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"Technician was professional and answered questions thoroughly, however not sure that the inspection was done very carefully. A few weeks after the inspection our" AC went out one evening. We discovered it was the capacitor - corroded and swollen and clearly past its prime. Fortunately, it was easy and cheap to fix ourselves, but I was surprised that the technician didn't notice the state of the capacitor. Makes me wonder what else he missed...

-Robin N.

"Called to have cause of leaky faucet diagnosed and resolved. Reception staff very cordial and professional. Was provided an appointment the following day. Technician" did not arrive during the appointment window, and no call was made to let me know there would be a delay. When I called to inquire as to my status, I was told that appointments were running approximately 2 hours behind. No problem. I waited 2 hours, and the technician soon called to let me know he was en route. Once he arrived, he was extremely professional, courteous, and decisive. He informed me that my faucet most likely needed a new valve cartridge. Unfortunately, it was a brand that is apparently not common -
- and, therefore, the parts needed for the repair would be difficult to obtain. He suggested that I personally contact the manufacturer and request the warrantied part. He was extremely helpful during this process, sitting with me at my computer and helping me find the pertinent information as to the faucet model and the part name/number. He also spoke to the operator at the
distributor, and attempted to explain exactly what we required in order to fix the faucet. After paying the trip fee, I inquired as to the charge for the return trip to install the forthcoming valve cartridge replacement. He made a call and then informed me that his superior would have to decide what the cost would be, and would let me know when I called to make the appointment for the repair. I thought this odd, as it seemed that a valve replacement would be a relatively routine service, and would thus have a pre-determined charge. I needed the faucet fixed, though, so I agreed to wait for the price quote. After 2 weeks of frustrating negotiations with the
distributor, I finally received the recommended part and called
for the return appointment. To my surprise, they seemed to have little information on file regarding our previous interaction. I had to explain everything that had occurred during my previous appointment with them. Since their technician had recommended that I obtain a part for him to install, and had even helped me communicate as much to the faucet distributor, I was surprised that there was no expectation that I might call for the work to be finished. I was provided with an appointment, and was informed that the original technician would not be available. 'Still no word on the price of the work, but I was committed at this point, and just needed the shower fixed. The technician arrived on time. He didn't know what he was supposed to be doing for us. After he was supplied with the new part, and the original installation handbook (which I had kept after the original faucet was installed years ago), it only took him a matter of minutes to complete the job, thus resolving the leak. I was given a discount for having personally obtained the part, and we also had a coupon for the return business. On a previous occasion, we had plumbing installed and rerouted by a different company, which cost less than the quick install of this faucet part. The total cost seemed expensive, considering the short duration of the job and the fact that I obtained the part. However, we were grateful for the ease of scheduling a fairly quick appointment, and for the ultimate resolution of the leak. Thank you.

-Shellie K.

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Angie's Answers


First - NOT full septic tank - if that was the case you would be getting backup of sewage into the lowest drains in the house, and possible very slow flushing or refusal to drain out of the bowl - the opposite of your case.

Second - I assume you are the owner. If a renter or on a lease, this type of problem may be the responsibility of your landlord, depending on the terms of your lease or rental agreement.

OK - two possible situations here - low water in BOWL, or low water in TANK. I am assuming your toilet flushes OK, with adequate water to clean out the bowl, and that it is a typical type toilet with a tank sitting on the back of the bowl. If this is not the case and it is a designer toilet or looks like those at public restrooms (no tank), then the BOWL answers still apply if it is initially refilling OK, but if not enough refill water coming in at all then call a plumber.

First, low water in the toilet BOWL case. If the water in the toilet BOWL is low after flushing, I see four likely causes, in order of most likelihood -

1) the fill valve is not putting enough water into the toilet bowl. If you take the top off the tank, you will see a small hose (typically black plastic) coming from the fill valve (a vertical mechanism, usually at left side of tank, that the incoming water tube or flex hose connects to the bottom of on the bottom side of the tank). While the tank is refilling after a flush, a steady but not large flow of water flows through this fill tube and down into a vertical pipe or tube (usually brass or plastic and about 3/4 inch diameter, which stands almost full height of tank). The small tube puts water into this pipe, from where it flows into and refills the toilet bowl. This is also the overflow tube, which keeps the tank from overflowing if the fill valve fails to shut off. If the fill valve has a problem or the fill tube has a blockage, it may not be letting enough water into the bowl. Also, check the tube is actually pointed down into the overflow tube - if the clip came loose, rusted away or broke, then it may just be filling the toilet tank rather than the bowl. Check that a steady flow (will not be a real foreceful jet) of water is flowing out of this tube into the overflow pipe while the toilet tank is refilling. You should also see the bowl filling up at this time. If it come in but does not fill high enough because it does not run long enough, some fill valves have an adjustment - check fill valve manufacturer website for instructions. Others just have to be replaced - doable if you are handy at home repairs (see web videos on how to do it), or call a plumber for probably about $150-200 to replace fill valve (have him replace the flapper valve at same time if you get this done).

2) there is something like a rag or string caught in the trap (the waste passage within the toilet body itself) which is slowly wicking the bowl water down the drain - would be solved by a good snaking. If this is the case, the bowl will fill fully after flushing, but then slowly (typically many minutes to hours) drain down to just filling the start of the oval or round drain passageway where the waste passage starts to curve up into the toilet body.

3) blocked sewer vent pipe (which vents sewer gas and lets air into the sewer system so when you flush the traps in drains and toilets and such do not get sucked dry by the vacumn caused by the exiting flow. If this is the problem, then several drains in your house may have the same problem, or drain slowly. When you flush, the water will drain totally down the pipe and almost all the water in the bowl and trap will go down the drain too, typically with a gurgling sound for a few seconds at the end as the air seal is broken in the trap, then a small amount of water will flow back from the trap into the bowl, leaving you with water in the entrance curve to the trap but nowhere near normal height in the bowl - maybe not even enough to fill the entrance of the drain passage.

4) a crack in the toilet, letting water gradually leak out of the bowl onto the floor or into the subfloor. If this has been going on for long at all you should see water on the floor, or water coming out in the ceiling downstairs, or in the basement or crawl space under the toilet.

Case 2 - the problem is low water in the toilet TANK - since this is a sudden problem, two likely causes:

1)  the float arm has corroded or the float setting has moved. Look in tank for any broken part. You may have a black ball on the end of a metal or plastic arm connected to the fill valve (which is the part, normally at the left side of the tank, that the flexible or copper tubing comes into at the bottom of the tank), or it may be a sliding cylindrical float that slides up and down on the fill valve (typically all plastic) - see if it is broken or loose or alll corroded up (for the arm type). When you flush, this float hangs down (if lever type) or slides down the fill valve (cylinder type), opening the fill valve so fresh water comes in to fill the tank and bowl. As the tank fills it lifts this float, till at the proper elevation the bouyancy of the float shuts off the fill valve. If the setting on this float has changed then it will either cause the toilet to "run" continually because it is trying to overfill the tank (float shuts off at too high a level, so water is continuously flowing down into the overflow tube and into the bowl); or it will shut off too soon, causing only a partial tank fill. There are adjustments to adjust the float shutoff setting - typically an adjustment xxxx on the arm-type, and a slider stop clip on a small rod for the sliding type. See web videos on how to adjust this, or call a plumber.

2) your flapper valve (in bottom of tank, the part a chain or cord or rod connects to the flush handle, which opens it when you flush the toilet, leaks. If it leaks AND the fill valve is working, the tank level drops till the fill valve opens, then the tank refills. This repeats at intervals, with the tank refilling periodically even though it has not been flushed. May need new flapper valve or just a good wiping of the sealing surface to remove grit that is causin it to leak. If this is the problem you will have a slight flow of water into the bowl continually, and will probably see a slight ripple in the toilet bowl.

3) water is leaking out of the fittings or bolt holes on the bottom of the tank. If this is happening enough to make you notice low takn water level, the tank will refill periodically the same as if the flapper valve is leaking, plus you will have water on the floor and dripping off the bottom of the tank.


Fill valve and flapper valves each cost around $15 if you do it yourself (you can buy just replacement flapper for less if that is the problem and the matching seal is good, but that is rarely the case). A plumber call to replace both probably $150-200, ASSUMING your water shutoff valve (at the wall, under the tank, with a flex or copper tube coming fromit up to the toilet tank) will work.. If it will not shut off the flow of water, then add another $50-150 to replace that, depending on how it is plumbed and whether he has to cut into the wall to replace it (rarely required). If you do go and have a plumber do it, have both the fill valve and flapper valve (and flush handle, if aluminum or brass and corroded) replaced at the same time, as all tend to go out with age - every 10 years or so. You don't want to have to call the plumber to replace another part in just a year or two.


From the sounds of it, you have a clog between the floor drain and the connection to the city sewer (unless you have a septic tank).  The lower flow rates of sinks / showers / dishwashers probable don't cause a backup like the washing machine does.  A couple of suggestions.

1.  Snake the drain line with a spade tip snake, twisting the snake as you advance it.  This should clear the partial blockage.

 2.  If feasable, have your washing machine discharge into a utility sink and put a strainer on the drain to catch the clothing fibre (fibres and grease from the sink probably made the clog in the first place not to mention a garbage disposal).

3.  Replace your floor drain with one that has a backflow preventer (looks like there is a ping pong ball in it).

 Good Luck

It is not uncommon for a plumber to have to go get the parts necessary to repair and complete the job.  It is very hard to determine what the problem is over the phone and it is not until the repair process begins that the parts needed to resolve the problem is discovered.  It may also depend on if the plumber is using hourly rates or per job rates.  I would hope the time to get the parts would be minimal and the charge would be as well!

Well , you've certainly started a debate that will endure forever , but personally , having worked with both products , PEX is a better product . Now granted , the 1st time i used it

I was not impressed , cause it leaked.......NOT because the product was at fault, it was because I did not understand how to use the product !

The trick to using Pex , is to make certain that the fittings seat, they MUST be pushed together with force, and if you do not push with force to get the seat to seal, it leaks .

Therefore , when using PEX , you have constantly to be aware of leaving room to make your connections -Properly !

The beauty of PEX is that it bends , it is flexible and decreases the labor factor ,although the connection costs are often 100-300 % higher than copper , but again , it can cut labor costs in half  and it is safer to work with,  NO FLAMEs!

Plumber reviews in Boerne


Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
showed up the same day I called and on time. The connection was inspected and there was no leak found. The company that originally installed the water line never bothered to clean up the solder joint where the 2 pieces connected, so to me it looked like it had been slowly leaking.
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
could of easily told me that it neededd to be replaced and I would of believed it. The connection was cleaned up and all was good. Very honest worker. Will recommend to friends and will continue to use them for any other problems in my home.
- ernesto R.

The requested lines were installed in the location we earlier agreed upon.
Any moved appliances were moved back within their previous locations.
I tested the water lines and they flowed as expected.
I am so far extremely pleased with the work that was performed.
- Raymond M.

I bought the Angie's List deal and scheduled the plumber. He came early, fixed the leak, and was on his way. It was a quick, easy fix.
- Timothy O.

Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
called in advance of arriving to confirm and let me know he was on the way. He arrived very promptly when scheduled. He was very friendly, professional and explained what he needed to do. He took measurements and called to order the right parts from Fergusons.
I was a concerned that I would be charged for
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
's time going to get the part - however based on the bill, I was only charged for his time on site.
The one thing that I was disappointed about was that they did charge a premium for the valve itself. I am happy to pay for the plumber's work however, I don't think they should have made a profit on parts.
- Howard S.

It could have been better. The first appointment was two and a half hours delayed (2.5 hrs.). I accepted that and was ready to get the job done. They stated that they needed to go and get more parts. Well, if they had been on time at 09:00 am, they would have had plenty of time to get the parts, but since they did not show up until 11:45 am, I was under a time crunch to get to an appointment to get my car into the dealership at 1:00 pm. They almost made it sound like it was my fault that there was something scheduled so closely to the work time they were expecting even though they were so late in showing up. So they rescheduled me to Monday at 11:00. I made sure to clear my schedule so that I could be available and, guess what, they did not show up until 3:45 pm. At the time the plumber showed up, I learned that the plumber from Friday had accidentally removed some of the parts from the $85 dollar part that I purchased from Home Depot and that the guy on site did not have everything he needed to complete the job. Long story short.... he did get the job done. I am not sure if it is exactly right. On top of it... I wrote him a check and he seemed to have lost it. Therefore, I wrote him a second check and am now debating on whether or not to change my checking account number. All I can say is be careful when using these guys. The work may end up being good, but you had better have some time to deal with their horrible scheduling and lack of concern for customer's time.

cleaned it out, determined where additional work will need to be done, identified subsequent drainage issues and provided estimates for those items.
- robert S.

Been using
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
and his father before him for 15 years. Prompt, professional, local and fair prices.

Discovered this leak late afternoon and
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
came out the same day. Very reliable, and prompt. Over the years
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Co. Installed a water holding tank and new water well pump.

Highly recommend.
- Robert S.

Excellent. I got several quotes from Angie's list (including 2 from
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
) after changing my mind on layout.
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
seemed the most experienced and professional regarding what I wanted. He remodeled everything including removing part of a wall, relocating plumbing, drywall, electrical, cabinetry, granite and tile. You wouldn't ever recognize the old bathroom from the amazing job done on the new one! He and his crew completed the job within the time frame and there was something accomplished it seemed like everyday. The cleanup by his crews was exceptional and we would recommend him to anyone as well as use him again. He did several other projects we found we needed along the way and they were done quickly too. After waiting several years to remodel my bathroom, I'm so glad we waited for the right company to do it. Thanks
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
Boerne Plumbers Provider Name Locked
for the great job!
- Kathie H.

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San Antonio

4L Plumbing

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A & R Property Maintenance

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168 Cowboy Ln
Lake Hills

Alpha equity Builders

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Always On The Level

PO Box 993


14439 NW Military Highway, Suite 108, #125
San Antonio

American Bathrooms - Walk In Tubs - Remodeling

102 wonder world drive
San Marcos

Andy's Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting

4825 McCullough Ave.
San Antonio

Andys Sprinkler Drainage & Lighting

3210 Commander Dr

Angels At Work

San Antonio

Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air

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Arios Plumbing

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Asap Plumbing Service

4054 N Pan Am Expwy
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Atlas Plumbing & Drain

13510 Brinwood
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B. A. Construction

San Antionio

Barraza Plumbing & A/C

3639 Weir Ave
San Antonio

Bass Remodeling

464 Riverview



Bees Plumbing

1457 Koehler

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

701 E Plano Pkwy

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

16018 University Oak
San Antonio

Benjamin Lake

805 Heather Ln

Bent Services Inc.

PO Box 311106
New Braunfels

Bexar C&R Construction

5039 Sierra Madre
San Antonio

Bexar Maintenance Supply

1275 Red Bluff Rd.
Pipe Creek

Beyer Boys A/C, Heating & Plumbing

4711 Broom St
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2650 Lockhill Selma
San Antonio

BioTech Water Researchers

12612 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio

Blackmon Mooring

4808 Perrin Creek
San Antonio


2226 N US HIGHWAY 281

Blue Line Roofing & Construction, LLC

4114 Glenhurst Ln.

Bluebonnet Landscaping

135 Hillview Loop


San Antonio

Boerne Plumbing

Bandera Rd.

Boice Plumbing

PO Box 312526
New Braunfels


PO Box 1019

Bracken Plumbing

17333 Bell N Dr

BRC Remodeling Group

7515 Grissom
San Antonio

BRYCO Plumbing Company Inc

14117 Toepperwein Rd
San Antonio

BTS Floors & Remodeling

435 W Nakoma St
San Antonio

Butler Commercial Services

460 Caney Creek Rd
New Braunfels

C&J Kitchens Bath Cabinets Granite

9210 Summer Wind St.
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Cahaba Scapes

2130 11th avenue north

Carpet Outlets of Texas Inc

5200 Gus Thomasson Rd.


San Antonio

Casa Mechanical Services

2401 E Old Settlers Blvd
Round Rock


319 Goodrich
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Champion Plumbing & Air

3450 Dove Park Ln
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Charlys Construction

PO Box 3024
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Chavez Plumbing Inc

520 W Bertrand St

Chavez Systems LLC

San Antonio

Christian Man Construction

6911 Falcon Rock
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Christianson Air Conditioning & Plumbling LLC

8154 Bracken Creek
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Church Services

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City Base Plumbing

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CJ House Leveling Inc

5035 Cabin Lake Dr.
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Clear Choice Interior Design

5139 N Loop 1604 W
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Clearwater Plumbing

22747 shady forest

Comfort Air Engineering Inc

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Cooks Plumbing Service LLC

1476 Katy St
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Cornerstone Homes

921 Lakeview Blvd.
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Spring Branch

Cruz Enterprises, Inc.

13907 Edge Point Dr.
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Culligan of San Antonio

1034 Austin St
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Cyclone Plumbing

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D.A.P. Construction

111 Deer
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Daniel Ramirez/tunnel & trench

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San Antonio

DC Tile & Home Remodeling

7800 IH 10 W
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Delmer Construction & Remodeling

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Denny Plumbing

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Diamante Coatings

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DirectBuy of Indianapolis

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DL Tile & Granite

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San Antonio

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Efficient Air Conditioning & Electric

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Elite Handyman Serv

110 Valet
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Empire Facility Maintenance LLC

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San Antonio

Euro-Tech Construction & Remodeling

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Evergreen Sprinkler Repair & Installation LLC

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Express Plumbing LLC

7553 Reindeer trail
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Fairclaims Roofing & Construction

26009 Budde Rd
The Woodlands


San Antonio

Five Star Plumbing

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Fixture Plumbing Co.

1912 w. hermosa
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Flooring & Granite By Silvas

600 S Denton Tap Rd

Flow-Wright Plumbing, LLC

PO Box 1062

Four Seasons Remodeling and Design

236 King William
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Fox Granite

3300 south 5th street

FWR, General Contractors, LLC

910 Oblate Dr
San Antonio


110 I ST
San Antonio

Galvez Works

12010 Warfield Dr
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George Plumbing Co Inc

12 Burwood Ln
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Gerald's Appliance and Plumbing

46 old 9 highway

Gillette A/C Co. Inc

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Gordon the Plumber

1468 Johnson Rd
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Greenville Custom Homes

880 Lakeside Dr.

GRZ Mechanical LLC

2313 Lockhill-Selma Rd
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San Antonio


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H2O Pros

18866 Stone Oak Pkwy
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Handyman Connection

411 N 40th St

handyman done right

5847 hickory canyon

Handyman Plus

11103 San Pedro Suite 102
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Hardin Plumbing

109 Industrial Dr

Hill Country Plumbing Inc

122 Industrial Dr

Hill Electric

9999 Perrin Beitel
San Antonio

Hobbs Construction

138 Atascosa Road

Holloway Plumbing

1810 Junction Hwy


3223 tampico st
San Antonio

Hott Shott Plumbing Service

9465 Amber Dawn


18314 Indian Laurel
San Antonio

Innovative Kitchens & Baths

17313 Bell N

J & E Home Improvement

714 Balgzell Ave
San Antonio

Jason's Water Systems

8422 Magdalena Run

JB Handyman

2424 Roundabout ln
Round Rock

Jeff Dempsey Construction

10718 Dreamland Dr.
San Antonio

Jeff's Plumbing And Repair

5907 Bennington
San Antonio

Jesse-James Contracting & Remodeling

3822 Deerfield Dr
San Antonio

JH Plumbing

106 Rusty Ln

Jim's After Hours Appliance Repair

4019 Stahl Rd
San Antonio

JL Hearn Plumbing

110 Millridge Rd
Universal City


PO BOX 33594
San Antonio

JMD Plumbing

15619 Clydesdale Run

John's Home Repair & Improvement

9615 Echo Gap
San Antonio

Jon Wayne Service Co

9272 US Hwy 87 E
San Antonio

Jordan Plumbing Co

PO Box 5246
San Antonio

JVJ Company

2611 Cloudy Mdw
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Kargmans Inc

10429 Reisterstown Rd

KBH Home Repairs & Remodel

6347 Tally Gate
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Kelly Custom Homes

San Antonio



Kinetico San Antonio

15678 Tradesman
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San Antonio

Kitchen Design Studio

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KIVA Kitchen & Bath - San Antonio

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Kiwi Custom Design

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San Antonio


2539 Rim Oak
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kyle construction co

115 cypress ln

L & J Remodeling

PO BOX 10927
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Land Alterations

7718 Misty Park
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Last Call Plumbing Inc

8719 Business Cir #1

Leon Builder

3535 Fallen Leaf
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LMH Plumbing Solutions

9906 Kelton Dr
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Lopez Contracting

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Loviolette Enterprises

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Low Price Gas

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1200 N FM 1604 W
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M & M Construction & Remodeling

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PO BOX 158
La Vernia


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Master's Touch Renovations

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8001 Hunley Ridge Rd.


San Antonio

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New Braunfels

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PO BOX 402

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San Antonio


5195 Marshall St

Olshan Foundation Repair

1720 SE Loop 410
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PO Box 760664
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5606 Charwood St
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Parker & Sons Plumbing & AC

6335 Camp Bullis Rd
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Perilous Times Restoration

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Personal Plumber LLC

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San Antonio

Phillips Plumbing

4459 Mystic Sunrise
San Antonio

Picture Perfect Remodelers

2810 Warbler Pass
San Antonio

Platinum Pro Home Services

3706 John Alden Dr.
San Antonio

PLC Services

10602 Pinehust Dr

Plumb Star Plumbing

225 Winding Path


San Antonio

Plumbing Werks

134 Manning Dr
San Antonio

Plumbling repairs

San Antonio

Prater Appliance Service Company

737 Winfield Cir
San Antonio


6803 REVE DR.
San Antonio


8111 Mainland Dr
San Antonio

Presidio Flooring

7515 Grissom Road
San Antonio

Prestige Custom Pools

P.O. Box 781832
San Antonio

Prestine Pools

40 Pfeiffer

Primo Plumbing Inc

11403 Jones Maltsberger
San Antonio

Pronto Rooter Inc

6645 Poss Rd
San Antonio

Puretex Water Treatment

21521 Cherry Hollow Dr.

Quarter Moon Plumbing, AC & Heating

18838 FM 2252
San Antonio

Re Bath Of San Antonio

15719 Hwy 281 N
San Antonio

React Fast Plumbing

PO Box 171053
San Antonio

Remodel 4 Less

622 E Ashley Rd
San Antonio


215 West Bandera

RG Home Repair & Remodel

516 Brooks Ave.

Riteway Service Company

9010 Broadway St
San Antonio

Rittimann Plumbing Inc

111 Shooting Club Rd

Rivera Services LLC

Po Box 276227
San Antonio


San Antonio


San Antonio

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services

3603 Metro Pkwy
San Antonio


San Antonio


10702 Buckskin Way

RS Andrews

3617 Clearview Pkwy

S & S Contracting

2917 Barton Hill

S&S Plumbing Contractors

8707 Business Circle

S.A.'s Best Plumbing Co.

1221 Triplett
San Antonio

SA Mechanical

23402 Canyon Bridge
San Antonio

Safe Showers Inc

5602 Randolph Blvd
San Antonio

Sall Pro Plumbing

San Antonio

San Antonio Plumbing

12682 FM 1560 N # 103

San-Tex Plumbing Inc.

2330 Schuwirth Rd.

Schmidt Plumbing, LLC

375 S. Fork

Shalom Remodeling

9419 Gold Hl
San Antonio

Shaw Company Painting & Remodeling

11943 Starcrest
San Antonio


6014 Evers Rd
San Antonio

Simply Water Heaters

IH 10 West
San Antonio


3318 Sackville Dr
San Antonio

Sonny's Plumbing

PO Box 739

Soukup Roofing

P.O. Box 1203

Source Home Improvement, LLC

1526 Slumber Pass
San Antonio

Space and Time

239 Greenlawn Dr
San Antonio

SparkleWash of Two Rivers

2405 Lifehaus Industrial Drive, Suite 101
New Braunfels

StableLift Foundation Repair

18756 Stone Oak Pkwy
San Antonio

Statewide Remodeling

2450 Esters Blvd

Stephens Plumbing

7714 Bit Circle


8710 Business Court

STI Granite & Marble

214 W Nakoma St
San Antonio

Sublime Custom Stone LLC

11210 Gordon Rd
San Antonio

Sunny's Plumbings

9107 Tourney St
San Antonio

TDIndustries Inc

San Antonio

TDT Plumbing

4918 Pinemont Dr

Texas Foundation Repair Specialty

1938 Northeast Loop 410
San Antonio

Texas Plumbing

1114 Warbler Dr.

Texas Plumbing Diagnostics

24123 Boerne Stage Rd
San Antonio

Texas Plumbing Pros

9707 Criswell Ck
San Antonio

Texas Water Solutions, Inc.

4630 Highway 290 West
Dripping Springs

Texsan Remodeling

2515 Observation Dr
San Antonio

The Barton Co Carpets

12202 Bulverde Rd
San Antonio

The Best Home Maintenance

25210 Lost Valley Dr

The Carpenter's Hand

5318 Chestnut View
San Antonio

The Handyman Can

900 Morningwood Dr
San Marcos

The Handyman Firm LLC

13777 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio

The Home Depot

4909 Windsor Hill
San Antonio

The Home Depot - Culebra

5638 W Loop 1604 N
San Antonio

The Lawn Sprinkler Guy

PO Box 13556
San Antonio

The Mendez Group

PO Box 700188

The Ricks Company

1109 West Blanco
San Antonio

The Very Usefull Company LLC

P.O. Box 831424
San Antonio

Tietze Plumbing

10545 FM 1560 N
San Antonio

Tile and More

7114 Ranch Hill
San Antonio

Timber Construction LLC

191 Cardinal Dr
New Braunfels

Tom's Handyman Service

10377 W 77th Circle

Toned Homes

8034 Culebra Rd.
San Antonio


10247 Southcreek

Tru Construction

p.o.box 211
San Antonio


4110 Kirby Dr
San Antonio

Universal Home Improvements

1607 Terrell Bend
San Antonio

VHS Landscaping LLC

4046 Briarcrest Dr
San Antonio

Walz Mechanical

14140 Tobiano Trl

Water Softener Doctor

10110 Us Highway 281 N
Spring Branch


5100 Wesheimer

Weidner Septic Tank Pumping

24711 N Cranes Mill Rd
Canyon Lake

Westrich Handyman Services

150 Shadow Hill Dr
San Antonio

Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating

139 Waleetka
San Antonio

Will Fix It San Antonio

1920 Grandstand
San Antonio

Will's Plumbing & Testing Service

318 E Nakoma
San Antonio


24123 Boerne Stage Rd
San Antonio

ZN Plumbing

205 W Byrd Blvd
Universal City

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