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Rated Review by Randy H.
"Home warranty purchased through escrow for $310.00. About two weeks later, we called them to repair a shower drain that was apparently leaking into the crawl space. At first they said it wasn't covered because it was a pre-existing condition. Then I pointed out that there was language in their contract that covered pre-existing conditions to the extent they could not have been reasonably discovered before close of escrow. Then their story changed. They later said that it wasn't covered because it was a "basket strainer". Really?? A basket strainer is basically the stopper in your kitchen sink. That made no sense at all. They also said that their plumber's insurance wouldn't cover him for accessing the crawl space. That's their problem. If you're going to offer home warranties on mobile homes, you're going to have to go into the crawl space from time to time. It's just a fact.
Bottom line: They apparently decided they weren't going to do the repair no matter what, and were going to say anything to make me go away.
I have since had the repair done by a plumber I hired, and I expect them to reimburse me for the cost.

Rated Review by Nancy W.
"We were happy with their work both times. We signed up with them year before last and renewed our contract at renewal time. We have used them twice, once this year and once last year. Both times were on the weekend. You call their 800 number, they call a plumber, the plumber calls you, lets you know when he will be there, shows up, does the work and is out of there. There was no out of pocket cost, as it was covered under the policy. I think it cost about $50.00 a year.


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Sample Home Warranty Companies Reviews

Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
sent Phils appliance out to look at leaking H2O heater. The service agent said it needed replaced and we would need to call
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to get a price and suggested we do so. Talked to a rep at
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, they asked several questions and quoted $943 for replacement of the heater. I agreed and the replacement was scheduled for the next day. When the tech from Phils arrived to replace the non working heater, he said the balance due was $1345 (we had already paid $98 to secure the appointment). After the initial shock I called
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and was told my only option was to pay the $1345 and they would look into the pricing discrepancy and return my call the following day. Being without hot water and no other option at 5 pm in the evening, I reluctantly agreed. It is now 5 days later and still now word from
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. To add insult to injury, the install for the water heater was poor to say the least, exhaust was run out of square as was the gas line. Had a home inspector come out to look at the work and was informed it was not to code. I am looking into my recourse.

"On or before June 6th I contacted
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
for a service call to fix an electrical outlet/light problem in my upstairs hallway. This issues has still not been fixed. First an electrician went to my house and troubles hooted a break in a circuit to an exterior wall in my garage. He said he could not go into the wall without my permission and left. HE also said my wall had aluminum siding that would have to be removed, but in the same conversation said he could not go into the drywall from the other side without my permission (I say to myself, which one was it) . He said he went up into my attic and noticed some electrical boxes without covers on them where recessed lighting had been added. He said he could came back and fix everything very easily about $200 ($30 in box covers and labor) this would include repairing the circuit that he claimed was not covered under my service plan as it was not wired to code. I replied how do you know if you did not open the wall to look, I’m authorizing you to go in and look, as I’m quite certain this part of the wiring was done by the builder during the house construction. He said his proposed fix would be to tap into an adjacent circuit which would negate going into the wall, and negate the alleged code violation. I initially attempted to contact Riddle Electric to schedule the repair (and planned to be there to see with my own eyes the repair) but riddle did not return my call. In the meantime my tenant (section 8) contacts the county and reports deficiencies in my home and the county inspector comes out and inspects. In attrition to a basement bathroom issue, the inspector notes the electrical outlet being inoperative and gives me 30 days to get it fixed. I called again and left a message, but no call back. I called FAHW and was granted a 2nd opinion noting that they did not verify a code violation (they actually had to send a request to even get the report submitted) , on 2
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, I push off my inspection (30 days has now passed) . The soonest then can get me in is
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
11th . The new contractor tells me that it was good I called them as they do not check their email for service requests. (This has been noted in the case) . I push off my inspection again, I now have new tenants living at a relative’s house waiting for the inspection and approval to move in. On the eve of sending a contractor out, and while attending a wedding I get a call from
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
from FAHW Claims resolution saying she’s going to cancel the apt I've been waiting for saying they do not do 2nd opinions of non-covered items. Attempts to convey to her that there was significant cause to question the assumption of being a non covered itme that resulted in the 2nd opinion request, just did not seemt o get through to her. Attempts to discuss with her manager
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
also failed, as did my request to talk to the supervisor of the dept,
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. It seems
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
was in a position to speak on their behalf and say they could not be contacted, nor could I contact them (though I could write a letter). I was furious! That night I wrote Claims Evaluations Department
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
who suggested I contact
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
in claims. When I wrote back, that that was who I had the issue with,
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
must have done something as I get a very apologetic
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
calling me Friday night promising to take action the next morning and contact me that day (Saturday ) with a status for a contractor (vowing to try had to get someone out that day) .No call Saturday! I left her a message Sunday, and have yet to hear back. It’s not Monday night. Extremely poor customer service. Being vacant now without renters is costing me money. Taking time off work to go out there only to have the apt canceled, cost me money ( I live next to the pentagon, about an hr away in traffic) . Getting the runaround causes aggravation. Promises for calls back that
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
’t happen, and apts that I have to wait 10 days (and have canceled on the 9th day) for is not customer service.
"We filed a claim on 7/13/14 for air conditioning repair.
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
assigned us an A/C Company to address our claim, but I have previously used this A/C company and preferred not to use them again. I was dissatisfied with the prior service of this company and asked for another A/C company to address my claim. Per my request ,
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
did assign me a new A/C company, stated it would now take 24-48 hours to process the claim, since I requested a diferent A/C company. Since the temperatures outside are 110+, I find it unacceptable that
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
is unable to process the claim for 24-48 hours! When I initially called and left a message for a/c repair, the message stated the original company would contact me within 24 hours or that I could call the company myself, which I did on 7/14. However, after being on hold with the original company for 2 and a half hours, (and my prior experience with this company) I called
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to assign another company for our A/C repair. I will not renew the contract with
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and will seek other home warranty companies.
"They were supposed to replace my garbage disposal but would not due to some clause in my contract. "According to the clause (yada, yada, yada) you are not eligible for part replacement and therefore have to pay the plumber his fees. So here I am stuck between a rock and hard place having to fork out $250 on a fixed income and non anticipated expense because these people want to pull out obscure clauses. What was I going to do? The plumber was here and finished the job (which I could have had done cheaper with my own plumber) and AHS not paying him a dime, I was stuck. Will never use or recommend them again to anyone.
"This company has the worst customer service that I have experienced in years. I cancelled my annual membership after 6 weeks.
1. My first encounter occurred 34 days after I signed up when my air-conditioner stopped working. They informed me that they would not fix the problem because I was not past my "probation" period. I indicated that it was a 30 day probation period and I had paid 34 days early. To that they responded, "you need to read the contract better..." "we extend the probation period an extra 5 days if you pay by credit card. They were correct about what the contract says, but the offensive part was the customer service representative's attitude regarding "you need to read the contract better."
2. Second encounter a couple of weeks later involved my pool heater. I called on a Saturday and the person I spoke with struggled to get my information correct asking me 3 different times for my address, name, etc. This customer service person then said, "you will get an email within 24 hours with the work order." After 24 hours and no email, I called the company again to ask about my work order and another customer service representative in a nasty
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
asked if I "checked my email junk folder..." When I indicated that I had checked the junk folder and no email had been sent, she implied that this was my fault for not being more patient and waiting for them to contact me after the weekend. Then she provided conflicting instructions regarding whether I would receive an email from her or a phone call from someone the following day. When asked about the conflicting instructions, the answer was an even nastier repeat of the conflicting instructions. Called the next day to discover that I had to repeat most of the information from the following two calls regarding what I needed repaired.
3. After the repair person came to my home 2 days later ($45) and did not fix the problem, I received a phone call from
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
telling me that I need to send them "pictures of the pool heater and ALL repair and maintenance records or they have the right to refuse repair." I responded that if they needed pictures their repair person should have obtained the necessary pictures. At this time, the person speaking identified themselves as "a manager" and said "have your read your contract!" I told him that I did read the contract but did not memorize it. He responded "well, you need to read it again because you did not read section XXX very well." and then he proceeded to read the section which required all of this extra effort on my part to get them to repair my heater. My response to this was "companies who provide poor service and avoid responsibility often read their contract to clients rather than doing the right thing and fixing the problem." His response was "you have no right to call here, begin yelling, demand services, and tell me what I am or am not going to do." I responded that they only person yelling was him and it was time for me to cancel my contract with them.
This company could use some customer service training.
"Avoid this company at all costs.. They are the typical home warranty
company that doesn't pay their claims. This experience has been an
absolute nightmare - This company epitomizes the worst of home warranty
companies, in that they look for the most ridiculous loop hole to
rationalize NOT paying their claims. The contractors they dispatched
were even worse.. Avoid Speedy Electric especially their analysis was
"DO NOT use
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to repair your appliances, even if you purchased your appliance at
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. Well, I recommend do not even purchase an appliance at
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
to begin with. The house we bought had
Denton Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
appliances already so we had no choice. The dishwasher broke down with in 3 years. Then the fridge icemaker broke within 6 years.They came out, said maybe we can fix it, and we paid $58 for that. But it wasn't fixed. So, we called again, they came out and just replaced it... for $311. $200 of that was for 45 min of labor, which is ridiculous. Still, though the problem remained (water pouring out of icemaker). I called again and they said the soonest they could come out was a week from then and "Sorry we're really busy, summer and all". I spoke with a supervisor and got the same excuse. Meanwhile I can't use my freezer and water is pouring on my floor whenever I open the door. Do not be fooled by the ease of scheduling online. They are not easy to deal with. When I called I had to speak with someone in India.
"We have been with AHS for ten years. Their yearly rates and their service call fees have increased but their service has gone way down. We contacted them about a leaking pipe in the basement. They sent a plumber out. The plumber said that the pipe was connected with the boiler, and that his company did not work on boilers. He said that we were to pay the service fee to him, and he would instruct AHS to send a different company out for the repair. I confirmed with AHS that he was to collect payment. AHS then sent out a different company, one that works on boilers. They did not have the part, however. They said they could get it easily at Home Depot or Lowe's and would be back that week. They did not come that week or the next. I tried repeatedly to call the company but they never answered and their voice mailbox was full so could not leave a message. I called AHS again and reported the company. They said that they would contact them while they put me on hold; they had a different phone number to reach them. The rep came back on the phone and said that the boiler company apologized, saying that someone had quit without notice (not the customers' problem) and that they would call me within 24 hours. They never called at all. I called AHS again and they said they were sending another company. The rep told me that the service fee would be $75. I told her no, that I had already paid that. She was young and inexperienced, I think, and she said that that was for the first company coming out. I could not convince her that nothing was fixed. NOTHING! I know how this works after all these years with AHS. They appear to have a number of new reps who are either giving out wrong information or chatting and giggling with coworkers while they are on the phone with a customer. I got so fed up that my husband and I decided to cancel our contract with them. I called my credit card on which I had put the service fee and they reversed the charge. When AHS found that out, they deducted $75 from our pro-rated refund. BUT NO SERVICE WAS EVER PROVIDED! Both my husband and I have called again and again, and we get put on hold forever. I am now going to write to the corporate office with our complaint. They cannot keep money for a service fee when no service was provided. I hate them now. I think they are scamming people.

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