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First, let me tell you that when I called I told them I had gotten their name from Angie's list, a time period appeared like magic!
They were scheduled to come between 3-5; however, @ 4:45 I started to become concerned. No one answered at the office when I called, but about 5:30
called to let me know they were running late. They arrived after 6 p.m. and did an assessment , we reviewed the contract, and they started moving furniture. I loved the fact that I didn't have to empty my dresser drawers ! They tried to move my computer desk in one piece but ultimately had to break it down to get it through the door. Other than that, they moved like a well-oiled machine and I kept the iced - tea flowing. Within about an hour or so, we were on our way down the road.
It was dark by the time we arrived at our new appartment and there was no place for them to park the truck but they made a way: fortunately, we moved to the bottom floor so it was a little easier. Even though the sun had gone down, it was still sweltering and I felt comfortable enough to run to the store to get
some water. When I returned, the
had saved my parking space by placing our dining room chairs in the spot!
was trying to put my desk back together by the light in the hall way. Luckily, the box with the lamps was on top and I was able to "en-lighten" him and it he completed the job perfectly. They got the washer and dryer placed, helped me re- arrange the dining room table (it's very heavy) and move the sofa into place.
were very courteous, professional, and respectful of my furnishings. They worked tirelessly in spite of the heat and the lateness of the hour; they didn't finish until around 10:30 p.m. They are hard-working young men and are wonderful ambassadors for their company.
I would hire
- Diane P.

We recently used
DFW and had very expensive items stollen. We reported it immediately to the company and filed a police report. I would certainly be very cautious in using them. They were referred to us with glowing references, but unfortunately we can't give them the same.
- Rebecca A.

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Moving reviews in Fort Worth


I WOULD NOT hire this company again. This was my daughter's first move, and we were unable to help her with it. The movers put everything in her bedroom, even the boxes labelled "Kitchen". They did not set up the bed (she thought they would do it without having to tell them.) Finally, they left EVERYTHING in the middle of the bedroom, boxes, furniture, lamps, EVERYTHING! We have moved several times with other companies, setting up the beds was automatic, asking where the furniture goes was automatic, putting boxes along walls or in one specific place was automatic. This company did none of those things, and my daughter did not know to ask for them. I feel that this mover took advantage of a young college student. As "professional" movers they should have been able to ask the important questions, provide some sort of assistance, etc. I am disappointed and will not use them again. Nor will I recommend them.
- Garry B.

First of all my appt was at 9:30 am and the doorbell rang at exactly 9:30.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
were there to help. After a quick walk thru they got busy and did not stop till it was done. They were friendly, courteous, and most of all----VERY CAREFUL. You would have thought they were moving their own stuff. They wrapped several things in plastic wrap so the doors or drawers would not open, used blankets to wrap all my furniture, and again---were very careful. When we arrived at my new home, the same thing, they got right to work. They were so careful with all my furniture and especially my appliances. We have a patio and I asked
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
to just take the tables and chairs and put them outside. Last night my husband and I went outside to relax after unpacking and
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
had even taken the time to arrange all the tables and chairs. It was perfect. How nice to finally deal with someone that actually cares.
BeWe moved from a small town in the hill country and have one local mover there. I was so worried to have to use someone "in the big city" but no more worries for me. When I move again, I will call Big Daddy's and recommend them to everyone I know. They terrific. Thanks so very much!!!!! Also, I was able to use a 15% off coupon from Angie's list.
- kelly S.

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT. Highly recommended. They arrived on time, worked like crazy men without stopping or taking even one break in the TX heat. They were wonderful and I will use them next time I move if I ever need to move again. Seriously, these guys were great!
- Katherine N.

It was great, We called on a Friday to inquire about quote and available dates for moving.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
provided a very reasonable quote and asked if we would like to move the items later that day. We agreed and Mission arrived in the early evening as agreed, packed up items and furniture and made delivery later the same evening. We were very happy with the way they handled the items they moved and their professionalism while in our home. We would definitely contact them again if needed.
- Thomas R.

Because of the reviews on Angie's List, I chose
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
to do our moving from our 2-bedroom apartment to a 2-bedroom home just 3 miles away. But I wish I had done some more research before I hired AB, like checking out the numerous negative reviews of the company on Google.
I filled out AB's online list for an estimate and was told that all of the furniture and packed boxes could be moved in 2 to 3 hours by 3 men and the cost would be $95 an hour.
We have used moving companies twice before and always for the same amount of stuff and always from or to a 3rd floor apartment. The movers (always 2 men) in the past have always been fast and efficient and completed our moves within 2 to 3 hours, so I thought this estimate from AB, especially with 3 men, to be accurate.
However, that was not the case with AB.
The movers arrived late and the head person of the three-man group was rude, telling my husband it was going to take at least two trips to get all of the stuff to our new home.
Even though we had the majority of boxes and smaller items already set out in front of the apartment for an easier move, the younger worker was very slow and one of the inside workers mostly just stood around.
I believe they were purposely slow in order to charge me more money. We ended up just telling them to take the truck to our new house to unload it and we would finish the rest of the apartment as we were afraid of owing more money that we had to pay them.
I would never ever use this company again and I recommend anyone considering them to go elsewhere.
- Tonya G.

Please allow me to bullet point first and then feel free to read the details of what happened if you have the time:
-You will only move a few times in your life. Make a good choice. You can do better than this company. -The only reason I didn't give them an F is because they didn't break any of my items. -Movers showed up four hours late for a scheduled move. -They only offered a refund after I complained. The refund was originally $5 but they made it $20 after I continued to complain. -I gave them two business days to email or call me and never received a reply from management. I am writing this review on the third day. -There is a fuel/truck fee with this company. Add $80 to the price of this special. -They promised a 26 foot truck but it had items from a previous job so they didn't have room for all of my items. -The job was finished 30 minutes early because there was no space left in the truck. -The sales rep or logistics coordinator either scheduled incorrectly because they are bad at their job or on purpose to bring in revenue at the expense of good customer service. -I split up the move between two weekends so they not only got a poor review but they also lost out on additional business. -The company I am using for the next move has no truck/fuel fee. I spoke with a rep from the company,
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
, and asked if they had any openings on Saturday June 7. He confirmed they did and told me he could either schedule it and give me the Angie's list price or I could schedule through the site. Thankfully I decided to go through the site so I can share my experience. He also informed me there is a truck fee. I replied that detail wasn't on the Angie's list site and he told me to read the fine print. It is listed as a fuel fee and the only way around the fuel fee is if you live in a certain zip code. Essentially you have to be moving to or from an industrial park to get the special price. Plan on paying the fuel/truck fee so add $80 to whatever their discounted price is on the site. Fuel is expensive and at the time this didn't seem unreasonable so I proceeded with scheduling the move. I reserved two movers with a 26' truck for three hours.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
followed up with me the next day to confirm that the movers would arrive and gave me a window of Saturday morning from 9am to noon. On Saturday morning I started moving items to the driveway in anticipation of their arrival so their time would be used efficiently and not moving smaller items from the house to the truck. Noon came and went and I called the company to find out when the movers would arrive.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
informed me that the movers were taking a little longer at their previous job. He said they had a job in South Fort Worth and they should be there around 2 but at the end of the conversation he said they would be there around 2:30.
2:30 came and went and went and I received a voicemail from the driver of the truck who said they would be there between 3-3:30 but by the end of the voicemail he said it would likely be closer to 4. I called
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
back and in a very calm manner I told him I understood that delays happen but this was a failure of the company to plan their jobs and asked what they normally do in a situation like this. He said he would have to speak with his boss about any sort of a refund.
At 4pm, four hours after the end of three hour window when they were supposed to arrive, the truck pulls down the street. By this time I had almost every item on the lawn and in the driveway so the movers would be sure and get everything in the truck and I would not have to go over my scheduled time. None of the items suffered any sort of damage but I had to sit in the garage all day and watch my stuff because someone else on the street had a garage sale so people kept driving by and I had to tell them that we were moving and not having a garage sale.
Let me state that the two guys that showed up to move my stuff were friendly and professional. Let me also state that my issue is more with the company management and ownership more than the two guys who worked with me to get my stuff moved. They showed up to do a job and it would have been a waste of the time I paid for to give them attitude or excessively complain.
We had to go over the preliminary paperwork. I told him I was upset but not with him and was going to take up my complaint with the company. He said he would call the sales rep
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
and see about a refund since I had to approve the charges prior to the move.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
authorized a refund of $5. That means that he put a value on my time of $1.25/hour. We agreed that was insulting but we needed to get to work and would address the issue later.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
did a good job of moving my items. They didn't slack and were professional in their manner. I wish that they owned the company.
As we loaded the truck I asked
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
if there was room for a few more items and he confirmed they were full. We proceeded to the new home and unloaded all the items. I had to give my credit card to pay for the final charges since they can't do it before in case they go over the scheduled three hours. We started our move at 4 and finished at 6:30. I confirmed that the truck they used is 26'. When all of my items were out of the truck I looked and they had a couch and some other furniture near the front.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
informed me they were from the previous job and that normally they would take those back to their warehouse but they were so behind that they had to make the call to proceed to my job. It was the better of two poor options. If they would have had an empty truck then we could have put more items and I could have used the full three hours.
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
asked me how I would like to pay and I gave him my credit card. He told me that the manager had authorized an additional discount and instead of the $80 truck fee I would instead be paying $60 so they had increased the value of my time to
$5 an hour.
I asked him what time his first job of the day started and he said they got their at 7 and planned on working four hours, leaving at 11 and arriving at my house at 12pm. The job ended up taking four hours longer. They charge an overage fee of $120/hour so they made $480 extra on top of what they originally charged that customer if my calculations are correct. Their time is worth $120 and hour and mine is worth $5 an hour.
The person that scheduled that first job of the morning should have either scheduled more than two people to work on the job or scheduled more time so that the two jobs didn't overlap and it left me waiting for four hours. What really stinks is that they had another job after mine. Luckily they ran out of room in the truck so the next guy saw his movers a little earlier than he would have if I would have used my full three hours.
As I stated earlier, the guys worked hard and I didn't want to penalize them for working for a disreputable company. I gave them a cash tip and I thanked them for their honest efforts.
I emailed the sales rep
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
that I booked with and I also left him a voicemail to give me his side of the story. As of this review they have not responded and I don't expect to get an email or call with an explanation or apology. I have already booked another company to move the rest of my home this weekend June 14. I have my fingers crossed.
I hope this serves as sufficient warning to anyone thinking about hiring
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
- Jami S.

Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
's crew arrived on time and went right to it. They worked hard and wasted no time. Thanks to this level of dedication I didn't need to purchase more time for them to complete the job. They were careful with what they packed. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
- Luther R.

They showed up right on time, loaded the truck way faster than I anticipated. There was a really heavy table in the mix and yet they stilled moved it vary easily. We went to our storage unit, purchased a newer and larger unit, loaded that unit and also unloaded our older one into the new one. Was a huge help - brought moving blankets, tie
Fort Worth Movers Provider Name Locked
and two people. Would use them again.
- Linda M.
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