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Brian C.
"I had gotten 4 bids for the job. Southwest was not the least expensive nor the most expensive (in middle).
is the owner and runs the day to day operation." They did the work on the committed schedule. The attention to detail and quality of work was very good. Because this was a modular house (built offsite and set on foundation by crane or roller), it was critical that the foundation was 'spot on' in terms of being square and level. The company who set the house on the foundation indicated that it was one of the best they had seen (and they have installed literally 100's across NM and surrounding states). Overall, I was very pleased with
's professionalism and quality of work.
Rated by
Ricardo M.
was great to work with. His prices were fair and the work was done on time and as specified in our contract. He handled himself in a very professional manner," as did his workers, unlike other contractor's I have had the misfortune of working with. I would definitely recommend
and in fact hope to use them again in the near future to replace the concrete in my backyard which had been installed improperly by my last contractor.
Rated by
Scott H.
"From the very punctual and pleasant original quote, though the work and onto completion of the project,
has been a great company to deal with. Very fair pricing," courteous and knowledgeable staff (and I might add, hard working 10-11 hours a day), organized workflow and superior workmanship.
and his staff (yea
!) went above and beyond to complete my rather complicated project. Always willing to listen and offer just the right perspective and advice, they were instrumental in helping bring my vision to life. Bottom line is this: I have dealt with many contractors over the years and can honestly say that
and the boys were amongst the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks again fellows – looking forward to calling you for my next project.

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Angie's Answers


If the state requires a contractor's license, then he needs to have a license in each state he intends to work in - plus state/local business licenses as applicable.


This does not mean there are not a lot of contractors who cross state lines without proper licensing - the penalties in may cases are not real severe and are just a fine, not criminal, so many take the chance.


As you say - argh  - many contractors are not really businessmen and have zero legal education, so many people get burned.


To overlay,with proper adhesion so it does not peel off, you first need to prepare the surface - typically heavy watercutting or sandblasting for concrete over concrete, or high-pressure presure washing and an asphalt (NOT water based cutback) adhesion coat before asphalt overlay.


Because of the prep cost, a concrete overlay commonly costs more than just tearingit out and replacing it, and if you are replacing it due to cracking and breaking up those cracks will almost always propogate or "reflect" through the new layer too with concrete. Ditto with asphalt overlay, though using a crack-stopper fabric can reduce (but usually not eliminate) that.


If just repairing ice melt/freeze thaw deterioration, a cementatious epoxy overlay can be used, though its life is less (normally) than new concrete. Usually used for limited areas like garage area pad, not entire driveways.


Asphalt overlays over somewhat deteriorated concrete can work well,but if not prepared and high-pressure (about 5000 psi or higher) cleaned to remove ALL deteriorated material, they can peel off because they stuck to deteriorated loose material rather than sound concrete. Again, can cost as much for a 1-1/2 to 2 inch overlay as for a 3-4 inch full replacement by the time you are done, because the prep work is labor intensive.


Even if this is just a surficial deterioration issue, I would talk to several contractors (site visit) about alternatives and let them bid both an overlay and a replacement (or whichever options they are inclined to bid on), then after getting opinions from all three and bids for all options, make your decision. I am pretty confident that total replacement will be both the most recommended and the cheapest, at probably about $2-4/SF for asphalt or 4-6/SF for concrete - commonly nearer the lower than higher range for most jobs and locales. If the overlay and replacement cost is pretty close,I would go with the replacement because overlays over concrete are always somewhat iffy as to how long they will last, especially concrete overlays.


For cost comparison, except in extreme freeze-thaw country, you can figure a concrete drive will last about twice as long as an asphalt one.


Concrete Driveway Installation And Repair reviews in Lake Wylie


Art was extremely professional, took pictures, explained our options and made suggestions. It wasn't cheap to completely replace the driveway, but it looks fantastic! He not only replaced the driveway but removed the stones from the path from the driveway to the house and flattened the soil beneath them to ensure correct drainage. He put down a "first coat" after the old driveway was removed and let that sit for a week to make sure he was happy with it (we could use it in the meantime). Then they finished the job. Not a thing was damaged, not even the solar lights at the end of the driveway (and very close to it). Not my favorite way to spend that much money but I'm sure it's going to look great for years.
- KIM K.

It went great! It was ready to drive over after about 48 hours. It looks like a good match and all cracks were filled. They were punctual and professional.
- Jennifer B.

Excellent team ,Very professional ,good listener and ready to please , worked in place during 3 days , always on time ..
It's really a pleasure to find a construction team like this one , very honest and does a great job .
I will hire them again for any future project in my home , I will highly recommend them to anyone .
- Kamel O.

Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
McCollars crew got it done in 2 days. Framed it out on the first day. Then poured on the second day. Rebar and fiber added. Weather cooperated. Falling leaves were a bit of a hassle, but they got it done. They came back later after they finished it, to cover it with plastic, because it was hit or miss on the weather radar for storms popping up. Didn't want it ruined.
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
has a larger crew of about 6 guys, so they could get it done in one continuous pour.
They came back and filled in the edges, where the forms were, with some top soil. The top soil had a fair number of really hard large chunks in it. But a minor issue. I just chopped them up with a flat blade shovel.
Yes, it was expensive. But he has a larger crew to pay. Small jobs can be done with just two guys. But a large driveway like this needs the extra hands to get it done quick and in one continuous pouring.
They cleaned up good. The driveway looks great. I am sure it will last a longgggg time.
Out of the 4 concrete guys I contacted,
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was the only one to give me a bid. Two did not respond at all. And one other came out and talked to me, but never submitted a bid.
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
has done other driveways in the area here and they look great.
I would not hesitate to call him again if I need more flat work done.

- Eric J.

First, you should know
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
is an actual guy,
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
, not just a catchy company name. He is, indeed, BIG! I think he may have pulled up the old driveway by hand (kidding).
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a Columbus firefighter and a veteran. Because of his other job, one out of every three days he might be hard to reach on the phone, but it is no big deal. He was incredibly prompt to return calls if he missed them, and incredibly responsive to any questions or needs. don't think concrete is just a "side job" for
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
, if I remember right his father did concrete and
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
has been doing it for 20+ years.
I don't know how to rave enough about the driveway. It is just perfect. The grade is perfect, the finish is perfect, he finishes the edges in a very attractive way, and the relief cuts (you have to cut concrete every so often to avoid cracking) are perfectly spaced and the cuts are straight. One anecdote about responsiveness - probably less than an hour after he finished pouring part of the driveway and went home, a squirrel (we think) ran across part of the driveway and left little footprints. I called
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
on his cell and he left dinner with his family and drove 30+ minutes back to our house with the tools to smooth over the foot prints before they dried. He didn't complain, and we chatted while he removed the footprints (that's how I learned more about his background).
My brother in law is a contractor who primarily installs decks and room additions. He has had to remove and/or install many concrete areas (porches, patios, etc.) as part of his job. He does some demo himself but always hires a contractor to pour new concrete if necessary. He looked at the new driveway, and was extremely impressed. He immediately asked for
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
's contact info for future jobs. My brother in law was also impressed with the price. He knows what concrete material costs, and what installation should cost, and said
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave us an "honest" price, which is actually high praise. I ended up getting four quotes for the driveway: $14,500, $12,000, $11,900, and $9,200 from
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
. Oh, and the most expensive of the two quotes said they probably wouldn't get to our driveway until Spring. I am not one to immediately pick the lowest bid, but I knew one very happy prior customer of
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
, and talking to
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
when he quoted the job I had confidence that he would do a great job.
In closing, I just couldn't be happier. He is coming back out in the next week or so to seal the driveway for a very good price as well - cost of the materials plus very little for labor. He is willing to seal the driveway for almost no profit just so it holds up better and we are happier overall with the driveway. Everyone should get 2-3 quotes for a job this big, I suppose, but I STRONGLY encourage you to make
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
one of them. I will never get quotes for concrete again -
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
is my guy for all things concrete.
- Todd S.

I found
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
on Angie;s List as he had great reviews! My project is as follows: We live on a property which has a steady incline from
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
to rear , so I needed
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
to come check out what we needed to do. He responded immediately after contact through Angie's List and set up a time to meet. We had to remove some dirt and build up the other side to find a happy level area for the upcoming building. Because of the added fill dirt, the price increased a bit, but this to be exprected. At first I was a bit upset by that, as I figured the first survey meeting should have revealed things like that, but things happen, and this yard is tricky. I was out of town on the day the concrete was poured, which was a Saturday, but
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
contacted me and asked if I was happy with the leveling, which I was, and gave the go ahead to pour. He came back and removed the framework around the concrete after it set up a bit. My issue now is I have more of a hill on one side of the garage than the other, and need a ramp to get into the garage. Upon finishing the foundation, he had ramped some of the extra fill dirt in front of the foundation, and poured the extra concrete over the fill dirt to keep it from washing until I made a plan to add a ramp. It was a good idea, but looks bad and will make more work when adding the ramp I think. He wanted to continue the project , which meant adding approximately another 31' x 31' of concrete to make the accessing the garage possible. We did not want to leave the project unfinished but my cash was leaving quickly. He worked a price which I couldn't manage, then tried two other times to reduce the cost and got it in a confortable area, but I wasn't ready to pull the trigger yet. Bottom line is he tried to do the right thing and make me happy. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I would be for this project, so not his fault. Unless I go with asphalt or other type of access to the garage, I will go with
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
again soon...
- Roy W.

Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was fantastic!
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was prompt about giving us the estimate and accurate about when he could start the work. Team was efficient and did a great job of tearing out the old driveway and laying the grid for the new one. The cost included labor, materials and permit. When I came home from work and saw the finished driveway, I was surprised because I didn't expect it to be so beautiful! There was a decorative
Lake Wylie Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
and swirls in the concrete that really made it look like more than just a driveway. Sorry we only had them do the back half. When we're ready for the second half or for any other cement needs, we'll definitely call them. Our next door neighbor was so impressed by them that he asked them to replace a few pieces of broken slate walkway while they were here, which they did. So he won over other neighbors too!!
- Susan and Larry R.

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