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First of all, many of the
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
companies really would prefer to fix your foundation and offer
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
services as an entry to getting your business. I had one
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
company tell me that they don't come out for anything under $2K. Plus most of the
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
companies told me it would be weeks before they could even come out to give me an estimate - in some cases up to 10 weeks. While I appreciate their honesty what they were telling me wasn't helping me get the job done.
We are in the process of selling our house and getting it done quickly and correctly was important. That's where
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
really shine.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is focused on slabjacking porches, driveways, and other small jobs, not fixing your foundation. Plus they made room for me in their schedule. After hearing my story, they said "let's see if we can fit you in" and they did. They came out the week I called on a Friday and they were able to get the job done the next Monday. I wouldn't count on this all the time because they get busy too, but in this case an opening came up and
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
helped me out.
The porch had dropped approximately 3 inches in the front (you could see where it used to be on the side of the house) and the sidewalk in front of the house dipped as well. He was fast too. He and his associate drilled three holes and in a couple of hours, the porch was back to the original level. The sidewalk too. He also repaired some water damage on the sidewalk for a little extra cost. Impressively, you can hardly even tell where the holes were drilled as they kind of fade into the background. Plus they cleaned up properly. The bed where they were working looked like nothing had happened and they didn't leave anything around the work site.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew are highly recommended by my wife and I.
- Dennis J.

Over many years, the front wall of my home has settled to the point that the front door of the house contacts the floor at about the 45º open position. The Living Room floor, quite apparently, and to the naked eye, slopes downward at the front of the room. Using a 4’ level and a ruler, it is very easy to determine that the floor at the door opening is approximately 1¼” lower than the level part of the floor.

Last August (2013), based upon
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s score on Angie’s List and its reputation, I contacted them to obtain an estimate of the work to correct the problem. On August 28th, I met with Mr.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to discuss the work. He and I discussed the problem at some length, and he inspected the foundation from both the Living Room and the raised Basement below. We discussed the structural members that support the walls as well as the proposed placement of their PermaLock pilings. He asked me to move stored items to the other side of the Garage to allow for more room to perform the excavation work in that area of the Garage where a piling would be installed under the floor. A second piling was to be placed under a chain wall in a crawl space (approximately 5½’ high), on the other side of the center supporting wall in the Basement. I had to clear stored items from that area as well.

Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
provided me with a proposal before leaving. While I was somewhat concerned about the lack of precision and detail in the hand written specifications added to the printed proposal form, I felt that the considerable price ($4,000) and the aforementioned reputation and rating would likely insure a successful outcome. In fact, I was confident enough in these factors, as well as Mr.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s apparent understanding of the problem and the goal of getting the door to swing open freely and completely, to forgo seeking proposals from other shoring companies. I mailed in the signed proposal and my deposit check a week later.

On Monday, September 23rd, I received a call from the
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
construction supervisor. He and a crew of two men appeared two days later to perform the work. The two men began excavating two holes in the crawl space, but did not perform any work in the Garage area, as Mr.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
indicated they would. I was somewhat worried about a possible disconnect between the job understanding of the person who specified the work (
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
) and the crew that would actually perform the work. Nevertheless, I decided I was not going to second-guess professionals who specialize in this kind of work.

The men spent about seven hours digging holes about 5’ deep and 4’ apart and installing the PermaLock pilings. They placed the pilings into the holes and jacked the footing under the chain wall. When completed, the overall increase in the height of the wall was approximately ½”. That was certainly not the expectation I had when accepting the proposal. It did not even come close to remedying the problem with the door. I would not have been willing to pay $4,000 for only ½” of increase in the height of the wall. The proper and safe operation of the front door was the primary objective of the work, but that has not been achieved.

Before leaving, the supervisor and I discussed the results and he suggested that I could cut the bottom of the door to allow it to clear the floor. Of course this is not a solution because it would then necessitate installing an elevated threshold on the floor under the door to seal up the opening. Such a threshold would then be far too high to be safe and would constitute a tripping hazard.

I subsequently wrote a detailed letter to Mr.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
to go on record and to complain about the failure of their efforts. It took several months, including many phone calls and a personal visit to their place of business just to get a response to my complaint. The response, which was not in writing, was that they
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
’t perform any work on the structural members; they only install the pilings. If that is so, why didn’t Mr.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
cut off that discussion in the very beginning? We must have spent 30 minutes discussing a much larger scope of work, all with the intent of leveling the floor at the front door. Why didn’t he say they would not be able to remedy the door problem? Any way you look at this, whether inadequate understanding of the problem, inappropriate specification of the work, or poor execution thereof,
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
failed to accomplish much of anything for me.

As far as a grade goes, it would have to be an “F”. The only thing they did that might merit some points is the installation of the PermaLock pilings. But, even that is of little or no value because the wall had long since settled and was stable at that level. There is no way to measure whether there is any value to the pilings because they did not accomplish the major task of leveling the floor so that the door would open completely. Of course, I would never contract with
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
again. I will now need to hire a true shoring contractor to perform the job that
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was incapable of doing. For the results achieved, they might as well have dug the two holes in an empty field somewhere in Texas and placed their PermaLock pilings there.
- Douglas K.

I contacted this company in hopes of having our exposed aggregate driveway repaired. We were hoping to have the repair completed before the rain comes and were having trouble finding companies that did this type of work.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
advertised that they did so we were excited and eager to get an estimate. I called the company and left a message explaining our needs and time frame. I didn't hear anything back for about a week so I decided to call again. No answer. I left another message. Finally almost 2 weeks after my first call I received a call back. The woman returning the call identified herself as the owner's wife. I told her we needed an estimate as soon as possible because we were afraid we might have to have the driveway replaced if it wasn't able to be repaired. She told me the soonest we could get an estimate was in a little over 2 weeks! I was very frustrated when I heard this because we had already been trying to get an estimate for a little over 2 weeks and in my original message I gave my address and a description of the problem and told them that they could come anytime as I am a stay at home mom and am around the house most days. Concerned about having to wait so long with summer coming to a close, I asked if a contractor could call me to discuss the issue before they came to make sure it sounded like something they would be able to repair. She said that no one could call me. When I explained that I was willing to wait two weeks for the estimate but just wanted to be sure that it sounded like something they do she told me her husband was too busy to make phone calls. I even offered to send pictures and she again told me he was too busy to view them.
Overall, I felt that as a customer I was treated extremely poorly. She was very rude and short when speaking with me and acted as if I was putting her out by just having to speak with me. It is very unfortunate that it turned out this way because we have since found out that we have to replace our $30,000 driveway. After my experiences with them, I am disappointed we will be out 30k but I'm glad it's not in this companies pocket!
If you are considering having concrete work done I suggest looking elsewhere.
- Carly S.

these people suck at doing concrete work! bad finish, seams are so bad, you can trip on them, the concrete is already cracking and peeling. they were so bad we threw them off the job! they did not return phone calls, or adhere to a work schedule. then when we questioned them about the work, they became rude and demeaning to my wife and myself, claiming "we have been doing this for 25 years!" do not hire this company for any reason! if you do, you will be sorry!
- robert L.

Called to set an appointment and was told it would happen that week and would receive a call from
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
before he arrived. Everything I was told happened as planned.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was punctual for the quote and went over what would occur if he provided the service. Was impressed with the level of detail given and impressed with him. The day before the scheduled service, it rained.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
called me that afternoon and told me he felt, given the conditions, the equipment might cause minor damage to the yard and would rather wait. Once the ground was dry (a few days later), the team came out and did the job. The patio was raised to proper grade and they cleaned up the area well beyond my expectations. Other than the corrected patio, I couldn't tell they had been there. Quite impressed with the job done and with follow up on
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
's part. A few days ago he provided me with details, tips, and products to seal the space between the patio and the brick on the house. Would use and recommend his service to anyone.

I contacted
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
for an estimate after I had gotten another estimate that I thought was rather high.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was $1,000 less than the first estimate I received. I wanted to make sure that the cracks in my driveway would be sealed after it was leveled.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
told me I could do the sealing myself to save money (he even told me what product to use) or they would be happy to do the sealing for me. I opted to have
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
do the entire job. I was told it would be three weeks before they could get to my job. It was exactly three weeks when the came out to do the job.

I was very pleased with the leveling of the concrete. I could actually drive straight into my garage without having to climb up over the
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
of the garage. No more tripping hazards. I was told they would be back within a week to seal the cracks and they came back exactly when they said they would.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
and the crew that did the leveling were very friendly, professional and eager to please.

I would recommend
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Very nice job.
- Terri H.

They cracked at corner on one panel of sidewalk. I contacted them, they said they are not responsible any cracking they made during work. There are a few small font notes at the bottom of the contract. You should read through everything carefully before signing the contract.
- Grace X.

Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
out of
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
's Summit is a family owned and operated branch of a franchise. The owner,
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
, arrived at our house to provide the estimate. His son and another partner actually performed the work of leveling the concrete.
The bid we received was fairly priced, coming in about 10% below the bids of two other contractors including Boss Mudjacking. All companies put their bids in with the caveat that there is no way to fully know how much fill would be needed to level the concrete. The pricing for
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
would have been more expensive in the long run if we needed more than the original truckload that
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
estimated, but we ultimately decided to go with
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
because of the three year guarantee that
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
put on their work (in comparison to the two year guarantee of another bid, and zero guarantee by a third company that bid). We figured if the cost ended up being more for the work, at least the work was guaranteed longer.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
also was the most professional during the bid. One of the final reasons we decided
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
was because they use a mix of limestone and water to fill the voids, instead of a slurry of concrete and mud. The limestone sets up nicely and we didn't want to weigh whether the dirt fill would settle or wash away again, particularly if companies weren't willing to guarantee it as long. Also
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
advised that to meet their end of the bargain of the guarantee, we also had to agree to fix the reason why the driveway sank in the first place, which was an erosion point on the side of the driveway from which the dirt beneath the driveway washed out. We decided we would build a small, round retaining wall and back fill with dirt to hold the concrete fill in place.
The day that the work was performed, which was a few short weeks after the bid,
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up a bit a couple hours later in the morning than I was expecting. But their work ethic quickly made up for it. They worked a full day into the night, nearly 9 hours, to complete the job. They had to leave halfway through the day to refill their truck, which is a 70 mile round trip. Although the owner wasn't one of the crew to actually do our job, we found out that both on the crew had been doing this work for several years and were adept at it. They worked really hard, nonstop, and probably ended up with a 12-14 hour day in total. When they left, we were amazed by how significantly more level our driveway and garage floors were.
The next day after everything set up overnight, the driveway fell about 1/2 inch. We called
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
back, they took a look at it, and agreed to come back a few weeks later when they had another job in the area and could use a partial load to boost the level back up to its best spot. They followed through on it with no additional charge and the driveway is holding up nicely today (four months later) with no additional settling. We also held up our end of the bargain and within a week of
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
's first fill, we built and back filled the retaining wall ($200-300) to do what we could to also assure there was no additional settling. The improvement in the driveway is significant, but I rest a lot better now also knowing that our garage floor is better supported and we're not putting nearly as much stress on the re-bar and foundation walls.
- Luke M.

Will was wonderful! He makes the company what it is! He responded to our contact very quickly, came to see the job site within days, and had a full estimate and proposal with OPTIONS to us the next day. We scheduled the job for just days later.
Fate Foundation Contractors Provider Name Locked
is RESPONSIVE, PUNCTUAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and PROFESSIONAL! Definitely a rare breed! I would recommend their services to anyone, including my friends and family!
- Tracy J.

The only disadvantage was the wait to get on their list. So obviously they are getting a lot of business. This is a husband and wife company. They were very good about cleaning up the site after the work. They spent only 3 hours total doing everything. The last 2 mudjackers each spent almost an entire day doing the work.
They were fast and efficient and we love the job.
- Stephen S.
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Texas Elite Roofing & Construction LLC.

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Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC
Austin, TX


10841 Castle Drive
Frisco, TX

Umanzor Painting and More

1719 Quinlan ct.
Arlington, TX

United Concrete Sawing and Trucking

11033 Ridgefrost Cir
Dallas, TX

Urgent Foundation Repair

213 Childers Ave
Benbrook, TX

Ware Construction & Electric

829 Reveille Rd
Fort Worth, TX

Weaver Landscaping

4241 Skillman St
Dallas, TX

Xpress Services

Mesquite, TX

Xtreme Remodeling TX

4900 Preston Road #B
Frisco, TX
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