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My home is a log home with a 45-degree pitched roof, 25-square total. I had them re-shingle with architectural-type shingles. I went with
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
because he is clearly VERY experienced in the trade and had an 'A' rating on Angie's List. He was quick and thorough. He delayed the job for 2 days due to rain in the forecast. His quote came in a full $1000 less than his competitor, but he doesn't accept credit card (what the h***?). He also failed multiple attempts to e-mail me the quote, but was always responsive to text messages and always answered the phone. He didn't try and up-sell the job, just gave me what I wanted and provided advice when I solicited it. The workers did a good job and cleaned up, but they drug their ladders all over and scratched up my freshly re-surfaced deck. They fixed it, but only after I pointed it out. They ended up taking 3 days to do the job when they had quoted 2. Inconvenient. Overall though the experience was good. They let me throw some trash away in the dumpster they brought and gave me a spare tarp I needed to clean up some leaf piles.
- Ben V.

I think it went quite well. Insurance didn't even come close to paying for the amount of work that needed to be done and Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very patient as we secured the funds to finish paying for the job.
For the most part, I was very satisfied with the work, but there were a few places in which the crew took some flashing out and didn't replace it. In the flashing's
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the crew used roofing tar. I ended up later going in a making the repair when the home owners insurance we were switching too, would't insure our home until the repair was completed.
- Darryl P.

Final price was exactly as quoted even though Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
found more rot than originally expected. Great guy who did exactly what he said he would do and then some. Cooperated with my wife in leaving scraps for her bird houses.
- Tom S.

Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
first impressed me by talking my language and not over my head. He also came well recommended by a good friend that is a roofing supplier. His exact words...."He is the only person that I would let build my house" Not only was he referred, but he has access to lots of contractors and said,
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. When
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
said that my 91 yr old grandmother would have to be out of the house for 2 days and if it was inconvenient that she could stay with him and his with during that time.....Wow! Not only was the final work perfect, but a contractor with compassion like
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
on TV. That's what we all want from someone coming into your home. I knew and they delivered care,detail, and prompt work. Now I only wish I could find an auto mechanic like
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Albert E.

We had a leak around the fireplace chimney in the living room. Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's company was recommended to me by a commercial roofing company in
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, SC. Upon inpection of the roof, Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
discovered that we had hail and wind damage on our roof and suggested we contact our insurance company. The Insurance company agreeded with the damage and said they would pay for a new roof and repair of the chimney. While taking the flat roof off, rotten boards were found and the roof had to be completely removed in that section and replaced. It would literally crumble when you touched the wood on the sides of this roof. Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
got a contractor to come in and replace the wood on the roof and the fascia boards in this section. Thank goodness he found this problem and addressed it as I am sure that roof would have collapsed in a short time.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew came on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 7:30 am and began working on the roof. Had it not been for the rotten flat roof in one section of the house, It would have been completely done in 1 day. Let me add that our house has 2850 square feet and is only a 1 story home. The crew worked quickly and like a well oiled machine. I was very impressed with the speed and pride they had doing this job. My shrubs and flowers were covered and protected. The yard was cleaned and a mgnet run over it to pick up all loose nails that might have been dropped. I also loved the fact that Square It Up Roofing took care of all the paper work with the insurance company and all I had to do was sit back and relax. Not only are the shingles warranted by the manufactorer, but Mr
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
also provides a guarantee on his work - another thing I did not have to worry about. The ceiling had to be fixed and painted around the fireplace. Mr.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
found someone to come in and do that work for us also. What a pleasant surprise to find a roofer that is not out to just take your money. Instead, I found one that takes pride in what he does and stands behinf it. My heartfelt thanks to this
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his company.
- Joyce C.

The contractor walked me through the processof what they would do. They worked with my insurance company to keep the process rolling. They showed up when they said they would and finished ahead of schedule while contending with the rain. Half way into a
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
of shingles they discovered a manufacturing defect, and had new shingle delivered. They did a good job cleaning up behind themselves. I only found a few nails where the dumpster was sitting, that was because they could not get to them until the dumpster was removed. The dumster was contracted using another company and not removed until a few days later. This was a big help. I was doing some minor renovation and was able to utilize the dumster for my renovation waste as well. Great company!!! I will use the again on another roof.
- Kenneth M.

A catastrope from Day One.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew began work on the house without a permit. They purchased materials, and he came out there personally, so he had to know they'd started, contrary to what he said when we caught him and confronted him for working without a permit. We forced him to go to the permit office, four days after he'd started. One week after THAT, we learned that he had lied to the permit office, telling them that the permit was for work for less than $10,000, so that he would not be required to submit to any inspections. And yet, the total contract we had with him was more than $37,000! So he's obviously willing to commit fraud with the county goverment.
The work was BEYOND LOUSY. Unbelievably bad--not just "a little bad." They tore up the old floor to put in new floor joists, and not only didn't use hangars, but the nails were all haphazardly put in--almost like they had been hand-nailed by a child. It was unbelievable. Some on top of each other. Others were far apart. NONE were flush. Like the little kid couldn't even hit the nail on the head or something. They were also ALL were sticking out at bizarre
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, by at least a half inch each. Some were out as far as an inch each. It was truly UNBELIEVABLE. Yet
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
acted like nothing was wrong, like everything was fine. When we showed him the work (which he happened to be standing right next to), he continued the charade, saying, "What's the problem? I don't see any problems here." When we told him EXACTLY what was wrong, he called over his workers (who looked like they were not-so-recovering addicts who had just gotten out on parole). Their explanation is that the joists that they had installed were "temporary." Sure they were. That's why they covered them up with floor boards. They weren't even the right size joists. They were 2x8s, not 2x10s. Some were rotted, too. We called the inspector and he shut them down pronto (thank God).
But please note that they do NOT inspect for crappy nails and board that don't meet the wall, because they were too short, and all those other problems. Inspectors just inspect for code--not quality. This guy wasn't up to code (fortunately, since we were able to call him on breach of contract). But his work was still BAD, BAD, BAD. Beyond bad. If he'd just used the hangars and right sized joists, however, he'd have been "up to code," but still doing the worst job I've ever seen in my life (and I've seen a lot). So you can't always depend on an inspector to help you when these guys do poor work.
This past week, we discovered that
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
had covered up terribly rotten floor joists on the other side of the house. Not just a little rotten, but wood that had been DESTROYED by termites. Just covered them up, even though the contract said that he was to replace all rotted word, very specifically.
The roof was another disaster. His guys pulled the old one off and put the new one on in just a few hours (no kidding). They didn't replace the rotten boards. So we've got shingles covering rotten wood. There were HOLES in a bunch of places.We could see the shingles straight through them, from the attic. It looks as if the hammer may have gone straight through the rotted wood, when they were nailing on the shingles. As if all this wasn't enough (and, not surprisingly), the day after they put it on, it rained and there were two leaks. Big ones, too. Water streaming in. Inspector shut down that job, too. Thank goodness we called them in, otherwise they wouldn't have come out to inspect until later. No, there wasn't a permit, or one for less than $10,000 worth of I guess they wouldn't have EVER come out.
His excuses, when confronted, were pretty incredible. He didn't replace the rotted fascia boards on the exterior of the house, which were specifically mentioned in the contract.
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
first tried to tell us that the ones that were still on weren't rotted. Then he said that he had "told them to replace them." Later he said he didn't have to do it under the contract. And on and on. The man is completely dishonest. A crook. He came up with every excuse in the book, including that he had been out of town.
God KNOWS what else they did wrong, to tell you the truth. We won't know fully until we get everything torn out and new work done, which we unfortunately now have to do and have only just started. God only KNOWS what it will all cost. Meanwhile,
Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
is asking to be paid for the work. Shocker!
Other problems that we weren't aware of:
1. We couldn't find him under his name OR his business name OR his license number, when searching under the SC state licensing site (which is linked from the building permit office site). So he may not even be licensed at the present time (despite letterhead saying the contrary).
2. The other review on this site also gave him an F. I'm sure there would be more, but people have to pay to be a member of Angie's List (it was worth it to pay just to post this site, so others wouldn't go through the nightmare we're going through).
3. He's had a total of 7 complaints to the Better Business Bureau in the past couple of years--three of which are pending, with others unresolved.
4. We heard from other contractors that he has a reputation for being dishonest.
5. He's no doubt going to be fined and/or disciplined by the building permit office, for the fraud with our permit (sounded like it wasn't the first time, either).
There is nothing more to be said. The bottom line is, AVOID THIS MAN AND THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE.

- Annabelle R.

Sumter Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
did a beautiful job on the roof. Took two and a half days to complete and the roof is flawless. Never found any nails or old pieces of the roof in the yard. They were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new roof or roof repairs.
- Paul K.
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