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Mark E.
"Overall I am completely satisfied -- I love my cabinets again. It looks like I have a completely new set of cabinets. Most places I contacted wanted to give me either new cabinets" or reface and redoor them. I had custom oak cabinets and I wasn't changing the layout, so I wanted to have them re-stained and/or painted.
gave me a competitive price along with pros and cons. They use a pretty detailed technique and I did the research on the technique so I felt their technique would last on my kitchen cabinets that get heavy wear and tear.
is a very patient man! He was the person in my house at the end doing the cabinet boxes. Here's how it works: 1. They come and take a door and bring it back in a week or so for you to approve 2. Once you approve, they come and take all your doors and drawers -- those get done at the shop 3. you don't hear from them for about a month -- don't panic, but communication isn't their strong suit 4. they set up time for the guys to come into your house 5. once in the house: day one - clean and prep the cabinet boxes day two - priming day three - more priming day four - six - staining/painting 6. they leave and you don't hear from them -- but in reality the boxes need to dry and cure 7. they will call you to set up time to come back and install the doors and drawers and do touch ups 8. in your house for a day or two to put everything together 9. whole process start to finish - plan on 8 weeks As I said, overall I love my cabinets and the workmanship is really good and a good value -- communication could be improved so that the customer feels comfortable about what is going on. I would recommend them (and have) but I do warn people about the communication piece
Rated by
Bette R.
"Such a professional, friendly and hard working group of men. I had priced new cabinets and I knew I couldn't afford them. My cabinets were all decent they really just needed to" be cleaned and polished. They came out looking brand new. I got to pick out new hardware and I couldn't be happier. The workers came on time, worked all day and cleaned up. It was not as messy as I thought it was going to be.
Rated by
John A.
"All of the above work was completed in a very tight time frame, and completed while the entire house was being repainted by a separate contractor.
took on much" of the scheduling aspects as well for the various tasks. Nearly everything was completed entirely correctly the first time, and the few things that did require "call backs" were addressed promptly.

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After: Refinishing the cabinets, adding backsplash and installing new appliances did the trick. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Kevin B. of Lakeville, Minn.)

Cabinet Refinishing

Whether you're undertaking a large kitchen remodeling project or just want to liven things up, refacing your cabinets is a low-cost option. Refacing consists of covering the exterior surfaces of your cabinets with new veneers, moldings and hardware.

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Adding new kitchen cabinets, or refinishing or refacing the existing ones, can transform a stale and old-fashioned kitchen. Even those who aren't wishing to immediately sell their homes can find a significant quality of life improvement from updates to cabinetry, be it on a large or small scale. Read on to find out more about kitchen cabinet options, layouts and trends.

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Many higher-end home shoppers expect updated cabinets in a modern kitchen. (Photo by Luxury Home Solutions )
Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom, Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

From soft-closing drawers to creative storage options, these high-end kitchen cabinet features will appeal to home buyers and enhance value when remodeling.

Angie’s List member Michael S. of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, refaced his kitchen cabinets in 2012. “We thought all that we would get is our cabinets refaced, but we got a beautiful new kitchen that makes all of our friends say ‘Wow,’” he says.
Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

Angie responds to a member who is concerned about painting her kitchen cabinets. She explains that refacing and reglazing are two affordable options that can refresh the look of kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet refacing takes about half a day to complete. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Sindel)
Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

Cabinet refacing experts say the project offers the appearance of an updated kitchen without the cost of a full-scale remodel.

Inspiration & Ideas

double-bowl stainless steel sink
Clean lines used for a modern white bathroom remodel
Tacky turned traditional - fresh paint and coutertops gives an upscale refresh
Full bathroom gut and remodel yields modern, white, clean design
Contemporary kitchen with aqua glass backsplash, stainless steel, and solid wood cabinets makes kitchen the envy of the neighborhood
The natural stone backsplash was torn out and replace with a stylish new glass backsplash.

Angie's Answers


Not really.  If the contractor is very careful and you are really lucky he might be able to pull them out and then reinstall them after the new cabinets are installed.  A lot of this will have to do with how well the counters were installed in the first place.  Also, the existing countertops may not line up with the new cabinets exactly in some areas as well as they do now.  The better option is to have the cabinets refaced, leaving the boxes and tops in place.  Unlless you have deteriorating particle board cabinets you should be able to get a carpenter to do this.  If you decide to remove the countertops and install new cabinets factor in new tops and be pleasantly surprised if they can be reinstalled afterall.  Realize you probably won't find a contractor willing to gurantee not damaging the tops.  If you do, dig in and research him well.  He likely doesn't have enough experience.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

IF dirty enough to make for a musty odor, then paint won't stick to them properly anyway. Paint is not your solution - you probably need a Deep Cleaning. Try to pin down what types of smell it is - if damp, mildewy; rotten food; or musty fabric - will help guide you to the source maybe. Another thing to do is keep all doors closed for a full day when outside temp is such that furnace and A/C can be turned off - then walk around the house, sniffing - preferably with 2 people - and see if one room is the major contributor. I have played this game, and found all the following as sources of musty smells: 1) linen in a closet without ventilation going slightly mildewy 2) water leak in walls or floors enough to cause mold but not drywall staining or visible water 3) carpets needing cleaning 4) water leak in bath or kitchen leaking under floor, causing mold there which is not pronounced in smell because under the flooring 5) attic mildew/mold from leaks or moisture condensation on insulation/wood 6) moldy plants outside - left in garden/flower bed in fall, so rotted in winter/spring 7) clothes in closets touching outside wall, so in very cold weather acted as insulator and let freezing front come to inside of wall, causing frost and moisture to buildup there from the inside moisture, eventually causing mildew/mold (same process as condensation/ice on inside of windows with curtains over them) 8) failure to clean behind kitchen appliances and under sink, or under washer/dryer/dishwasher at least when repaired or changed out 9) heavy lint accumulation in bathroom fan going mildewy 10) grease trap in kitchen exhaust fan never cleaned 11) washing machine going moldy - run a cycle of towels or such with bleach and Borax 12) the number one cause I have found - clothes stacked in closets or hope chests or such for decades get very musty even if clean and ventilated

     As long as the counter is big enough Corian is one of the easier ones to work with. Since it does not have the ground or crushed stone that some of the other material have you can work with normal woodworking tools. A saw with a fine tooth carbide blade and a professional grade router with the proper shaped carbde bit can be used if the edge needs finishing. A belt sander helps on cuts also. The only problem you might have is if you need the joint kits for seaming as I dont think you can buy them.

     When Corian first came out I could buy the slabs and fabricate my own tops and then Dupont went to a certified distributor system and would no longer sell to those of us that had been working with it for years. I will admit that they did have reasons for this as not all that were working with the product were doing it right.




Cabinet Refacing reviews in Burnet


I had new kitchen cabinets put in with the new sink and new kitchen countertop. This was a large project considering we had to take apart part of the wall rebuild the kitchen and put in several new electric outlets that needed to be brought up to code.
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
did a phenomenal job of doing all the work and identifying quick fixes that made things effective efficient and affordable. I'm having more work done by
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
because he is so good I would highly recommend his services but plan in advance because he is so much in demand because of his qualifications and his good service.
- David W.

Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and his painting crew are a total pleasure to do business with. Unlike other painting contractors, this is a group of professionals who show up on time, ready to work, and stay with the job until it's finished (no disappearing act in the middle of the week, with the job half-finished). All unpainted surfaces are protected, they pay attention to the details, and do a thorough clean-up every night, including vacuuming all sanding dust from surfaces and floors. Can't say enough about the high quality of the work and crew.
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked

- James W.

The crew was very accomplished and fun to work with. They did everything we asked and more. The restoration turned out better than expected and the cabinets are beautiful. We'll definitely have them back. Thanks again
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked

- Robin A.

I contacted
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
for refacing my kitchen cabinets and while the initial sales calls were good and
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
the sales person gave me a quotation which was quite out of our budget, we worked to get the budget under control. I did give a deposit of $1000 as required by
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
for work. We were assured that we will get a full refund of the deposit, should we cancel within 3 days of paying the deposit. Given the other projects going on at our home and the delays in those projects, we decided not to go ahead with the project and cancelled on 9/11/2014. I sent a formal notice of cancellation explaining the reason. I have the acnowldgement from the sales person
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
on 9/12/2014 and he promised to put the paper work through the very next day for the refund. It is now more than 2 weeks since I cancelled the order and there is no sign of refund of my $1000 deposit. I have followed up several times and the response is not prompt. I am fed up. Clearly this is not professional. I finally received my refund on 9/30/2014....19 days after I cancelled.
- Raja M.

We originally contacted
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Rock - Owner) via the contact information listed from our Angies list membership. Before going into a full description of all the work we contracted
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
to perform I'd like to begin by stating that the full work of the project is still in a pending/not complete state; this is after a full year since we moved into our home. That being said here is an overview of the various things we needed done with further detail of our satisfaction:
- Complete Painting of the home (all rooms, ceilings & walls)
This was one aspect of the project that truly transformed our newly acquired 15 year old home from a not so well maintained/outdated looking home, into a fresh un-lived in appearance. One of the biggest accommodations made regarding the painting was that each room consisted of a custom finish; in some cases two to three different colors, which allowed us to prepare every room, especially the children's rooms exactly the way they wanted. We also had some previous drywall cavities (from previous installations) filled w/ new drywall, textured and painted..... can't even tell they were there!
- Complete strip, sand and refinish of all Kitchen cabinets
This was an ideal solution for us. We loved the custom cabinets with fluted corners and beveled edged doors but to replace the outdated off-white finish would have cost in upwards of $40-50K dollars. Each cabinet underwent a full acid strip down to the bare wood and then a sanding to remove as much of the previous stain saturation as possible, and re-stained with a beautiful Rosewood color and accented with Antique Nickle knobs and pulls. The results were better than expected. The only thing that was incomplete were two small drawers that required modification for the new
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
; these items are still incomplete
- Refinish the front and rear stair case, update the balusters with rod iron and remove a half wall and match the balusters installed in the front stair case
This part of the project did not go as smooth as the other improvements. Mainly because the rod iron experienced noticeable chipping, hole plugs were not all filled and/or not sanded smooth with stair treads and after some time we noticed the half wall rail cap was installed with two pieces of wood instead of a single piece thereby creating an obvious joint. Another project faux pas was when the rod iron was cut on the entry porch. After the cutting we received heavy rain which mixed with all the iron cuts and shavings causing a lot of rust to puddle and stain the entire left side of the porch. we've tried CLR, power washing and other chemicals to no avail. After a year there is still a rust appearance on that side of the porch which will probably require us to have completely re re mortared to fix.
- Kitchen Back splash completely torn out and replaced with a slate stack stone
This again was a truly amazing modification to the appearance of the kitchen area. The kitchen was now updated and because a natural stone was used I would imagine the look will last many decades if not forever without going out of style. We also placed
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
under cabinet lights in the kitchen, desk area and butler which created unique ambiance with accented lighting; with changeable color scheme.
- Bedroom Closet expanded into a small walkin with a portion of the old closet converted to a built in desk area
This was a great modification. It just so happened that the room had some wasted wall space that we were able to incorporate into the closet which turn the least desirable upstairs bedroom into the most desirable. The only issue we really have outstanding is the new closet flooring. The old sub-flooring was reused which does not cover the entire floor space so when you walk into that part of the closet your foot drops down where there isn't any support below. This is still an outstanding item.
- Engineering tasks included extended a gas line into the laundry room for a gas dryer, fitting a pot filler about the
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
by tapping into the existing water supply
We experienced a couple issues with the gas line. Due to a faulty fitting during installation we encountered a gas leak that resulted in having to tear out a small portion of the wall in laundry room to fix the leak. The drywall, texture and paint is still awaiting repair. We also had a new stainless steel hood vent put in and the blue protective film between the cabinets and the hood are still exposed which appears tacky and requires removal of the hood to properly remove w/o scratching the stainless finish. A small stainless back splash directly behind the
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was put in but because a lower grade stainless steel was used the back splash has an unfinished appearance.
- In addition we had another contractor put in new baseboards when we redid all the hardwood floors and carpeted areas and
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
painted all the baseboards and shoe molding which really gave the home a NEW HOME appearance.
A higher grade of satisfaction would have been given had the project been seen to completion and all our items of dissatisfaction had been addressed. For the Angies list ratings we looked at the items we were satisfied with with and the unsatisfied work and provided an average.
- Kenneth H.

They provided excellent work. Though this was a very small job, he was able to fit us into his schedule even on the weekend. An excellent match was made on the drawer front and two side pieces in the fitting and finishing of the cabinetry.
Burnet Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and his crew did an excellent job in cleaning up and being on time. We would recommend them to anyone and would use them again in the future.
- Donna W.

The overall experience was amazing! Grant, the owner, gave me about three different measuring to choose from and we could mix and match to get it exactly the way I wanted it which was very helpful. It was also very important for him to ask me a lengthy questions on the style of cook that I was and how I maneuver around the kitchen (as well as how many people typically use the kitchen) to help him construct the layout.

When production started, it was exceptionally clean for my family as we still had to function in the house. They set us up to have a pseudo-kitchen in our foyer while the major area was being constructed so our life could carry on. The people that were in our home were incredibly respectful and clean as well.

The best part was, once they had my cabinets built, they set up a 'mock kitchen' for me in their place of business that I could actually walk through and feel what the space would be like to scale before they executed it. Every detail, every nook and cranny, became a useful space for something. Everything was truly customized - "creative" is absolutely what they are! I'd give them an A+++ if I could!
- paige B.

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