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We would highly recommend
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Flooring to anyone who is looking for high quality work and craftsmanship for their home. The
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
team was quick, professional and very friendly. The hardwood floor turned out so beautifully that it is the floor currently featured on their website (www.evanshardwoodtx.com). The owner, Bill
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
, is responsive, honest, professional and respectful. We would not hesitate to use them again and have recommended them repeatedly.
- Bob T.

I don't like leaving less than 5 star reviews and very rarely do, but in this case I felt compelled.. I am very involved with real estate. I buy, sell, flip, rent , lease...you get the picture. I That having been said, .I am in the
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
for new flooring for one of my properties. As an owner/builder , I do a lot of the work myself, but as a woman, I will hire subs to do the heavy work. For the downstairs of this particular home, which i am living in, I bought all of the materials and then paid a professional by the foot to install. The total for the downstairs for tile, which is a lot more work to install than snap together laminate, was around $3800 for 1200 square feet. That was for a faux wood ceramic tile , completely installed.
Obviously I don't want to install ceramic tile upstairs..so I had decided that I would go either with a wood or a laminate or carpet. Normally I would find the product, and then hire an installer, but I decided to contact a do it all company this time. I am figuring that since they are getting all ends of the deal, and that they buy wholesale, that the price might not be that much more than if I did it myself.Also, I really like the idea of spending locally and giving business to the little guy rather than a huge corporation. So...I looked on Angies list and
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
had great reviews...so I called them. and left a message. The next day they called back and I was on another call so I told them I would call back. The following day , a woman < I am thinking Ms.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
calls again and I was in between something so we scheduled for a future date. which was a ways off because they were going out of town. No worries, i will wait. So then between a day before the appt and the time they showed I received 4 or 5 calls ..Mr.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
gave me to the minute updates of when he would arrive. I'm not sure if he wanted to make sure that I would be there when he arrived...or if he was being thorough. I do think that it was a little overboard though...if he had called one more time pin pointing it I probably would have been annoyed enough to cancel.
So, he arrives with a guy that he is training. Mr.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
himself is a very friendly and professional guy. I mean...you really really want to give him your business because he just seems like a totally nice guy.
They went around and measured while I was taking care of business on phone. I know that they may have been ready to talk for 5 minutes or so while I finished my call, and then I gave Mr.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
my full attention. He had brought 2 products in . one was laminate..he brought 5 or 6 pieces in different colors , and he brought one carpet sample book, Hmmm.....ok. well, they would do. Besides, if the price was right, we could get more detailed I suppose. He told me that the laminate was not top of the line, but a good value and that it should hold up. he recommended carpet on the stairs because the cost of the laminate would be so high ( I am assuming due to higher installation costs) , that I could go with this very inexpensive low pile commercial style carpet and replace it twice if necessary versus paying the higher cost of laminate. Ok..I was worried about laminate on stairs anyhow, so yes lets go that way.
, I had no idea what kind of price to expect..so i flat out asked, "how do your prices compare to lowes or home depot ?" well, he said, they are a little higher...BUT ...we have a great crew and when you use them there is no telling who they will send out. Hmmm....I don't know his crew either, so not sure if this is a huge selling point on why I should pay more. " Well, i said, because they are a huge corporation, i have really had them stand by their work in the past. I once had them carpet a large room and the seam was very prominent and they realized after that it couldn't be fixed and they gave me a full refund ." His eyes got huge," And that is what you would rather have?' Hmmm... free carpet with a seam. that I could throw a rug over ..or $2500 without seam. . "yep, I would take the seam." I was just being honest. . i really would any day. I didnt demand that they give me a refund, they are a huge company and that is what they offered. i have a feeling that he was offended..Well, the way that i see it is , I am a buyer. You have the opportunity to sell me something. You may as well know up front what you need to sell me. Maybe he realized very quickly that there was no way that he was going to be able to sell me anything. He said that he would get back to me with an estimate. I asked if it would have the measurements and he said yes.. so that if I wanted to tell another company that I could. I said that i just needed a price per square foot. (I guess that he realized that I was planning to shop around. )
I thought that he had forgotten about me, when finally 3 or 4 days later ( today) I receive an email. It consists of 3 or 4 sentences
$7450 for laminate install
$850-$975 for carpet on stairs...oh and it could be extra if there is any additional prep work necessary. All in all though, it looked like $8500 should cover a "very inexpensive" grade carpet and a " medium level" laminate.
they will not remove and replace the moulding at this price...but will put quarter round on to cover the seam. ( not the way that I would do it, but this is the c heap way ...I would have all of the molding removed and then reinstalled ON TOP of the flooring)
Nowhere did he mention the square footage..I have never received a flooring bid with no mention of how much flooring that you are getting ! Also, no price per square foot and no labor/ product breakdown..IDid he he intentionally omit it., so that I didn't use his measuring efforts to get another bid.?I send him an email " Is this it ? Where is the rest of your bid"?" It 's been a few hours and I haven't received a reply. probably will when they see my review.
. I took out a measuring tape and measured. it took me 5 minutes. approx 1100 square feet. ok. plus the stairs...lets figure 1200 total. I call a couple of installers. they quote me between $1.00 a square foot and $1.25 a square foot to install. They said that they will remove all of the existing carpet and padding at no cost if I will haul it away..or i can pay them an extra $50 and they will. They will also install quarter round but it wont be painted
but i see in the bid that i got from Door to Door that they don't either..they just install pre primed. In addition, I need three bedrooms of furniture moved and they will charge me $75 a room to move and then put it back. I compare several flooring places ..Floor and Decor, Lowes. I find a very nice medium quality laminate for $1.79 a square foot.... If I buy at Lowes I will factor in the 10% off coupon that i received in the mail from the post office . and add the cost of the quarter round....as i said I wont have it installed that way but I want to compare apples to apples price wise
Okay...so i got $3390 for the flooring. installed I will figure another $300
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
for the cheap stair carpeting, installed. for a grand total of $3690.00...let me throw in another $100 "just in case"...no let's make it $500 "just in case" and I'm still less than HALF of what they want.
I want to make sure that everyone understands that if the guy had given me a reasonable bid I had every intention of going with him. I don't want to waste his time or mine. At the $3690 price there is profit to be made...both the installer who makes $1400-$1600 and the material provider are making a profit. I would have been happy for him to make a profit as well, as anyone that works should. Obviously, I felt that his bid was outrageously high, and I will not buy his product. No doubt that there are a lot of people out there that don't mind paying a few thousand more to work with a great crew and a really nice guy...I am just not one of them.

- jennalee R.

I contacted
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
for an estimate to remove my old flooring and install new tile. He measured and provided a free estimate (several other contractors would not provide a free estimate or would only give a rough quote based on square footage site unseen which is not going to be accurate). While he was at the house I also asked if he could replace a door and he included a very reasonable quote for this work as well.
One of the bonuses of
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
's business model is that he is a member at several wholesale flooring providers who only sell to contractors. He passes along his discount to the customer so we were able to work with a decorator and pick some very nice porcelain tile at a price that was significantly less than Home Depot or Lowes and of better quality.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
is very professional and responsive. He is a good communicator and listener and checks in to make sure the work is being done professionally. The floors look terrific and we are very happy with the outcome. I would use him again and recommend him without hesitation.
- Elizabeth A.

The ceramic tile flooring job went perfect and it looks awesome. The contractors used by
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to replace the wood floor (different from the ceramic tile floor) had to be called back out to redo the job because they didn't get the pattern right in the floor. When they came out to repair that, they broke adjoining ceramic tile at the doorway and had to come back out to repair that job.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
stood behind it and assured that the job was completed appropriately.
- Priscilla P.

The question is; "How'd it go?". We could not be more pleased.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
made the selection process easy. He brought his rolling store to our home, provided samples and made recommendations pertaining to the installation and maintenance of the flooring products presented. The installation was seamless. The team arrived on time, removed the furniture and installed our floor in one day. Their work was coordinated and flawless. Attention to detail, extended even to installing protective pads on the legs of our furniture as they returned each piece to the room.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his office staff communicated effectively, with us, throughout the process.

My wife and I contacted several flooring companies for estimates.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
contacted us right away and we made an appointment for the estimate. He arrived punctually and with a very nice and upbeat attitude. He took time to answer all our questions and explained different options to us. He made himself available in the planning process and pointed out items we had to reconsider. Finally the flooring team arrived as scheduled. They where friendly and done in no time. They cleaned up after themselves very well.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
came next day to follow up and inspect the handiwork. He check back with us a week later. Everything went well and looks great.
- Beth G.

The date of the service is an estimate. We signed a contract 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon completion. They did not show up when they said they would. Each time they came they seemed to be unprepared for the work to be completed. The flooring installation went well, but the installation of the transition pieces from carpet to flooring and tile to flooring were not to our satisfaction. When we complained they told us that "they never had a problem before." They had to re-do it, because they used the wrong glue. It took more than a month to have the job completed, when they told us up front that it would take a day. The caulking was done and does not match the flooring. The foreman,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
did not once come out to view the work that was done, to try to resolve our issues. After the installation of the transition pieces,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
wanted the complete second half of our payment. The quarter round installed around the flooring was not professionally installed with the cuts not being beveled to transition to the baseboards. When we complained, he said "it was a standard install." We were not satisfied and the job not yet complete, however he continued to ask for the full amount. We thought that since he was sitting in an office at Lumber Liquidators, that he would be a good choice for the installation. They did not communicate with each other to determine the correct transition pieces were ordered. It was very inadequate. I would never recommend his company to anyone.
- Dahlia S.

So we had some water damage in our home and had pulled up the old floor, the original plan was for us to tile it ourselves but our floor was pretty bouncy. We headed off to the internet to look for a tile guy to come see what we needed to do. I found
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
via a recommendation through a professionals forum. I called him over to come do a flooring estimate.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes over and he was very patient with all our questions and we settled on a price for him to support the floor and tile it. While I do see some negative reviews online I still went with my gut feeling after talking with him and getting other tile guys recommendations. I experienced nothing negative and he was well priced.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes over to start working on the floor and notices a corner of our shower surround looks a little moldy - come to find out our green board is rotting beneath - so then we agree on doing a shower surround in addition to the floor. He gives us recommendations on tile and places to go look.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes and knocks out the work - everything is looking amazing. Along the way he explains everything he's doing since he knows I'm a detail oriented person. He took the time to sort all the tiles before installation and even caught the fact that we had a mix of dyelots for the tiles. He'd spot small chips and variants in the tile that I wouldn't have noticed at all had I attempted to do this myself. We also added a mosaic tile pattern to a portion of the bath. Instead of just taking the 12x12 sheets and installing them "as is" he'd carefully look through the sheets, remove individual 1x1 tiles that weren't straight and then later installed them after the sheet was up. It's things like this that make him stand out.

The work is now done and we will be hiring
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
again for our major master remodel.

While working,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was no nonsense - he told me about potential issues and did not BS me. He told me what to watch out for with certain tile and on top of that he walked us through everything because he knew we did a good bit of DIY work. He was responsive to any questions. At one point during cleanup he did notice a chip in the new tub (it had been well covered but still somehow it got damaged (a chip about a 1/4 inch long) He told me about it immediately and called in a professional at his own expense to repair it. He also introduced me to my plumber who did a fantastic job as well.
- Brian P.

Professional, polite, friendly, accommodating, excellent attitude of workers, fast, affordable and quality. I was blown away recently when they sent me a
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Gourmet Holiday Cake just for being their customer one time. Now, who gives that kind of service any more?! Awesome.
- Anita C.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was very prompt in response to the email request I sent. I had been to a few other showrooms so I was pretty sure about what I wanted for hardwoods. Manor came out to do the estimate 1 week earlier then scheduled, but we were home so it worked out fine. One of the reasons we went with MG was because of Manor. We were going to be spending a lot money and Manor made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions. He didn't rush like some other contractors did. After receiving all 3 bids we decided to go with MG. My husband and I went to the showroom and Manor was there to help us pick out tile, grout and carpet. We scheduled the work and the estimate was that it would be done in 5 days.

We scheduled the start date, but never had a firm time the work would start the first day. By 9:30 am there was no one at our house yet so I sent
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
an email. She responded quickly that it was Monday and they were getting a late start but would be there shortly.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his helper showed up and started the work. This would be one of the only dings that I would give MG. It would have made me feel more comfortable if Manor had showed up with the crew and introduced them and told me what to expect.

During the 5 days they were here there were usually just 2 workers. I was impressed each day at how clean they left our house. Although we had no
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to use or washer and dryer they cleaned everything daily before they left. All the floors were swept clean of dust and debris, and there was no food or drink trash around our house.

They started on a Monday and were finished on Friday afternoon as promised. The floors are beautiful and the workmanship is excellent. The only other ding I could give MG is that Manor never came by to see what the work looked like. We never saw him throughout the installation process.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was always very quick to respond to my email requests. I really liked the small touches that they did such as putting the rubber stoppers on all of our furniture for us.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
also spoke English so there were no communication issues.

I would recommend MG to anyone who wants quality work at a great price. We didn't choose them because they were the lowest bid, but they were the lowest. They gave us a high quality hardwood floor (
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Mahogany) at a great price. They also had the lowest price for the demolition which was quite extensive with the amount of ceramic tile they had to pull up. We are planning on replacing carpet in the master bedroom and remodeling our master bath and will definitely use them for that project.
- Gary L.
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Hudson Bend, TX
Our company provides carpet and flooring service, including installation, repair and sales. we...

C C Carpet

7600 Ambassador Row
Dallas, TX
Additional dba - c carpet inc & cc services. additional email - morganf@cccarpet.com.

C&J Home Improvements

P.O. Box 1841
Buda, TX
I am a small central texas based business. my company consist of me, my wife and 2 employees....

Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north
Birmingham, AL
We offer a full scale of all outdoor improvements, from simple lawn care to complete landscape...

Cain Construction & Carpentry

15019 Big Falls Dr
Leander, TX
Cain construction and carpentry can handle all of your home building and commercial needs. my...

Capital City Maintenance & Waterproofing

3300 Killingsworth Ln.
Pflugerville, TX
We have been in business since 2004 but have worked in this field since 1996. we have 20...

Capital of Texas Hardwood Floors

9704 Swansons Ranch Rd
Austin, TX
We are a small specialty company. depending on volume of work retained, we have 4-8...


Round Rock, TX
Capitol of texas contracting (cotc) is a full service contracting organization with a personal...

Carmen N Company

210 Beech Dr.
Kyle, TX
Carmen & company was established in 2003 and provides multiple years of professional services....


Cedar Park, TX

Carpet Outlets of Texas Inc

5200 Gus Thomasson Rd
Mesquite, TX
Retail floorcovering. award winning. additional phone numbers - (866) 227-7381, (877)...


6805 Manchaca Rd
Austin, TX
6 employees. travel charges may apply if out of austin city limits.business permit # :...

Casa Remodeling

8708 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX
Casa remodeling is locally owned and operated in austin, texas and we believe that our...

Casey Resources

12924 Pegasus St
Austin, TX
Casey resources is a specialized general contracting firm of insured masters. we have over 17...

Castelli Contract Repairs

2912 Kinloch Dr
Cedar Park, TX
I have been in the construction, maintenance and repair for 30+ years - i am new to texas have...


Austin, TX
Additional hours: sat 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Castle Roofing

107 W Main St
Round Rock, TX
Castle roofing & construction is locally owned and operated and we take great pride in our...

Catalyst Construction, Inc.

500 S. Congress Ave.
Austin, TX
Catalyst construction specializes in residential remodels, additions, renovations, and new...


Austin, TX
cdc carpets is a small, locally owned flooring showroom and design resource, located in...

Cedar Park Handyman

1525 Cypress Creek Rd
Cedar Park, TX
Cedar park handyman is a locally owned and owner-operated business with more than 20 years of...

Central Texas Quality Floors

2309 Devonshire Dr.
Austin, TX
Central texas quality floors offers professional flooring installation of hardwood, laminate,...

Chase Carpets & Tile

2314 Rutland Drive
Austin, TX

Chase Flooring Group

2314 Rutland Dr
Austin, TX
Chase carpets est. 1992 is a full service flooring provider with 4 showrooms in the austin...

Christian Home Renovators

11735 Grenadier Lane
Indianapolis, IN
Owner-operated. uses subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...


Leander, TX
I have been an active interior designer in the austin, texas area for over 30 years. i am...


Austin, TX
Residential & commercial plumbing and drain cleaning

Color Your Carpet

9733 Elaine Rd.
Jacksonville, FL
Our only business is carpet dyeing! our unique "carpet color care" services are providing...

Colorful Cans Painting LLC

PO Box 2305
Round Rock, TX
we are your local and independently owned and operated painting company that consistently...

Concrete by Design

6103 Homestead Trail
Austin, TX
Concrete by design incorporated in 2000 and has grown in sales every year since. we are a 5...

Copeland Concepts

PO Box 204449
Austin, TX
Copeland concepts is a complete construction company for both residential and commercial. we...

Corker Custom Homes and Remodeling

Round Rock, TX
Corker custom homes and remodeling is a small family owned business located in the austin...

Cotham Construction Services & Roofing

201 S Lakeline Blvd
Cedar Park, TX
Let me take a minute to introduce myself and my company. my name is marlon cotham, i am the...


Austin, TX
Owner operated. rarely uses subs. some travel fees may occur.

CR 7 Flooring

7720 Arbor Ridge Ct
Austin, TX
J & m flooring and remodeling: the right solution for your home project! j & m flooring and...

Craftwerkz Construction Services

3300 Clint Cove
Round Rock, TX
General contractor that specializes in kitchen & bath renovations and exterior living areas...

Cre8Stone Austin, LLC

Round Rock, TX
Our cre8stone products of sprayed on limestone, counter tops, and concrete floors are designed...

Creations N Concrete

7402 Bourget Dr
Corpus Christi, TX
Creations n concrete is a locally owned company. mr. swann has been a resident of corpus...

Crossroads Construction

San Marcos, TX
We are a small, family owned business that provides contractor services. we specialize in the...

CRT Flooring Concepts - Cedar Park

1911 S. Bell BLVD, Ste A
Cedar Park, TX
Crt flooring concepts is a family-owned and operated business from texas. visit our locations...

Cryer Construction

P.O. Box 1402
Burnet, TX
All phases of construction from the ground up. 4 employees. may hire sub contractors. charges...

Custom Hardwood Floors

5114 Balcones Woods Dr.
Austin, TX
Custom hardwood floors austin provides the highest quality craftsmanship and products...

Custom Surface Solutions

100 Creek Meadow Cove
Leander, TX
Custom surface solutions offers a comprehensive set of tile, granite, and wood surface...

D & R Wood Floors

2505 Deerfoot Trl
Austin, TX
May contact through email.

Dan Harris Home Exteriors

15005 Gebron Dr
Austin, TX
Two employees. vinyl siding, hardi siding, windows, decks patio covers, room additions

Darrell McGuire Remodeling

1306 Greenlawn Blvd
Round Rock, TX
Additional dba - master tile setter member of bbb several pictures and references...

Decorating Den Interiors

414 Thistlewood Dr
Austin, TX
Decorating den interiors is a full service design firm run by a local austinite. our company...

DELA TILE - Kitchen and Bath Remodel

9900 Hwy 290 W
Austin, TX
Dela tile & stone started as a modest austin tile store in october 2000. beginning with...

DeLeo Custom Rebuild

Austin, TX
Deleo custom rebuild™ is a small, professional crew. we pride ourselves on continually...

Delta Home And Commercial

Austin, TX
I am an honest, hardworking, southern raised gentleman who takes pride in the work that i do....

Dermanci Construction

2513 Stapleford Dr
Cedar Park, TX
General contractor who specializes in trim carpentry.

Designer Wood Flooring

PO Box 20055
Beaumont, TX
Serving south central texas and south east texas. customer satisfaction is guaranteed. we...

DG Painting & Flooring

600 Canyon Trail Ct.
Round Rock, TX
Professional interior painting and flooring company. providing most interior finishes and all...


Houston, TX
12 employees.

DirectBuy of Indianapolis

8450 Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN
Directbuy of indianapolis is a great connection for those who prefer mid to high quality...

Disciples Touch Steam Cleaning

8079 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX
Providing excellent work at an exceptional price. call today for a quote.

Discount Tile & Stone

Cedar Park, TX

Dollar Tile Inc

17020 S Interstate 35
Buda, TX
We are the top place for flooring and patio options in the area. our sister company texas...


Round Rock, TX
3 employees. uses subs for electrical, plumbing, mechanical, drywall. cost is determined by...

Dream Garage Specialist

925 N Highway 183 Unit D
Liberty Hill, TX

DreamScape Design

8760-A Research Blvd
Austin, TX
Austin-poolbuilders.com / austin-poolbuilders.com / austin-poolbuilders.com / austin-...

Dyna Flooring

13205 N Hwy 183
Austin, TX
We are a full service flooring store; that offer a full range of services. we will lwork...

DynaClean Carpet Rugs Upholstery & Tile & Grout

2102 W Avenue D
Temple, TX
We are an all-surface service company of ladies and gentleman serving the ladies and gentleman...

Dynamic Sports Construction

301 Sonny Dr.
Leander, TX
Dynamic sports construction is a gymnasium construction company that specializes in gym...

E J Home Repairs

PO Box 152
Disney, OK


100 County Road 306
Jarrell, TX
Looking for granite kitchen counter tops, bathroom vanity tops, jacuzzi and fireplace...

Easy Lending Source

12218 Jones Rd
Houston, TX


Austin, TX
Green building and remodeling, green general store providing ecological choices for living...

ECS Vontures

9507 Doliver Dr
Austin, TX
Owner operated. additional address - 7506 bluff springs rd, austin, tx 78744.

EDM Painting & Construction

PO Box 19213
Austin, TX
Edm painting & construction is family owned and operated and has been serving the austin and...

ELC Homes

2206 Whitebead Trail
Austin, TX
We design and build custom homes. over 20 years experience! efficient, long-lasting custom...

Elements Floor And Design, LLC.

13000 N HWY 183
Austin, TX
Elements floor & design is a locally owned flooring business, founded by hector reynoso. as...

Elements Hardwood Flooring Design

807B East Riverside
Austin, TX
Elements flooring design is your best source for hardwood floors. being in the hardwood...

Elite Custom Tile and Remodeling

Round Rock, TX
We remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and all other areas of the home.

Escarpment Construction

PO Box 300012
Austin, TX
Dba: greenbilt.com. additional address: 1916 w 39th st 78731.

ESO Construction Co

8225 N FM 620
Austin, TX
Our goal at e.s.o. construction is to provide you with a quality functional bathroom that you...

Evans Hardwood Floors

1604 Greening Way
Leander, TX
For over 13 years, evans hardwood floors has been providing austin and surrounding areas with...

Expert Service Inc

1308 E 51st St
Austin, TX
When you need repairs, you want someone skilled and knowledgeable who takes helpful action to...

Express Costruction and Handyman Services

2005 Lime Rock Dr
Round Rock, TX
We have over 20 years handyman/construction exerience making your home a more comfortable...

Exquisite Designs

47332 Sterdley Falls
Sterling, VA
We are a full service interior design firm. we also obtain a re-sale license which allows us...

extreme home remodel

1602 Saint Leger
Pflugerville, TX
I can also do handyman reapir work we are extreme home remodel, we have over 20 years...

Fair & Square Tileworks

PO Box 1908
Johnson City, TX
Fair & square tileworks is an offspring company from fair & square home improvement formed in...

Falkin Services Unlimited

2727 Lyons Rd.
Austin, TX
Falkin services unlimted was created from all the years that ive spent learning skills under...


2203 west Anderson lane
Austin, TX
Full service retail remodel flooring. we feature the finest carpet, wood, tile, laminate and...


1724 W. Anderson Lane
Austin, TX
I provide individual service to all customers. my showroom is open by appointment only. i have...

Ferguson Remodeling & Construction llc

651 N Us Highway 183
Leander, TX
If you would like to pay with a credit card there will be a convenience fee of 3% added to...

Finishing Touches Tile / Granite

10221 Dugas dr.
San Antonio, TX
Finishing touches was estabilished in 1993 by steve paz, and started out as most small...

Five Star Finish

1113 Talley Loop
Buda, TX
Five star finish offers a complete decorative and concrete polish service for your residential...


10435 Burnet Rd.
Austin, TX
Flohr is a multi-service flooring sales and installation company, differing in many ways from...


5209 Cameron Rd
Austin, TX
0% financing options available. (wac)

Floor Coverings International

223 W Anderson Lane
Austin, TX
We are your flooring connection serving both residential and commercial customers. we are...


14370 W State Highway 29 Ste 10
Liberty Hill, TX
The floor depot is located in liberty hill, texas but has been serving the entire central ...


Austin, TX


Austin, TX
Are you looking for a top provider of quality flooring and installation in central texas?...


Buda, TX
15 employees, subs used regularly. cost determined by home depots.

Flooring & Granite By Silvas

PO Box 2041
Coppell, TX
1 year warranty on all workmanship, we handle everything from start to finish! we strive to go...

Flooring Contractor Austin

100 Congress Avenue
Austin, TX
Living or working in austin? if you ever want to take on a flooring project, get in touch with...

Floors by Ruiz

5111 pepper ln
Austin, Tx
Floors by ruiz has a proven record of excellence in flooring, building, and remodeling...

Floors, Etc...of Texas

Central, TX
Custom interior finish installation and remodel

Fox Tile Inc.

829 arroyo ranch rd.
Kyle, TX
We are family business ,started from 1992 serving central texas, ours crews is our own family ...

Full Circle Remodeling

7312 E. Ben White #12
Austin, TX
Full service design and build company, remodeling and handyman services


7913 Wisteria Valley Dr
Austin, TX
Family owned and operated, servicing the flooring needs of the austin and surrounding area for...

Garage Floor Effects

46 Golden Berry Dr
Conroe, TX
We specialize and excel at improving and beautifying your garage floors. whether it is...

Garage Monkeyz

404 W. Powell Lane
Austin, TX
We are austin's garage storage, organization and enhancement company!


PO Box 92314
Austin, TX
Garry bitner custom floors is a full service wood floor installation company specializing in...

Gold Standard Floor Care

7509 Lobelia Dr
Austin, TX
Gold standard floor care offers these fine services: tile and grout cleaning & sealing,...

Grandeur Stone & Flooring

5751 Kroger Dr
Keller, TX
At grandeur stone & flooring, we pride ourselves in every project using the finest materials...

Gray Renovation

2406 S 3rd
Austin, TX
Gray renovation is a residential remodeling company located in austin texas, and we serve the...


PO BOX 121
Cedar Park, TX
So you bought the do-it-yourself products, maybe you even started to do the job, but became...

Greater Austin painting and Remodeling

400 Yucca House Drive
Pflugerville, TX
We are a hands on company, the contractor that bids your jobs is also on the site working to...

Green Artwood Austin

3801 Leafield Dr
Austin, TX
Is a local company based in austin !! is benn growing for the last 6 years after a passion of...

Green Homes South Texas

7113 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX
Green homes is a local company with longstanding values and ethics. we take great pride in our...

Gregory's Interiors

3800 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX
Gregory's interiors specializes in residential interior design. gregory's interiors strives to...

Griffith Remodeling

506 Burlwood Ct
Round Rock, TX

Grout Girl Designs

21114 Secretariat Ridge Ln
Pflugerville, TX
Specializing in tile repairs, small tile jobs and glass tile. here to meet all your tile...

Grout Tile & Stone Masters

107 Oakbluff Cove
Austin, TX
Family owned. additional dba - grout, tile and stone masters of austin llc. additional contact...

Grout Works LLC

405 Wilderness Trl
Lake Hills, TX
Grout works was developed in 1994 to provide a solution for the problem of dirty, discolored...

Guzman General Contracting

1709 High Road
Kyle, Tx
We are a reliable and hard working business. we have dedicated employess that will do a great...

H & H Design & Build Inc

12409 Sceptre CV
Austin, TX

H&H Design and Construction

284 The Oaks Blvd
Elgin, TX
Thank you for your interest in h&h design and construction. we have been providing new home...

H&H Hardwood Floors

2301 W. Whitestone Blvd.
Cedar Park, TX
Our team of nwfa trained hardwood flooring specialists bring over 75 years of experience to...

Hackney Roofing

10025 Westpark Dr
Fort Worth, TX
Locally owned & operated. additional e-mails - careers@hackneyroofing.com &...

Hands On Flooring

1831 Wells Branch Pkwy
Austin, TX
Locally owned & operated.

Handyman Connection- Austin

223 W. Anderson Ln.
Austin, TX
We specialize in small to med. home repairs, home maintenance, and remodeling. cost is...

Handyman Dan

1005 Hyde Park Dr
Round Rock, TX
Friendly and affordable, i focus on quality, efficiency, and customer service. i do all the...

Handyman Keith

14317 Broadwinged Hawk
Austin, TX
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. $25 service fee as...


4526 Cervinia Dr.
Round Rock, Tx
To tell you a litle about my company, i come from a family owned flooring business based out...

Hanz-on Marble & Tile

706 Dewberry Dr
Cedar Park, TX
Install custom shower pans,install stone,remodel bathrooms to fit needs on homeowners.

Hardwood Kristynik Floors

103 Farley Dr
Austin, TX
Additional contact names - melissa pruitt, eric kristynik.

Hardwood Bargains

1340 Airport Commerce Dr
Austin, TX
Hardwood bargains was created with one simple concept in mind; provide our customers with...

Hardwood Flooring Services

8312 Burnet Road
Austin, TX
Hardwood flooring services is a sales and installation team specializing in hardwood flooring....

HC Handyman Services

9113 Japonica Ct
Austin, TX
Hc handyman services is a service company that takes pride in its work if its a 1/2 day job or...

HFA Builders LLC

1000 Howell Terrace Place
Round Rock, TX
Additional phone numbers - (512) 388-5021 & (512) 818-5464. additional contact name -...

High Tech Flooring & Design

2510 Rutland Dr
Austin, TX
High-tech flooring & design has been providing residential flooring installations of tile,...

Hill Country Flooring and Remodeling

206 Sailmaster
Austin, TX
My name is kevin dorney and i own hill country flooring and remodeling. i have 10 years...


PO BOX 2239
Kyle, TX
Hill country home services is a fully insured partnership that is locally owned and operated...

Hill Country Renovations

Hwy 290
Dripping Springs, TX
Hill country renovations is a locally owned family business located in dripping springs,...

Hill Roofing and Construction

13416 Northwest Ct.
Haslet, TX
General construction remodeling, additions, & roofing.


3913 Todd Ln
Austin, TX
Hello, my name is carlos garza. i am the owner of hire pros. although, this is a very new...

HMS Handyman Services

Austin, Tx
We have been serving austin for over 10 yrs. and have built up our clientel. we offer all...

Hollo Renovations

9817 Indina Hills Drive
Austin, TX
We specialize in whole house renovations, including interior and exterior work!


15725 W HWY 29
Liberty Hill, TX
2 employees. uses same subs for roofing & carpentry. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Home Improvement and Repair

PO Box 17301
Austin, TX
My name is yamil exposito. i learned my trade through many years of construction with large...

Home Matters

Leander, Tx
We are a small handyman and home improvement company.

Home Sweet Home Improvements

4620 Allen Genoa Road
Pasadena, TX
thirty years in austin and houston areas building quality custom indoor and outdoor products...

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA
Homemade design (hmd) is america's leading online interior design service providing a...

Homwerk: Renovation Information

Austin, TX
We are a local renovation informations business. we consult with homeowners and real estate...

Honey Do Partners

PO Box 2174
Euless, TX
Honey do partners is a general contractor offering residential and light commercial remodeling...

House + Earth

1214 W 6th St
Austin, TX
House+earth is a provider and installer of environmentally preferable interior finishes- from...

I-Renovate Austin

8811 Ampezo Trail
Austin, TX
I-renovate austin offers advantages over other renovation companies: as a locally owned...

iCork Floor

20612 84th Ave S
Kent, WA
We are a factory-direct flooring store that solely focuses on the sale of cork flooring....

Ideal Stone & Grout Restoration

11805 Cherisse Dr
Austin, TX
Also doing business as - ideal carpet cleaning & restoration and ideal stone & grout.

Illuminating Elements L.L.C.

Leander, TX
We are a family based renovation specialist out of austin, tx. we specialize in tile, laminate...


Round Rock, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for larger jobs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges....

Instant Repair Service

11203 Iron Oak Trl
Austin, TX
I’ve been “keeping austin remodeled” for 35 years. from the smallest repair to the...

Integrity Constructive Solutions LLC

2700 County Road 172
Round Rock, TX
$150.00 minimum $2 million dollar general liability insurance lifetime craftsmanship warranty...

InteriorsAustin, Inc.

2300 Lohman's Spur
Lakeway, TX
Interiorsaustin, inc. has been providing interior and exterior sun control, shutters, window...


Round Rock, TX
Owner operated. no subs. cost determined by the job. no travel charges. may contact through...

IV Remodeling

1005 CR 273
Leander, TX
Thank you for choosing iv remodeling! we serve austin and the surrounding areas providing...

J&R Construction

18702 Lakeland Dr
Lago Vista, TX
Hi, my name is john wilkerson and i am the founder of j&r construction. many owners like...

J. Masters Flooring

7901 Cameron Rd
Austin, TX
We offer hardwood and laminate floor installation, for austin, tx and its surrounding...

JA Tile Works

1903 Margalene Way
Austin, TX

Jabez Flooring

1901 e anderson ln
Austin, TX
About our company we pride ourselves on offering very high quality hardwood floor...

Jarhead Construction Co.

P.O.Box 173
Cedar Park, TX
We are a full construction, roofing,remodeling and handyman service company who has our own...

JB Handyman

2424 Roundabout ln
Round Rock, TX
Discounted 4 hour and 8 hour blocks... or free estimate on larger projects....

JCK Home Services

1280 Steen Rd
Austin, TX
Whether your needing a something small like a leaky faucet changed, drywall patch and texture...

Jerry Carroll Tile & Handyman Services

17916 majestic elm
Elgin, TX
I am a three man operation that has been in business since 1998. i have my own tools, truck...

JG Contracting

PO Box 520
Liberty Hill, TX
We're a complete general contracting company

Jim Mitchell Remodeling

16412 Spotted Eagle Dr
Leander, TX
Let me begin by introducing myself. my name is jim mitchell and i am a master carpenter and a...

JJ Flooring

12821 Dwight Eisenhower St
Manor, TX
20 employees. uses subs for some hardwood installations. cost is determined by the job. no...

JNA Construction LLC

Austin, TX
Additional contact name - patti wright. additional dba - jna construction.


Bastrop, TX
We are a family owned business serving central texas since 1985. we provide quality masonry...


Austin, TX
Jtb paint company " just the best ". our goal at jtb is to provide superior customer service,...


116 Christensen Rd
Elgin, TX
The excellence is our quality, 17 years in austin serving our community,ours prices are...

Just In Time Home Improvements and Construction

2101 Burton Dr
Austin, TX
10% senior discount we do all types of remodeling and new construction. with 30 years of...

Just Me & My Gal

1905 Walsh Dr
Round Rock, TX
Home remodeling, repairs and maintenance.

JZ General Contractor

Pflugervillle, TX

K & M Steam Cleaning

2514 Buell Ave
Austin, TX
Locally owned & operated. insured and bonded. we conduct background checks on all employees....

k p construction

3949 canyon glen circle
Austin, TX
Kp construction has been in business in austin since 1990 working in both the residential...

KDL Construction

1205 Challenger
Austin, TX
We are a residential contracting company and have 2 workers full time, and more as needed. we...

KGB Repair & Remodeling Services

PO Box 2515
Austin, TX
Dba: kgb. additional email: kgbrepairs@gmail.com

Kyle Kitchen & Bath Unlimited LLC

350 Carriage Way
Kyle, TX
We are a full service company. we design /build most of our projects but work closely with...

L and M Home Detail

1405 Clearfield Dr
Austin, TX
We do any type of work for you make ready and detail your home to your satisfaction for sale...

L Nelson Remodeling

6800-132 Westgate Blvd
Austin, TX
I am a contractor with 15 years of experience in all phases of the building trade. addition ...

L&M Plumbing and Remodeling

2924 Cohoba Drive
Austin, TX
L&m plumbing and home remodeling is a locally family owned and operated company servicing ...

Lakeside Additions Inc

108 W Eagle Dr
Austin, TX
Home builders, construction & remodeling

Landers Premier Flooring

2601 McHale Ct
Austin, TX
Additional contact: stephanie landers.


Austin, TX

Lasting Quality Home Improvements

11529 Church Canyon Dr
Austin, TX
We have a full crew to meet your expectations and complete the job on time. we also have a 20%...


PO Box 1410
Buda, TX
Lmg is a full service remodeling firm which specializes in all phases of home & commercial...

Lockwood Services LLC

PO Box 303354
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by job. additional e-mail - lockwoodserv@gmail.com.

Lone star carpet

807 McPhaul
Austin, TX
Family owned and operated since 1987. complimentary in home estimates, showroom available or...

Lone Star Floors

11740 Jollyville Rd
Austin, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for installation. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...

Lone Star Premier Services

815A Brazos St #160
Austin, TX
Lone star premier services is an environmentally conscious, multi-talented home and commercial...

Lone Star Specialized Contractors

533 Celery Loop
Austin, TX
Here at lone star specialized contractors, we are your "peace of mind" full service...


Austin, TX


13201 Ranch Road 620 N
Austin, TX


Round Rock, TX

Luxury Tile and Stone

241 Estate Dr.
Hutto, TX
Luxury tile and stone has been in business in the austin area for more than 10yrs and is a...

M & M Construction & Remodeling

2012 Market St
Laredo, TX
Remodeling all over texas for 30 years.


Austin, TX
2 employees/owners. five crews for installation. cost determined by the job. travel charges...


PO BOX 171
Coupland, TX
Additional email: patnjoy@yahoo.com

Made in the Shade

708 Cowal Dr S
Briarcliff, TX
Made in the shade - austin lake area, inc. offers the best window covering products in the...


109 Michelle Ct
Georgetown, TX
Madera framing is a full service company. relating to home services and new construction. we...

Magree Flooring

1512 Suffolk Dr
Austin, TX
4 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Majestic Floors & Remodeling

2915 Pioneer Way
Round Rock, TX
With over 17 years in the industry, we take great pride in providing our clients with the...

Manion Door to Door Flooring

5114 Balcones Woods Drive
Austin, TX
Tom and beth manion have owned and operated a flooring business serving the austin and...

McAdoo & Sons

107 E 47th St
Austin, TX
We are a small family owned, oriented, and operated business. we try 9 ways till sunday to...

McKay Vassaur Total Construction

1615 Abbey Ln
Cedar Park, TX
Mission: be a highly respected, trusted, and dependable construction resource for the austin...

Michael Sooby Inc.

1208 Angelina St
Austin, TX
Shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板), or burnt sugi boards. sugi is known as japanese cedar, but its...

Michael Sooby Inc.

Austin, TX
Shou-sugi-ban (焼杉板), or burnt sugi boards. sugi is known as japanese cedar, but its...

Mike Bell Design Building & Renovations

7205 S Brook Dr
Austin, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for trades. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

Mike Saenz & Sons

7690 Aspen Park Dr
San Antonio, TX
All services will be paid either by check or cash


12307 ROXIE DR
Austin, TX
Family operated business with set employees. we can furnish and install hardwood flooring....

Mill Direct Carpet

900 N Austin Ave
Georgetown, TX
No interest financing available with approved credit. - additional e-mail -...

Modern Man Construction & Remodeling

507 Cutty Trail
Austin, TX
Locally owned owner performs most of the handyman work pricing: $55 per man hour + $25 trip...

Monarch Granite Counters and Remodeling LLC

1315 Logan Dr
Leander, TX
Home remodeling

Morgan Holland Homes

3300 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX
Homebuilding and remodeling company with design capabilities. locally owned and operated in...

Mr Done Right LLC

15403 Delahunty Ln
Pflugerville, TX
You name it we can do it

Mr. Handyman of NW Austin

1700 Bryant Dr.
Round Rock, TX
We are america's choice for home improvement and repair. customer satisfaction is our top...

MSS Contracting

7635 Guadalupe St Ste 302
Austin, TX
Locally owned and operated. we have been doing business in the austin and surrounding areas...

National Tile & Stone

601 Victor St
Austin, tx
We are a full service natural stone fabricator and installation company. we offer turn-key...

Native Traditions

375 Shaw Ln
Killeen, TX
Native traditions is a full line service remodeling company with over 20 years experience. no...

Natural Creations

4423 Bayliss
San Antonio, TX
Hard surface floor installation contractor/subcontractor. have been doing this for over 25...

Net Siding & Windows

11101 Bending Bough Trail
Austin, TX
We are a green company, we are local ,our windows, siding, paints, are made in america, by...


Austin, TX
Trcc license: #38197.

Noah's Ark Carpentry & Siding Inc

303 Hickok St.
Round Rock, TX
Specialize in hardie-board siding installation. 5 employees. 5% discount for angie's list...

Nu-Tech Texas Floors, Inc.

706 Sunfish Street
Austin, TX
Nu-tech texas floors, inc., formerly, nu-tech tile, inc., is a family owned and operated tile...


PO BOX 151842
Austin, TX
We are a family oriented two partner general contracting company using hourly and sub contract...

ODI, INC. & Home Remodeling

12400 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX
Odi, inc. home remodeling is a full–service residential remodeling company that has been...

Off Duty Firefighters Home and Haul

321 Cliffwood
Georgetown, TX
Off duty firefighters providing home and haul services. we accept all major credit cards,...

Old School Builders LLC

2460 Green Meadows Ln
Buda, TX
General building contractor

old texas wood floors

2810 forestwood dr
Bryan, TX
Free estimates 125 mile radius from the brazos valley personal service we service: austin,...

Olive Constructors LLC

7309 Bucknell Dr
Austin, TX
**in order to give each customer the best service and highest quality of work possible, please...

On-Site Flooring and Remodeling

2400 N Austin Ave Suite J2
Georgetown, Tx
On-site flooring and remodeling associates are experts in their fields. from design...

OnCall Home Services

2029 Sorghum Hill Dr
Austin, TX
With over eleven years of experience servicing the austin area, we strive to provide a wide...

One Call Property Services

9404 Springwood Drive
Austin, TX
One call property services is a general contracting company. you may have seen some of our...

One Stop Residential Services

729 A Simonetti Dr
Austin, TX
One stop residential services is your general contractor specializing in property rehab,...

Osmar Cleaners

Round Rock, TX
Professional house cleaning. award wining.

Paul Martin Construction, LLC.

605 S. Hwy 95
Taylor, TX
Paul martin construction, llc. maintains staff skilled in all areas of general construction...

Peace Frog Carpet & Tile Cleaning

501 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Austin, TX
Peace frog carpet & tile cleaning is a 5-star, earth-friendly, full service carpet cleaning...

Pegasus General Contractors, Inc.

Post Office Box 29042
Austin, TX
With over 20 years of experience, our small company is a great option for your next commercial...

Peoples Signature Flooring

3267 Bee Cave Rd
Austin, TX
Robert & julie peoples have owned & operated a mobile flooring business in austin and...

Perfect Tile

702 Coach Rd
San Antonio, TX
Owner operated. occasionally uses subs for electrical and plumbing. cost is determined by the...

Perilous Times Restoration

11495 Toepperwein Rd 2
Live Oak, TX
With over 27 years experience, perilous times restoration offers the very best in quality...

Persona Construction

145 San Jacinto
Bastrop, TX
Persona construction - i'm ur man 4 ur home projects! i have been in the...

Pete's Tile Service

756 Gravel St
San Marcos, TX
I have been an independent contractor since 1981. each job must be evaluated before a price...


110 N Interstate 35 Ste 175
Round Rock, TX
Family owned and operated. we provide flooring with no hassle pricing. we are fair, honest,...

PJB Contracting LLC

11401 Hunters Ln
Austin, TX
Pjb contracting, llc is a full-service residential remodeling company, providing quality...

PLC Services

10602 Pinehust Dr
Austin, TX
Additional dba - phil luther construction.

Pounds Floor & Tile

8732 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX
Family owned & operated; additional dba - pounds floor & tile company ltd; additional website...

Preeminent Contracting LLC

PO Box 276
Leander, TX
At preeminent contracting llc, we've built our livelihoods on remodeling people's homes. from...

Premier Home Design

2902 Redsky Pass
San Antonio, TX
Just because you dream big doesn't mean you have to spend big. at phdtx we make remodeling a...

Premium Stones & Countertops

10 N Circlewood Glen
Spring, TX
Phone 2 contact for austin, san antonio and west texas. award winning.

Prime Painting Inc

16113 Oak Grove Rd
Buda, TX
Family owned & operated.

Pro Star Construction

1115 Pine Portage Loop
Leander, TX
Pro star is a small construction company out of leander tx. we offer complete remodel services...

Professional Handyman and Remodeling Services

1413 A West Braker Lane
Austin, TX
Over 30 years experience in building construction, renovation, and maintenance. quality work...


11511 catalonia dr
Austin, TX
We do jobs of all sizes ,sheds to apartments,residential and commercial


5840 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX
Free estimates

Quality Renovations

P.O. BOX 201508
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service fee. may contact through...

Raul Castaneda

1331 Mckie Cove
Austin, TX
Certified flooring installer

RCS Inc.

516 Highland Springs Lane
Georgetown, TX
Residential and commercial construction services

Rebuild Austin LLC

9205 Sanford Dr
Austin, TX

Red Door Custom Carpentry

Austin, Tx
Home repair, maintenance, and remodeling service

Reeso Tiles Inc

1022 Vance Jackson
San Antonio, TX
Additional dba - reeso mexican tile imports.

Renaissance Contracting, LLC

13492 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX
Renaissance contracting is a residential and commercial builder and remodeler. our work...

Renaissance Flooring And Design

20316 Merlin Falcon Trail
Pflugerville, TX
Uses sub contractors for installation. owner operated. trip charges may apply. cost determined...

Render Klean

22350 Mathis Rd
Round Rock, TX
We are a locally owned & operated company. we provide discounts to our loyal customers. we...


Austin, TX
Hi my name is andrew rendon. i live in austin and am very familiar with austin and surrounding...


Cedar Park, TX
We are a family owner and operated business since 1994 in the austin area. we have approx 10...

Residential Improvement Services, LLC

910 Duncan Ln, Ste 6
Austin, TX
Residential improvement services, llc (ris) is a professional, all-inclusive home repair...


2259 ADA LN
Round Rock, TX
4 employees, uses subs for excavation, plumbing & electrical, cost is determined by the job,...

Rios Painting

1413 Montopolis Dr
Austin, TX
Painting interior and exterior. award winning.

River City Flooring AKA HardwoodDiscounts.com

3625 Metro Parkway
San Antonio And Austin, TX
Welcome to river city flooring. we are a proud san antonio based distributor of premium...

RJB Concrete

20605 High Dr
Leander, TX
Rjb concrete is a family owned business with over 14 years experience. we serve austin and...

Rod's Flooring Instalation & Service

16403 Terrace Dr.
Austin, TX
Independent contractor with two employees servicing central texas since 1976. references are...

Rod's Sand & Finish

1206 Eagles Way
Leander, TX
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no service...

Rory Martin Construction

8101 Kiana Dr
Austin, Tx
General contracting specializing in insurance restoration after wind storms, hail storms,...

Round Rock Restoration

1024 Waimea Ct
Round Rock, TX
Uses same subs for mechanicals. cost is determined by the job. no additional travel charge. no...

Rx Home Solutions, LLC

1702 Graywood Cv
Austin, TX
From minor repairs to complete remodeling, rx home solutions is your source for high quality...


350 Hwy 95 S.
Elgin, TX
Locally owned & operated.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning

801 Russell Palmer Rd
Kingwood, TX
Servicemaster total restoration services (trs) has the largest network of servicemaster clean...


P O Box 91164
Austin, TX
Phone 1 is for austin. additional phone # for san antonio- (210)725-7977 & 888-servwiz. 12...

Set In Stone

1890 Rittimann rd
Spring Branch, TX
Sales and installation of tile and wood flooring. kitchen and bath designs sales and...

Set In Stone Floor Coverings

516 Tucker St
Rogers, TX
Family operated, sub-contracting or cost plus floor coverings and general remodel up to...

Shipwash Remodeling & Floors

3400 Shoreline Dr
Austin, TX
Shipwash remodeling and floors has many years of experience in all phases of remodeling. we...

Signature Home Improvements

16813 Radholme Ct
Round Rock, TX
We're a full-service kitchen & bath remodeling company, with more than 20 full-time field...


Austin, TX
Decorative concrete

simon and sons flooring llc

1107 s. main street
Georgetown, TX
Flooring store that offers hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate, vct, vinyl plank and other...

simpleFLOORS Austin

2521 Rutland Dr
Austin, TX
Our simplefloors austin showroom offers pre-finished factory-direct designer wood floors with...

Sitric House and Home

3401 W Slaughter Ln
Austin, TX
Our company, sitric house and home llc, is primarily a custom painting and home remodeling...


Manchaca, TX
3 employees. uses subs for major electrical, plumbing, a/c & roofing.

Solar Direct Developers

1426 Gessner Dr
Houston, TX
Solar direct developers: complete remodels, additions, renovations, and new construction. ...

Soleil Floors

107 W Main St
Round Rock, TX
At soleil floors we believe in pursuing excellence and integrity in everything we do. we are a...

Solutions Property Management

1416 Edelweiss
Allen, TX
Property management, sales & leasing

Southwest Marble & Granite Works, Inc

13240 Pond Springs Rd
Austin, TX
Additional email address: christy@southwestmarble.com

Spaces Designed, Interior Design Studio

2710 Walsh Tarlton
Austin, TX
Spaces designed, an asid award winning interior design firm, endeavors to combine beautiful...

Sport Court of Austin

10208 Highway 620 North
Austin, TX
Sport court® of austin is the sport court® game court and tennis court builder of austin,...

St Michael's Remodeling and Flooring

Austin, TX
Family owned business that has over 15 years experience in the industry. started up north and...

Stage CMDR, Inc. - Central US

3801 N. Capitol of TX Hwy, Suite E-240-108
Austin, TX
7 locations nationwide that serve the us and surrounding areas of austin, sacramento, la, lake...

Stain Tech LLC

215 N Loop 1604 E
San Antonio, TX
At stain tech llc we have been providing customers with high quality stained concrete floors,...

Stanley Steemer

8023 Exchange Dr
Austin, TX
Additional phone numbers - (800) 783-3637 & (512) 933-0723. cost is determined by the job.

Starr Companies LLC

12106 Hwy 281 N
Round Mountain, TX
Locally owned & operated.

Starr Roofing

12106 US Hwy 281 N
Round Mountain, TX
Starr companies, llc is a construction contracting firm that provides professional services...

Statewide Remodeling

2450 Esters Blvd
Dallas, TX
Local family owned company with 19 years experience with helping texas homeowners. over 30,000...

Steven Robinson Tile & Stone

106 W Crestland Dr
Austin, TX
My name is steven robinson. i am a professional tile setter who has recently moved to austin,...

Steves Handyman Service

807 Serenada Dr
Georgetown, TX
We are a family owned and operated business with a broad range of skills. when you call...

Sundek of Austin

10135 Metropolitan Dr.
Austin, TX
Sundek of austin was established in 1984 and has been family owned and operated ever since. we...

SVC Fence and Deck Company

Salado, TX
Family owned business, based on family care, we have no more than 5 employees so you will know...


Ballston Spa, NY
A family owned business, designing homes for beautiful remodeling projects. may contact by...

TCS Renovation

223 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX
If your home or business needs a helping hand, we are here! from remodeling to painting, we...

Texas Flooring Company

6015 Dillard Circle
Austin, TX
We are a locally owned and operated flooring dealer with 4 full time employees. we do...

Texas Flooring Professionals

3709 Promontory Point Drive
Austin, TX
We have been serving south texas since 1998. we began as a carpet cleaning business in which...

Texas Home & Floors LLC

6705 Highway 290 West
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. may contact through email or...

Texas Power Washing

602 Thrush Ave.
Austin, TX
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply. no extra...

Texas Shower Company

P.O. Box 2943
Cedar Park, TX
From repairing loose shower tiles to building a luxurious bathroom suite, texas shower...

Texbest Floors, Texbest Group LLC

10620 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX
Texbest floors has established its reputable success by developing unrivaled client relations...

The Austin Handyman

Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job.

The Blind Lady Inc

12400 W Hwy 71
Austin, TX
We have always been a locally woman owned business, wcaa certification 1995.

The Buckley Company

1409 Sanchez
Austin, TX
Additional contact: deborah lira


Austin, TX
Low prices....great service...everyday!!! we are the stocking warehouse leader featuring over...

The Floorman

1000 Byers Ln
Austin, TX
Installation solid hardwood floors, sand & finish, laminate & glue down work.

The Master's Touch Design Center

140 A Market St
Georgetown, TX
Located on the north side of georgetown, texas, the master’s touch design center is truly...

The Steam Team

1904 West Koenig Ln
Austin, TX
The steam team is a true austin original, the only locally owned, full-service cleaning,...


Austin, TX
We specialize in solving your flooring needs. we carry practically everything from ceramic...


15000 Plowshare Dr
Pflugerville, TX
Locally owned & operated. additional email - ramongarcia15000@yahoo.com.

Third Coast Home Inspection

8906 Ampezo Trl
Austin, TX
Professional residential home inspection

Tile & Grout Solutions

494 hwy 71 west
Bastrop, TX
We offer tile install as well as tile cleaning and sealing. award winning.

Tile Concepts Specializing in Custom Remodels

1610 Elmhurst Dr
Austin, TX
We offer complete home renovations (specializing in custon remodels). our specialty is...


2600 Dalea St
Round Rock, TX
18 years experience in the flooring business.


10001 Metric Blvd.
Austin, TX
We offer much more than just floor tile. -custom granite, marble and other stone countertop...

Timeless Countertops

4911 Manchaca Rd.
Austin, TX
On 90% of my jobs i will include free of charge an umdermount stainless steel sink......

Titan Custom Flooring

Austin, TX
Local austin,tx business started in 2013. we strive to make our customers happy with jobs...

Tommy Birdno Two Tone Tile

24605 Fawn Dr
Leander, TX
Since 1995 tommy birdno two tone tile services customers with perfection.

Top to Bottom Roofing and General Contracting LLC

1603 Paper Moon Drive
Cedar Park, TX
Top to bottom roofing is a professional roofing, home repair and remodeling contractor based...

Total Construction

2008 Brushy Creek Road
Cedar Park, TX
Owner operated. 8 employees. no subs. cost determined by the job. no travel charges. no extra...

Town Square Floors

2100 N Austin Ave
Georgetown, TX
Town square floors is a full-service retailer offering a great selection of products, backed...

TSC Construction Inc

7703 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX
Tsc construction has been serving the decorative concrete needs of the austin area for 8...

Twin Brothers Construction & Roofing

Austin, TX
Twin brothers construction offers a wide variety of home remodeling and repairs. we accept...

US Certified Contractors

13187 Research Blvd
Austin, TX
Us certified contractors, inc. cares about keeping a roof over your head. we have been a...


16801 Fagerquist Rd
Del Valle, TX
Vc builders helps improve your house or bussines on remodeling. we do have some promotions,...

Valdez Remodeling

3700 Munson St
Austin, TX
Valdez remodeling has been making complete home renovations and building room additions for...

Van's Handyman and Remodeling Service

9603 Parkfield Dr #B
Austin, TX
Kitchen, bathroom and general remodeling

Vann Construction

10805 Roy Butler Dr
Austin, TX
We are a small local company that completes most of our work with in house employees, but we...

VenCo Construction

1801 Benchmark Dr
Austin, TX
We specialize in residential repairs:insurance related repairs, fire/water damage restoration,...


Canyon Lake, TX

Victor's Exteriors

14525 Fm 529 Rd Ste 204
Houston, TX
5 employees. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. additional phone - (512)...

Watts Works

8201 Dixon dr
Austin, TX
We are a small company we have no material mark up we have a daily rate we charge for labor...

WF Remodeling

603 Caballero Rd
Leander, TX
Full service remodeling and custom building. see our website for details.

Woodall Design

2618 Glen Field Dr
Cedar Park, TX
We offer superior craftsmanship with excellent customer service. we deal with all aspects of...


2000 Maplewood Dr.
Leander, TX
Stuart defreese, a graduate of st. edwards university, founded the family installation...

Xstream ATX

7703 Brodie Ln
Austin, TX
Check our website for a complete list of services that we offer: www.xstreamatx.com

Yanis Flooring

3408 Yogi Berra Way
Round Rock, TX
No charge for estimate and i require 50% down / bal due when job in complete.

Yates Services

Bastrop, TX
Yates services is a family owned business for over 20 years. we take pride in our work and...

Zebra Custom Paint and Remodel

1710 Prairie Hen Cove
Austin, TX

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