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I don't like leaving less than 5 star reviews and very rarely do, but in this case I felt compelled.. I am very involved with real estate. I buy, sell, flip, rent , lease...you get the picture. I That having been said, .I am in the
for new flooring for one of my properties. As an owner/builder , I do a lot of the work myself, but as a woman, I will hire subs to do the heavy work. For the downstairs of this particular home, which i am living in, I bought all of the materials and then paid a professional by the foot to install. The total for the downstairs for tile, which is a lot more work to install than snap together laminate, was around $3800 for 1200 square feet. That was for a faux wood ceramic tile , completely installed.
Obviously I don't want to install ceramic tile upstairs..so I had decided that I would go either with a wood or a laminate or carpet. Normally I would find the product, and then hire an installer, but I decided to contact a do it all company this time. I am figuring that since they are getting all ends of the deal, and that they buy wholesale, that the price might not be that much more than if I did it myself.Also, I really like the idea of spending locally and giving business to the little guy rather than a huge corporation. So...I looked on Angies list and
had great reviews...so I called them. and left a message. The next day they called back and I was on another call so I told them I would call back. The following day , a woman < I am thinking Ms.
calls again and I was in between something so we scheduled for a future date. which was a ways off because they were going out of town. No worries, i will wait. So then between a day before the appt and the time they showed I received 4 or 5 calls ..Mr.
gave me to the minute updates of when he would arrive. I'm not sure if he wanted to make sure that I would be there when he arrived...or if he was being thorough. I do think that it was a little overboard though...if he had called one more time pin pointing it I probably would have been annoyed enough to cancel.
So, he arrives with a guy that he is training. Mr.
himself is a very friendly and professional guy. I mean...you really really want to give him your business because he just seems like a totally nice guy.
They went around and measured while I was taking care of business on phone. I know that they may have been ready to talk for 5 minutes or so while I finished my call, and then I gave Mr.
my full attention. He had brought 2 products in . one was laminate..he brought 5 or 6 pieces in different colors , and he brought one carpet sample book, Hmmm.....ok. well, they would do. Besides, if the price was right, we could get more detailed I suppose. He told me that the laminate was not top of the line, but a good value and that it should hold up. he recommended carpet on the stairs because the cost of the laminate would be so high ( I am assuming due to higher installation costs) , that I could go with this very inexpensive low pile commercial style carpet and replace it twice if necessary versus paying the higher cost of laminate. Ok..I was worried about laminate on stairs anyhow, so yes lets go that way.
, I had no idea what kind of price to expect..so i flat out asked, "how do your prices compare to lowes or home depot ?" well, he said, they are a little higher...BUT ...we have a great crew and when you use them there is no telling who they will send out. Hmmm....I don't know his crew either, so not sure if this is a huge selling point on why I should pay more. " Well, i said, because they are a huge corporation, i have really had them stand by their work in the past. I once had them carpet a large room and the seam was very prominent and they realized after that it couldn't be fixed and they gave me a full refund ." His eyes got huge," And that is what you would rather have?' Hmmm... free carpet with a seam. that I could throw a rug over ..or $2500 without seam. . "yep, I would take the seam." I was just being honest. . i really would any day. I didnt demand that they give me a refund, they are a huge company and that is what they offered. i have a feeling that he was offended..Well, the way that i see it is , I am a buyer. You have the opportunity to sell me something. You may as well know up front what you need to sell me. Maybe he realized very quickly that there was no way that he was going to be able to sell me anything. He said that he would get back to me with an estimate. I asked if it would have the measurements and he said yes.. so that if I wanted to tell another company that I could. I said that i just needed a price per square foot. (I guess that he realized that I was planning to shop around. )
I thought that he had forgotten about me, when finally 3 or 4 days later ( today) I receive an email. It consists of 3 or 4 sentences
$7450 for laminate install
$850-$975 for carpet on stairs...oh and it could be extra if there is any additional prep work necessary. All in all though, it looked like $8500 should cover a "very inexpensive" grade carpet and a " medium level" laminate.
they will not remove and replace the moulding at this price...but will put quarter round on to cover the seam. ( not the way that I would do it, but this is the c heap way ...I would have all of the molding removed and then reinstalled ON TOP of the flooring)
Nowhere did he mention the square footage..I have never received a flooring bid with no mention of how much flooring that you are getting ! Also, no price per square foot and no labor/ product breakdown..IDid he he intentionally omit it., so that I didn't use his measuring efforts to get another bid.?I send him an email " Is this it ? Where is the rest of your bid"?" It 's been a few hours and I haven't received a reply. probably will when they see my review.
. I took out a measuring tape and measured. it took me 5 minutes. approx 1100 square feet. ok. plus the stairs...lets figure 1200 total. I call a couple of installers. they quote me between $1.00 a square foot and $1.25 a square foot to install. They said that they will remove all of the existing carpet and padding at no cost if I will haul it away..or i can pay them an extra $50 and they will. They will also install quarter round but it wont be painted
but i see in the bid that i got from Door to Door that they don't either..they just install pre primed. In addition, I need three bedrooms of furniture moved and they will charge me $75 a room to move and then put it back. I compare several flooring places ..Floor and Decor, Lowes. I find a very nice medium quality laminate for $1.79 a square foot.... If I buy at Lowes I will factor in the 10% off coupon that i received in the mail from the post office . and add the cost of the quarter round....as i said I wont have it installed that way but I want to compare apples to apples price wise
Okay...so i got $3390 for the flooring. installed I will figure another $300
for the cheap stair carpeting, installed. for a grand total of $3690.00...let me throw in another $100 "just in case"...no let's make it $500 "just in case" and I'm still less than HALF of what they want.
I want to make sure that everyone understands that if the guy had given me a reasonable bid I had every intention of going with him. I don't want to waste his time or mine. At the $3690 price there is profit to be made...both the installer who makes $1400-$1600 and the material provider are making a profit. I would have been happy for him to make a profit as well, as anyone that works should. Obviously, I felt that his bid was outrageously high, and I will not buy his product. No doubt that there are a lot of people out there that don't mind paying a few thousand more to work with a great crew and a really nice guy...I am just not one of them.

- jennalee R.

I contacted
for an estimate to remove my old flooring and install new tile. He measured and provided a free estimate (several other contractors would not provide a free estimate or would only give a rough quote based on square footage site unseen which is not going to be accurate). While he was at the house I also asked if he could replace a door and he included a very reasonable quote for this work as well.
One of the bonuses of
's business model is that he is a member at several wholesale flooring providers who only sell to contractors. He passes along his discount to the customer so we were able to work with a decorator and pick some very nice porcelain tile at a price that was significantly less than Home Depot or Lowes and of better quality.
is very professional and responsive. He is a good communicator and listener and checks in to make sure the work is being done professionally. The floors look terrific and we are very happy with the outcome. I would use him again and recommend him without hesitation.
- Elizabeth A.

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Flooring reviews in Cedar Park


The ceramic tile flooring job went perfect and it looks awesome. The contractors used by
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to replace the wood floor (different from the ceramic tile floor) had to be called back out to redo the job because they didn't get the pattern right in the floor. When they came out to repair that, they broke adjoining ceramic tile at the doorway and had to come back out to repair that job.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
stood behind it and assured that the job was completed appropriately.
- Priscilla P.

The question is; "How'd it go?". We could not be more pleased.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
made the selection process easy. He brought his rolling store to our home, provided samples and made recommendations pertaining to the installation and maintenance of the flooring products presented. The installation was seamless. The team arrived on time, removed the furniture and installed our floor in one day. Their work was coordinated and flawless. Attention to detail, extended even to installing protective pads on the legs of our furniture as they returned each piece to the room.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his office staff communicated effectively, with us, throughout the process.

My wife and I contacted several flooring companies for estimates.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
contacted us right away and we made an appointment for the estimate. He arrived punctually and with a very nice and upbeat attitude. He took time to answer all our questions and explained different options to us. He made himself available in the planning process and pointed out items we had to reconsider. Finally the flooring team arrived as scheduled. They where friendly and done in no time. They cleaned up after themselves very well.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
came next day to follow up and inspect the handiwork. He check back with us a week later. Everything went well and looks great.
- Beth G.

The date of the service is an estimate. We signed a contract 1/2 up front and 1/2 upon completion. They did not show up when they said they would. Each time they came they seemed to be unprepared for the work to be completed. The flooring installation went well, but the installation of the transition pieces from carpet to flooring and tile to flooring were not to our satisfaction. When we complained they told us that "they never had a problem before." They had to re-do it, because they used the wrong glue. It took more than a month to have the job completed, when they told us up front that it would take a day. The caulking was done and does not match the flooring. The foreman,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
did not once come out to view the work that was done, to try to resolve our issues. After the installation of the transition pieces,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
wanted the complete second half of our payment. The quarter round installed around the flooring was not professionally installed with the cuts not being beveled to transition to the baseboards. When we complained, he said "it was a standard install." We were not satisfied and the job not yet complete, however he continued to ask for the full amount. We thought that since he was sitting in an office at Lumber Liquidators, that he would be a good choice for the installation. They did not communicate with each other to determine the correct transition pieces were ordered. It was very inadequate. I would never recommend his company to anyone.
- Dahlia S.

So we had some water damage in our home and had pulled up the old floor, the original plan was for us to tile it ourselves but our floor was pretty bouncy. We headed off to the internet to look for a tile guy to come see what we needed to do. I found
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
via a recommendation through a professionals forum. I called him over to come do a flooring estimate.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes over and he was very patient with all our questions and we settled on a price for him to support the floor and tile it. While I do see some negative reviews online I still went with my gut feeling after talking with him and getting other tile guys recommendations. I experienced nothing negative and he was well priced.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes over to start working on the floor and notices a corner of our shower surround looks a little moldy - come to find out our green board is rotting beneath - so then we agree on doing a shower surround in addition to the floor. He gives us recommendations on tile and places to go look.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
comes and knocks out the work - everything is looking amazing. Along the way he explains everything he's doing since he knows I'm a detail oriented person. He took the time to sort all the tiles before installation and even caught the fact that we had a mix of dyelots for the tiles. He'd spot small chips and variants in the tile that I wouldn't have noticed at all had I attempted to do this myself. We also added a mosaic tile pattern to a portion of the bath. Instead of just taking the 12x12 sheets and installing them "as is" he'd carefully look through the sheets, remove individual 1x1 tiles that weren't straight and then later installed them after the sheet was up. It's things like this that make him stand out.

The work is now done and we will be hiring
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
again for our major master remodel.

While working,
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was no nonsense - he told me about potential issues and did not BS me. He told me what to watch out for with certain tile and on top of that he walked us through everything because he knew we did a good bit of DIY work. He was responsive to any questions. At one point during cleanup he did notice a chip in the new tub (it had been well covered but still somehow it got damaged (a chip about a 1/4 inch long) He told me about it immediately and called in a professional at his own expense to repair it. He also introduced me to my plumber who did a fantastic job as well.
- Brian P.

Professional, polite, friendly, accommodating, excellent attitude of workers, fast, affordable and quality. I was blown away recently when they sent me a
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Gourmet Holiday Cake just for being their customer one time. Now, who gives that kind of service any more?! Awesome.
- Anita C.

Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was very prompt in response to the email request I sent. I had been to a few other showrooms so I was pretty sure about what I wanted for hardwoods. Manor came out to do the estimate 1 week earlier then scheduled, but we were home so it worked out fine. One of the reasons we went with MG was because of Manor. We were going to be spending a lot money and Manor made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions. He didn't rush like some other contractors did. After receiving all 3 bids we decided to go with MG. My husband and I went to the showroom and Manor was there to help us pick out tile, grout and carpet. We scheduled the work and the estimate was that it would be done in 5 days.

We scheduled the start date, but never had a firm time the work would start the first day. By 9:30 am there was no one at our house yet so I sent
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
an email. She responded quickly that it was Monday and they were getting a late start but would be there shortly.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
and his helper showed up and started the work. This would be one of the only dings that I would give MG. It would have made me feel more comfortable if Manor had showed up with the crew and introduced them and told me what to expect.

During the 5 days they were here there were usually just 2 workers. I was impressed each day at how clean they left our house. Although we had no
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
to use or washer and dryer they cleaned everything daily before they left. All the floors were swept clean of dust and debris, and there was no food or drink trash around our house.

They started on a Monday and were finished on Friday afternoon as promised. The floors are beautiful and the workmanship is excellent. The only other ding I could give MG is that Manor never came by to see what the work looked like. We never saw him throughout the installation process.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
was always very quick to respond to my email requests. I really liked the small touches that they did such as putting the rubber stoppers on all of our furniture for us.
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
also spoke English so there were no communication issues.

I would recommend MG to anyone who wants quality work at a great price. We didn't choose them because they were the lowest bid, but they were the lowest. They gave us a high quality hardwood floor (
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
Mahogany) at a great price. They also had the lowest price for the demolition which was quite extensive with the amount of ceramic tile they had to pull up. We are planning on replacing carpet in the master bedroom and remodeling our master bath and will definitely use them for that project.
- Gary L.

The project went very well. I really liked the convenience of
Cedar Park Flooring Installers Provider Name Locked
bringing the samples to my home. The hardwood was installed first, since we needed to wait for the carpet to arrive. Both the hardwood crew and the carpet crew were very professional and polite. They were also very hard working, fast, efficient and did excellent work. The hardwood crew put felt pads on all of my furniture as they moved each piece back into place to avoid scratching my new floors. I had forgotten how dusty installing hardwood floors can be. If you do this, remember to cover all of your electronic equipment. We did a walk through after completion to be sure that I was satisfied and I'm very happy with the results.
- Joan P.
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