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Patrick F.
"Visited store in
Air, MD to look for a big screen television. The salesman,
, was courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and I decided" to purchase a Samsung Smart television. Salesman stated that delivery time was between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. I explained that i just needed a phone call an hour in advance of delivery so that I could get home to receive the television and have the old one hauled away. My instructions were to call both the house and my workplace as I was not going to wait at home for 12 hours and miss a day of work.
said that he would note that and took both of my phone numbers. This point was made very clear by me and I heard no protest from the salesman. The following Monday at 9:10 a.m., the delivery company called my house while I was at work, and stated that they were there, waited 15 minutes and left. I called the delivery company at 9:45 a.m. and explained that this delivery did not proceed in the manner that I had discussed with the salesman - and which he had agreed (i.e. they should have called my work number as well - 1 hour in advance of their arrival). The delivery company representative's reaction was one of ambivalence. I told the rep. that I was considering cancelling my order. At 10:45,
from the delivery company called. She apologized for the mistake and asked if it would be okay if she scheduled me for Wednesday or Thursday of the same week - with the 1 hour in advance phone call. I agreed to give
based upon the words and commitment of
as she attempted to resolve my issue. By Thursday, I had received no phone calls nor deliveries despite my conversation with
on Monday. On Thursday afternoon, I went to the store to speak to the manager about these events - and was told that there was no delivery order on record with shipping company (thanks,
!). So, the manager,
D., met with me, left to talk to the shipping company and returned about 15 minutes later. She asked me to give them one more
stated that the delivery company would call me that evening and give me a 2 hour window for delivery on Friday. I asked for money off of the price - after setting aside 3 days that week for this delivery to only be disappointed.
agreed to take off $50 and I agreed to give
one last
. By Friday morning, there had been no phone call and I had had it with
. I called and asked to speak to the manager. Woman who answered took my name and attempted to locate
. She returned to the phone and curtly stated, "
is busy, you'll have to call back later." The
was rude and hostile towards me.
, however, did call me back within 5 minutes. We mutually agreed to cancel my order - and
told me that she would take care of that for me so that I would not have to return to the store. I was grateful for that one, small, positive gesture from this company. Of course, I am still waiting for the refund to post on my credit card yet, so I should withhold judgement on even that compliment. So, in a nutshell, the
Air, Maryland does not have its act together. As an organization,
does not honor the commitments that it makes to the customer, seems completely powerless when it comes to working with their shipping company and ultimately cannot guarantee delivery of their products. Lastly, while I appreciated the manager's attempt to get the television to me, there was no other concrete effort at service recovery made. She was glad to be rid of me and cancel the order - when a good manager should have offered something tangible as a token or gesture of apology (gift card, for example). After all, I made myself available 4 days this week for a television delivery that never happened - due to this company's inability to follow an agreement made with me...and she personally asked for 1 more
and could not come through for me. I will never again shop at
and would urge others to consider alternative stores. They simply do not deserve your time nor your hard earned money. In closing, I drove to a local Target on Friday (the day that I cancelled with
), found the same television, had them price match it, purchased, brought it home myself and installed it that evening. And at the end of the day, I was kicking myself for ever doing business with this big box store which is severely lacking in customer service (or caring for the customer, for that matter).
Rated by
Laverne N.
"I purchased a SAMSUNG SMART TV 60" IN 12/12. APPROX. 8/14, noticed dark spot in middle of TV at bottom - a semi-circle. First available opportunity, called Geek Squad as I had" taken the best warranty coverage out
offered at that time. It was not cheap, by any means; however, I had a 2 year payment plan and this cost was included. As a matter of fact, my last payment will be 12/14 (1 month prior to end of agreement). I was not concerned because I knew the GEEK SQUAD had excellent techs and had experienced computer assistance in the past. I, as well, knew from friends that this type of issue could arise and thus make sure you take out the best warranty available. The cost would have been $12xx.00 approximately, as I believe I noted in paperwork; I paid nothing for this repair. The most important thing I want to stress is the PRIMARY Tech named Sanjay (
). I have his card but will keep it to first names. He was super. He understood IMMEDIATELY what had occurred; got on his computer/phone and set up the repair of this unit. The actual repair/replacement was done on 9/5/14. I would either have a new TV or a new screen replacement; it was indicated either one would be as good as the other, so to speak, using my words. The gentleman with
originally was super, too. The lady that was with him during the actual repair was super, great, personable and knowledgeable, as well.
is very, very professional; very calm, i.e. patient when I was going through my story. There was so much he did; checked; re-checked and answered a foolish question of mine as he was preparing to leave; helped me with the remote and never acted agitated. They were very considerate about my house, belongings, etc. Very respectful. I add, too, that he consistently called, verified times, verified when he was close and maintained contact at all times. It was really something I value, is "talked" about by other vendors but seldom done. He was beyond the call of duty. Really, he made me feel even better about my purchase decision, unit, etc. And, it was a pleasure to have something I did not understand at all so perfectly handled with ease. It was an extravagant purchase by me; one I hoped not to regret, and so far, excellent; don't regret this purchase.
Rated by
Carrie G.
"This company is excellent! I have used them for several home technology projects, and they have delivered high quality products (and services) at great prices. They have been able" to help me out with all of my technology needs including security cameras, outdoor television installation, universal remote programming, and miscellaneous audiovisual projects. I have used other A/V companies in the past, and this company exceeds them all. The owner (
) is very professional and punctual. Two of the most impressive customer service attributes are responsiveness and follow through. I have e-mailed
multiple questions about products, services, and solutions. Every time, he has responded with a detailed e-mail that answers my questions. I highly recommend

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There are many different styles of TVs to fit your space and needs. Should your TV malfunction, a highly rated pro can help determine whether it's best to repair or replace. (Photo courtesy of Heidi H.)

TV sales and repair

There are many factors to choosing a TV, such as picture quality and screen size and style. Keep in mind that a television repair expert can help you determine whether to fix or replace a broken set. In addition, make sure your TV, and its wires, are properly secured so there's little chance a child can tip the set over.

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Do your homework and know your budget before shopping for a new home theater system. (Photo courtesy of Technology Interiors)
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Time is ticking until the big game Sunday and you want a new TV!

But, where to start?

A television upgrade can be relatively affordable, costing hundreds of dollars, but you’ll score a real touchdown with a home theater system.

Emily Udell
Stereo & Home Theater Systems, TV Sales, Upholstering - General

The reviews of this in-home television experience are mixed, but industry experts hope the models will gain popularity in time.

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The digital TV transition Feb. 17 sets a precedent

Angie's Answers

My experience if it is less than a 48" screen the screen replacement cost exceeds the cost of buying a new one.  Flat screens are mucho prone to damage from impact, I found out the same lession. Good Luck

Wow - I am jealous - a 40 foot LCD TV - that is what you call an mancave or NBA Arena (No Boys Allowed).

Seriously, the main board for a 40" Polaroid runs about $25-75 depending on model - bear in mind these are not typically slip-in socket boards - you are likely to have to disconnect and reconnect a number of wire connectors, and may have to do some soldering of connections. Google this search term - there are a number of companies selling them on the web - you will have to expand the search phrase with your exact model number to narrow the search - 40" Polaroid LCD TV main board

One thing to do first is call Polaroid - there are a number of comments on the web about a pending class action suit about Polaroid LCD TV main boards catching fire, and several commenters say that Polaroid sent a repairman to their home and replaced the main board for free when it failed, so you might try that first. 


This is Kyle K from Member Care. I'm happy to help!

We have temporarily closed our Marketplace while we are remodeling it. If you have any items currently posted for sale, they will no longer be visible online. We apologize for any inconvenience and we will let you know when this portion of our website is open for business again.

In the meantime I would advise utilizing services such as Craig's List or Goodwill.

Please let me know if I can assist further. You can respond to this thread or submit a new Answers post. You can also reach us at We're open weekdays from 8:00 am - 9:00 pm and Saturdays 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET.

Tv Sales reviews in Lancaster


We were referred to
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
& Vision by
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
from Thunderbird Custom Designs, when our new media wall was being built. We are very "low tech" and have had issues understanding the finer points of the new electronics on the
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
. Our media wall was under construction primarily to facilitate my husband's new 80" Smart TV. We wanted the TV to "be all it could be" and we were so fortunate to have
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
to help us figure it all out.
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
is unbelievably patient and knowledgeable about his business. He literally spent hours with us, explaining what was available - from audio components to smart remote controls, and we had tons of questions. He made suggestions and advised us on what would work best to accomplish our goals. Our schedule didn't permit us to meet with
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
during the day, so he made himself available after 5 pm on at least 2 occasions. We never felt rushed, or stupid. He made sure we understood him and consulted us each step of the way.
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
even helped us with two other TV's not associated with the main job he was doing for us. He programmed each of them and made sure they were connected properly. We truly appreciated that as well. I would highly recommend
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
& Vision to anyone who needs help installing audio/video components. We are keeping his card in a very safe place, as I'm sure we'll be calling him again for future projects. Call
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
, you won't be sorry.

- Louis P.

I order a new tv. They delivered a broken tv. I returened the tv and gave me half the money back. Without telling me there is restocking fees. I followed the policy. Worst customer service. The tv. was broken. I called the manufacture and they would not fix it. Told me to return it . I return it the next day I received the t.v.
- kenneth L.

Gentleman, I am sending this email to both of you to: 1> I apologize for coming on so strong with my requests and my demands regarding my install. 2> Inform you of ongoing problems and a potential problem next week. It may be chump change for you as a company, but $3,000 dollars is a lot of money for me to invest in this system (beyond the $2,000 for the cabinet). I believed that I would get a completely operational system without having to do running around having a Blu-
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
tested. When I called you all back after having the unit tested completely operational at Best Buy, your comments were “Sometimes the unit need to be re-booted”. I think this was either bad diagnostics on your part or the lack of concern since I did not purchase the unit from you. A
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
“try this” would have saved me 2 plus hours of running and calling. Your lack of concern to get this system set up as promised certainly is not on your company’s agenda. The Blu-
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
player comes on when the Verizon selection is made, it should not come on until the Blu-
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
selection is made. It did not come on previously, just after the trip to Best Buy and being plugged back in. The Samsung Smart View software (installed on my computer) does not see the TV since the Smart Hub was created on the Blu-
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
player. I did not know what to tell
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
when he asked which device I wanted to be the Smart Hub, and told him to use his best judgment.
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
did know that I was going to attach a Music Server to the system at the time of install / programming. We did discuss this at length, and he told me to research the solution on the web. My research determined that the Samsung Smart View was the way to go (including my 2 hour conversation with Samsung Tech Support). Now this will not work with the Smart Hub on the Blu-
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
player. Where do we go from here? Dump it in my lap? Change the internet connection to the TV? Re-program the Smart Hub? What will this cost me and when can it be done? Verizon will be in about the 10th of September to change the DVR unit and the other control boxes for their system. Will this force another programming session, or are their new boxes compatible with the present presets on the remote? Do I have to research this as well, or do you have any knowledge of this? What will that cost me to get an adjustment after the boxes are replaced? How long will I have to wait to get the program adjusted? This has not been a smooth install since the day the equipment was delivered and I was asked to pay $50.00 plus tax for delivery. Neither my wife nor I was expecting this charge, but paid it to the men who delivered the equipment. Then we were asked to pay another $200.00 for installation, another charge I believed that I pre-paid months before. Your company is the ONLY Company in my 68 years of existence that demanded payment in full PRIOR to delivery and installation. I never heard of any other company requiring this payment method. My roof contractor requested $5.00 down and rest when I was satisfied with the complete job. Just the difference between a outstanding Dalex Construction and
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
. Now that you have all your money, I seem to be getting a “your problem” attitude. I am simply requesting that you make the system perform as promised and not to get nickleled and dimed to fix the problems, none actually caused by me. Thank You,
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
- Jeff G.

I brought my TV in their store to get it fixed. I was impressed with how pleasant everyone was with me. It was an older TV set, but it still worked, sort of. Anyway, this is a family run business, and they also have the real old sets there, I mean vintage. So if you are needing a retro TV this is the place to go. They also had the newer flat screen tv's for sale. It turns out that they were not able to fix my set entirely, but they were able to make it run better. I use it in a spare bedroom so it did not have to be perfect. I can't believe how honest they were about the work they did or did not do. They did not charge me anything extra either for the repair that was done. I was not able to pick the TV up for a couple of weeks. The store did not charge me for storage and did not give me grief when I came in to pick up the set without the ticket. I met the owner and the son. I was informed that if I wanted a new tv they would put some of the credit of the $75.00 initial look at and repair charge to a new TV or a pre-owned TV. As I was redecorating in the living room, I seriously considered it. Then I discover they do home theaters etc. So I arranged for the guys to come out and see the place and what would work best. I mentioned the sound system we currently used, he said he could work with it, so I set a time for him to come out. What I liked about this provider was the personalized attention we got. I have used other big box stores installation services before, but these people know their products and what they are doing. I highly recommend them.
- Diane W.


Couldn't have been any better, great service, would recommend their services to friends and family.
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
was respectful, knowledgeable about AV systems.
- Betty S.

Although I have been pleased with other purchases and services from other
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
Locations over the past 15 years, this latest experience with this particular location was beyond abominable. From day one the purchase of the projector $1599.99 (sold elsewhere for 1399.99) was a fiasco. In the store the staff did not know which projector I needed so I purchased two so I would have the correct model when the installers came to install the item. That was visit one to the store (1.5 hours). Salesperson informed me that I would have to return to the store to have the home theater "professionals" ( I use that term very loosely ) schedule the install. I returned to the store a few days later to schedule the install when I was told that I would need the "Geek Squad" to come out and do a survey to see exactly what was needed to perform the install correctly (99.00). That was visit two to the store (45 minutes). The survey was scheduled for a week or so later. The survey "professional" ( once again used very loosely ) did not look at the installation area where the projector was to be installed and told us we would need to buy HDMI and FIRE WIRE adapters to use our laptops but nothing was mentioned about needing anything further. We were told he would put his notes in the file at the store and they would schedule the install with "Geek Squad". After a week of phone calls and no responses from management, I returned to the store to see what needed to be done to schedule the install. The salesperson in the
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
area of the store read through the notes from the survey "professional" and told me I needed to buy the HDMI and FIRE WIRE adapters. I informed him that we had already purchased them through
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
.Com and they had already been delivered. He then scheduled the install with Geek Squad (377.00). About a week later the Geek Squad team showed up to do the install. They removed the old projector from its ceiling mount and then discovered that the install could not continue as they needed a special mounting plate to install the projector. The same projector purchased at
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
and the same projector the survey professional saw and took out of the box. They then put the old projector back on its mount and told us we would need to purchase the mounting plate for the projector from
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
.com and then re-schedule with Geek Squad to perform the install. (It needs to be noted here that we are located a little less than 2 miles from this store and the part needed was in stock at the store. Not once did the Geek Squad attempt to retrieve the mounting plate from the store, they simply left. We then contacted
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
.com and purchased the mounting plate (149.99) (which was placed on hold at this store for us to pick up and bring back to our location) so the installers would have it when they arrived to perform the install. Since the mounting plate was in stock at the store I called the store manager,
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
, to express my dissatisfaction with the entire process to date, and that I needed his assistance in getting this brought to fruition. I was told that he would contact Geek Squad personally and see to it that the projector was installed prior to our deadline of August 19 as we needed that projector for a meeting that evening. That phone call was on Thursday Evening August 14, 2014. Friday came and went, Saturday came and went, Sunday came and went. Monday I again returned to the store to voice my displeasure with the entire ordeal. the so-called store manager Javente assured me he would get it taken care of. Monday evening I spoke with Javente and gave him my personal cell phone number so he could contact me if there were any problems. I was promised installation by Tuesday August 19 at 4 PM. And naturally, true to this particular stores history, NOTHING... I have made numerous calls to the store and left numerous messages and have not had a return call. It was not until I refused to leave a message and insisted on holding that I finally got to speak with Javente, who then began to blame everything on the third party vendor they (Geek Squad) had hired to do the install. SO now my last visit to the store will be to drop off the projector and the adapters and dispute the charges to my credit card so I can go to another vendor purchase the EXACT SAME projector and have it installed by a true professional. One of the few things I can say about this store is they are consistent. Consistently Rude, Consistently ineffective and Consistently deceptive in their dealings. I used to love
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
, but since this experience, I can honestly say I will never shop at ANY
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
ever again.
- Joseph H.

When I initially called
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
Lusi for an appointment, he was quite busy but was able to squeeze me in as a new customer. He called me the morning of the appointment to confirm and was right on time. He was very professional, taking his time to explain what he was doing and how to use the new receiver. He was able to hook the receiver up to my TV and BluRay Player and configure the speakers for my room in one hour. He also connected my receiver to my router so I could use AirPlay to play music wirelessly from my iPhone!
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
left, I realized that my TV was turning back on after I shut it off with my remote. After I tried to troubleshoot the issue without success, I contacted
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
. He gave me a suggestion of a setting change on my receiver that didn't fix the issue so he came back to my home the next day and went through the receiver and TV settings to fix the issue in 15 minutes without an additional charge!
Not only is
Lancaster Tv Sales Provider Name Locked
very good at what he does, he is reliable, professional and customer responsive. I will call him without hesitation for my next AV need!
- Joseph B.

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