Dryer Vent Cleaning reviews in Katy


Excellent service, from setting up to the appointment to making sure that the laundry room was clean after the work was finished. I'll use them next year to ensure a clean dryer duct.
- Michael G.

I used these guys previously on our last house and based on that experience, I did not hesitate to call them when we moved. The house was about 20 years old and based on the amount of stuff they cleaned out, it's hard to say the last time things had been cleaned. So i'm really glad I called them. What I appreciate is that are honest about whether or not something needs cleaning. Although i also requested air duct cleaning, they assessed they they were actually in good shape and said it was up to me if i wanted them cleaned again. If i had one negative thing to say, it's that i wished they had set something out around the fireplace before they started cleaning. It was pretty gunked up in there and a little bit of soot got on to the floor around the fireplace. However, it wasn't bad and was easily cleaned up.
- Ryan S.

Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
was running a special on Angie's list to clean ac ducts and dryer vent for $ 199. I thought this was a great price, but when the technician arrived, he informed me the that the price price would double to clean all of my vents. (I have two ac units in a two-storied house, about 2700 square feet,) I decided to go ahead with it. Then, they found the beginning of mold where my ac units come together (another $250). Plus the outside dryer vent was also stopped up (another $99). I felt like they did a thorough job, but I got roped into paying way more than I planned to pay! The advertised special seemed deceptive because it did not cover everything that I thought it would.
- Kathleen E.

Technician arrived on time and went straight to work. I appreciate that he wanted to do the work, but I was completely new to this type of service and had no idea what to expect. I felt that the whole visit, I was just guessing at what he was doing. I expected him to check the dryer vent behind the dryer but he did not. I did not expect a lot of noise in the dryer vent, and it was only explained after I went outside and called out to him on the roof. Ironically, the only time he was very communicative was to passive-aggressively tell me there was a lot of dog hair in the dryer vent, and I should have the dryer vent cleaned out every year - if I didn't believe him then I should google it!
I have never been in a home that had a dryer vent go up through to the roof (as opposed to just outside on the other side of the wall) so I was unaware of the regularity that cleaning needed to happen. The company did a great job; however, the technician did not provide information when it was wanted but did provide snark when I was not expecting it.
- Summer K.

My neighbor came in and looked at what they were doing and since her house is the same in design, she decided to have the Lint Alert installed also. A month later, the alarm went off on her unit and she tried to contact the company using all numbers available. She received no response. Mine has worked wonderfully but I now have no one to call for warranty on the Lint Filter.
- Marylyn H.

I called
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
, after my dryer service said, I needed the vent cleaned. He came out immediately and explained what needed to be done, returned later with parts and took care of the issue. I had him back the next day to service chimney
- Tracy R.

Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
came to home on time (actually called and came earlier); went straight to dryer and attic, double checked and ran a pressure test in venting and was very reasonable. Will use him once a year forever.
- Jennifer S.

I noted that
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
had mostly ?A?s? on Angie?s list. My mistake was not to have read the members? reviews. I scheduled the
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
& vent cleaning the day before we were expecting asthmatic overnight guests in our home. As it turned out, we were all sick for 2 weeks after All Duct
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
cleaned our vents, probably due to the ashy dust left on every cranny & crevice. The old filter was not replaced as promised, but yes, the vents were cleaned.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
?s website as well as their phone conversation purposely mislead their customer with the presented cost. They definitely indicate: ?only $199?, for a list of services: (as above listed). When later reading the other Angie?s List reviews, I discovered that other members like myself had hired them under the same
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
that it would cost ?$199 plus perhaps some minor incidentals?. No where was I expecting the $770! Apparently, this also happened to other Angie's members.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
, the owner, arrived with 3 other men. One was his son-in-law ( good worker) and the other two spoke little English.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
's nature is very talkative and jubilant. The first words out of
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
's mouth were that they?d be four of them for lunch. Are we expected to serve workers their meals? Three large pizzas were $70. Their estimate over the phone was 2-3 hours. They stayed over 6. As the other 3 men immediately started going through the house, I went with them.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
?s job seemed to be to sit down with my husband & heavily pad on what
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
termed were the ?necessary extras?. His manner was very like a bull-dozer. He added: $75 for additional vents over ten, $129 for coil cleaning, $65 for ?sealer?, $50 for the sanitizer, & $50 for the dryer vent cleaning. I only heard part of the conversation, but indicated I didn?t want the dryer done.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
insisted, and then said he?d ?do the dryer vent for free.? He demanded we buy his ?special filter for only $15? (He didn?t indicate it was really $140 to include $29 for the one-time purchase of the frame & a minimum purchase of 6 filters to get the "free" one ? all this plus $8.63 tax plus $12 shipping). We were under the impression
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
would install the free filter as stated on their website at that time, but he didn?t bring the ?free? filter with him. Instead, he promised they?d arrive (with the purchase of the set of six) in a day or two. After missing twice promised delivery dates, they arrived 2 weeks late.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
said it didn't matter b/c we could use our ?old? filter b/c
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
had ?cleaned it?. However, for the next two weeks, our house guests, my husband and I had respiratory problems, maybe the ashy debris, maybe the old filter. Expecting a bill close to the $199 as said on the phone & website, I didn?t know the total bill until after they were paid and my husband told me it was $700! Plus the additional $70 out of pocket on pizza!
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
also DID NOT HONOR ANGIE?S COUPON that I printed out and gave to him as he was writing the bill. He held it and stared at it for a very long time, set it down, and didn?t include it in the final bill.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
charged tax on the already taxed filters, so it was tax on tax. Very inefficient. When speaking to
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
on the phone some days later to say that the filters still hadn?t arrived for the second missed date, I said that the Angie?s $50-off coupon I had given him on the service day had not been honored. He said it was because we had had the dryer done (the dryer I had said I didn?t want done).
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
is a fast double-talker who grinds you down by interrupting, repeating, and tediously insisting on he wants, all of course with a cheerful smile. He simply wears you out. The filters finally arrived 2 weeks late and we installed the one filter in the frame. The frame, clearly labeled as ?20x30?, was obviously too small for our intake opening. It stayed in place, but the about ?? clearance on all four sides made the air-conditioner give off a loud whistling or siren sound whenever the fan was running. It awoke us with a jump throughout the night, until we finally drove to the store to purchase a normal filter. The delivery box also contained an inadequately short strip of sealer tape which I assume was to plug the gap.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
with door sealer strips as well as reinstalling the frame every time the filter is changed is hardly practical. I called the filter supply house AFM where
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
actually ?argued? that they make them smaller to be sure they will fit. I asked why label them 20x30? when they are 19 ? x 29 ??? She spent a very long time saying why we HAD TO KEEP the noisy filters and that they planned to make them a lot smaller than the vent hole. I told her that thirty years of previously purchased filters for our home have always fit the intake opening perfectly. After many times repeating I did not want these screeching, noisy, inconvenient filters, she said she?d refund the cost but not the tax, shipping & handling (which came to an additional $20.63). I asked to speak to the manager. She said she was. I said other stores refund cost plus tax of a returned item & it was illegal for her to keep it. I asked why she would keep my money for something her company misrepresented, misjudged, and mis-manufactured. Only then she agreed to refund my full cost of $139.63. She said to reseal it & place it outdoors, that a UPS truck would pick it up today. I left it outside for two days, but no truck ever came. The third day it rained and I brought it in. I called
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
to tell him about the filters not fitting. He invited himself over to ?make them fit?. I said no, but he, as is his way, did not seem to know the meaning of ?no.? He tediously insisted until I finally had to bluntly state that I did not want him in my house again. I did not tell him that my husband was out of town & I felt very uncomfortable with him in my house. Then
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
called again that she had never called the UPS afterall and, after obviously talking to
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
, insisted that
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
come back to my house to pick up the filters, that it would cost her too much in shipping fees. I had to refuse again. She said I should just pay the shipping fees to avoid these problems. Finally, on the 5th day, the UPS driver just picked up the return package. When I asked, he said it would cost the owner about $3 shipping. These people do not appear to be honest. I still await the $140 refund for the faulty filters. Good things are that surprisingly the dryer does work better. After getting rid of most of the debris that they spread, our breathing is finally better, albeit with the store bought filter. We still cough and sneeze whenever something in our two little-used storage bedrooms needs moving because the ash-like debris from the vents settled over everything and their small sheets did little to protect and were sloppily removed. (Credit be due to the son-in-law who was careful, but the other workers didn't spread nor pick up their "cover" sheets adequately. One Hspanic worker personally locked himself in our guest bathroom for over an hour while he was here. Embarrassingly, it was our house guests that noticed he had failed to clean up the toilet. We had had the house professionally cleaned (except the storage bedrooms) two days prior. Mistake. Would I have them again? I normally
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
?t swear, but it's, ?H***, no!? I am so angry about the deceptively padded prices, Angie?s coupon, tax on tax & filter saga that I definitely would not. I would go with a company that is more upfront with what they plan to bill us before they enter your home. And, above all, I would first read & heed Angie?s List members? reviews!

I was having serious problems with my clothes dryer not drying in 1 cycle. I knew the vent needed cleaning, as this has happened before. I had also been considering installing a dryer booster fan to help this problem. I called
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
and explained my problem. The person that answered the phone was very knowledgeable, helpful and listened well. She wanted to send out a certified specialists with a lot of experience. I got an appointment within two weeks, because they were busy and it was the holidays.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
came out when they said they would. The owner,
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
, was great at finding out what the problem was, and knowing what needed to be done. Sheetrock would have to be cut. He gave me and estimate and scheduled an appointment for his crew a couple of days later. The crew came out and did a great job. They were knowledgeable and thorough. They were also careful at cutting the sheet rock, My dryer has never worked so well! They don't think I'll need that booster fan after all.

This was a Big Deal purchased
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
5. I called toward the end of
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
to schedule it. I needed it to be a Monday and the first available they had was Sept. 2. This was Labor Day and I questioned the scheduler as to whether they would be working on that day. She assured me they would. I called the Friday before to confirm and they confirmed that yes, someone would be there. On the morning of Sept. 2 the owner of the company called and explained it had been scheduled on Labor Day by mistake and said he really hated to send someone out on the holiday. He insisted he would if I wanted him to but DIDN'T REALLY WANT TO. I told him I would call the next day and reschedule. He told me they would be glad to do the work on an evening after work for my trouble. I called the next day and scheduled it for today (9-11) at 6:15. There was no one here by 6:30 so I called the office and spoke to
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
. She said she would call the worker and check to see when he would be there. She called me back promptly and said he was stuck in traffic but on his way. He arrived at 7:20 and immediately informed me that they never work that late but he knew it was a special circumstance so he had agreed to do it, that he had actually finished work by 4 PM. I asked him why he was so late if he had finished work by 4 and he said it was because he had gone home after work because he didn't want to wait 2 hours to come out to my house. He was rude and condescending, informing me that the dryer hose had been attached with tape instead of a ring ("Who did this?") and that the dryer vent was very full, and didn't I know that was a fire hazard?? He then realized he had been rude and apologized, even wrote out a note for me to have a free service of dryer vent cleaning next time. He attached a ring on the dryer hose and I do appreciate that. The whole experience was aggravating with the scheduling problems, the worker being so late, and then him being rude and talking down to me as if I was a clueless female and it was my personal fault that he had to work late.
Katy Dryer Duct Services Provider Name Locked
was very nice but I won't ever use this company again. Honestly, my experiences overall with Big Deals have not been good.
- Sandra C.
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PO Box 924108
Houston, TX
Full service carpet and upholstery cleaning company with truck mounted shampoo machines. we...

One Call Services

4411 Greeley
Houston, TX
We have been professionally installing, servicing and repairing hvac systems and plumbing...


5323 Killough St
Houston, TX
1 employees, no subs, cost is determined by the job, no travel charges.

Rejoice Air Inc

PO Box 722127
Houston, TX
When you need heating and cooling service, you need a company you can trust. rejoice air, inc....


Cypress, TX
Renew steamer is a full service steem cleaning and restoration company,with a decade of...

Rockin' D Services

164 Wood Farm Rd
Huntsville, TX
Give us a call we do it all.

Sears Carpet & Upholstery Care

392 Garden Oaks Blvd
Houston, TX
40-45 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges apply. may contact by...

Serenity Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

17526 Hamilwood
Houston, TX
Carpet cleaning, persian and oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery...

Service Express Home Experts

1524 E. Broadway
Pearland, TX
At service express we offer professional services for your home. we have a team of 6-10...

Steamatic Total Cleaning & Restoration

1301 Linton Dr
La Marque, TX
Additional phone number: 8888807080

Sullivan Home Service

912 Strouse Avenue
Nashville, TN
Sullivan home service has been serving the middle tennessee area since 1992. steve sullivan...

supreme air llc

5050ambassador way
Houston, tx
All our team members are licensed.

Texanz Carpet & Flooring

2318 Webster Ranch Road
Friendswood, TX
Carpet cleaning and water damage restoration in baytown tx, galveston tx and nearby towns


Complete home services m/c visa amex discover


PO BOX 1748
Spring, TX
The mad hatter specializes in air duct cleaning, chimney sweep service, fireplace/chimney...

Trademark Home Services

15445 Old Richmond Rd.
Sugar Land, TX
Special water heater pricing $995, rheem 40 or 50 gallon water heater installed, no bait and...

U Gotta Guy

5315B Cypress Creek Pkwy
Houston, TX
U gotta guy is a completely mobile home, office and automotive maintainence service company. ...

U V Sam Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning

5738 Logan Park Dr
Spring, TX
Uv sam is located in spring, texas we are a family owned and operated company. uv sam is...

UCM Services Houston

7422 Welsh Stone Ln
Houston, TX
Carpet cleaning houston provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in...

UpFront Home Services

Fry Road
Katy, TX
You’re looking for a service you can trust. a company you can rely on. a friendly experience...

UpKeepers, Inc

4314 Medical Pkwy
Austin, TX
Upkeepers, inc. was founded by thomas molidor, president and owner of his award-winning custom...

USA Clean Master

8814 Ferris Dr
Houston, TX
Usa clean master local branch in houston, tx. call us now for professional carpet cleaning...

We'll Do It For You!

7025 Foster St
Houston, TX
We'll do it for you! takes pride in providing services to residential and commercial consumers...

West Houston Dryer Vent Cleaning

7619 Round Grove Ln
Houston, TX
Professional dryer vent cleaning and repair services company located in houston, texas and...

Williams Air Technologies, LLC

2616 South Loop W
Houston, TX
Williams air technologies llc is an air -con ditioning, heating, energy reduction and energy...

Window Gang

11152 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX
We are famous for our exceptional window cleaning since 1986. we are professionals, we don't...

Wow That's Clean

20079 Stone Oak Pkwy Ste 1105
San Antonio, TX
Aggie owned and veteran founded service company


PO BOX 1550
Magnolia, TX
Full service hvac contractor

Zach's Honey Do Services

Spring, TX
We do what you don't have time to do ,don't know how to do or just don't want to do .we cater...

Zeus Steamers

2950 Windchase Blvd
Houston, TX
San antonio-2103999699

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