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We purchased a foreclosed house and we did not have an opportunity to have a home inspection. The technician came on time, was neat, clean and professional, wore booties over his shoes when he came into the house, and took his time checking over the HVAC system. He got the heat pump up and running and did all of the testing. He cleaned the air handler
in the attic and drains, and did a maintenance service. He also installed a shutoff switch in the event the attic unit leaks and replaced another part. Both units are functioning under AC and they will come back in the fall to evaluate the heating system. Since the units are quite old, we will probably have system replaced in the next year or so and will definitely have
do the job! The price of $285 included the inspection, maintenance service, installation of the shutoff switch, replacement of a part and a yearly service contract.
- Jane Carlson and Charles Reynolds C.

was assigned to me through my warranty company when I called in an A/C issue. I was assigned Amercian Comfort in the past as well and each and every time, they have been timely, professional and knowledgeble. This time there was a unique warranty issue where American had to wait for the warranty company to order a compressor through their supplier before it could be installed. American was very understanding of my situation because I had a
baby in the house and I could not be without air coniditioning. To make a long story short, American went above and beyond their duty to help me straighten out the part issue with the warranty company, and when they did in fact get the compressor, they were able to get me up and running even though they were busy with our service calls. I would highly recommend
and I will most certaintly be using them again for future service calls.
- Matthew M.

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Hvac reviews in Myrtle Beach


When I called the company at 2:00,the secretary stated the repairman would be here between 3pm and 8pm. We received a call from
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
at 4pm stating he was on his way. Constantly put on shoe protectors coming in and out the door. I am very satisfied as upstairs is cooling down nicely.
- Deborah A B.

The technician showed up on time, was very courteous and checked everything out. It was a routine maintenance on a relatively new house. Everything was ok with the system and no repairs or anything needed.
- David H.

This was a disaster. First of all, he (
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
- the owner) was recommended by the contractor that installed the patio enclosure room. When he came out for the initial consultation, he was bragging about how great he was and how the Daikin system was the top of the line. However, he also was trying to push us to redo our whole house system and wouldn't stop pushing when he told him that was not in the budget. He then went over to our next door neighbors and was bragging to them about how great he was and how they needed a new system. That did not go well with them. After he installed the system, it became evident that he was not as knowledgeable as he claimed to be. After he installed the system, it was just thing after the other. The pump he installed quit working, water ran down the wall, the system would just quit working every few days. He had one excuse after the other. If you tried to call him, his "mailbox" was always full and you could not leave him a message. You just had to tried to keep calling him and hope that he would pick up. At one point he told my husband how much he hated the Daikin systems. That was after he sold us the most expensive system. Also, he would give you a time that he was coming out and then would not come, call, or anything, but he always had an excuse. We finally got fed up and called the corporate company of our patio enclosure and told them what was going on. They contacted Daikin and got the name of an certified technician in the area, and we were contacted by them, (
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Mechanical) and they came out and started back at square one with the installation. That was a couple of days ago and the system is working fine now. I honestly can't believe that this company will be in business very much longer with the kind of incompetence and terrible customer service that is displayed. .
- Ruth P.

Expensive for below average service. It's a $99 service call (regardless of day or time) just for them to come out. Then they have a "set price list" depending on the diagnosis. In my case, I paid $329 ($428 total) for 2 lbs of freon that cost $160 in the past. (Did I mention that is a la
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
? If something else needs repair, it will be additional depending on where it lands on their handy set price list.
After emphasizing that my A/C unit would soon need to be replaced, the tech pushed hard for a service contract so I could "save" 20% on the current service call. Please tell me why I would pay $200+ for a service contract on a unit that needs to be replaced or maintained by a company that does mediocre work? Needless to say, I will not be calling these guys again, no matter how desperate I am. Strongly recommend you go elsewhere unless you have $$ to blow.

- Kim J.

On the day of service (5/08/14), the technician
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
called me and said my A/C needed to be replaced. As this was a diagnostic call, I requested a written letter or email of the diagnosis and a quote for replacement. I contacted
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
on 05/12/14 to get a message to
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
to request the diagnosis and quote again. Its been 1 week since the service call, and I still have not received either.
- Linda S.

Although I am an engineer and have dealt with complex systems all my life, I was concerned about hiring an HVAC Company in an unfamiliar location and used Angie’s List to level the playing field. From the first time that I spoke with Air DoctorServices, I was impressed with their professional approach, knowledge and candor that was a cut above the other companies I had contacted for an estimate.
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
came to the site, thoroughly examined the system and provided an estimate. After discussion of the job details and agreement on the terms,
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
was able to schedule the installation within just a few days and promised the work would be complete in one day to accomodate my schedule(they did as they promised!). About 5 minutes early on the promised day, three servicemen in two trucks with all the needed parts arrived (dressed in clean company work gear) to commence the installation. They proceeded to protect my rugs, stairs and hall with clean coverings before starting the job. Two worked inside on the air handler while one worked at the heat pump outside. They were polite and thoughtful, quiet and efficient, completing their work prior to 4 PM. They were even able to address two unexpected problems in that time (an existing faulty duct connection and
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
defective wiring). After installation was complete, an
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
supervisor came to the house to do a quality check of the installation and provide instruction on the new control system. Everything worked great. Overall, we are very pleased with the excellent work quality and pricing provided by
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and would highly recommend them to others.

- Bill E.

-FAILURE of Brand new heating and air unit ($6200+)
-King Valve FAILURE in just over 1 year
-The Technician TOLD ME IT WOULD COST $300 to "fix the problem" and then switched the price to $1200 (Without fixing a thing!)
-I own my heating and air system free and clear. It's been paid in full. It's my property.
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and Air's technician had NO RIGHT to touch my machine without telling me EXACTLY what they were going to do to it first!!! The technician lied and said he would fix it, when he was actually only doing diagnostic testing on it. He opened up my machine and crawled inside (his whole body was inside of it knocking around on various parts of the machinery)...I would have never allowed him to touch it if I would have know this was only for diagnostic services and not for repair!!!
-Machine and Service
-I work M-F and it took up my weekend and several days during the work week to dispute the problem.
-I have not been compensated for time lost and effort spent attempting to resolve this dispute.
-Our heat pump/hvac unit is STILL BROKEN!!!
-This could potentially happen over and over again
-I hired a separate heating and air company (also licensed, bonded, insured, and reputable) to come out and look at the unit. They tell me that the reason the King Valve failed is becuase the unit was not installed properly to begin with and was "not set to the surest point". NOW I HAVE EVIDENCE THAT IMPROPER INSTALLATION WAS THE CAUSE OF THE KING VALVE MALFUNCTION.
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and air installed a BRAND NEW condenser (outside unit) and air handler (inside unit) into my house just over 1 year ago. I paid them over $6200 for the entire job. (Not exactly a small chunk of change for a newlywed just starting out of college) But, I PAID A HIGH PRICE BECAUSE I WANTED THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.
Just over 1 year after the installation, the "king valve" fails on the outside condenser unit. A different licensed and insured heating and air technician tells me that this basically means "open heart surgery" for a heat pump/hvac unit. What a POOR EXCUSE FOR QUALITY FROM
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
AND AIR!!! Just over 1 year after I purchased this brand new overpriced unit, it completely fails!!! THIS POINT ALONE SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT ONE OUR HEATING
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
One of the more frustrating parts of my experience with
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
AND AIR was the service call. When the technician arrived, I welcomed him into my home, offered him something to drink, and I SPECIFICALLY asked him how much it would cost to FIX THE WHOLE PROBLEM. The technician told me "It will cost $300 to fix the problem"***. So I offered him a bottled water and said "GO AHEAD." Hours go by and I am sweating profusely while waiting on the results of the technicians repair. (Little did I know then that the problem would still not be fixed to this day several weeks later!!!)
Meanwhile, my wife comes home from work and we are frustrated because we are pretty much held hostage and sweating all day while waiting until the technician fixes our Heating & Air problem.
Finally, several hours later the technician says "I've found the problem, there is a leak in the valve. That will be $99 for the service call, $400 for the "diagnostic service", and $700 for the install of the new king valve next week. Your total comes to a little over $1200." I promptly told the technician, "Wait!!! You lied to me!!! This is a BAIT & SWITCH! You told me it would cost $300 to fix the problem, and now you are telling me $1200 after I have time and energy invested into solving this problem!!!"
Without skipping a beat, the service technician PRETENDED HE DID NOT HEAR ME, and demanded the $1200 without ever fixing a single problem. THIS FELT LESS LIKE A SERVICE CALL AND MORE LIKE A ROBBERY!!!
The service technician then proceeded to
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
OUTSIDE AND AROUND OUR HOUSE FOR OVER AN HOUR AFTER HIS DIAGNOSTIC WAS COMPLETED. I can only assume that this was his way of trying to intimidate me into paying him $1200. This AGGRESSIVE and UNPLEASANT behavior made my wife and I extremely uncomfortable because at this point the technician WAS NO LONGER WELCOME AT OUR HOME.
While the technician was pacing around outside my home, I called
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
and air's help desk and they kept me on the phone for over an hour TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IT WAS MY FAULT for being lied to by their technician. They responded to each of my questions by giving SCRIPTED answers. I don't know about those reading this review, but I WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A PERSON, NOT A ROBOT OR AN IDIOT.
FINALLY & RELUCTANTLY (After I refused to be bullied)
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
AND AIR ADMITTED that it was their technician's fault for NOT OBTAINING MY INFORMED CONSENT and explaining that his service was DIAGNOSTIC ONLY. As a result of their incompetence, they waived the diagnostic fee. THEY ADMITTED THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME ALL OF THIS INFORMATION UP FRONT PRIOR TO STEPPING FOOT ONTO MY PROPERTY!!!
NO INFORMED CONSENT!!! I OWN THE Heating and Air unit at my house. I am not making payments on it. I OWN IT. PAID IN FULL!!! If the technician would have INFORMED me that he was planning to charge me $1200+ instead of the $300 ORIGINALLY QUOTED TO ME, then I would not have given him CONSENT to run any diagnostic services on MY MACHINE THAT I OWN!!! THAT IS MY PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! Furthermore, I would not have wasted MY TIME & EFFORT. I could have spent that time with my wife, at the beach, or working on my business!!!
Recently, I decided to have a separate heating and air company (also licensed, bonded, insured, and reputable) come out and look at the unit. They tell me that the reason the King Valve failed is becuase
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
To this day,
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
AND AIR HAS NOT OFFERED A REASONABLE SOLUTION TO FIX THE PROBLEM. My wife and I are still trying to find a viable solution to our heating and air problem over several weeks later. We are strongly considering legal action.
- Kevin F.

Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
, LLC won our job after we got several estimates for the replacement of our heat pump. Their price was competitive but
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
Scirocco's professionalism was the deciding factor.
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
listened to our needs, answered our questions, and satisfied any concerns we had. As the owner of the company he was present intermittently throughout the day and his crew was as professional and pleasant as he. Once completed,
Myrtle Beach HVAC Contractors Provider Name Locked
inspected the work himself.
The new unit has been operating for several weeks now and is, as promised, purring. I am confident that should a problem arise it will be handled speedily and to our satisfaction.
We are so pleased to have formed this relationship in this area.
- Mary F.
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