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I got quotes from several contractors before deciding on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. I ultimately went with them because of the competitive price that
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
(owner of
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
) offered.
Having done my homework, it was hard to stomach the negative reviews I found for this company. Drawing on the negative reviews, I drafted my own service contract that provided me with peace of mind and some level of assurance that I wouldn't experience the same problems. To my surprise,
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
accepted the terms of my contract... and my 25% up front payment!
I won't enumerate here all the items I added above and beyond
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
's standard contract, but these are a few I'll touch on specifically due to issues:
1) Concrete mix will be colored 'Bone' with an integral colorant. When we first met to sign the contract, I was shown a color chart from
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Color. I selected 'Bone' as the integral color and 'Smoke' as the release agent color. When they arrived to pour the concrete, I saw the bag that they poured into the mix was
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Colors' 'Brown'.
I immediately contacted
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
told me that this '
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
' color is the equivalent of the 'Bone' we'd agreed upon, just by a different manufacturer. I must stress that this couldn't be any further from the truth. I don't know if it was ignorance of the colorants or just a direct lie, but these two colors are not even close.

2) Control joints will be added at no more than 8' spacing. Following solid advice regarding concrete expansion/contraction in my particular climate (and for my patio size), I called for control joints to be added at no more than 8' spacing. These joints were ultimately added where they saw fit, not as agreed -- varying distances of 10-12'.
3) Two downspouts will be extended under patio, both connecting into a single popup drainage emitter. In an effort to minimize the amount of large drainage pipe installed under my concrete patio (for fear of the pipe collapsing and damaging my patio in the future), I called for the two downspouts to be connected to a single popup emitter. I also wanted to minimize the number of popups in my grass (already have sprinkler valve boxes and such crowding that area). I ended up with two pipes running all the way to two popups. Additionally, the pipe nearest the downspouts was left protruding roughly 8 inches above the surface of the patio. I contacted
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
though and he sent the crew back out to trim those pipes flush and put a grate over the pipes.
Other items I added to the contract, such as properly masking my house during the concrete pour, were handled no problem. It may be the case that they would've done these things anyway without them being in the contract, but having them explicitly in the contract gave me that warm fuzzy feeling.
I was told that my patio includes a one year warranty. When I asked about this warranty, I was told that after I sign the contract and give them my down payment, they would send over the details of the warranty. I pushed back and said that I wouldn't sign the contract until I saw the warranty specifics. They came back with a small statement added to the contract that said something to the effect of "Warranty: covers all cracks larger than 1/8" for one year".
This made me feel that there wasn't really any thought put into a warranty at all, and if it was just a single sentence, why did I need to wait until after signing the contract to see that sentence? I honestly would've felt better if I was told "there is no warranty".
Review-based Warranty
I feel this deserves special mention. I have no problem with providers asking me to write a review if I was pleased with their service (and I'll happily oblige). What I take particular offense to is when a provider asks me to give them a great review, in exchange for "tripling my warranty". Bribing for glowing reviews is particularly bad for this community. Said another way, why should I pay to read reviews on Angie's List when providers are essentially paying for positive reviews?
Also, as stated earlier the "warranty" was just a one-liner afterthought. I'm not sure exactly what "tripling my warranty" would even entail. Does it cover cracks that are three times larger (3/8") or for three times as long? For someone to ask me to go out of my way and give them a great review on Yahoo, and Topix, and Yelp in order for them to stand behind their workmanship a little bit more -- it's mind blowing. As if spending my time to write a great review on all those sites wasn't enough, I'm also instructed to
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
for an account on Angie's List, "it's like $6.00 for a month", then give an A rating review, then cancel after one month.
My patio is NOT anything close to the colors I selected, the control joints weren't added as agreed, the popup emitters weren't added as agreed. I have a warranty that [I feel] will not be backed up by the company and I feel dirty for even being asked to cheat the review system.
That being said, my patio was completed quickly, is the right size and shape, with the correct stamp pattern. The crew was polite and cleaned up when they were done. The price was great, and overall the entire process was fairly smooth. I'm very happy with the finished product and I'm so excited to use it for years to come.
I would certainly recommend
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
if only for the value, speed and quality. I'd recommend you spell things out clearly in your own contract, and if there are details that absolutely MUST be done a specific way, be present when the work is being performed.
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
would focus more on honest customer service, he would get more genuine great reviews (from myself included). I intend to update this review with my experiences (if any) with the one year warranty.

- Nickolas M.

We purchased the $399 Angie's List special for
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Landscape Lighting. Set up an appointment through Angie's List messaging and via email to install the
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
lighting. COC installed the
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
lighting per their advertised special. They did an excellent job. The
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
lighting is just the right amount of up-lighting on the house and on our tree/bushes to give our home the aesthetics we were looking for. We would use them again and strongly recommend
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
- Anthony V.

Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
was quick to come out and had an estimate by the end of the day. I presented pictures from his website to convey my desires and he seemed to understand completely. The first estimate came in at $29,768 after taxes. On the same estimate, a discount of $4, 768 (approx. 16%) if we contracted within 2 days. I was out of town and unable to reply, however, within two days I received another email offering another 15% discount if we contracted within the following week (Total project cost with discounts applied: $21,250). I called and negotiated a total project price of $21,000). He came over, we signed a contract and I paid the 50% deposit. Two days later I received an email explaining that he underestimated the cost by $3,000 and could not do the job. We spoke on the phone and I pointed out that the previously estimated price, with discounts, was within $250 of the negotiated $21,000.
This is written with the hopes that others are not receiving revised estimates after contracts are signed. R
- Rick A.

Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
came out and gave an estimate in the beginning of April 2014. He was late and his office was unresponsive, but when he finally showed up, he was very attentive and informative, answering all my questions. Once we collected all our quotes and decided on his company, he was very flexible and quick, which was a huge bonus!
At first, our quote was to pave our small outdoor atrium area and create a drainage solution, but during the initial leveling, his team actually found an existing drain! They spent a large part of time clearing the drain of years of soil and debri and making sure it worked before continuing with the project. This created a delay and changed the layout (instead of having the bricks slope away from the house, they now sloped towards the drain, and pushed the project back a full day, which affected other projects his company was working on. But his team stayed the course and finished this project within two days. My cost did not change, which was very nice.
We are extremely pleased with the result.
His team did take long lunches, but they worked very, very hard while they were here and took no breaks. They were friendly and courteous, very careful with my home and cleaned up everything when they left. They even taught me how to say "Beautiful Job" in Spanish, "
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
I would definitely use this company again and will recommend them to anyone who needs a paving project, large or small!!!
- Laura H.

From the onset of talking design with them we should have know this company was going to be a problem. Their designer, Clay, while innovative in his ideas is very arrogant and condescending. Not only to me but to my wife as well. We asked if there would be a supervisor on site during the process and he assured us there would be. Not once during the process did one person show up. Apparently, he was referring to the fact that every set of contractors they employ have their own supervisors. No one followed up on the design or came and discussed with us concerns we had. I'm a stay at home dad so I was here daily. I caught several design issues (rebar concerns on a shallow area and a tiling issue on another) and called Clay. He dismissed them and told me I wasn't in the business so how could I know. However, several days later they were here repairing the error. Then, when building our pavilion we had both agreed on a particular design during the contract phase and we signed the papers and approved the presented design. Then, during the construction we ran into an issue with property lines and the pavilion had to be moved. Without consulting us, Clay changed the design and had the contractor build us a less elaborate pavilion. Of course, we called Clay and he began insulting me and my wife, telling us we are tough to please and we wanted to change too many things after the contract was signed, which I must say worked out in their favor as we paid extra for these things. Clay did admit to changing the design of the pavilion though because he thought with the new position it wouldn't have looked good. The issue is we paid for the more elaborate design and got cookie cutter design. The original design would have looked great but the problem is he made the decision without even contacting us. Then during the concrete phase, we had not made up our mind if we were going to stain the concrete or color the concrete. On the day of the pour, I saw an employee throwing dust onto the finished product. I thought it was a hardener so the concrete would set faster. So, after about a week I called Clay to ask when they were going to meet with us about the color of the concrete. He told me that it was already done and the color we had was the color we were getting. I asked him who chose the color? He told me I did! I told him I didn't even know what the color was called so how could I have chosen it? Again, he took his normal defensive stance telling me I chose the color and he doesn't make choices on his own and that if I didn't like the color they would have to charge me to change it.
In closing, let me say that this designer Clay has a reputation for this type of behavior. Almost every homeowner in my neighborhood that has landscape work, shutters, pools, spas or pavilions or just a meeting to quote work prices thinks he is insulting and arrogant. The rest of the employees there have poor follow up or don't return calls (as is evident in my original work request submitted in October of 2013) and work requests get lost in the
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. They struggle to fulfill the basics of customer service and I would strongly advise anyone doing business with them. Their repair work is based on how many referrals you send them?? Yes, read that again!! They will only repair things that they say are not covered if you send them referral work. I like my friends and neighbors so why would I refer them?? I want to also mention another issue. Within two years of completion my remote for my pool equipment went out. So I called
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
and spoke to
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. She told me that it was out of warranty and they would see what they could do. Then a few days later she calls me and basically tries to tell me that because I wouldn't let their photographer take photos of my project after it was completed that I was on my own and the part was not under warranty any longer. I told her to look at the website that there indeed were some photos of our project and the reason we refused to allow the photographer into our backyard is because at the time I was doing the landscaping myself and it wasn't done at the time they wanted the photographer to come by. However, undeterred I started looking around the internet and found out that my part WAS INDEED COVERED. So, I called the manufacture directly and because I had more than three pieces of their equipment installed at initial set up my warranty was good for 3 YEARS. The saddest part of this whole thing is our pool and spa are beautiful. We get comments on it from everyone that walks through the door. But, when we tell them about the condescending behavior and the poor follow thru no one would ever wants to deal with that. With just a little bit of training for the employees and a minor change on the designer's attitude this company could be something wonderful.

- Kim & Todd B.

They were responsive after first. Scheduling my appointment wasn't difficult, but they made a mistake in their system and no-showed my appointment. I called and they were very apologetic and rescheduled at time later than normal so I didn't have to leave work early a second time.
We met the Friday before Thanksgiving and talked about what I might be looking for. I was a little concerned, because the employee wasn't taking notes. He did take a few measurements and let me know that he would send the plan the following week, before Thanksgiving...that didn't happen. I checked in the following week, and he said he would have it by the end of the week...didn't happen. They apologized and set up an appointment to go over the plan with me on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. 27th. A half hour before the appointment, I got a text that he went to the hospital with chest pains and couldn't make the appointment. I was very patient and accepted with sympathies, understanding things happen. He sent me a message telling me that he would have someone send me the plan that day....didn't happen. Checked in again on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. 30. I was ensured he would send the plan himself, that day...didn't happen. Checked in again on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. 6, got an email that he couldn't find my email address, that he had been dealing with health and family issues and that he would still send the plan, but refund my money. Again, not being in a hurry and trying to be a decent person, I told him that if he provided the plan, he did not need to refund my payment (it was only $50 through the Big Deal). I checked in again on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. 28, now 2 months after our initial appointment, again family issues and now technical issues prevented the plan from being sent.
I finally received the plan on
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
. 31, but it was useless. It looked like it took about an hour to put together and it didn't include many of the things we discussed when he visited my home. After 2 months, I am back to square one.
- Jason B.

Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
originally came out to provide an estimate a few months ago. After shopping around for the best fit, I decided to go with
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
because of their reputation, and after my discussion with
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
and finalizing the price with him, I felt comfortable with proceeding. He was able to schedule the work to be done the next day. His workers,
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
, came out and started working on the retaining wall. I was looking for a wall that would be level on both sides of the stairs, have some originality to the design, and have a smaller/lower area in the front sections for flower bed arrangements. While building the wall, I stopped them about 1/4 through since the design wasn't meeting what I had asked.
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
quickly resolved it and I was able to work with
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
to figure out the best way to build the wall that met our specifications. After a couple of days of working on it, I have to say the wall is amazing. The stonework done was perfect, and they met my design specs to a T. My wife is extremely happy with the way it turned out, and it added a tremendous amount of
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
appeal to the house. We did notice that when we turned on the sprinklers, they accidentally broke some of the lines. However, they came to fix it quickly. Very happy with the price and work they did, and they are in the top running for when we plan to do our outdoor living area/kitchen. I would highly recommend them, and after showing the pics of the wall to friends, they're looking
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
up as well.
- Ben V.

The design process was lightning fast. The designer,
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
did a fantastic job, emailed drawings and an estimate of the full cost of the design that was closest to our budget compared to the two other companies we met with. One company we met with never bothered to follow up with us again after the initial design and the other one was almost $15K over our budget and then refused to email the design drawings to us as we were trying to make our final selection.
Due to
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
's flexibility, responsiveness and gorgeous design (and the fact his price was fair and not much over our maximum budget, we went with
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
When we first met with our project manager, we were told it would take 30-45 days for our pool to be finished. We found out very quickly as a couple of days of rain caused insane delays (one subcontractor didn't come out for 8 days to
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
out the patio wiring, and then with a small rain fall on the day they were supposed to come, it was delayed by a whole other 9 days, so that NOTHING was done to the project for over two weeks), that the 30-45 day timeframe we'd been quoted was wrong during the busy summer season and that we were supposed to have been told 8-10 weeks.
It took exactly 10 weeks for our entire project to be done. And by the end, we were pretty cranky. But through it all, they really did the best they could and we've learned that in construction, a company is only as good as its subcontractors and is fully at the mercy of them NOT showing up when they said they would. I'm sure this is beyond frustrating for the company, as it was too for us the homeowners.
However, I have to say that now that the project is done, I wouldn't hesitate to call
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
again. Our pool is gorgeous. We don't live in a million dollar neighborhood, not even CLOSE to it. But friends of ours in a million dollar + house had a pool built around the same time as us and when we were invited to a pool party at their house, we were stunned. They spent way more than us, and yet, even with our amateur eyes, we were able to spot so many small details where their builder cut corners. Like the arbor design has no detailing whatsoever, while ours turned out so beautifully, their concrete patio still has the filler that they use during the construction phase and was never finished.
The quality and finishes of our pool, arbor and patio are unbeatable for the price point. I wouldn't hesitate to use
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
again knowing that they really do strive to give you the best quality product. We love our pool, although dislike the fact that the shallow end was dug too deep and it wasn't caught by the project manager, so that our 'shallow end' is 4 feet deep, so that our small kids have nowhere to stand, except for the steps. Other than that, it's the perfect pool and we look forward to many years of enjoyment.
- Annabelle B.

I sent in an online quote request from their website and they gave me $400 off the project just for that on top of the $200 multiple project discount. They called me and came out to my house to take all of the measurements. That night I received the full quote as well as a 3D model of the entire project laid out on a scale model of my house so i could see what the kitchen would look like in my yard. After i signed the quote they had all the materials delivered to my house and they started working. They told me everything would be done in 4 days, but i did not believe them. At the end of the 3rd day everything was done and we grilled burgers that night.
Overall it was a great experience. Anytime i had a question i was able to call the project manager directly on his cell phone and get the answers quickly. I had multiple quotes and their prices were by far the lowest.
If you are having any work done in your backyard then you owe it to yourselves to get a quote for
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
- Alyssa A.

Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
responded to an email from me within 24 hours, and we set up an appointment for an estimate the following day.
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
was here on time for that appointment, took measurements and listened to our concerns. He
Mckinney Patio Pavers Provider Name Locked
a design that fit exactly what we were looking for, and we scheduled the work for the next day. His crew arrived right on time, and they were professional and skilled. They did a beautiful job, and cleaned everything up well before they left. There was no blocking of neighbors' driveways, no noise, no trash left behind. They even hauled the fill dirt they removed to a low spot in the yard and spread it there for me. I can't say enough about them. Altogether, I think they were here maybe four hours.
- Garvin C.
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Blaney Stonework And Landscape Inc

603 Greenleaf
Richardson, TX
In business in the dallas area since 1984, forrest blaney is one the region's premier...

Blooms and Blades Landscaping

Joshua, TX
Year aroung landscape installation, maintenance and design

Bobcat Custom Outdoors LLC

1314 W McDermott Dr
Allen, TX
Bobcat custom outdoors, servicing the dallas area, may be a young company but it is built...


9810 Brockbank Dr
Dallas, TX
Dallas residential landscape design firm, bonick landscaping has been designing, building and...

BOSS Resurfacing

151 S. Dooley Street
Grapevine, TX
Boss resurfacing is truly your one-stop-shop for all of your...

Botanically Correct Services

North Richland Hills, TX
We started in 1999 by demand. since then, we have grown into a versatile, multi fasceted and...

Brandon's Services-1st Qualtiy Remodeling

100 W Southlake Blvd
Southlake, TX
Dallas ph #:9727460345 other

Brennan Enterprises Inc

2100 East Randol Mill Road
Arlington, TX
Angie's super service award for last 7 years. bbb a+ rating. the brennan family has been...

Brick & Stone Pavers LLC

6611 Hillcrest ave suite 510
Dallas, TX
Brick pavers, stone travertine & retaining wall business specializations: concrete,...

Brick Doctor

905 Cresthaven Dr
Euless, TX
Specialists in repairing, restoring, correcting, and improving brick and all types of masonry....

Building Excellence Co

PO Box 580752
The Colony, TX
See website for additional services.

Buzz Custom Fence

5104 W Vickery Blvd
Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated. costs are determined by the job.

C & L Construction, Enterprises

9835 County Road 581
Anna, Tx
Our company has over 25 years of experience in the field of general construction and home...

C&H Roofing and Construction of Grand Prairie Tx

2113 Proctor Dr
Grand Prairie, TX
For all your general construction projects, call on the professionals at c&h roofing &...

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL
We offer a full scale of all outdoor improvements, from simple lawn care to complete landscape...

Caprock Hardscape, LTD

792 E Main St
Lewisville, TX
Natural stone and masonry supply yard, we feature many different limestones, sandstones, moss...

CAT Contractors

2828 Eastbrook
Mesquite, TX
General contractors, specializing in catastrophe reconstruction. whether you exterior has...

CDP Environmental Construction LLC

P.O. Box 152
Argyle, TX
A premiere provider of outdoor living areas and construction to north texas. from outdoor...


12015 Wedgehill Ln
Houston, TX
General contractor, home remodeling, renovations, backyard make overs, outdoor kitchens,...

Charles Wyles Contractors

7457 Woodhaven Rd
North Richland Hills, TX
Home building and remodeling for over 35 year

Chibli Stone Works

101 Quail Run
Colleyville, TX
Family owned & operated. have been in business for 27 yrs. and we are sticklers for customer...

Chris Roberts Concrete

5411 Richard
Dallas, TX
Concrete stone and brick masonry.

Christians Handyman Services

Garland, Tx
I currently work alone on all handyman services that do not require assitance but have...

Cisco Fencing

PO Box 2186
Wylie, TX
14 employees. no subs. no travel charge. cost is determined by the job. award winning.

Clark Lawn Service

PO Box 861231
Plano, TX
Complete landscape management

Clay's Clippers Inc.

P.O. BOX 811
Frisco, TX
We are a local christian owned and operated business. we have been in frisco texas since 1999....

Clearview Trees

430 E Brockett St
Sherman, TX
Tree service

Cody Irrigation Landscape and Lighting

9500 Glen Falls Ln
Denton, TX
Email us direct -- --- cody irrigation and landscape is licensed,...

College Fund Landscaping

PO Box 239
Allen, TX
Small owner operated company, 10 employees, liscensed irrigator (li15603), landscape architect...

Complete Home Renewal

2021 Needham Dr.
Allen, TX
We are elite home renewal experts. we have over 30 years of experiencing building and renewing...


Dallas, TX
Over 150 employees. cost determined by the job.

Complete Outdoor Concepts

1385 Treetop Dr
Frisco, TX
Family operated. cost is determined by the job. we are insured and bonded. no travel or...

Coney Construction Co., LLC

14277 Preston Rd.
Dallas, TX
Owner operated. see web for additional service areas.

Content Writings

New York, NY

Covenant Stone

PO Box 2102
Lake Dallas, TX
We provide natural stone products for contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, business...


3600 Canyon Oaks Dr
Carrollton, TX
Cre8stone is a company that resurfaces walls, floors, and counter tops in new and pre-owned...

Creative Boundaries

436 Southwestern Blvd
Coppell, TX
At creative boundaries we specialize in making lasting impressions. creative boundaries offers...

Creekside Total Maintenance

17357 S 69th Ave
Tinley Park, IL
Creekside total maintenance has been servicing the south suburbs of chicago for over 10 years....

Crimson Lawn Care & Landscaping Inc.

P.O. Box 79321
Fort Worth, TX
We are afamily owned and operated business, fully insured and everyone speaks fluent english

Crockett Construction

523 Willow Rd
Irving, TX
30 years working with clients to achieve one goal, customer satisfaction. family owned and...


Frisco, TX
We do complete outdoor landscape projects, from front landscape to back yard living space,...

Custom Dreams Remodeling

1000 Crestview Dr
Sherman, TX
All types of remodeling, add ons, decks, carports, roofing, windows, doors, ceramic tile, wood...

Custom Masonry

6215 Cool Springs Dr
Arlington, TX
Owner for over 30 years have very good refrences my new bussnessis under d.g.custom masonry...

Custom Masonry Design

921 Ector
Denton, TX
We are not your standard masonry contractor. we do not subcontract projects out & only...

Custom Rain

5410 galaxie road
Garland, TX
We have 10 employees we except all major credit cards we have been in buss since 1987

Cuttin It Right Lawn Care LLC

1502 Cold Springs Rd
Weatherford, TX
An american owned and operated company, cuttin' it right lawn care welcomes you. we offer a...

D & D Stone Brokers

PO Box 2032
Aiken, SC
Wholesale all types of stone from around the united states.

D & I Landscape Construction

3202 Cockrell Ave.
Fort Worth, TX
Design and installation of all areas of construction and landscape projects

D&D Commercial and Residential Professionals

Dallas, TX
It all started with one man and one mower. now d&d mowing is dfw's premier landscape...

D3 Property Services

4659 Westgrove Drive
Addison, TX
We are and general contractor and property maintenance company, servicing both residential and...

Dal-Rich Company Inc

710 E Park Blvd
Plano, TX
19 employees. uses subs plumbing & electricity. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Dallas Curb Appeal Inc.

PO Box 450602
Garland, TX
Irrigation licenses (required)--- irrigator li0016405, backflow inspector bp0011273, certified...

Dallas Expert Home Services

Allen, TX
Additional email - owner & operated.

Dallas Outdoor Kitchens & Landscape

11625 Custer Rd., Suite #110-205
Frisco, TX
Outdoor kitchens, hardscape, masonry, & landscape contractor

Dallas Renovation & Designs Inc

521 Irby Ln
Irving, TX
Dallas renovation & designs is a full service home renovation company. we pride ourselves in...

Dallas Turf & Irrigation Specialists Inc

PO BOX 180352
Dallas, TX
Full service irrigation installation, repair and maintenance. turf grass disease analysis,...


Desoto, TX
No travel charges. no service charges. no extra charge for after hours service. may contact...

Daybreak Landscaping & Irrigation

P O Box 458
Rowlett, TX
Servicing both commercial and residential

Dayspring Outdoor Living

4824 FM 550
Rockwall, TX
Dayspring outdoor living design & build since 1995 architect designer landscape & outdoor...


7301 Alma Dr.
Plano, TX
Over the past 20 years, we at deck-o-art have learned from our experiences and new technology...

Decks Appeal

10323 Garwood Dr
Dallas, TX
Decks appeal, a nationally recognized deck company doing business in the dfw area since 1988....

Deleon Design and Construction

Fort Worth, TX
Located in fort worth, texas and serving the dfw area brings 9 years of experience as a...

Denton Lawn Sprinkler Inc

Denton, TX
The company services both residential and commercial customers and include lawn sprinkler...

DFW Fence Contractor

9972 Bison Ct
Fort Worth, TX
Dfw fence contractor home of hand built fence. if you are interested in the old school ways...

DFW Stone Sealers Inc.

4111 US Hwy 80 East Suite 104
Mesquite, TX
Service business and product sales. accept cash, checks, master card & visa. payment due at...

Dial One Service

911 Carlsbad
Mesquite, TX
At dial 1 we are fully committed to provide the best possible service at every point to all...

Diamond D Construction

5813 Chimney Wood Cir
Fort Worth, TX
Commercial and residential construction

Diaz Remodeling Group

411 Brazoria Dr.
Allen, TX
Home remodeling services, use carefully screened and highly skilled teams for installation....

Direct Pools

120623 Oak Wood
Arlington, TX
Since 1987 direct pools has designed, installed, remodeled, and serviced hundreds of pools in...

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...

DLR Construction Company

7922 Nighthawk Trl
Arlington, TX
Foundation repair to roofing, and everything in between. family owned and operated. local. we...

DN Landscaping

Irving, Tx
We have been in buisness for 9 years and all our work is guaranteed.

Dockmaster USA

3333 Count Dr
Keller, TX
Dockmaster usa provides an elite level of design, customer service, and craftsmanship. our...

Door 2 Door Services

2351 Santa Anna
Dallas, TX
Door 2 door services offer a broad range of services for repairs and new projects...

Double Eagle Sprinkler

3814 Marquis Dr
Garland, TX
Double eagle sprinkler customers are respectfully served with a no surprises method of doing...

DRC Retaining Walls and Fences

PO Box 63
Anna, TX
Additional email: retaining walls, fence, pergolas, block brick wall,rail...

Dream Creek Homes and Home Improvements

Box 1703
Springtown, Tx
We are a family owned and operated business established in 1993 and have maintained and a+ bbb...

Dreams Remodeling and Design

Arlington, TX
Home remodeling and design concept

Dun-Rite Construction

4767 Fm 455 W.
Sanger, TX
I founded my company on service and thoroughness.. i can handle a multiple of tasks and...


14789 Endeavor Way
Roanoke, TX
Dwayne’s landscape service strives to build long term relationships with our customers while...

Dynamic Designs

2807 Meadow Bluff Dr
Wylie, TX
I am currently the only employee. there is no charge for estimates on landscaping jobs and...


Richardson, TX
Uses subs for carpet, extensive gutter work & cabinetry.

Earnhardt Restoration & Roofing

Richardson, TX
Earnhardt restoration & roofing is a family owned business with decades of experience and over...

Earth Art Inc

PO Box 425
Rockwall, TX
Earth art inc. was founded in 1994 and serves the dfw metroplex. our team is tasked...

EB Broussard Remodeling

4449 Blystone Ln
Plano, TX
Cost is determined by the job. free estimates no matter if it's a small bath remodel or a...

Eco Construction & Remodeling

P.O. Box 271389
Flower Mound, TX
Eco construction & remodeling is a full service company. we offer turn key projects that will...


Plano, TX
Member bbb a rateing

EcoSystems of Texas L.L.C.

P.O. Box 38343
Dallas, TX
Full service landscape maintenance and development company. our company specializes in...

Elegant Reflections USA

1201 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Carrollton, TX

Elemental Landscapes

717 Saddlebrook South
Bedford, TX
We are a landscape design/build company. we design and install our own projects as well as...

Elite Environments Inc

150 Buckingham Ln
Allen, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service...

Elite Home Improvement

P.O. Box 704101
Dallas, TX
Quality home improvement elite home improvement has built a great ongoing collection of...

Ellis County Deck and Fence

104 Mulkey rd
Waxahachie, TX
We are a family business,building fences and decks and outdoor the owner i am on...

Emerald Lake Landscaping & Cleaning Service

1602 Centerville Rd
Dallas, TX
We offer the best service at a fair price we offer free estimates we...

Empire Landscaping

2524 Belmont Pl
Plano, TX
Empire landscaping is locally owned & based out of plano, tx. we have been in business for...

Environmental Enhancement

1407 North Melba Doyle Park Road
Decatur, TX
Our goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best pond contractor. our experience...


Arlington, TX
We have many employees to preform projects quickly and efficiently. we do not use...

Everything Outdoors

P.O Box 714
Haslet, Tx
Welcome to everything outdoors where "if you can dream it, we can build it" got a pic of...

Exterior Images and Design

3500 Valley View Ln
Irving, TX
Family owned and operated. our family has been in the landscape industry for 25 years and have...

Exterior Solutions, Inc.

1343 Columbia Dr Ste 400
Richardson, TX
Exterior solutions is a professional landscape management and service company, guided by a...


POB 495594
Garland, TX
Exterior construction and repair


PO BOX 865146
Plano, TX
License #: 5950. additional address: 2215 s view dr wylie 75098.

Felix Diverse Construction

Arlington, TX
Felix diverse is a sub-contracting company. majority of work would require atleast a 40% down...

Fence Pro

502 Bonham
Grand Prairie, TX
Fence pro is a full service fence, gate, wall, installation company


Garland, TX
Hello there. my name is albert teames and i am the owner of finishing touch contractors. i...

First Choice Landscape LLC

1902 Woodstock Dr
Colleyville, TX
First choice landscape llc was founded with one simple principle in mind: provide unparalleled...


2633 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX
Five star services & maintenance is a professional landscape company skillfully to provide a...


Wylie, TX

Focal Point Landscaping Inc

600 Parker Rd
Wylie, TX
Focal point landscaping inc is a residential landscape design and build company serving north...


Carrollton, TX
Forever green has served the landscape needs of residential and commercial customers...

ForeverLawn of North Texas

11601 Plano Road Suite 116
Dallas, TX
Whether you're interested in incredibly realistic turf grass, putting greens, playgrounds, or...

Forum Outdoor Designs LLC

4157 Herschel Avenue
Dallas, TX
Forum outdoor designs and builds custom patios, decks, outdoor kitchens and outdoor...


PO Box 849
Little Elm, Tx

Foster's Construction & Remodeling

PO Box 54493
Hurst, TX
Foster’s remodeling & construction is locally owned and operated by phil foster. phil...

Four Seasons Commercial Services, Inc.

4125 Hildring West
Fort Worth, TX
Four seasons has been in operation since 1984. we are a experienced full service remodeling...

Frank Frias

508 Pearson Ave
Mckinney, TX

Franklins Landscaping

4716 Strong
Fort Worth, TX
Franklins landscaping is one of the premier full service residential and commercial lawn care...

Galu Fence and Deck

Garland, TX
For a dallas/fort worth, texas, fencing contractor that will meet your needs, you'll want to...


Fort Worth, TX
We provide exceptional flooring services to the residential and commercial construction...


PO BOX 774
Waxahachie, TX
Specializing in texas native trees, shrubs, perennials & herbs, landscape design,&...

General Landscape Irrigation

14368 Melody ln.
Forney, TX
General landscape irrigation is an owner-operated business with licensed irrigator since 1997....

Geo-Tech Foundation Repair

11816 Inwood Road
Dallas, TX
Geo-tech foundation repair was established in 1984. we are an accredited “a+“ member with...


6819 Crestland Ave.
Dallas, TX
G.h. complete construction services has been in the construction business over 18 years...

Going Green Landscapes

632 Park Highlands Court
Coppell, TX
Additional emails -,


Frisco, TX
Since 1970 gold medal pools and the sandler family have been creating, designing and building...

Golden Construction Services, Inc.

4114 CR 177
Anna, TX
Full service landscape,irrigation and masonry installation firm with 15 employees.

GoldenLook Premium Quality Resurfacing, LLC

Euless, TX
• is your concrete slowly eroding from standing water? • do you have uneven concrete or...

Gone Stumpin'

Lewisville, TX
We are a small business, but with 30+ years experience. we are mainly a cash business at this...

Graves Lawn and Landscape LLC

2801 Winchester Dr
Royse City, TX
Graves lawn and landscape, llc is a provider of professional landscaping services in the...

Green Paradise Landscaping

4900 Preston Rd
Frisco, TX
Green paradise landscape is committed to rising above and beyond your expectations. additional...

Green Tex Landscaping Inc

8318 East Parker Rd
Wylie, TX
Why wait to beautify your landscaping? there are no watering restrictions on drip systems,...

Green Valley Irrigation

1706 Kingsbridge Drive
Garland, TX
Green valley irrigation has over 25 years of experience serving the dallas – ft worth...

Green Worx LLC

Po Box 653
Fate, TX
Green worx is a complete lawn care and landscaping. we are full service lawn care and...

Greenway Renovations and Custom Homes

6333 E Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX
We are a family owned and operated custom home builder and home renovation company that has...

GroundScape Solutions

4210 Broadway Ave
Haltom City, TX
Groundscape is a full service landscape company complete with design, installation and...

Grow It Land Designs & Garden Center

794 S Denton Tap Rd
Coppell, TX
Family owned & operated since 1998, our garden center is located at 794 south denton tap...

GT Remodeling Inc.

7905 Esquire Ln.
Rowlett, TX
Gt remodeling offers all type of general contracting and also is a licensed installer for...


3228 Alta Mere Dr
Fort Worth, TX
The team at guardado landscaping believes that a job well done means that promises have been...

H P Pro Tree Care & Landscaping

9335 Whittenburg Gate
Dallas, TX
Professional tree care & landscaping.

H2grO Landscape and Irrigation

PO Box 26532
Fort Worth, TX
H2gro landscape and irrigation is a collaboration of professional landscape designers,...

H2O Poolz

Allen, TX
A go-green company. based in north dallas, we facilitate commercial/residential pool care,...

Handy Man Rodriguez

P.O. Box 861441
Plano, tx
We are a privately owned company with one worker, and a secretary. if we need to contract more...


3121 Goldenrod Ave
Fort Worth, TX
15 employees. uses subs for plumbing & concrete work. cost is determined by the job. no travel...

Harmony Custom Designs

2709 Appaloosa Lane
Celina, TX
Harmony custom designs is owned by harmony williams. we have been helping customers with their...

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

1601 Surveyor Blvd
Carrollton, TX
Harold leidner landscape architects specializes in the design and installation of exceptional...

Harrison Custom Construction

1840 NE 135th St
Oklahoma City, OK
Family owned & operated.

Hart Construction

314 N Pecan St
Arlington, TX
Hart construction llc in arlington, tx is a private company categorized under home builders...

Harvest Landscape Services

PO Box 327
Haslet, TX
Professional and insured landscaping design and installation, including outdoor gardens,...


1060 N Preston Rd
Celina, TX
Hauk custom pools is owned by robby and crystal hauk. a 15-year veteran of the pool industry,...

Hawaiian Landscape Services

1104 Woodcrest Dr
Wylie, TX
Hawaiian landscape services is owned and operated by robert and sheridan maphis. robert...

Hawkins Landscape and Lawn Maintenance Inc

101-C N Greenville Ave
Allen, TX
Additional contact: jill hawkins

Hero Roofing Renovation ReConstruction LLC

516 E Byron Nelson
Roanoke, TX
Business includes all types of commercial and residential renovations, single family,...

Hillside General Contractors LLC

3821 Spanish Oak
Flower Mound, TX
Hillside general contractors specializes in residential and commercial construction. at hgc...

Hollowson Contracting

301 W Kirby St
Wylie, TX
3-6 full time employees. use subs for electrical, hvac, roofing, insulation, windows & doors....

Home improvement solutions

Dallas, TX
Contractor, plummer, electrician, handy man

Homescapes Landscape

1600 Heritage Dr Unit 421
Mckinnney, TX
Landscape maintenance and design.

Honey Do Partners

PO Box 2174
Euless, TX
Honey do partners is a general contractor offering residential and light commercial remodeling...


5120 SE LOOP 820
Fort Worth, TX
Owner operated. no subs.

HyperMotion Design and Landscape

P.O. Box 1673
Allen, TX
Owner oversees and actually works at every jobsite, every day. 3 employees. woman owned....

Imagine Redesign

Parker Road
Plano, TX
We can change your home to the living area you have always wanted or add more space to what...

Impact Landscapes LLC

1045 E hwy 121 business
Lewisville, TX
Welcome to impact landscapes llc. let me introduce you to our company’s values, skill set,...

Innovative Designs

Mckinney, TX
Professional landscape and sprinkler installation with a year warranty on all installations...

Ivie masonry

6421 conveyor dr
Cleburne, Tx
We are a masonry company that installs all masonry products ,brick ,block ,rock,limestone,and...


1219 K Ave.
Plano, TX
All work performed by ivy & oak is done in house. nothing is sub-contracted out.

J & C Roofing/Remodeling

818 Sonora ct
Grand Prarie, TX
J & c roofing is a privately owned business which provides free estimates & claim assistance...

J Z Stone Works

PO Box 1151
Wylie, TX
Our business is small, but all our work is professional and competitive prices.

Jack Dempsey/ StoneBricketc

Frisco, TX
Welcome! we are a custom stone and brick contractor and have been in business in the north...

JAHG Quality Construction

1420 Cotton Gin Dr
Aubrey, TX
We use highly skilled professional subs that specialize in their own trades. fair cost...

JAK Maintenance

Bedford, TX
Jak maintenance is a full service facility maintenance provider serving north and east texas....


Rowlett, TX
James hendriksen has owned and operated james w. hendriksen pool and deck company since its...

JBL Property Maintenance

2805 Deer Creek
Garland, TX
J.b.l. property maintenance is a complete residential and commercial property maintenance...


Mckinney, TX
Jbs express is a family owned business since 2001.

JC Barletta Construction

3829 18th St
Plano, TX
Experts in residential & commercial custom fencing, stone retaining walls, gazebos, patio...


North Richland Hills, TX
We specialize in irrigation,landscaping, christmas decor, and full service lawn care

Jerry's Landscape

PO Box 1701
Keller, TX


Mansfield, TX
4-10 employees. uses subs for additional labor. cost is determined by the job. no additional...

JMAC Roofing and Construction LLC

4253 Hunt Drive
Carrollton, TX
Jmac roofing and construction llc is a fairly young small business based on old school values,...

JnK Landscapes

3742 Whitehall Drive
Dallas, TX
We offer a full range of water feature and landscape design/build services ranging from simple...

JNT Developers Roofing & General Contractor

10850 Switzer Ave
Dallas, TX
Jnt developers inc is a dallas roofing and general contractor co. we service the entire dallas...

Johnson Fence & Deck

2417 Breanna Way
Little Elm, TX
Proudly service frisco, and the surrounding area, since 1999. custom built wood fences,...

Jonesco Construction

4287 Belt Line Rd
Addison, TX
We are a professional residential and commercial services company, specializing in custom...

Josey Construction Inc.

9026 San Leandro Dr
Dallas, TX
With over 33years of experience in the construction industry, our owner and project manager...

Junk King - Dallas

13659 Jupiter Rd
Dallas, TX
Junk king is a full service removing and hauling business.we do all the work for you no matter...


4209 Huckleberry
Fort Worth, TX
Additional dba - junk removal service, junk removal professionals. cost is determined by the...

Justin Masonry

6270 Rector Rd
Sanger, TX
We have 10 employees, no subcontractors payment expected upon completion of work.

KAM Construction Group

Weatherford, TX
Kam construction group is a self-perform concrete contractor. we provide concrete placement,...


Fort Worth, TX
4 employee. uses subs for large jobs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. no...

Keane Landscaping

P.O. Box 940486
Plano, TX
Nothing is more pleasing to the senses than colorful blooming flowers, lush green lawns and...

Kelley Masonry

77 Peacock Dr
Hyannis, MA
Locally owned and operated since 1979, we specialize in all forms of masonry to improve and...


3308 Preston Rd
Plano, TX
***winner of hgtv's landscaper's challenge!*** we specialize in exclusive, high-end...

Knight Erosion Control Inc

PO Box 202541
Arlington, TX
Additional email - additional address - 1222 corporate dr w...

Lake Pointe Builders LLC

4314 Oak Bluff Rd
Melissa, TX
Lake pointe builders llc provides a variety of services for landscaping and home remodeling....

Land Design Solutions

202 N San Jacinto St
Rockwall, TX
Land design solutions is a full service landscape company located in rockwall, tx with an...

Landmark Construction Services, LLC

300 Acklington Dr
Anna, TX
Landmark construction services, llc is a general contracting company serving the north dallas...


Plano, TX
We provide designing, planning, and installation services for landscape, irrigation, drainage,...

Landscape Innovations

232 E Bethel Rd
Coppell, TX
Landscape innovations has been in business in the dfw metroplex for over 25 years. we have...

Landscape Systems Garden Center

1823 Keller Pkwy
Keller, TX
We are a family owned business that have been in the dallas ft. worth area for over 30 years....

Landscapes Lawns & Beyond LLC

PO Box 3513
Mckinney, TX
Landscape installation, landscape lighting, stonework

Lantana Landscape Company

1273 Wall Street Rd
Gunter, TX
We accept visa and master card. we offer miscellaneous services that help aging families out...

Lawn & Landcare

4033 Heron Cove Lane
The Colony, TX
Lawn & landcare is a professional lawn mowing service and landscape maintenance company that...

Lawn Master Outdoor Living LLC

PO Box 837
Waxahachie, TX

LD Erickson Inc

PO Box 174113
Arlington, TX
We have been serving the metroplex since 1989 with honest, quality service and have a unique...

Legacy Custom Pavers

1211 East 15th Street
Plano, TX
When you hire legacy custom pavers, you are dealing directly with a family owned and operated...

Legacy Landscaping & Design

1011 Florence St
Mckinney, TX
Legacy landscaping has been proudly serving north texas since 2001. we've earned the trust and...

Leon Tree Service

8524 Gibbs Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Proudly serving the dfw area for over 25 years, we are a full service tree care company...

Lone Star Patio

11712 N Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX
At lone star patio, we always work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly the...

Lone Star Services Co.

10408 Woodruff CT.
Fort Worth, TX
Lone star services co. is a family owned residential and commercial services company. with our...

Lonestar Maintenance & Construction, Inc

955 Curry Rd
Seguin, TX
Lonestar maintenance & construction is a locally owned company based in the san antonio area...

Longhorn Arbor and Fence

3005 Sweet Leaf Dr.
Little Elm, TX
Longhorn has been servicing the dfw area for 15 yrs, we specialize in custom fencing, slide...


Mckinney, TX
Landscape, maintenance, construction, irrigation


521 J PL
Plano, TX
Full service lawn maintenance and landscape construction

Loviolette Enterprises

120 Faldyn St
Bastrop, TX
Classic restoration of your home. full service.

Lucent Pools

9609 Cholla Cactus Trl
Fort Worth, TX
Lucent pools is a full service pool construction, remodeling, repair, and maintenance company.

LYS Landscaping

1405 Hillside Dr.
Plano, TX


Wylie, TX
Started in 1995 by owner mike johnson, ml johnson and associates is a family owned business...

Main Street Lawn Care and Landscaping

Frisco, TX
We are a full-service lawn care and landscaping company serving frisco and nearby areas. we...

Marathon Pavers

2334 Clearspring Drive North
Irving, TX
Icpi certified designer and installer of interlocking concrete pavers for hardscape. marathon...


921 Canterbury
Keller, TX

Masterwork Craftsman

1616 Egan St
Denton, TX
The art of construction. creating and building things that are much more than just functional...

Maya Stone Construction

3212 Glenmont Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Owner operator. 4 employees, sometimes more depending on the size of the job. no subs. rate...

Meador Nursery

2612 Ft Worth Dr
Denton, TX
Family owned & operated.

Mean Green Lawn and Landscape, LLC

2970 Suffolk Dr
Ft Worth, TX
Mean green lawn and landscape, llc is a full service in-house lawn and landscape company. it...

MED HandyMan Services

2861 Ursa Circle
Garland, TX
Med is a full service remodeling and repair company. a vairty of remodeling services,...


Plano, TX
Family owned and operated. mention this ad and get 2 weeks free service 10 employees...

Metro Interior Construction, Inc.

PO Box 803228
Dallas, TX
Metro interior construction is a general contracting firm with offices in dallas and austin,...

Metroplex Concrete & Masonry

204 Florence Ct,
Allen, TX
Bring the beauty of decorative concrete to your project-whether you need new concrete or...

Metroplex Fence

1203 Brittainy Dr
Carrollton, TX
Locally owned & operated. financing available. additional contact name: michelle wolf....

MG Landscape Services

1607 M Ave. #A
Plano, TX
We offer landscape services for every budget. we work with you and also offer payment...


Richardson, TX
Subs used rarely. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. also doing business as...

Miles Brown Tree Care

2316 Santa Cruz Dr
Dallas, TX
We're a mile ahead of the competition. 3 employees. may hire sub contractors. charges by the...

Milestone Electric & Air

2360 Crist Rd
Garland, TX
Charge by the job. no extra charges for weekend. additional contact name - joe decaria. award...

Mirus Geo

PO Box 60712
Fort Worth, TX
Mirus geo is the primary provider of consultation, design and installation of rainwater...

Mitchell Deweese Masonry

Frisco, TX
Full service masonry company offering full service residential and commercial masonry work and...

MML Renovations

7913 Hidden Path
Denton, TX
We offer home renovation services. as a general contractor our expertise can address all...

ModernGreen, Inc.

2715 S. Great Southwest Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX
Moderngreen is a full service landscape company based in the dallas / fort worth metroplex....

Mogotes Concrete LLC

Forest Hill, TX
You can put your trust in mogotes concrete llc, a small business that is family owned and...


9607 Custer Rd ste 718
Plano, TX
We provide you with the experience you need to have a successful social security disability...

Mosier Construction Inc.

11317 Jennifer Circle
Forney, TX
Mosier construction inc. was started 15 years ago, with the intent to provide high...

Mow Pro's Lawn Landscape & Irrigation

201 East Decatur
Ennis, Tx
Larger professional fully licensed and insured landscape full outdoor service company. plenty...

Munson Landscaping-Maintenance

2908 Quail Run Dr
Mesquite, TX
We provide preservation work on foreclosed homes, lawn care services. we have a crew of 5...


2795 Briar Trail
Mckinney, TX
Natural stone pools, owners jerry borders and shannon borders, provide new swimming pool...

North East Texas Lawn Care & Landscape

621 J Pl
Plano, TX
At north east texas lawn care & landscape we understand the importance of having a complete...

North Texas Future Fence Co

4557 Staten Island Ct
Plano, TX
Upscale fence, deck, arbor, retainwall, and electric gate builder. written up in d magazine,...

North Texas Outdoor Living

2105 Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano, TX
Locally owned operated. not only am i the owner, but i will be the project manager to over...

North Texas Sprinkler & Lawncare

911 Stoddard Rd
Mckinney, TX
North texas sprinkler & lawncare is firefighter owned and operated. we are licensed by the...

Optimal Lawn Care

1109 Stonetrail Dr
Allen, TX
Optimal lawn care is a family business, we take payments thru our website, check, cash, or by...

Oritz Home Services

900 West Spring Valley Rd
Richardson, TX

Outdoor Living Pool & Patio

2340 FM 407
Lewisville, TX
We are a total outdoor service and supplies contractor. we offer all free in-home estimates...

Outdoor Signature

221 Whispering Hills Dr
Coppell, TX
Cost is determined by the job. additional contact: clay ross. financing is available.

outlawhauling& sawing

1705 Galahad ln
Arlington, TX
Anything construction, subs.unless need.,hmdb37692y0609,no trip charge.price...


Wylie, TX
Palomo masonry is ran by a third generation mason. we can tackle jobs from replacing one...


Dallas, TX
Ask about additional availability.

Patrick Construction

5620 Diamond Oaks Dr
Haltom City, TX
Retaining walls, custom patios, walkways, driveways, fireplaces, & porches.

Paul&Rubio Lawn Maintenance

P.O. Box 1562
Lake Dallas, TX
We are a full service lawn maintenance provider that strives for personal relationships, not...


6397 CR 2560
Royse City, TX
3 employees. uses subs for trades. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply....

PierMagic Foundation Specialits

2920 Oak Park Circle
Fort Worth, TX
When foundation piering is necessary, piermagic has the best piering system in the industry....

Plano Concrete Flooring

8240 Preston Rd. Ste 125-176
Plano, TX
When you’re looking for a unique new look for your concrete floors or outdoor living space,...

Platinum Fence and Patio

2655 Greyhawk
Little Elm, TX
Platinum fence and patio is a full service company. we pride ourselves on a stress free...


Euless, TX
Depending on how big or small the job is, i have 2 emplyees. my sub-contracting job is about...

Poolscape Design

868 Madison Dr.
Lewisville, TX
Poolscape design is a landscaped company that specializes in residential work on pool that are...

Portrait Landscapes

7705 Black Bear Ct
Ft. Worth, TX


445 Lowell Lane
Richardson, TX
Rick has 42 years of experience in framing, building and remodeling/refurbishing of single and...


PO Box 2282
Coppell, TX
Praytor landscape uses in house crews, in addtion to occassional sub-contractors, to complete...

Precision Fencing & Construction

1331 Us Hwy 80 E
Mesquite, TX
We are a family owned and operated business. we specialize in residential, commercial and...

Precision Pavers

913 18th St
Plano, TX
Precision pavers has been in business since 1984, we just celebrated being in business for 28...

Premier Grilling

7776 West Main Street
Frisco, TX
Owner operated. local business. we are the premier outdoor living company in the dfw...

Prime Landscape Services

PO Box 171626
Arlington, TX
Financing available. additional contact name - greg hamann.


Ferris, TX
Pro deck specializes in outdoor living design and construction. we can offer a total package...

Pro Turf Landscapes

1020 Timber Ln
Mckinney, TX
Pro turf landscape offers imaginative landscape solutions to optimize the beauty and...

Pro Turf Supply & Management

906 Jean St Ste 101
Grapevine, TX
Pro turf supply & management is conveniently located in grapevine, tx. we specialize in the...

Property Perceptions, LLC

6603 Vintage Dr.
Arlington, TX
We have a experienced staff that cares about getting the job done right at the best price...

Pure Life Pools

320 Decker Dr, suite 100
Irving, TX
Luxury pool designs and construction. work done by in house crews. over 100 years of combined...

Puryear Custom Pools

2200 Cantrell Sansom Road
Fort Worth, TX
Puryear custom pools is the premier dallas - fort worth swimming pool builder. since 1997, we...

Quintana Stoneworks & Brick Repairs

7412 Fox Crossing Cir
Dallas, TX
Hi my name is jorge and i have been doing masonry work for the past 7 yrs. our services...

R & R Landscape Inc

101 E. Park Blvd Ste 600
Plano, TX
- r&r landscape inc. 27 years experience. additional

Raindawg Irrigation & Landscape

6505 Butterfield Ct
Plano, TX
Over 25 yrs experience in sprinkler/irrigation industry. raindawg irrigation & landscape...

Rainy Day Restoration, Roofing & Repairs

102 N Bonham Dr
Allen, TX
Rainy day restoration, roofing, & repairs specializes in all types of residential and...

reacam masonry

508 n. elm st.
Arlington, Tx
Reacam masonry has been in business since 1994 and i am the owner and head mason, i personally...

Red's Lawn Service

11836 Sunland St
Dallas, TX
8 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....


Arlington, TX
Retail organic gardening centers in dallas and arlington. sustainable landscape design and...

Rene Design Solutions

608 Sonora Ct
Irving, TX
We provide a complete and collaborative space enhancement experience while adhering to our...

RENT-A-MAN DFW 972-781-9084

Plano, TX
Rent-a-man dfw offers all types of home improvements, handyman services. email us your...


PO Box 1554
Wylie, TX
Rentarake specializes in landscaping, landscape design, mowing, fencing and stone work in the...

Repair & Remodel Experts

Lancaster, CA
R & r experts is a repair, remodeling, and general contracting company that specializes in...

Rickey Daltons Handyman

7728 Elvia Dr
Jacksonville, FL
Dependable & reliable. we do what we say & we say what we do. 2 other employees. does hire sub...

RJ Scheve Construction

Celina, TX
We provide a one stop shop for quality and professional service in the concrete and masonry...

Robert Srader Concrete

2801 Spring Ct.
Weatherford, TX
I, robert srader concrete am a self-proprietorship owner that's provided many types of...

Rock Construction Services (Rock Con)

1854 E Belt Line Rd
Coppell, TX
A full service remodeling company for both residential and commercial clients. residential...

Rockwall Landscape

315 Ranch Tr
Rockwall, TX
Rockwall landscape is a family owned and operated business serving rockwall and surrounding...

Rodriguez Creative Designs Inc

10900 Helms Trail
Forney, TX
Here at rodriguez creative designs, inc, we specialize in giving the outside of your home all...

Rosales Construction

Dallas, TX
Rosales construction is a family owned and operated company with well over 20 + years...

Rose Landscaping Inc

305 Teakwood Ln
Lewisville, TX
We are a family owned, one crew company with experience & equipment to install small, medium &...

RTS Landscaping, Inc.

Rockwall, TX
Rts landscaping is dedicated to providing you quality service at reasonable prices. we are a...

Ryan Landscape & Construction Inc

3590 Whiteley Rd
Wylie, TX
Ryan landscape & construction inc. is a full service landscape company with the ability to...

S & D Remodeling

420 Lynne Dr
Rockwall, TX
S&d remodeling is been serving the rockwall and surrounding areas for over 15 years. we are...

Seamans Lawn and Landscape Inc

17727 Frank Jackson Dr
Dallas, TX
We are a full service, one stop shop company that can meet all your lawn & landscape needs.


PO Box 1513
Celina, TX
Full service lawn and landscaping company

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL
The end product will be your blue prints, floor plans, notes or drawings (non-technical nor...

Serrato Enterprise

707 Marshalldell Ave
Dallas, TX
Professional home repair service.

ShadeTree Canopies – for COOL outdoor living space

Columbus, OH
factory direct service. shadetree® canopy systems are a unique, patented shade system. ...

Sharkey Construction

908 Colorado Dr
Allen, TX
Cedar mantles, cedar shutters, almost anything cedar

Sierra Haute Living

3541 High Vista Dr
Dallas, TX
Sierra haute living remodel, landscape and gardening originally starts in orange county...

Significant Buildings and Construction

5431 Yolanda Lane
Dallas, TX
Sbc is a full service general contractor specializing in custom remodels and home construction...

Smith Landscapes & Irrigation

1562 County Road 2625
Decatur, TX
History: our company has been in business since 1990. we have worked in all areas of...

smith stoneworks

207 ellis
Allen, tx
I am a small company which consists of myself and two employees.all masonry work is personally...


904 country ln.
Allen, Tx
We are a small business that offers custom fences. for a fraction of the cost. no job is to...

Southern Botanical Inc

1525 Hinton Street
Dallas, TX
Southern botanical is the dfw benchmark for landscape construction, garden management,...

Southern Comfort Landscape / Irrigation / Trees

2910 Creek Valley Dr
Garland, TX
30 plus years experience, small company dedicated to detail and doing a job right the 1st...

Southern Traditions Construction Inc

4401 Willow Wood Rd
Melissa, TX
Southern traditions construction is a full service general contracting firm with extensive...

Southwest Erosion Control

2109 Cash Point Ct
Granbury, TX
We are a turnkey erosion control company specializing in retaining walls, channel...


Carrollton, TX
Wholesale nursery, landscape dvision

Spark Home Services

4115 Billy Mitchell Dr
Addison, TX
Eco friendly residential and commercial cleaning and maintenance company. lots of energy and...

Splendid Gardens

11700 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX
Splendid gardens offers full service landscape design, installation and maintenance; season...

Spray Designs

13985 Red Oak Cir S
Mckinney, TX
Owned and operated by off duty fireman. specializing in wood privacy and wrought iron fences,...

Starwood Shutters & Blinds

7800 Preston Rd
Plano, TX
Starwood wholesale distributors is dfw's premier source for your home improvement and...

Statewide Remodeling

2450 Esters Blvd
Dallas, TX
Local family owned company with 19 years experience with helping texas homeowners. over 30,000...

Steele Landscapes & Patios

2215 Lakeway Dr
Keller, TX
Welcome to steele landscape & patios, a leader in landscape design, construction and...

Stenson Landscaping, Inc.

P O Box 502
Lake Dallas, TX
We are a professional landscape and irrigation company that specializes in design-build...

Sterling Residential Services

2814 industrial ln.
Garland, TX
With over 20 years experience in the dallas area, we are a professional fence and deck...

Stewart Lawncare & Landscape

400 Alanis
Wylie, TX

StoneCrete Studio

107 Baseline Road
Aubrey, TX
Stonecrete studio is an architectural concrete countertop and floor company offering...


Mesquite, TX
Stonemasters masonry is equipped to meet your needs at any level. we would love to give you a...


1318 kenshire ct
Allen, TX
We at stonemasters have been serving the metroplex for 5 generations.specializing in...

Strategic Solution

Plano, TX
We are a small company that provides quality masonary construction in the dfw metroplex....

Sublime Water Garden

PO Box 271628
Flower Mound, TX
Sublime water gardens construction and pond depot, the water garden experts, have a passion...

Suburbia Oasis of Texas LLC

6536 Kenwell St
Dallas, TX
Suburbia oasis creates, designs and constructs outdoor environments for commercial and...

Sunrise Irrigation

2128 Brookshire St
Arlington, TX
3-4 employees per subs. cost is determined by the job. free estimates on new...

Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living

125 Auto Ct
Fort Worth, TX
Swimming pool & outdoor living construction company

superior buildersllc

Dallas, TX
Commercial and residential builder


211 PR 4656
Boyd, TX
Have six employees .i have been in business for 20 years .icpi certificate.i take credit...

SYNLawn Dallas / Ft. Worth

10485 Olympic Drive Suite 101
Dallas, TX
Synlawn dallas ft. worth sells and installs artificial turf / grass for residential and...

Synthetic Grass Pros

2218 Crown Road
Dallas, TX
18 employees, no subs, cost is determined by the job, free estimates synthetic grass pros...

Synthetic GreenScapes

401 S. Sherman St.
Richardson, TX
Synthetic greenscapes is an independent dealer of synthetic grass in richardson, tx. we carry...

Taylor Home Improvements

1705 Place 1 Ln
Garland, TX
I have been in business for 11 years in the dallas area.

Taylor Landscape Company

1212 Municipal Ave
Plano, TX
Taylor landscape company is a multi-location company with the ability to provide a wide range...

Tazz's Honey Do's

Wylie, TX
The stress of completing home projects can be a daunting task. busy schedules can make home...

Tejas Hardscapes

Plano, TX
General landscaping and decorative concrete services

Terra Turf Landscape

6505 West Park Blvd
Plano, TX
Since 1998, terra turf landscape has been providing exceptional landscaping services to...

Terra Vista Pool, Patio & Landscape LLC

3245 W Main St
Frisco, TX
Family owned and operated swimming pool and landscape contracting business.

Tex-Art Stone Inc

8900 Davis Blvd
Keller, TX
A family business, open since 1961, we pride ourselves in bringing over 100 years of combined...

Texas Best Fence

500 E Hwy 121 Business Building B
Lewisville, TX
Texas best fence builds fences,pool fences, arbors, automatic gates and outdoor structures in...

Texas Best Home Improvements

PO Box 804
Tom Bean, TX
Owner brian pearson is also the salesman and the installer. brian has been in business 38...

Texas Best Stain

3100 Independence Pkwy
Plano, TX
We are a small local business that offers quality fencing and other outdoor solutions at...

Texas Building Pros

6125 Airport Freeway
Haltom City, TX
We are a quality construction company and every member of our staff is highly trained and...

Texas Elite Landscaping

1610 N.I-35 Suit213
Carrollton, TX
Locally owned and operated.


124 W Fox Creek Ln
Whitesboro, TX
Landscape design and install company. founded in 2002 and still owned by original owner. ...

Texas State Property Services

2829 Sonora Ln
Mesquite, TX
Owned and operated by texans, for texans. 100% guarantee on all labor. licensed and insured....


PO BOX 1264
Prosper, TX
We are a full scale landscape and irrigation company that has been in business since 1998.


5942 Averill Way
Dallas, TX
For any of your concrete, foundation, site work or excavation needs in the dallas/fort worth...

TexSun Exteriors

3913 Castle Dr
Rowlett, TX
Additional dba names - permashade. texsun exteriors is a family owned and operated buisiness....

The Empire of Tile and Granite

3108 Shady Creek Circle
Red Oak, TX
General construction, kitchen and bath remodeling,counter tops, roofing , flooring, tile ,...

The Gazebo & Pergola Factory

148 Main St
Farmersville, TX
Additional email -

The Grounds Guys Landscape and Irrigation

PO Box 192708
Dallas, TX
The grounds guys of north dallas provide professional landscape maintenance service to north...

The Home Fixer Upper

Plano, TX
The business is small 2-3 employees at any one time. we do high quality work because most work...

The Hunny Do Man

3953 La Tierra LInda Tr.
Mckinney, Tx
I have 35 years experience in all phases of consruction, and handy man services. im a marine...

The Property Adjustment Specialists

1905 Nueces Trail
Arlington, TX
The property adjustment specialists are dedicated to making the relationships between...

The Warner Co

7148 Midbury Dr
Dallas, TX
Additional e-mail -

The Wood-Concrete Doctor DFW

6705 Inwood Drive
North Richland Hills, TX
We are an honest and highly insured contracting company that prided itself on professionalism...

Thomson Landscape & Sprinkler

1309 Edgewood Dr
Richardson, TX
Ask about our special discount.

Tile Concepts Inc

8716 Winter Wood Ct
Plano, TX
Additional email -

Timber Craft Design & Construction,LLC

2325 Sunnyvale Road
Grand Prairie, TX
Cedar patio covers, pergolas, pavilions. free estimates, complete hardscape design and...

TLC The Landscape Company

PO Box 118180
Carrollton, TX
Hi. my name is chad khanna and i own tlc, the landscape company. my goal with this company...

Tradition Masonry

3412 Kenwood Ave
Fort Worth, TX
Bricklayer,stone mason; 30 pls yrs in dfw area.registered in tarrant county.[insured].free...

Transformation Automation

14785 Preston Road
Dallas, TX
General contractor- home remodeling, professional handyman. all household repairs and...

Tree works

5 redford ct
Mansfield, tx
I am just starting out my company, i have been in this field of work for 7 years ive done all...

Trinity Landscape

P.O. Box 110332
Carrollton, Te
Full service lawn and landscape company. we offer all facets of general lawn and landscape...

Troy & Jose's Lawn Service

2316 Glen Forest Ln
Plano, TX
10 years of experience. owner operator. 2 employees. no subs. cost determined hourly or by...

Truly Noble Services

2909 Broadway Blvd
Garland, TX
Truly noble individualizes property repairs throughout all aspects of the industry standards....

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC
Austin, TX
Insurance claims specialists,add-ons, full remodels,kitchens and baths,all flooring,...

Tufts Tree Service

5454 Peterson Ln.
Dallas, TX
Dfw tree services & construction always done right at a low cost * residential * commercial *...

Two Thumbs Up

1671 Riverview Dr
The Colony, TX
Additional phone - (469) 939-2310.

Ultimate Choice Roofing and Remodeling

915 Churchill Farms
Georgetown, TX
Roofing & remodeling ultimate choice roofing and remodeling is a professionally licensed and...

Unique Paving Designs

5111 Over Ridge Dr
Arlington, TX
My name is rod mullholand and i have over 22 years experience in segmental paving. i work with...

Urban Habitat Landscape & Design

Dallas, TX
Urban habitat landscape & design is a local dallas/ft worth texas company that provides the...

Ventures Contracting, Inc.

459 County Road 2896
Sunset, TX
Ventures contracting, inc. is a fast growing full-service construction firm. we have 17 years...

Vic's Homemade Landscapes

17200 Westgrove Dr
Addison, TX
I am a seasoned landscaper with over 30 years experience, that worked his way up the ranks,...

Vidales and Sons Landscapers

116 N western hills rd
Howe, TX
Collin and grayson counties

Village Green

3326 Shield Ln
Garland, TX
Founded in 1980 by ken hyatt, village green is a family owned business that specializes in...

Vivid Landscaping

2200 Cantrell Sansom Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Offering a wide range of custom landscape and hardscape design, vivid landscapes is your one...

Ware Construction & Electric

829 Reveille Rd
Fort Worth, TX
Ware construction co. strives to meet the needs of each customer that we work with. free...

Weaver Landscaping

4241 Skillman St
Dallas, TX
Weaver landscaping has been servicing the dfw metroplex for 5 years. we handle complete...

Weltech Renovations

P.O. Box 832141
Richardson, TX
Weltech renovations is a veteran-owned and family operated business with 15 years experience...

Wesson Home Repair

Hurst, TX
Wesson home repair has been fixing up the dallas, fort worth area for years. "repair......

Weston Gardens in Bloom, Inc

8101 Anglin Dr.
Fort Worth, TX
Design services are cod, free bids after design appointments. installation requires 25% down &...

Whiz-Q Stone

4501 E Loop 820 S
Fort Worth, TX
For the past 30 years whiz-q stone has had the opportunity to serve its customers with pride...

Wilson Landscape Design

PO Box 292698
Lewisville, TX
Additional service areas - las colinas, lewisville, mckinney, park, plano, prosper,...

Woods Landscape & Sprinkler Service

PO Box 123881
Fort Worth, TX
12 employees; in business since 1983; li 4130; paypal; credit cards accepted

Xtraordinary Roofing and Remodeling

2514 S. Center St.
Arlington, TX
We are a roofing and complete remodeling construction company serving dallas/fort worth and...

Xtreme Remodeling TX

4900 Preston Road #B
Frisco, TX
Xtreme remodeling & design is a full-service construction design and supply firm with an...


4325 Reeder Dr
Carrollton, TX
Yellow rose landscape services is a full service provider that specializes in landscape...

Zip's Landscaping

8741 Ramblewood Court
Keller, TX
We are a landscaping company specializing in the design and install of residential and...

Zman Lawncare and Landscaping

Arlington, TX
A vet owned and opperated by vets only.

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