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Thom S.
"Think twice before buying a
plan at
. The
sales and management staff promise that if our 60" tv breaks for" any reason, even including lightning hits they will replace the tv no questions asked This could not be further from the truth. After calling
when the tv died, it took them three days to even get a work order to the local repair shop that they selected. (Alltronics
SC). Then began a 25 day saga of excuses and
. They would say their computers were down, then they blamed the local repair facility, We were forced to make daily calls to both companies when we asked why we had to be the middle man between the two, a
rep said "It's your tv, it's your problem" !!!!! The repAir techs said
refused to replace the tv.
said Alltronics refused to condemn the tv. Then Alltronics would say they needed parts but
would not approve the parts purchase Then we supposedly reached a man in management at
and complained about how long this was taking. He told us there was no time limit in their contract and it could take months and there was nothing we could do! The local
manager waited for over 20 minutes on hold over several phone calls and then began to get the same
and excuses..... The computers were down, they couldn't find the work order, the parts were never requested by Alltronics, and so on Arrogance, rude communications and total lack of any customer service We will never buy a warranty plan again, especially if
is behind it
Rated by
stuart M.
"TERRIBLE!!!!!! didnt pay mechanic..I payed mechanic; trying to get reimbursement form and business is giving me the run around after MANY phones calls trying to get form" over a 2 weeks period....they are total scammers....
Rated by
Regina W.
"I have been a client of
for 5 years, but that ends today. For 5 summers now, the upstairs AC unit stops working properly early in the summer. Each year, I pay" the $100 service call fees (plus the cost of refrigerant and anything else not covered) only to have the tech replenish the unit with refrigerant and be on his
way. The same problem has occurred this year. This time, my family and I waited over 5 days in the Virginia heat to have a tech come look at my AC unit. AHS could have easily asked the contractor to come sooner, given the heat index, but they in no way consider a client's needs as priority. Now, the tech says there is a "significant leak" in the evaporator coil, which he recommends replacing, not repairing.
is only willing to cover 20% of the total costs involved, leaving me to cover OVER $1500, plus the cost of any refrigerant. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that my AC unit obviously had a leak since it was requiring refrigerant every year for 5 years, as opposed to the downstairs unit that hasn't required any. I believe that this leak should have been repaired a long time ago, and if it would have been, I could have saved hundreds of dollars on all of the service calls. That's how AHS makes their money. No true repairs or replacements are ever made, only temporary fixes, so that you will continue to require coverage. I'm done with AHS!

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First, call your insurance company and tell them you do not want any proceeds paid to the contractor under your policy as you are not going with them.  This way they can not collect money on your behalf.  Insurance will typically have you sign a form for release of funds anyway but this is a good extra step to make sure your signature isn't forged.  Second, call the contractor and tell them you will not be needing their services afterall.  Did your husband pay a deposit?  If so it may be non-refundable.  Then follow up with a certified letter. 


An email as well doesn't hurt but some states don't yet recognize email as a form of communication for legally binding documentation.  This may have changed and I'm sure more states do recognize them as I haven't followed that topic elsewhere as much as I used to.  The contractor's office should be local.  A sure fire way to ensure they got the message is to deliver the letter to the office of the contractor and have someone at the office sign a duplicate stating it has been recieved and read.  There's no arguing whether they received it or not by doing that.


Hopefully you've learned your lesson about high pressure sales techniques and storm chasers looking for a quick buck.  Some people find out a much harder way.  While these guys may be legitimate you should always do your homework on a contractor before signing the contract.  Unless you have water running out of the house and the work has to be done on the spot it's not so much of an emergency that it can't wait until the next day.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

Consider going to library an reading Consumer Reports rating on home insurance companies in your area.  For affordabilty elect the highest deductable you can stomach.  This will lower your premioum, I went thru Costco, they and Sam's Club can be a valuable resource for home and car insurance. Shop on line with your needs to save money.  Unless you have major assets forget large policy. For your gutter and roofing needs see my blog.
Jim Casper 

Warranty Company reviews in Denton


The warranty stated that it would cover my manifold that had cracked. Well, they got out of paying for the manifold because of carbon build up which happens when the manifold cracks. I spoke with several people including a manager without any success.
- Gerri D.

it went really well, but did take some time. replacement parts were sent overnight delivery but we had to find local repair person as we live in a remote, rural community. once the repair failed, replacement funds were offered and were reasonable to buy a comparable new tv.
- jim G.

We got the warranty with our home purchase. So in exchange for the fee, you're supposed to have repair coverage. Instead, you get underpaid service providers who attempt to sell you additional 'necessary' work not covered by the warranty. Our a/c condenser unit literally blew up and caught fire and hence the unit had to be replaced. The warranty only paid for about half of it, it's crazy what wasn't covered and it took weeks to get them to pay. The real problem I had was that we got very conflicting information from the service people who came to do the work. To be fair, a few were good and honest but I cannot say they all were. Some asked for additional fees, incorrectly claimed things were not covered when they were, etc. It was a constant battle. Once the a/c contractor realized he would have to change out the entire unit for a very low fee paid by the warranty company it took quite some time to get the work done. The whole time they kept pushing us to pay more for additional work. It was a wearying and depressing experience the whole way through.
- Sarah O.

Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
warranty gave us peace of mind. We started a contract with AHS when we became home owners. Having the policy in place was reassuring in case surprises came up during the first year. It took some time for us to figure out the best use of the plan. For example, we learned to speak to the customer service department when making a service request instead of the service request line to be sure we requested the right services. We learned how to request service so that all service would be covered under one request instead of multiple requests. We learned that if service provided failed we should not pay another service fee for the next fix. After learning how to use the plan best, we are pleased with the coverage and with the peace of mind. We decided to renew for another year.
- John W.

Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Denies Refrigerator Warranty Through Confusion and delay -
Lesson Learned: NEVER Purchase a
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Appliance and Expect Them to Uphold the Warranty
Whoever said that Corporations have consciences has never owned a
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Refrigerator that failed while under warranty. We had a RF266AEBP refrigerator for 4 years. It had a 5 year warranty on closed system parts such as the compressor. The compressor failed in its fourth year. A nice long life you might say but still under warranty. This failure happened on December 20th 2014. It was not until March 10th when I finally pulled the plug on working with
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
“Executive Customer Service”. Their response seemed to be designed to beat me down, tire me out, and leave me wondering and lost. We had 3 service calls over these months and during this entire time our food was on our patio where the temperature would dip well below freezing at night. Here is some of the incompetent miss handling they exhibited:
• They sent us a service outfit that was not authorized to do warranty work on their refrigerators.
• They said at one point that the compressor had a warranty, not the refrigerator.
• They left me holding on the phone for up to 20 minutes (but would tell me it was going to be 3 min).
• Said that I would have had to have purchased a warranty at the time of purchase to get coverage.
• They could not seem to get the magical 7000 number from the service provider .• Even after we had 3 service people out, had the compressor replaced and had spent two months without a fridge, they were going to send someone to confirm that it was the compressor issue.I pulled the plug after 2.5 months when they said it would be another 4 days before we would get the form that we needed to attach the pictures to and send in the “Executive Customer Service” . AND, that we would need to hold on to the old unit until the inspection, forms and pictures were reviewed and by their Refunds and Exchange Department. At that point we had already ordered a replacement refrigerator.So, if you choose to purchase a
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
refrigerator, rip up the warranty, assume that it will not be honored. If you do choose to try to get them to stand up for what they promised, be ready for months of delay and misinformation. Very sad, very sad indeed.
- Stuart C.

"BUYER RUN FOR YOUR LIFE"... I will preface this review with the fact
that I sincerely believe that two companies (
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Furniture Homestore
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- MFS) are working together to scam
consumers like myself out of thousands of dollars and trapping us to
deal with many years of poorly constructed furniture. SERIOUSLY, how do
companies like this stay in business and continue to pray on good
people? My wife and I purchased our first living room leather reclining
sofa, loveseat, & chair from
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Furniture Homestore, RIVER CITY
MARKETPLACE, Jacksonville, FL 32257 on 6/8/2008 for $2629.97 plus tax,
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
fee, and $249.90 5 year comprehensive protection plan
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. So well over $3,000.00 by the time
we were sitting in it in our living room. And sitting in it was the
problem, in just over a year of regular use we started having trouble
with one reclining mechanism after another. We reported this to
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
in June of 2009 and after hours and days of providing them
everything they should have had in their system anyway we were able to
get a technician out that determined immediately the mechanisms were
non-repairable and the set needed to be replaced. So, after several
more hours, days of red tape, jumping through hoops, etc
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked

Furniture Services (MFS) agreed to replace the set... Great, but
problem, this set is no longer available and just so happens there is no
set in the store, (
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Furniture Homestore, RIVER CITY
MARKETPLACE, Jacksonville, FL 32257), that is of is close to the price
or in the same arrangement, etc... Hmmmmm, so we end up spending an
extra thousand over our credit for the old set on the new set, We also
purchase a new 5 year comprehensive protection plan from
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked

Furniture Services (MFS) warranty this time costing us $349.99. Great,
right, WRONG, our new set also has four recliners in it and under very
normal use we starting noticing issues about a year after purchase,
pattern here ya think? Now this is where things really start getting
SHADY...! When we attempted to report the claim to
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
in June of
2010 it seems 10 times more difficult then our first grueling experience
being asked to provide everything but the kitchen sink. When we called
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
this time their reps seemed highly trained in trying to find
any little loophole they can to deny the claim due to a way they
interpret a clause in the warrenty contract. Once we got through that
defense that took several hous, months, multiple phone calls, providing
receipts, copies of warrenty, etc we finally were able to get a
technician out to inspect / repair our broken sofa's in April of 2011
almost a year later. The same thing was occurring with this set that
occurred with the previous set! Even the technician stated that he had
been replacing reclining mechanisms like crazy on sets like ours. He
said, "as a matter of fact, I was not supposed to, but I have a couple
extra mechanisms on my truck and will replace for you. " Well, that
was only a temporary fix to prolong the inevitable, and in September of
2012 we attempted to report it again, and this time
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked

Services (MFS) had a impenetrable force field of trying to consume our
life to resolve. We then attempted to contact
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Homestore where we purchased both sets and they referred us to the
corporate office in Jacksonville. When we contacted them we were
getting a simular runaround that we experienced with
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked

asked us to take pictures, provide the serial #'s of the units, etc, and
they would get back to us. When they did finally get back to us
several weeks later, they stated, "sorry sir, but you are out of your 30
day reporting window and will not be able to do anything for you". So,
we immediately called
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and they said verbatim the very same
thing like it was script. So, here we are now in 2014 with about six
months left on our warranty and we are trying one last effort to get
this resolved... We have been met with even greater resistance and told
firmly by both companies that our claim is DENIED... We have now done
everything short of hiring an attorney to resolve. We have spent over
$5000.00 since 2008 and endured many grueling hours, days, months, years
of pain and suffering trying to get to a place where we have
comfortable living room furniture that we are proud of! Do you know how
embarrasing it is to have freinds and family over and to constantly
have to make excuses why your furniture is not functioning properly,
etc...! At this point, we do not even care about the money, we have
invested way more of our life in this problem then anyone should have to
invest... All I can say is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, let JUSTICE be done...!

- William S.

First rate job! Our heat gave out while we were gone; came back Sunday to a cold house. Called
Denton Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
first thing Monday morning and I had someone to look at it before noon (ahead of schedule!) The unit was beyond economical repair (19 years old too), By 3PM I had an estimator here who went over all my options. There was zero pressure to buy an expensive model; in fact, after asking some questions about how long we intended to keep the house etc., he recommended one of the less expensive ones. I was worried it would take awhile to get it installed (another cold snap was coming in two days) but the crew was back promptly at 8AM the next morning (as scheduled). Efficient, fast work with attention to detail! Everything works as advertised, and they left no mess inside or out.

If you're looking for quality AC/heating work at reasonable price, and great service, this is who to call in the Pensacola area. They offer military discount too.
- Stan A.

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