Foundation Repair reviews in Converse


My house was built in 2002 and had a serious subsidence of approx 11inches. Called
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
he is very professional explained to me in detail how they tunnel, pier and
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
the front of the house up. He had the best estimate and was also recommended by a friend, who had some foundation repair completed by
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Work began in Sept and his crew were very punctual,courteous and very hard workers.
Going through this experience as recently divorced I must admit pretty scary! when the house was being moved.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
reassured me and kept me calm.
I would highly recommend his services. Also had new driveway replaced.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
for all your work and support.
- Karen S.

They were involved in a big job in the Houston area, so it took a few weeks before they could get my way, but when they came they did the whole job as efficiently as could be wished for...They put bolts in the front wall and used some sort of foam that hardens when it is blown down in between the wall and the inside wall or whatever. It will last forever from all I have learned, but I could not tell you exactly how it works. I do know that because I have used this company before they gave me a price that probably only covered their cost for the front wall of $ 1,100.00. They used a new mold remediating substance, and sprayed into my vents and into my attic, and they did that twice. The cost for that was $4,000.00 and I can only hope that covered their cost. The repair under my back rooms, the tunneling and beams installed and the several gallons of slurry pumped under to stabilize the soil under my house cost $ 6,000.00. The whole cost represents all of these repairs. I think I received more for my money than I would have with any other company. These are very honest people ,and they are also very compassionate, and I know they gave me a cost break because they had done so much work on my house before. I trust their repairs, because I know they know what they are doing, and they seem to be able to do anything related to foundation and home repair. I am considering a "French Drain" to help further stabilize my "Texas" soil that is a problem, and I am talking to their foreman about that, because they can do that too. I have yet to find something they cannot do, and in checking with some other people who have had work similar to mine, I am finding out I have realty been given a much lower price than other companies would have charged. These people are gems, and I will use them any time I need home repairs, of just about any nature.
- Patricia D.

The work of putting piers all around my foundation and unfortunately I needed piers inside as well, started on March 4, 2010 and all were finished on March 10, 2010. While digging holes on the side of my house where my bathrooms are located, water was discovered in the freshly dug holes. This turned out to be sewer water from a series of broken pipes under the slab. Tunnels had to be dug to repair the plumbing leak. This was done very efficiently and then slurry was pumped under that location to stabilize the slab. Because of the sinking of my foundation before it was leveled, my attic needed some bracing in the rafters. This wonderful company put an expert in my attic and repaired and braced the boards that were
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I really appreciated all this extra work done in my behalf. I am a senior citizen and any extra expense can be h****** my budget. These people have really gone the extra mile with me to repair my home so that I can continue to live here without troubles.
- Patricia D.

Prior to hiring
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
I spend many hours reviewing the Foundation Companies at Angie's list and I learned even A rated companies not always deserve an A rating - my opinion. I joined Angie's List initially for the sole purpose of getting reviews from folks who had foundation repairs done and I needed their input on the various foundation companies listed. They provided valuable information and I like to thank every one for submitting their reviews through Angie's List, they really helped me make my choice.
Two years ago I had gotten two estimates from other companies but put them away, basically I was in denial and didn't want to deal with a foundation repair mainly because it's such an expensive home repair. This year I knew something had to be done and after reading many reviews and going through the process of eliminating I decided on
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I looked for a company I could talk to, one I could count on, conveyed honesty and integrity and I liked the permanent steel piers they used.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came out on top of my list.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, the owner and
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, the foreman and his crew definitely deserve all the positive reviews and I will add mine.
This was a rental home and whenever I stopped by the house
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was on site.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
answered and explained each process in detail. Both
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
were available at all times and it also was easy to communicate with
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, he returned emails and calls right away and answered any and all questions and concerns I had. The crew started each day on time, 0800 as promised, worked in the heat and contained everything in plastic bags. No piles of dirt nor large ditches around the house, just relative small, but very deep holes and my hat off to them, it's a backbreaking job, digging holes in this rocky soil. The technical process of installing the piers is explained pretty much in some of the other reviews, but I found it an interesting and an amazing process, especially the lifting. After the lifting I went around with
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
as he took measurements in each room and he showed me on his machine that all areas where level, great job!
They worked with and around the renters, which was very much appreciated as they could not leave the house. During the five days of work, inside and out, the renters did not go through much inconvenience and found the crew professional and considerate. The engineer and city inspection and the final outside clean-up, were completed after the weekend - thanks to a heavy, but very welcome rain. The crew also did some additional work which was not part of the estimate. Two days later,
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
personally delivered the life-time warranty, the engineering, the city, the plumbing documents and all initial reports and information related to the foundation repair in a complete professional package.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
also has a very professional program and has every document on his computer and forwards it to his customers, including me but I also like to have printed copies.
I will absolutely recommend
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and his company,
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, whenever I hear anyone mentioning they have foundation problems and as a precaution I already had him measure my current 5 year old home. Very happy that this home is perfectly level now but I will ask him every few years to re-measure, just in case!
Accepting the fact you have major foundation problems is not easy, making the decision to have it repaired, by whom, which company you can trust and dealing with the cost involved is a stressful time but if you have to go through it
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was for me the best choice. Thanks
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked

- Gina H.

Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
(the owner) came to my home for the estimate. He was on time for the appointment and was friendly and professional. He even left his shoes at the door so as not to dirty the carpets after he had checked out the outside of the house. After measuring the foundation levels throughout the house he found that it was not cracked but tilted towards the rear corner of the house. He then talked about the process that they use for leveling homes using steel piers. He answered all of my questions. Two days later he emailed me an estimate showing I would need to have 16 piers installed around the back side and right side of the house. I went ahead and got estimates from two other companies for comparison purposes. One guy reminded me of a used car salesman. He told me I needed piers around the perimeter and inside the perimeter of the house. His estimate was around the same as what I was quoted by Superior. The third person that came out gave me the impression he didn't really want the work and then took a week to mail (
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
) me the estimate and never followed up. His estimate was almost double that of Superior. After thinking about it I decided I liked the fact that Superior uses steel piers instead of concrete piles. Also, I saw that Superior offers a $500 discount to Angie's list members. I hadn't noticed it when I initially searched for foundation repair companies. I asked
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
if I could use that coupon and he said yes. He set me up for an appointment to have the work done in 3 weeks (he was available a week earlier but I had prior commitments). The day of the job
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
informed me that he was going to add a pier to one corner of the house for extra support and was not going to charge me for it. That was great!!
The workers arrived at 8:30 on Monday 9/12/11 and got straight to work digging the holes where the piers were going to be placed. Once they got started I left for work.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
called me during the day to let me know the progress of the job. The next day they arrived by 8:00am and finished up installing the piers and around 10:00am they were ready to lift the house. It didn't take long at all. Maybe 20 minutes at the most. I watched as the cracks closed up inside the house. After that it took about 2 hours for them to refill the holes and put everything back the way it was before the job started. They patched up the two holes in the cement porch at the back of the house very nicely. The brackets they placed on the house are not visible. You can't tell that my house has had foundation work done.
I am very happy with how
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and his people handled the whole process and would definitely recommend
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Alejandra M.

Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
did a wonderful job fixing my foundation. We had a small crack the diagonal length of our garage, and suspected it went through the length of the house. When we noticed the door into the garage starting to stick and suspected the foundation was shifting more. We called
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. The owner came to the house and gave an estimate in person. The owner was very honest, telling us that our foundation was still level, not even close to the point where it needed to be repaired. We decided to go ahead and get the piers placed any way, as a preventative measure, since we are planning to sell soon. We had a 1000.00 coupon from
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
pack that they honored. We got the registered engineer report and were told they would be happy to help the realtor appropriately word the pier placement as preventative and guaranteed for life and will transfer to the new owners.
- Nicole C.

Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came to my home and measured and explained the process in detail. He was very professional
and polite. I felt that he really cared about my home. He gave me a date for the job to start, but had
some down time and was able to start a week early.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, his foreman, came that morning and
explained the process and was always there to answer questions and assist where needed.
The job was completed in three days and some of the really bad cracks in my home were almost
sealed. His crew cleaned up around my home and made it back to normal as much a possible.
I would recommend Stable Lift to anyone experiencing bad foundation problems. This company really
cares about your home.
- Linda L.

It could not have gone better! From
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to every member of the crew, they only exhibited courtesy and professionalism. The job went smoothly and they even worked very hard to finish early so that we would not be displaced from our home for even one night.
- charity D.

Our service person was
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, and his intial estimate was for the exterior piers only. We got a few other estimates, and we decided we also wanted to do inside piers since the interior of our home was also sagging quite a bit.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
gave us a revised estimate, and we decided to proceed with them after reading their reviews on Angie's List. He scheduled us for a couple of weeks out, but called us to say they had an issue with another job and if we wouldn't mind postponing the start date by a few days. We agreed, and they came in on the revised date as scheduled.
They estimated the job would take two days, and we requested that they do the exterior piers on the first day and the interior ones on the second day, to which
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
agreed. However, when the foreman came in he said that they'd like to get started on moving the furniture and setting up for the work on the inside of the house right away.
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
me to believe that this prep would only involve our master bedroom, master bath and kitchen area, allowing us sleep overnight in our spare bedroom and leaving us the use of our hall bath. We got home from work that afternoon to find our whole house was a construction zone. They had moved all the furniture in our master bedroom, living room and the kids' bedroom to one side and covered it all with floor to ceiling plastic sheets. They had pulled up the carpet in our hallway and bedrooms leaving carpet nails exposed all over the place. The foreman did explain that the placement of the interior piers was determined by the structural beams of the foundation, and that's why he had to access the foundation through the kids' bedroom as well, which wasn't in the original estimate. There was no way we could sleep in the house since the kids' bedroom was out of commission and there were construction hazards all over the place. We ended up calling hotels in the area and getting a last minute room for the night. The foreman told us that he would definitely recommends telling customers who have interior piers they should not expect to be able to stay in the house - we certainly wish we would have been told that!
They did a lot of work on the second day, placing and welding most of the piers, including all of the interior ones, but they did not finish in two days as initially estimated. We were able to stay in our house the second night since we pulled off the plastic sheet in the living room and moved the couches/tables back into place, leaving us enough room to camp out with the kids. They finished in the afternoon of the third day, but there was no final inspection/review from
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. The workers did a decent job cleaning up after everything, but they left a few issues behind. There were smudges, stains, chips in the paint and baseboards on the inside of the house. There was a large scortch
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
from the welding process on the exterior siding above where one of the piers was placed. The grounding cable and rod were left disconnected which is a fairly big safety hazard. I called
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to tell him about the issues, and he said he would not be able to get out to the house in the next couple of days to look and suggested I send him some pictures instead, which I did. He had a contractor come out who reconnected the grounding cable and painted over the burn
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
in the siding.
We also had an issue getting the final engineer's report and elevations from
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. He stated when we met up to give him the second half of the payment that he would get them to me that afternoon. A week and a half passed and I had to remind him twice before he finally e-mailed them to me. There was also no separate written warranty document, which I found disappointing in case we sell the house. He said that the initial estimate/contract has a line for that to show a warranty is included, and they don't provide anything else for it. Overall, it was a good experience, our house is level and we're confident it will not shift again because of the steel piers, but there were quite a few little things that if done differently could have made this a great experience.
- Maria A.

My family cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional work performed by
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
! The entire
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
staff was knowledgable, punctual, and every part of the project was delivered as promised! The workers were some of the most friendly and gracious gentlemen I have ever been around, and they worked tirelessly every day through the heat. Our repair was actually finished a day ahead of schedule and the end result is awesome!! Most of the cracks and door frames moved back to where they were supposed to go and some of the original problems disappeared completely! Watching the piers be installed as well as the lifting process were both really cool experiences!
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
communicated with us the entire time so we could schedule to watch various parts of the project. We also got to meet the 3rd party engineer on lifting day. The whole repair project was very clean from the start, so it was no surprise that our yard was spotless when
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was finished. They even hauled off some old brush and wood we had in our yard at no extra charge. Just like
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
said during the estimate, all warranty paperwork was delivered and complete as soon as our repair was all finished. My family will highly recommend
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to anyone and everyone! They delivered an exceptional product and service on every level, not to mention it's a real comforting thing knowing
Converse Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
's headquarters is just 3 miles away in Converse... if I ever have a question. Once again, WE VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
- Brent J.
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Simon Roofing

San Antonio, TX
We are a family business owned remodeling company with 18 plus years of experience. we are...

Skillful Construction

15359 Cranes Mill Rd
Canyon Lake, TX
Skillful construction"s owner terry gregory, has over 20 years experience, and is equipped...


2330 S Presa St
San Antonio, TX
Restoration contrator historic restoration adaptive re-use, modern uses for old houses and...

South Texas Foundation Repair and Remodeling

3845 State Highway16 South
Bandera, TX
Recent name change to avoid conflict with another company, but we still do the same work with...

StableLift Foundation Repair

8719 Business Circle, Ste. 1
Converse, TX
Stablelift foundation repair provides permanent foundation repair solutions backed by the...

Superior Foundation Repair

13107 Dessau Rd
Austin, TX
* ask about our angie's list discount! * superior foundation repair is a foundation repair...

Superior Foundation Repair

902 Kitty Hawk Rd
San Antonio, TX
Superior foundation repair has been servicing the central texas area since 2004. we are the...

Sure Safe EFS

1440 Grand Ave Ste B
San Marcos, CA
Sure safe® has been in business over 27 years and currently has over 24,000 customers. we are...


41111 Factory Hill
San Antonio, TX
Minority, woman owned small general contracting company. 5 full time employees with a great...

Texas Foundation Repair Specialty

1938 Northeast Loop 410
San Antonio, TX

TRG House Leveling & Foundation Repair

San Antonio, TX
Based on job the number of employees will vary. payments are half down and half when complete.


Houston, TX
Uretek--residential foundation repair. quick, clean, long lasting repair, no furniture or...

Vantage Foundation Repair

11844 Bandera Rd #477
Helotes, TX
Residential and commercial foundation repair, site drainage correction

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