially should be considered if any residents have severe allergy issues or respiratory problems.

9) I emphatically recommend AGAINST use of sprayed-in foam between ceiling joists or truss members in any area that can have cold attic air that could cause moisture condensation in the insulation, though this is probably not a significant problem where you live, assuming your Dallas is the city in Texas. For essentially year-around air-conditioned homes in hot climates, the problem can actually be condensation of attic air moisture on and in the colder ceiling surface insulation and on cold attic runs of air conditioned air, so attic ventilation becomes a critical issue to remove the moisture before it condenses.

In summary, having seen an awful lot of attic moisture and thermal problems, my personal recommendation would be to ensure excellent sealing of the house from the attic, use normal UNFACED fiberglass insulation, and instead of a radiant barrier ensure adequate full-attic ventilation. If you decide to got with a radiant barrier, then I would recommend a perforated one, sloping up towards the sides a foot or two and stopping a foot or so clear at the sides so moist air under it can escape to the roof joist spaces and be vented from the attic. I have seen this done several times with a fine nylon net strung above the insulation in the attic, supporting the barrier, resulting in something very similar to the double-roof system used in bedouin tents, where airflow between the two layers keep the hot air away from the living space.


A couple of comments about what Jim said:

1) Regarding type of insulation, in cold winter environments: Cellulose and fiberglass are actually about comparable in R value when installed - blown in cellulose runs from 3.2-3.8 R value, fiberglass batt 2.9-4.3 R value depending on manufacturer and whether hig-density or low density, high-efficiency or standard, according to official Department of Energy publications. Measured values in attic test cases, in areas with a true winter, after 10 years showed a decrease from 3.4 (in the test case) down to 2.1 for cellulose, and 3.5 to 3.3 for fiberglass batt, due to packing or matting. In an attic environment, there WILL be condensation or frost on the insulation at some point during the year (assuming an area with true winters) and in highly insulated houses commonly for a substantial time period each winter. Fiberglass packs down slightly from that weight but mostly rebounds, cellulose packs down and mats and does not substantially recover, so over the years cellulose loses 1/3 to close to 1/2 its insulation value, fiberglass about 10%.

2) a note on radiation barriers attached to the bottom of the rafters - there are a lot of installers and homeowners making two major mistakes with this product that can cause major trouble: First, be sure to terminate it short of the eave openings. I have seen cases where it was carried all the way out to the fascia board, thereby blocking all airflow on the underside of the roof. Even carrying it all the way to the eaves along the bottom of the rafters will block off ventilation to the main attic area. You have to leave the air space between the rafters open to full airflow from the soffit/eave area ot the ridge vent. Second, do NOT run it continuous from eave to eave across the full width of the attic - leave a gap about a foot wide under the ridge vents so warm and moist air in the attic can vent through the ridge vent. Closing the ridge vent area off with the radiant barrier effectively puts a vapor barrier around the main attic area, causing retention of the moisture which WILL accumulate there, promoting mold.

Steve made a good point.  Also, while it isn't required to remove the old insulation you can check the ductwork, wiring, etc. with the old stuff removed,  You can also spray foam around all openings and holes in wall top plates to better seal your home as Steve was pointing out.  My concern is the potential for mold spores you mentioned in your question.  If you suspect there are any get a good company in to remove the old and clean the attic.  Another concern is asbestos.  Your home is old enough you could have it in there and that's worse than mold if released into the air.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Have you checked Angie’s List? Angie’s List Answers is a great place to find advice from professionals, but for ratings, reviews and information to help you hire the companies you need, visit today.




Insulation reviews in Pearland


I'm the office manager for a pharmacy facility that suffered damaged insulation from a leaking skylight during a severe storm. The result was some hanging insulation, but also a mildew smell that several staff complained about - so I was eager to get it fixed quickly and professionally.
I went on Angie's List and contacted the top 3 providers for insulation repair (filtered by reviews) in addition to the original contractor who put in the insulation when the building was built - out of all four, only
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came and inspected our damaged insulation promptly and provided a quote within a day.
The original contractor never responded to my calls - and I called about 3 times throughout the week following the storm.
I was actually surprised how disappointing the other Angie's List picks were - the top one felt it was OK to quote me over the phone without visiting our site, basing his estimate entirely off photos; when I asked about all the things
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
explained to me it was clear this other provider's quote was going to be very short. Even disregarding this, I needed a written quote for the insurance adjuster and this "top" provider didn't send one, even after being asked twice. The second provider on the Angie's List results didn't manage to send a written quote until a week later, blaming technical issues. Compared to
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, who had it in my inbox the same day he inspected the building, these other contractors definitely come up short.
The actual job was done quickly and professionally.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came out personally because he recognized we are a secure facility, and wanted to supervise the job. I was also present to help move aside counters and shelving for the scissor lift, and stayed throughout the entire job.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his worker draped the work areas closest to the the skylight with plastic, and
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
brought extra masks for our staff to use if anyone felt uncomfortable with the insulation dust in the air. I didn't use one, and I was closest to the work area, but some staff ended up asking for masks. At that point I opened up a door, placed a fan by it and left that going for the rest of the day - I haven't had any complaints or concerns brought to me since (I also feel fine).
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
himself stood below the insulation job the entire time, and he didn't have a
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
The job was finished within about 2 hours by one worker who clearly is an expert. Afterward,
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
made sure to sweep the areas clear and took all the old, damp insulation away. When everything was done, my co-worker and I inspected the work and he told me, "Yeah, I would definitely hire them again."
I couldn't be happier with the results - I just wish I didn't waste so much time trying to get other quotes! Thankfully I won't be looking around next time - for either my home or my job!
- Ian C.

Never in my life have I encountered a company so bush-league.

I had issues with MassSave cancelling my appointment on the day-of that they were to come. I never even got a call to
let me know they were cancelling. They just no-showed and I wasted a vacation day. Fast forward a few weeks, I come across
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
at a faire. They bragged about how people who had terrible situations with MassSave turn to them
and have such a great experience. They went on about how they have the highest satisfactory rate. Reluctantly, I signed up for an assessment; after all I am looking for insulation to be done. I figured, it could not be worse than my experience with MassSave. Well, I was wrong,
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is worse.
I own a two-family duplex and needed to have both sides done at the same time. I had this all set up in person to be done on 10/21/14; both units. A week after setting up the appointment I get a call: both units were not booked the same day and I would have to be home at two different times on two different weeks in order to have this done. There is absolutely no reason
to have to take time off twice for this. I call back and tell them to go pound sand. No way am I taking two vacation days for an energy audit. They messed up the scheduling and wanted me to deal with it.
I get a call back from
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
asking me if I would opt back in and keep my appointment if they could re-arrange schedules to give me the double block. Again, reluctantly, I agree. Basically, what went on here is
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
called the person who took my scheduled block to begin with and cancelled/asked them to switch days/times. Clearly, a business strategy they feel is appropriate…..
They got the other person to switch days or cancel all together, I am not sure.
Today is October 20th and they are supposed to come tomorrow October 21st. I just got a voicemail from them
cancelling all together. The day before the appointment they let me know! My boss is on International Travel and I cannot retract my Vacation Day. Yet again, these energy assessment companies provide amazingly horrible customer service. Yet again, these supposed “money saving” opportunities actually takes money away from me in the long run, without a service ever being done.
I called back to get some sort of answers.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
picked up. I explained the whole history of events leading up to this very moment. How we were promised XYZ and instead got ABC. How we have been harassed multiple times over
inadequate scheduling on their end. He put me on hold and transferred me to
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was okay to deal with, he just wasn’t educated/trained enough to handle what was going on.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
on the other hand was absurdly rude. Any sense of
customer service does not exist with
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, or anyone at
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
. He said we would have to change the date or not have it done at all. When I told him we didn’t have the ability to switch the date due to our prearrangement, he said “oh well, we will remove you” and hung up promptly. He was irritated that we were not accommodating them.
A completely classless operation they have running over there. I hope that no one ever opts into their service without looking them up first!

- Mark B.

The primary work crew of
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, Zeke, and
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
that was lead by
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
always showed up early and were ready to work. They paid attention to details and worked in a professional manner. Toward the end of the project more workers, of the same ilk, were assigned to the project since old insulation removing took longer than expected to avoid mishaps in the attic and since it had to be bagged before being removed from the attic.
Early indications show that the increased insulation is paying off since the upper unit furnace doesn't come on during the night even on the recent 32 degree night. We set the thermostat to 72 degrees to insure the house is warm at bedtime and set it back to 68 degrees and it takes about 6 - 7 hours before the temperature drops to the level where the furnace starts up.
Hoping to see lower heating bill in the winter!!!
Bill Young

Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew showed up promptly within the expected time range. They started the setup needed to complete the project right upon arrival.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came in and had a few tests he had to run on our heating system before he started and once that was completed they started taking off the siding and drilling for the holes where the cellulose will be blown into. He also communicated to us beforehand any concerns he had as far as removing the siding especially where it was a cool fall morning that there could be some cracking. He said they would be very careful taking it off and they were. Not one piece was broken or damaged.
Throughout the day they worked diligently and was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. They did a very good job of keeping the work area clean as they worked. They also worked around all of my small bushes to ensure they didn't get stepped on or damaged during the work. He also gave me some knowledge of air leaks and the negative effect they have on utilities. I couldn't believe the statistics of what one 1/2" hole does to your energy efficiency. He said small holes add up fast and before you know it you left the equivalent of one window being open all winter long.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
said we are going to notice better heat retention and noise reduction from outside. The project was completed in one day and before you know it they were packed up and off they went. They did such a good job keeping the work areas clean you couldn't even tell they were there!
I am so happy with the work that was completed and cant wait to have them back again for more of my upcoming insulating projects.
- Brittany M.

It went very well! They were punctual, very friendly but professional at the same time. They worked at steady pace but did not rush.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us tips on a couple things we could do on our own and told us of every structural problem he found under the siding. He even straightened up the wavy mess of siding on the side of the house.

- Heather M.

Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to our home the day we placed a phone call to his company. This individual is a real gentleman with a very professional demeanor and a great listener, which is so very important I believe to homeowners. He intently listened to what we wanted to do with a back porch area to make it more weather-friendly and energy efficient, since it was always very cold in the winter time and extremely hot in the summer time. He recommended replacing the old windows with a brand of window called Polaris, which is a low-E energy window. We decided that we wanted to decrease the space of the windows in the room, i.e., two windows on two sides became one window, and three windows on one side became a two-sided casement window.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the owner's son, as well as the two of his crew,
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, were also very pleasant to deal with. They tried very hard to keep our home neat and clean. We are very conscious about tidiness and that was very important for us. When the job was done, we inspected their work and only had a few issues that we wanted fixed, which we graciously agreed to do. One of the wooden frames around the windows had a nick and
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came back the next day to replace the wood around the window. His reply to me, "That's not a problem. We'll gladly take care of that." I also asked
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to make sure that there wasn't a lot of nails and pieces of aluminum in the shrubbery and garden around the circumference of our home due to the fact our pet cats (2) hang out in the gardens and sun themselves and I was afraid they were going to get injured by the debris.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
gladly went around and tried to find as many pieces of debris possible to please me in this regard. For which I thanked him. We had a few issues with the screens' that came with the casement windows which
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
wholeheartedly agreed to get replaced for us. They told us not to worry, we have a lifetime warranty with these windows, we should be very pleased and if we should ever have a problem, to please call them and they would come out, review the problem and take care of it.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
came today with the two new screens and it was only then that he asked for final payment. Unbelievable, right? Every one seems to want to have their money right away before everything meets the customers' standards. Just one more thing: Although I really liked the work crew, I did have an issue with their arrival times for the two days they were at our home. Please ask them to give you a reliable estimate of when they're going to arrive at your home the day they're going to start their job. The first day they came we were told they would be there at 8:30 and they showed up at 10 am; the second day,
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me he would be at our home at 8:30 and arrived at 9:30. He explained that he had to pick up some material for the job. I would not have had a problem if he was going to arrive at 10 am and/or 9:30 but I did get kind of anxious about when and if they were coming due to the fact that we have had issues with other companies that were supposed to show up on a certain day and never did.
- J. M.

Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew of staff and subs did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. The price was the lowest bid but the quality and service were excellent. This was a job to renovate a kitchen for a home our church provides for the pastor and the timing was challenging because we wanted the main work completed while the family was away for an extended period.
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
kept the project on schedule (technically, it ran one week behind by the end but this was because significant problems were uncovered when the old floor was removed; if you adjust for the time to address these issues, the project ran on schedule). Because this was a gut remodel with new lighting and plumbing service locations, and switching from baseboard heat to a toekick in the island, there were a lot of details and subs to coordinate. In addition, the centering of the window over the kitchen sink and fitting the cabinets perfectly (uppers and
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
) so that everything lined up perfectly was a fiddly job. The window was installed while the walls were down to the studs, yet when everything else was installed, the centering was precise to within 1/8" (in other words, perfect), and the cabinets, upper and lower, all lined up perfectly with the window and were centered/symmetrical around the window as well. Through all of this
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was a pleasure to deal with, professional, flexible, and clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. He also installed the bay window in such a way that the countertop ran behind the sink up to the window instead of a windowsill, and the levels lined up perfectly for a very attractive and seamless look. I have seen this online but I'm not sure that all contractors know how to do it well.
I was impressed that, when we had to ask for the pocket door to be reframed so that a family member who uses a walker could get through the opening with more ease, the re-work was done without complaint or impact to the schedule. In the same way, when there was a misunderstanding about which trim was specified, he had his team pull some trim and do it over again, no charge, and no bad feeling. Very professional.
I tell my friends that you can have all the paperwork and boilerplate in the world (and because I was coordinating this project as a volunteer for my church, I had a detailed contract, scope of work, etc.), but there is no substitute for good old-fashioned pride in workmanship and customer service, and
Pearland Insulation Contractors Provider Name Locked
has both of these qualities. Even more impressive, I first met him 7 years ago when he did some work on my own house, and all of his staff are the same people. I think it says a lot about him that he's kept the same same team for 7 years and this gives me a lot of confidence in using him again.

- Alexandra S.

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4th Generation Remodeling

11435 Mortimer Dr.

A Affordable Insulators & Services & Roofing

14925 Stuebner Airline Rd

A Call Does It All

7709 Highland Rd.
Santa Fe

A Hair Salon

13030 Woodforest

A&L General Contractors, LLC

11569 Hwy 6 PMB Box 135
Sugar Land

A-1 Performance Insulation Inc

6185 Sea Isle

A-KBK Remodeling and Painting

6633 Hillcroft

A1 Cooling & Heating

4703 Sonora Creek Ln

AAA Kitchens, Baths & More Inc.

3015 Greenridge Dr.

Absolute Value AC

Deer Park

Advanced Pest Control

3945 B Greenbriar St

AES Services

3318 Cannon Pass ct


PO Box 8
Santa Fe



Air Innovations

16045 Mueschke Rd

Air Specialist

1323 North Main Street

Air Tech of Houston LLC

2114 Lou Ellen Ln

Air Technology LLC

P.O. Box 79568


South Houston


512 Minnesota St
South Houston

All About Flooring

10108 Kinney Rd

All Attic Insulation

411 S Cypress Estate Cir

All Coast Home Inspections

9230 lee ln

All Star AC & Heating Services

14518 Hempstead Rd



All WoodWorks Construction

9711 Royal Ascot Ct

Allan Walter Homes

PO Box 131636

Allied Siding & Windows

28341 Sh 249

Allspann Construction Services

119 Magnolia Blvd


12715 Brookfield Park

Amazing Grace Construction & Consulting

19914 Sandy Hill Cir

American Home Shield

889 Ridge Lake Blvd

American Legacy Services

4730 Bryant Ridge Rd

AmPro Construction Services, Inc.

19901 Southwest Freeway
Sugar Land

Anytime Air

22414 Wetherburn Ln

Art Hous

811 St Emanuel St

Ashley Construction & Development

11200 Broadway St

Assurance Media Services

325 Church St

ATC Construction

3532 Broadway

Attic Guys

9595 Six Pines
The Woodlands

Attic Innovations

182 April CV


PO BOX 565

B.N. services

141 abney Dr

Bath & Tile Restoration

10811 Bissonnet St


PO Box 885

Bayshore Air Conditioning & Heating

2705 Dickinson Ave

Bea Lou Home Insulation Solutions

2305 Wine Cup Ln
League City

Bekavee Enterprises

9337 Spring Cypress

Benchmark Claims Consultants, LLC

107 S Friendswood Dr., Suite A

Best Concepts and Price Inc.

22820 I-45 North

Bledsoe Remodeling & Construction

14027 Memorial Dr., #238

Blinds 4 u

7518 flair oaks

Blue Skies Htg & Air Conditioning

21361 Cherry St.
New Caney

Blue Wave Home Services

423 Ironbark Dr

BoGar Builders, LLC

P.O. Box 5052

Brand Construction Services, LLC

8876 Gulf Freeway, Suite 420

Brewsters Painting & Remodeling

407 Weisinger Dr

Brico Services

2214 Luella Ave
Deer Park

Brown Sterling Builders Inc

715 Bradfield

Brushstrokes Painting & Remodeling

Sugar Land

Buster & Cogdell Builders

8562 Katy Freeway

C & K Painting

15502 Hwy 3 Suite 117

C&C Remodeling

3510 Pecan Mill Dr
Sugar Land

Cambridge Doors & Windows Inc

12999 Murphy Rd

CamLow, LLC

322 Donella Dr
San Antonio

Campise Custom Builders

618 White Oak Pointe
League City

Capmire Projects

1830 Fletcher St

Carpentry By Fred

PO Box 2771

Charlie D's Painting & Remodeling

222 County Rd 99

Chilly willy HVAC

12873 Capricorn st

chilly willy hvac

12873 capricorn st

Chimney & Wildlife Specialists

13907 Montfort Dr

City View Remodeling

001 spring

Clear Choice Roofing

8238 Eagle Mountain Cir
Fort Worth

Clear the Air

107 W Heritage Dr

Coat of Many Colors Paint Co

5342 State Hwy 34

Comfort Concepts Services

24292 Webb Rd


2822 Bostic St.

Cope Enterprise Inc.

2125 Richey St

Cother Air Conditioning & Heating

4227 Allen Genoa Road

Creative Remodeling

17527 Pinewood Forest Dr

Crossroads General Contractors

4009 Brookwoods Dr.

Crown Services

4609 Viking Dr.

Cucco's Air Conditioning & Heating

735 County Road 2314

Custom Comfort Air

1821 Cottonwood School Road

Custom Masonry

6215 Cool Springs Dr


1266a Beach Airport Rd

Davis Mechanical Contractors

5634 Ludington Dr.

Diamond KK, Inc.

11879 White Oak Pass

Diversified Thermal

6727 Signat Drive

Doctor Cool & Professor Heat

307 E Walker St
League City

DominAir Heating & Air Conditioning

12122 Knigge Cemetery Rd

Dry Home Roofing & Construction

2002 Timberloch Place
The Woodlands

Drywall Doctor

Houston Area- Clear Lake, Spring,
Baytown, Humble, Woodlands, Etc...

Dynamik Electronics

11900 Wickchester Ln

EES Energy Consulting

5821 W. Sam Houston Parkway N #400

Efficient Attic Systems

10515 Okanella Drive

Elite Roofing Solutions Inc

17423 Village Green Dr

Energy Sense

4930 Cranswick Rd

Environmental Matters HVAC LLC

9421 FM 2920 Bldg 16G

ER Homes


Escamilla Company

7743 Alperton Drive

Escobar Company

P.O. Box 570393

Eskimo Insulation

8725 Fawn Trail
The Woodlands

Exhilarated Construction, LLC.

614 Virginia St.
South Houston

Exterior Touch Inc.

12610 Waverly RD.

Faith Complete Auto & Truck Repair

6529 Cunningham Rd St #2202

Finch Air Conditioning & Heating

3802 Underwood Rd
La Porte




2302 Jacquelyn Dr

Foam Kote, Inc.

1102 Minnesota St
South Houston


1962 Northpark Dr

Free Lighting Corp

15255 Gulf Freeway

FSR Services

505 North Ave C



G and B Contractors

P.O.Box 1038
Port Bolivar

Gallery Home Repair

6715 River Ridge Ln

Garland Insulating Ltd

PO Box 550368

GCR Builders

1903 1st St
La Marque

Giada Construction, LLC

1809 San Joaquin


61 Yewleaf Rd

Great Value Insulation

17510 West Grand Parkway
Sugar Land

Greater Texas Builders

9406 Meaux Dr

Green Street Energy - Houston

11115 Mills rd #101

Greenbelt Home Solutions

1029 state hwy 6 north



Guaranteed Roofing & Prouty Construction

2401 25th Ave. N.
Texas City

Guardian Chimney Sweep

9836 Finch Ct

Gulf Coast Insulation Inc

14019 SW Freeway
Sugar Land


309 Morningside Dr

Handy Women of Houston

3304 W Magnolia Elms

Handyman ServiceSS

3306 Dixie Farm Rd.

HCC Services

20602 Hannington Ln

Heat Shield Solutions Inc.

4609 Viking Dr

Henderson AC

472 Claremore St
Corpus Christi

High Ends Flooring - Homeco

11665 Fuqua St

High Strength Contracting LLC

1219 Durham Dr


PO Box 541


13900 Humble Rd

Horizons Painting & Remodeling

12218 Glenview Dr

Houser Roofing LLC

1270 Crabb River Rd

Houston Heights Roofers

630 E 13th 1/2 st

Houston Painting & Remodeling

323 E Palm St

PO Box 7267



IGC Roofing & Exteriors

10333 Harwin Dr

Innovative Home Services

3350 Hwy 6
Sugar Land


1142 Shadowdale Dr


9006 Lavender Field Ct
Sugar Land

Integrity Contractors & Developers LLC

15201 East Freeway

J & J Construction

42nd street

J&D Total Home Care

21730 Park Brook Dr

J&T Enterprises

2322 Two trail Dr

J.C. Construction

8921 Megan dr.

J.O.T. Services

3523 clipper wibds way

JLO Construction and Home Repairs

16350 Hill Country Court Dr

Joe Ochoa Roofs & Even More

12939 Folkcrest Way

John Burns & Son Roofing

891 Dale Evans Dr

John Moore Services

10005 W Sam Houston Pkwy N

John Ray's Handyman Services

550 Dogwood Rd

Jon Wright Industries

1915 Peters Rd



JSJ Metal Buildings

24503 Rozzano Court

JSoto Drywall

14 Camberwell Ct.

Katy Texas Insulation Contractor

5880 Highway Boulevard

Kenny's Home Improvements

17702 Windy Point Dr

Kingwood Air Repair

1701 Northpark Dr

Krb Services

4519 Ponca St

Ktech Construction

PO BOX 615



Lacy-Boone Interiors

1622 Maux Drive


La Porte

Live Oak Construction

7901 Hall Rd

Lone Star Construction

4702 Old Spanish Trail

Lone Star Patio Builders LLC

16000 Stuebner Airline



Lux Roofing Systems Inc

15619 Valley Bend Dr

Lyndrixx Home Energy Efficiency

5223 Beaver Brook Dr

Lyon Construction Group

10015 N. ELDRIDGE PKWY. STE. E-120

M & H Construction Services LLC

24538 Sawgrass Meadow Ln

M & M Roofing Co Inc

1656 Townhurst Dr

Made In The Shade LLC

3606 W Creek Club Dr
Missouri City

Mainline Glass

PO Box 2474

Mastick Evolution LLC

5719 Wigton Dr


11391 Meadowglen ln

MaxHome-New Bath

5400 Pepsi St

Miguel's Remodeling

12593 robin Lane


2906 Buffalo Run

Mitchell Insulation

3716 FM 1960 East

MKZ Construction

1430 Rustling Oaks Dr.

Modern Mechanical

25595 Tallow Vista

Monarch Roofing

1010 Oxford St

Moon Custom Homes

84 La Costa Dr

Morgan Construction & Remodeling

1200 Campbell Acres Rd.

MrBrasil Paint & Remodeling

P. O. Box 714

My Attic Pro

PO Box 309

NB Contractors Inc

PO Box 941804

Neiheiser Construction

17124 millerwilson

New Horizons Roofing Specialists (NHRS)

3528 1/2 E Broadway St

New life Landscaping

17935 Glenledi Dr

Nunez Insulation

5515 Elmlawn Dr.

NV Construction

9174 Jamaica Beach


1529 wirt rd


PO Box 580186

Oleander Construction

20530 Benwest Ct


2636 Walnut Hill Ln

One Call Houston

4411 Greeley

Owens Custom Stucco Repair

31303 Alice Ln

Payless Insulation

1331 Seamist Dr


6742 N Eldridge Pkwy

Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar

5050 Timber Creek Dr

Pica's Custom Cabinets and Remodeling

10406 Chambers st.

Ponce Remodeling Service

6319 Oban St

Precision Roof Crafters, Inc.

3919 Jeanetta St

Price Right Service

3523 maymist dr

PRO Construction & Mechanical Svcs LLC

16202 Lochness St

ProRock Granite & Cabinets Inc.

6040 Westpark Dr

Punum Roofing of Houston Inc

8815 emmott rd.

Quality Insulation

2323E N Frazier St

Quality Renovations

1519 Corral DR

R&E Contracting

5255 Falvey

Restored Designs. Inc.

1420 Marina Bay Dr Apt 1008

Reynolds Roofing and Home Renovation

234 April Waters Dr W

Right Choice Restoration

10119 Golden Meadow Dr

Rite Construction Services, Inc.

12414 Westella


PO Box 40879

Rockin' D Services

164 Wood Farm Rd

Rojas Constructions

19946 Mountain Dale Dr

Roofing & Siding Solutions

16214 Kempton Park Dr

RP Renovations

12927 Lentando Ln

Ryan Construction & Remodeling

9006 Red Hawk Circle

S&D Remodeling

8101 Howard

S.A.P. Home Repair Services, LLC

8032 Sands Point Dr

SA Specialties

11811 Warfield
San Antonio

SA Specialties

19424 Park Row Ste 140

Santos Renovations

8303 Shadow Wind Dr

Scottford Custom Home Designers

5090 Richmond Ave

Sophia's Total Remodeling

12831 Chimes Dr.

South General Contractors Inc

11745 Jones Rd

South Texas Green Energy

PO Box 5103

Southern Comfort Insulation

2723 Houston Ave

Southern Developers

24693 Sorters Road



Storm Master Inc.

6444 N.W. Expressway

Strech Construction

5422 Tyler Park Ln

Strictly Quality Remodeling

25044 Virginia Ln

Sueser Construction Solutions

603 Avenue of Oaks St

Sugar Land Electric

PO Box 16400
Sugar Land

Sun and Sound Windows

9811 Harwin Dr.

Sun Company Remodeling

3622 marywood

Sunco Remodeling & General Contractors

319 Enchanted River Dr

Sunlite Exteriors

4944 Woodway

SunRise Roofing Services LLC

22503 Katy Fwy

T & Z All Services

10820 Craighead Dr.

Talley Construction Co Ltd

13623 Perry Rd.


11727 S Sam Houston Pkwy W

Tex-Gard Windows

503 Mackintosh Dr

Texan Repairs

12735 Coulson St

Texas Home Pro

16314 Cypress Trace Dr

Texas Insulation Company Houston

780 Smith Street

Texas Kitchen and Bath

P.O. Box 15008

Texas National Contractors LLC

627 Park Leaf Ln


15505 SW FWY
Sugar Land

The Woodlands Insulation

2211 Rayford Road Suite 111 #203

ThermSeal Insulation

20364 County Rd. 456

Top Drawer,Kitchens& More

8 Lakeview Dr

Trademark Construction

1709 23rd Ave N
Texas City

Trademark Home Services

15445 Old Richmond Rd
Sugar Land

Trebor Contractors

1450 West Grand Pkwy S



Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC

U.S. Alpha General Contractors

PO Box 334
Van Vleck

Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation

11114 Huggins Dr.

UpKeepers, Inc

4314 Medical Pkwy

Upstage Center Construction

3302 Old Alvin Rd

US Coastal Construction

19307 Long Lake Dr.

Valued Renovations

3404 Space Center Blvd.


P.O. Box 750275

Village Plumbing & Home Services

5403 Kirby Dr.


12637 S 265 W Suite 100

We'll Do It For You!

7025 Foster St

West Bay Contracting

12518 Green River Dr

Williams Air Technologies, LLC

2616 South Loop W


7600 Bowie St.

Williams Insulation - Houston North

7951 Fairview St.

Zander Homes

P.O. Box 3453

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