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I would not hire Mr
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked

Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was referred to me as the engineer that RS Foundations used for their foundation assessments. He showed up on time and billed a fair price for an engineer's report on the foundation but in no other way was this a positive experience.

If I had been more informed about subjects like post-tensioned concrete slabs, I likely would have turned him away before work began as his first comments showed his lack of knowledge on the subject. When the foundation contractor showed up (with alcohol on his breath) to "assist" with the report, it became clear that the engineer's report was going to be used as a sales tool instead of an unbiased report. To further reinforce this, Mr
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
sent his report to RS Foundations instead of the customer (me). Only after 2 requests did I actually receive my own copy to review.

Contact an independent engineer if you are considering foundation repair and I would not recommend including
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
in your
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- JD M.

The contractor performed all work on my elderly father's house without having provided him with a written estimate. At the beginning of the work, my father stated that the estimate he received was a range, between $6-7K. As tends to happen when everything is undocumented, this morphed into a final total of $9K. My father was advised during the course of work that it would be necessary to drill deeper than planned and that this would cost extra, per foot and per peer. This increased cost was not quantified. As my father did not request, and was not provided with a written estimate describing the number of
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
or depth, we have no way of knowing the legitimacy of this extra cost. Since the work was just performed, we can't assess the quality of workmanship.Following the conclusion of work and my learning about the increased cost and lack of documentation, I called and talked with Mr.
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, who reiterated that costs increased because they had to drill deeper.Get a written estimate, always! Additionally, if this estimate is not detailed enough for you, amend it to your satisfaction (including number, depth, style, make, and etc. of each peer). And, also have potential extra costs clearly defined before work begins.
- Brendan K.

I first worked with Accede Construction, several years ago when we could no longer ignore the fact that we had foundation problems. I did a lot of Internet research and price comparison, when one day my husband said that a friend of his suggested Accede Construction. My husband's friend had initially hired Accede for several commercial construction projects and eventually hired Accede to complete work on his own home. After calling Accede, I was sincerely blown away by their professionalism, responsiveness and overall genuine demeanor. They came out to our home the next day to survey our project and sent me a quote that night. Their Project Manager was very thorough in his survey of our homes exterior and interior state (he even took his shoes off when he came in the front door, revealing black socks not stained white socks- might seem silly to notice that but it indicated to me that they paid attention to details. Only 2 of the other company's representatives took their shoes off and they both had grossly stained white socks). In addition to being thorough, he was incredibly informative and patient when explaining the work that we needed done and also outlined the exact steps we needed to take when contacting our insurance company (seriously not one of the other companies gave me a fraction of the time I had with the Accede Rep. for questions or explanations). Accede was the first company to be that responsive/professional, most of the time I was leaving messages, not hearing anything for a couple of days and most of the representatives that these other companies sent out were, to say at best, gruff, sometimes short, even rude, and one representative used flavorful profanities when answering his phone in front of me. Accede was one of about 10 companies from which I requested an estimate. Why I chose Accede: 1. Pricing is average, they are not the highest and are not the lowest: In the past, we have been sorely burned by accepting the lowest quote from a company. My husband and I built a home prior to the home we live in now, and accepted a "to good to be true" low quote from a builder. We should have known it was too good to be true, because the builder was actually in the midst of going bankrupt. We found this out when we could not reach him by phone and eventually drove past our "home"-several months after groundbreaking day and found just a foundation and partial framing. After all was said and done, we literally lost thousands of dollars that we had invested for our home. I also don't know how many times I have had seen friends make our same mistake- either the work done is horrible and leaves you with eventual repairs, their is a complete lack of anything that resembles customer service or even worse, like our first builder, is desperate for work and will very likely go under while in the middle of the project. I really do believe in shopping for the best deal, but you have to remember that you really do get what you pay for. 2. The professionalism/industry knowledge/solid experience and genuine demeanor of the Accede Representatives: There is nothing worse than a service provider that is un-professional, un-experienced or lacks industry knowledge. I refuse to open my pocket to anyone that displays any of the pre-mentioned. Professionalism is very important to me, because it speaks on the character of the operation and can usually
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
whether an operation is as great as they say they are. An arrogant service provider who acts like I don't know what a nail is, usually means they have no idea themselves. 3. Very responsive in our initial communication and mirrored my communication: If I sent an email, he sent an email, if I called him he called me back- not just quickly sent an email back to me. It makes things a lot easier when I service provider is respectful of how you prefer to communicate. 4. Was not pushy or over zealous: It was obvious the Project Manager wanted my business, but he was never pushy and did not over follow up. When he left my home, he let me know that I would receive a quote from him that night and asked when I thought I would follow up with him. He then asked when he could follow up with me if he had not heard from me by that time. 5. Accede is a mid-sized commercial/residential construction company- that was significant to me because it meant that they were (and still are) a financially stable company, that they were not too small to carry out an entire job without having to use multiple 3rd party contractors that I other wise know nothing about and were not too massive and had so much going on that a residential project, such as mine, would be a "back burner" project. 6. Accede is a referral based grown company: Any time I am working with service providers I always ask them how their company was started and how they earn most of their business. I am always much more inclined to work with companies that are grown by way of referrals versus companies that are constantly advertising. We were referred to Accede by a friend, our friend was referred by a friend and so on. When I asked this question to the Accede Rep. he told me that the owner started the company years ago while in college, and that it grew from him doing small repairs to it's size today- completely through customer referrals. I have never put much stock in Internet ratings or sites such as this one, because you never really know how accurate the information is or who is actually posting that information. I am sure I am not the only to hear of companies doing this, but companies will purchase consumer profiles for the soul purpose of bad mouthing their competition- obviously not a trite and true way of doing research on possible service providers. So, if you take any stock in my report about Accede, I hope it's the fact that Accede is a company grown out of customer referrals or the fact that I have worked with them and only them for several years now. What I know I can expect from Accede: Now that my husband and I have flipped quite a few houses, working with Accede is like clockwork. Below I have listed what our experiences are like with Accede. Planning the project: We always meet on-site with the project manager to discuss what we want, and the basic scope of the project. We then receive a quote and a detailed scope of the project. If we need an architect, engineer or any special permits our project manager will include that information as well. Once we have done our final pre-discussions and accept the quote Accede usually starts the project with in 2 days. The crew: They are always on-time, and if for some reason their is a delay due to weather or the material's distributer; the project manager immediately calls me to let me know. The crew works as quietly as they can, which is very important in keeping your neighbors around you happy (especially during large/lengthy projects). They are always mindful of where they place new materials, they try to keep them as out of sight as much as possible. They are VERY clean with all of the materials they remove, they usually have a large dumpster that is removed every day from the job site and use metal detectors at the end of each day to prevent shards of metal or nails from being left on the ground. Unless weather is an issue, the job is completed right on schedule. Also, I have become very comfortable with the fact that Accede does not outsource any part of the project, they employ their own crews and the crew that starts the project will finish it. They also employ specialized contractors for intense masonry jobs, carpentry, welding, etc... Additionally, the Project Manager gives us updates on the days work and is constantly doing on-site visits. Communication is so key, especially when the work is not being done on your own home (we don't always have a
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to drive past to see what has been done, so it is great that they send us pictures of the work that was completed that day). When we have work on our own home in progress, the project manager updates us by phone to let us know what was done and what to expect tomorrow. When the job is completed the Project Manager always walks through with my husband and I to insure that we are completely satisfied with the end result. The quality/responsiveness of Accede has truly been a major contributor in reducing the time between when we purchase the home we are flipping to when we sell/lease the home. Any work we have had done on our own home could not have gone more smoothly or looked any better. When I first had Accede to come to our home, I was not super informed on how to select the best service provider, but now that I have worked flipping house for a while I find myself very fortunate to have found Accede Construction. I give Accede Construction an A++, 2 thumbs up, 5 stars, a 10 out of 10 a 100% and the top rating for any other scale that exists and most of all I strongly recommend using them.
- Emma D.

Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very good on calling me and coming out to give me an estimate. The engineer also was very nice and showed up when he said and was very flexible with my schedule. The crew showed up and had problems with getting the house level. I ended up with more cracks which is normal I believe when you are lower on one side of the house then the other. We could not resolve all the problems without pouring a couple of piers on the inside but I didn't want to do that at this time. My main problem is the follow-up. They took my front porch apart to put two piers and did not come back to finish putting it back. They poured the concrete but said they could not match the pebble finish on my porch so I am left with a 3 foot hole with a 1-2 " drop when you walk out my front door. When I call the office,
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
says she is working on it and will get back to me but it has been since 8-16-08 and my porch is still not repaired.

They are absolutely fantastic!!! Everything was utterly professional, efficient and on time - from the initial email and phone call to showing up at my door. They spent about 1 hour in and around the house (including the going over the results time). They explained to me how I should water the one part of the foundation that is a bit low; I was relieved that nothing major was found. I recommend this company wholeheartedly; they are knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals who do not push unnecessary services or repairs while providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment plans. Excellent from every angle.
- Julia B.

The experience was excellent. They were prompt, courteous and thorough. Due to the age of the home, they even sent a second structural engineer as a second pair of eyes at no additional charge to me. They were extremely detailed and provided me with clear, concise information about the condition of the foundation and their recommendations for maintenance. Excellent job.
- Melissa E.

The guy from
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came out, gave me a bid and the day before they were supposed come out and do the work, they called and told me they have let that guy go. They said "what we can do is we can send two guys out on Saturday so we'll get everything done in one day" but it was going to be a two day job. We said "that's fine." Two guys came out on Saturday and they did all the work, both of them were eight an a half hours. From the minute they walked in the door they worked, took an hour lunch break and then the minute they walked back in the door, they were working again. They were very professional, cleaned everything up and you couldn't even tell they were around the house. we've gotten bids from other people, they weren't the cheapest but the seem to have more experience all the way around, with everything they did. When they meet with you the first time, they hand you this check list of all the things they do, it is a long list of stuff that they do and they do everything home repairs. I think they were very reasonable. You have to supply everything then they charge you by the hour.
- Heidi D.

I purchased the foundation inspection deal through Angie's list and I
was very happy with the service.
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very thorough and
professional. He took multiple measurements and provided a detailed
explanation of what everything meant. When he concluded the inspection,
he sent me a comprehensive list of recommendations that were fair and
no-pressure. It was very obvious that he wanted me to have all the
information I needed to make the decision that was best for me. If I
should need foundation repair services in the future, I will certainly
use this company.
- Lisa H.

We are absolutely amazed and thrilled with their work.
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came out to the house, assessed the issue and subsequent damage to the house and gave us a quote very close to the other two quotes, however, he offered more piers and service for the price, which was $15,015.00 complete. Not only did they level our house to 3/10" of an inch differential, they carefully moved and replaced plants that we wished to keep. We had 42 piers put in and outside of the house to achieve the leveling, completed in 5 days. None of our new windows were comprimised, cracks in the walls were minimized, and they actually washed down interior walls at completion of their job.
This company and their employees are awesome; very professional in work and manner.
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
is professional, knowledgeable and engaging. I would encourage anyone who owns a home with foundation problems to hire
Denton Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. We are so happy that we hired them.

- Marilyn M.

I dealt with one salesperson at first who was great. The second person was ok.
The work was done in one day, so the wrap-up was after dark. I didn't see that my patio chairs were splattered with cement because they set up the cement mixer next to the chairs. Because I couldn't see the mess on the chairs, I signed off that all was ok. I think the foreman should have been onsite more watching what was done instead of in the truck.
- Sandy S.
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Linda Peterson

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Grapevine, TX


11553 Chairman Dr
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Fort Worth, TX

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Princeton, TX


2117 Waterbrook Drive
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9607 Custer Rd ste 718
Plano, TX

Mr. Handyman of SW Denton and N Tarrant Counties

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Dallas, TX


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Irving, TX

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Reliable Foundation Repairs

11171 Harry Hines Blvd 111
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Reliable remodelers

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Remedy Foundation Repair

100 Strickland Plaza
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Richardson Construction

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Riddle Brothers Roofing and Construction

8301 Lakeview PKWY
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Rigidize Foundation Technologies

3318 Irving Blvd
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Roberts Foundation Repair

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Rock Foundation Repair

2560 Sundown Dr
Kaufman, TX

Rocks Construction

11625 Custer Rd
Frisco, TX

Rootabater Inc

7329 Haverford
Dallas, TX

RS Foundations

5521 Greenville Ave 104-402
Dallas, TX

RSH Engineering Inc.

1515 N Town E Blvd
Mesquite, TX

RWJJR Construction and Consulting Services

6305 Wesley St
Greenville, TX

Saz Infrstructure

2710 National Circle
Garland, TX

Sierra Haute Living

3541 High Vista Dr
Dallas, TX

Significant Buildings and Construction

5431 Yolanda Lane
Dallas, TX

Soaker Pros

14232 Marsh Lane #433
Addison, TX

Solar Direct Developers

1426 Gessner Dr
Houston, TX

Solid Rock Foundation Repair, LLC

210F Valley Ln
Kennedale, TX

SRC general contractors

4503 Fox Hollow Ct
Arlington, TX

Star Roofing and Construction

2364 Highway 287 N Ste 107
Mansfield, TX

Starr Construction

PO Box 803682
Dallas, TX


1318 kenshire ct
Allen, TX

Straight Line Foundation Repair & Drainage Systems

4374 W Vickery Blvd
Fort Worth, TX

Stratum Foundation Repair

6951 Virginia Parkway
Mckinney, TX

Stratum Foundation Repair

14875 Preston Rd, STE 550
Dallas, TX


1929 Hickory Dr
Haltom City, TX

Structured Foundation Repairs Inc

13301 Trinity Blvd., #133
Euless, TX

Superior Post-Tension Supplies

P.O. Box 100
Lewisville, TX

Sure Safe EFS

1440 Grand Ave Ste B
San Marcos, CA

Temple Construction

Fort Worth, TX

Texas Building Pros

6125 Airport Freeway
Haltom City, TX

Texas Fire Smoke and Water

17304 Preston Road
Dallas, TX

Texas Remodelers and Builders Inc

556 S Coppell Rd
Coppell, TX

Texas Renovation Services

910 S. Crowley Rd. Ste 9-303
Crowley, TX

Texas State Remodelers

420 Lillard Rd
Arlington, TX


5942 Averill Way
Dallas, TX

TEXPRO Foundation Repair

601 W Rochelle Rd
Irving, TX

The Basement Kings

930 Patrician Court
Fairview, TX

The Foundation Co

10596 High Hollows Dr
Dallas, TX

The Foundation Guys

2101 Cedar Springs Road
Dallas, TX

The Foundation Man

1526 Alberi
Euless, TX

The HR Group

7407 83rd St
Lubbock, TX

Tomahawk Roofing Company

105 Windridge Trail
Burleson, TX

Transformation Automation

14785 Preston Road
Dallas, TX


2301 Ohio Drive
Plano, TX

Trivan Real Estate Solutions

2100 W Northwest Hwy
Grapevine, TX

Truly Noble Services

2909 Broadway Blvd
Garland, TX

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC
Austin, TX

Turn Key General Contractor, Inc

3005 Bryan St
Dallas, TX

Ultimate Bonded Coatings

PO Box 443
Aledo, TX

Unique Construction Concepts

2000 Lamar
Arlington, TX

Urgent Foundation Repair

213 Childers Ave
Benbrook, TX

Williamson Foundation Repair

2850 Shoreline Trail, Suite 20
Rockwall, TX

Xtreme Remodeling TX

4900 Preston Road #B
Frisco, TX

Yellow Hat Inspections

PO Box 303
Celina, TX

young guns co,handyman

1365 middleton dr
Cedar Hill, tx

Zala Engineering

5760 Legacy Dr
Plano, TX

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